Health care stores – how to do promotion

promotion is very important for many brands, only to do a good job in the promotion, the brand store to better development, then the health care store how to do promotion? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

premium promotion, health care stores play an important role in. Gifts are free, we are often called gifts. Health care is the main role of promotion. If the customer feel that this health care is not attractive to him, or that the health care does not play a role in the promotion of health care, then lost the significance of health promotion. How to do health promotion? A lot of time, customers do not hesitate to make a decision to buy, then, you throw gifts temptation, the customer seems unmoved. Even if it is just a gift, but also to give a reason, send out the meaning of health care, that is to give the spirit of health care.

health food store promotional activities in the moment is very common and common, but many health care stores can be successy promoted by promotional gifts to customers, health and wellness stores how to do a good job promotion? And to achieve the purpose of the transaction, however, some health care stores may not understand the skills in this case, casually presented, but it is difficult to achieve the desired results. read more

Xining City East District output 3424 rural labor

in the process of city, Eastern District of Xining city rural labor output and employment difficulties in employment is increasing, the first half of this year, the district has completed the transfer of rural labor output 3424, 3945 new urban jobs.

employment assistance, the occupation introduced 5837; verification of flexible employment 40 people, social security subsidies of 136 thousand yuan; the recommended 88 older persons with employment difficulties to public welfare jobs; for entrepreneurs and enterprises to apply for small loans to 3 million 630 thousand yuan. Vocational skills training, training a total of 775 people in urban and rural areas, including the training of migrant workers, migrant workers, urban workers, 400 people, SYB entrepreneurship training for the 175 people in. (author: Zhou Jia Quanjun)

Qinghai, or the United States will hand Alibaba

"in recent years, the store by the impact of the network is too large, but do Internet projects such as electricity providers need to invest, small businesses are hoping to get support in policy and funds." Small commodity wholesale market, many businesses have expressed their aspirations to reporters.
"because e-commerce is a typical modern service industry, only large enterprises and large platform built to be able to do to set our e-commerce development in Qinghai." One person in charge of the electricity supplier that the government should consider supporting the development of e-commerce.
now, the support to the.
"NPC and CPPCC" period, the province’s staff in attendance, Provincial Department of Commerce Director Shang Yulong told reporters that such a message, our province plans to increase e-commerce project support, at present, in order to facilitate the preliminary conception of Xining commodity wholesale market and electricity providers docking for the pilot, the preliminary plan organized by government on electronic commerce interested, have the ability to travel to some businesses on behalf of electronic commerce project developed provinces "learn" the related costs shared by the government and businesses.[a]
"online (Internet) and the line (store) have their own advantages, the advantages of the Internet with a large amount of information, but the store also has the advantage of field experience, how to effective integration of both, strong power and the formation of the economic development of our province, we want to solve the problem." Treat e-commerce with local entities, Shang Yulong said.

in addition, I also plan to take the lead by the government, to build a business learning platform, businesses to voluntarily participate in the exchange of learning, the related costs shared by businesses and government, in order to reach more people to understand the electricity supplier, electricity supplier master and use the electricity supplier to.[two]:

"such as a glass factory, the warehouse in Guangzhou, Xining buyers from order to delivery on time at least two days. But if there is a local storage in Xining, a small amount of goods manufacturers in Xining, two or three hours after the cup to the buyer."According to

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One stop service three years in Xining, the rapid acceptance of traffic accidents from the 30 thousa

Xining city road traffic accident insurance claims rapid center was founded more than three years, received a total of more than 3 traffic accidents can effectively alleviate the minor property, the problem of road congestion caused by traffic accidents, but also accumulated experience across the province to carry out the next work fast claims.

for the protection of provincial road traffic safety and orderly and smooth, alleviate road congestion caused by traffic accidents, improve road traffic efficiency, in July 2009, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment and Insurance Industry Association jointly established the first road in our province traffic accident insurance claims quickly center. Since the establishment of the center, take the traffic police department and the province’s 5 Insurance Companies in the hall "one-stop" service mechanism, which greatly facilitates the accident party, to achieve a seamless traffic police "fast" and "fast pay insurance companies, more than three years received a total of more than 30800 cases of minor property of traffic accidents, which in January to in September this year received more than 12000 cases, this practice has been widely recognized by the majority of drivers. read more

2016 Green Fair will be opened in June 20th

– the theme of "open cooperation · green development" is divided into four major theme activities, the theme of the forum and the theme of the investment activities of the eleven exhibition time for a period of 4 days

reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, 2016 China · Qinghai green development investment and Trade Fair (referred to as: the 2016 Green Fair), will be opened in June 20th, the exhibition time for a period of 4 days. This green fair theme of "open cooperation · green development", "around The Belt and Road" green development is divided into four theme activities, five thematic forums and eleven thematic investment activities, combined with the third ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge development activities.

four theme activities

this Green Fair will continue to carry out activities around the "The Belt and Road construction. Divided into the depth into the "The Belt and Road forum," The Belt and Road great beauty of Qinghai investment environment and key project promotion, "The Belt and Road" cultural innovation development forum and the "beauty of Qinghai" Silk Road plateau tourism festival four theme activities. read more

East Village two committees general characteristics 4

from the East District of the district was informed that the village (neighborhood) party general election as "an important content to strengthen the base construction, grasp the promotion by grasping the key, grasping norms, and further stimulate, highlighting the construction of grass-roots party organization activities. Up to now, the region’s 30 neighborhood committees and 15 village Party organizations have successfully completed the general work.

orderly procedures. The election of the office of the leading group of the village (neighborhood) election work flow chart, carry out a demonstration point to learn, methods and steps of the reunification of the "direct election", unified work process, a clear focus, to ensure that every aspect of law, in accordance with regulations and order. The international community neighborhood committee Mo Er yuan a retirement party said: reflect the general level of the grass-roots party organization work greatly enhance the masses of Party members of the community’s sense of identity and belonging, as Party members, should be more involved in community construction.

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23 road, the use of new buses delivered 25

In October 1st, the city’s 23 road and 25 road two bus lines to replace all the new car is expected this month before the end of the city will also be a part of the line to replace the new bus.

I now in addition to the 2 Road, 9 Road, 25 road to the train station and five buses, more than 1 thousand vehicles of existing bus company in 80% is in the extended service, the condition is generally poor, the failure rate is relatively high, affecting the public, at the same time due to the shortage of the bus driver, also affected the normal operation of the vehicle. City bus company in order to alleviate the public travel difficult, the rush hour in the city bus line, to ensure the normal operation of the case, the mobilization of all running vehicles on the road, try to compress scheduled intervals. The municipal government attaches great importance to the city bus company problems, specifically allocated a portion of the funds raised by the city bus company, part of the funds, the purchase of 407 buses, improve public travel environment. It is reported that the first batch of 23 road and 25 road two bus line 56 has been put into operation, and at the end of the month, is expected to have 200 new buses put into operation. In addition to the above two lines, the city bus company also plans to 11 lines on the city’s 1 road, 3 Road, 4 road, 6 road, 15 road, 17 Road, 20 road, 26 Road, 30 Road, 33 Road, 34 road bus is updated, the total will reach 407 units, which will greatly improve the bus operation and passenger capacity, to a certain extent will ease the hard drive. read more

Chinese diners demand for ice cream rise new business opportunities cited entrepreneurs

the weather is warm, soon to enter the ice cold chain store business season. According to statistics, China’s domestic ice cream market is growing rapidly, huge potential to be entrepreneurs to develop.

data show that the first half of 2014, more than the size of frozen drinks industry total 1 million 41 thousand tons of finished products, total sales revenue reached 19 billion 910 million yuan. Chinese Bakery & Confectionery Industry Association official said, due to changing consumer demand and the domestic and foreign enterprises to enhance attention, China has become the world’s fastest-growing and largest potential ice cream frozen food market.

Statistical data on the scale of more than Chinese frozen drinks industry report
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