The third Jiangsu science and technology entrepreneurship contest just ended

are now held everywhere a series of competition, innovation and Entrepreneurship recently, the third session of the Jiangsu science and technology entrepreneurship contest kicked off in Changzhou, but also attracted many domestic entrepreneurial team and enterprises to participate, has received very good results.

11, the third Jiangsu science and technology innovation contest in the manufacturing industry semi-finals in Wujin national hi tech Zone started.

competition led by the provincial science and Technology Department, to guide the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial education department, the Provincial Department of Finance and other departments, keynote is the integration of elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, build "science and technology project collection, optimization, counseling competition, venture roadshow docking, promotion of small and medium sized enterprises" service platform, to enhance the scientific and technological level of entrepreneurship, to attract overseas outstanding entrepreneurial team and corporate entrepreneurship development. read more

Investment in 2015 to do what is recommended suction gold project

2015 investment to do? You must have thought about this problem more than once In today’s fierce competition, it is really important for entrepreneurs to find a good project. 2015 investment to do? Small series is now recommended for you to become rich project.

2015 investment to do? Laundromat

the coin operated washing machine, dry cleaning machine, washing process by the consumers themselves, plus 1 hours of washing drying, convenient, fast, health, suitable for college near the hospital, residents concentrated residential areas, densely populated areas such as hotels, open. The project in Japan, Korea and Europe and the United States and other developed countries has been very popular, but in the country has just started, so the prospects are very broad. Initial purchase of equipment, hire facade start-up funds need 200 thousand yuan.

2015 investment to do? Milk bar

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How to operate the heart of sweet silk dessert shop

this age want to do poineering work the first choice is joined in the form of chain, what kind of brand does that chain choose to join is better? Of course, the strength and prospects of the coexistence of the development of the project. One heart dessert stores have good business wire development strength and business prospects more powerful, choose one heart silk dessert stores, a solid foundation for your business prospects and lay to one heart silk dessert stores to get better development, so you need to do the daily operation management of decoration, etc. the skill, but when it comes to how to manage it, the premise is to grasp the operation way and operation methods and techniques, all the preparations to ensure foolproof


for the heart of the silk dessert such a good project, how to be more successful in the operation of the heart of the heart silk dessert store?

1. do not pay too much attention to the attack and failure of entrepreneurship, but to focus on your service and product quality. You don’t need to tell people what you’re doing. read more

How delicious potato powder

as a kind of pasta snacks, potato flour, rice noodles, noodles are more popular varieties of snacks. Join for the majority of the investment here recommended a relatively good potato powder to join the project: Delicious potato powder

How delicious potato powder


Since the

Shenyang qianlixiang potato powder store opened, hired a number of experts in nutrition and chef, painstaking conditioning, based on inheriting the traditional flavor of potato powder, secret formula and manufacturing process in essence the flavor of potato powder. Potato powder is a famous Chinese snack. Originated in the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty passed into the civil society. Because of the unique taste won the world praise, spread so far and become the generation of cuisines. It was the chef potato powder, gelatinizing material provided ingredients and education incense and surface, boiling water, cold bath, air leakage, finally made the new potato flour pasta. Potato powder after cooking, bright color, soft and refreshing smooth muscle fibrillation. How delicious potato powder to look down?. read more

Open jewelry store is not easy to lay a good foundation will develop

jewelry jewelry store to considerable profits, of course, also There are plenty of people who want to be successful, the experience of a jewelry store is not easy, businesses with the needs of the local market, formulate the corresponding marketing plan, thus a good foundation for the long-term development of the store lay.

1, first of all to do a good job positioning, is to do in the high-end, or do for the general public of the low-grade products. As small ornaments are some of the more commonly used consumer goods, it is recommended that investors choose small and medium jewelry to sell better.

2, but also to find a location, buy small accessories generally targets are more clear, at the shopping mall nearby, so there will be a lot of benefits in the mall traffic driven. Investors can also choose to open a small shop near the relevant store, such as schools, etc..

3, but also know how to promote publicity. Any store just opened when there will not be how many people know, therefore, investors must be good publicity in the shop. You can go out in front of the store will be out of publicity, but also do a good job of a series of promotional activities, in order to open the door of your reputation. read more

Ganzhou venture capital loans have been successfully supported more than 100 thousand entrepreneurs

for most entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is one of the most urgent needs of resources must be funding. In recent years, all over the country have opened a variety of venture capital channels for the application of the work carried out in Ganzhou to start the work of secured loans recently won a national honor, which is a great support for entrepreneurship.

12 7 July from Ganzhou City Labor Employment Service Management Bureau came the good news: in the day before at the Chinese Banking Association "micro entrepreneurship Award" awards ceremony, re employment in Ganzhou City, small loan Credit Guarantee Center won the "best social performance management award". This is the second in 2012 was named "national employment advanced unit" and in 2015 was named "national heroine civilized post" title, and a national award from the center. At the same time, into the business loan guarantee work experience in the city for the first time issued "2015 Chinese microfinance industry development report" and "excellent micro finance cases", as the promotion highlights national venture loans field. read more

Cow dung is in need of gold

for a person, cow dung is a very difficult thing to deal with, very troublesome, but for another part, it can also be used as business opportunities. Leaves can be seen everywhere, but the small leaves can be turned into real gold, entrepreneurial opportunities are really everywhere, as long as a good grasp, when can start!


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Buffett’s method of sharing wealth

although we know what are the richest man in the world, but we do not know what is their entrepreneurial approach, then we will share the wealth of Buffett’s method, the achievements of a better future.

the total want to eat into a fat read more

17 year old girl worth over ten million business

teenager, we are still in the protection of the family to go to school, but some people began to start at the age of 15, 17 years old has been worth over ten million, and the story of the hero is a little girl, is not very admirable!

15 started   16 years old; founded in Shenzhen   company; half the time of personal assets has exceeded ten million   plan to study abroad before the age of 20, 17 year old Xi’an girl Wang Kai Xin, a company founded in Shenzhen, Beijing in January 14th to participate in a business show win all the investor, to 60 million yuan valuation, got 15 million yuan of financing for the company’s business platform, known as the "overbearing female president".

was the space middle school students "achievement but the idea of novelty"

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Careful to bring higher sales to store operations

in order to increase the store’s income, in order to attract more customers, and now many shops have a lot of business projects, but also the traditional shops will continue to increase their own products. Some time ago, my shop has added a vegetable business. I thought I could add an income to the store, but it didn’t take long for me to find that the vegetable business was not as good as I thought it would be. I saw the store every day to throw away a pile of rotten vegetables, I am both distressed and helpless.

I have the habit of collecting old newspapers, at noon to keep the shop boring, I took them out. A few days ago, in December 6, 2013 the "Oriental Tobacco newspaper · gold weekly" on an article entitled "Laosun selling dry tofu" article attracted my attention. The article is not long, but gave me no small inspiration.

in the homogenization of products serious today, only to meet the real needs of customers, in order to obtain effective marketing performance. Originally, the decision to make vegetables, I have also been thoughtful. Last fall, my home near the shop has a new large residential community, most of the residents have admitted that this community is very close to the county a key primary school, far away from the vegetable market, residents out of vegetables still need through the heavy traffic highway 104, very convenient. The small supermarket around the community, only the south bridge head shop that operates vegetables. According to the residents reflect that the store price of vegetables than the food market market is much higher. read more

2016CES exhibition opens in Las Vegas today

2016CES exhibition kicked off in Las Vegas in the United States on January 6th, many international consumer electronics contests in the exhibition, an annual event known as the world of science and technology.

2016 from January 6th to January 9th, the annual international consumer electronics show CES will be held in Las Vegas, USA. At the 2016 CES exhibition, the industry agreed that virtual reality, smart cars, smart home and other areas will become the most popular.

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What is the difference between agents and distributors

do not know when you join the agency in a project, there is no such question, why a brand will have agents and distributors of points, and the two requirements are not the same. A lot of people want to figure out what’s the difference between the two. The following small series from different angles to introduce the two different.

what is the difference between agents and dealers

business scope

The difference between

agents and distributors is: as the name suggests is the "distribution", the dealer is the product from the purchase or production enterprises, not to buy it will be sold directly to consumers, but with a buyer sold out, earn post. The agent is to help companies demand the market, will be able to sell their products quickly, agents earn is a commission, ownership of the product.


differences in the way of business agents and distributors. Dealers have their own legitimate business qualifications, when the product is in charge of the sale of their own responsibility. Dealers are self-employed, the price of the product sales and the number of purchase is determined by their own. The agents are different, when the product is a problem, is borne by the third party, in the course of the business will be subject to certain restrictions on suppliers. read more

Xining customs warehousing tax before April year-on-year growth of more than 1 times

this year, Xining customs tax increase comprehensive efforts to expand and improve measures to facilitate customs clearance, provide a strong guarantee for customs revenue growth. As of April 30th, Xining customs warehousing taxes total 98 million 719 thousand and 200 yuan, a year-on-year growth of more than 1 times. Among them, the tariff of 17 million 134 thousand and 500 yuan, down 54.26%; import tax warehousing 81 million 584 thousand and 700 yuan, an increase of 6.3 times; the customs confiscated 60 thousand yuan of income.

tax rate structure adjustment and the appreciation of the renminbi and other factors to promote the general trade volume of alumina imports is the main reason for the rapid growth of tax revenue. 1-4 months, the Xining customs alumina imports 136 thousand and 500 tons, worth $63 million 40 thousand, the amount of growth of 120.2% and 125.1%, respectively, accounted for 40% of the total value of imports of customs, a total collection of alumina tax 89 million 100 thousand yuan RMB, accounted for 90.3% of the total amount of tax. (author Ge Yunpeng) read more

The colorful music festival concert in Nanshan District

Xining in July, compared with the field of hot slightly cool, but in July, Xining is not a lack of passion, vitality. July 26th, sponsored by the people’s Government of the city, the city of science and Technology Tourism Bureau hosted the 2014 colorful music festival, will play in the South Park this summer, the strongest scale. By then, China will be a number of well-known bands for the love of music, love life, love the people of Xining summer, visitors to send a feast of music.

Today the 600 planting pits have been dug

The morning of April 13th, West District Xining city volunteers association, the Communist Youth League of Xining City West District, West District Agriculture Bureau, West District Environmental Protection Bureau and the common development in Nanchuan River voluntary tree planting activities. The registration work ended in April 12th 18, the Nanchuan River on the west side (fun Road) 600 pits have been dug, waiting for applicants to plant trees. For Qilian spruce and juniper trees.It is reported that

, a lot of people will take the old man and child in the family together to participate in the tree planting activity, therefore, in the process of planting trees, please follow the arrangement of staff and technical staff guidance, and take good care of the elderly and children around, to Caution. West District Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry dispatched seven staff to maintain the order of the scene.

this tree planting activities required by the West District Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry. In order to ensure the survival rate of the west area of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau staff pre sent to measure land, excavation pits. When planting trees, technical personnel on-site guidance, the latter will be responsible for the management and maintenance. (author: Zhang Pu) read more

Xining Environmental Protection Bureau construction project environmental impact assessment implemen

Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau adhere to the principle of early intervention, advance intervention, strict project approval, construction project environmental impact assessment implementation rate of 100%.

in recent years, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in the examination and approval of projects, is not conducive to sustainable development, does not meet the national industrial policy, the location does not meet the functional zoning and city development planning requirements, the use of non clean fuel and environmental impact assessment of construction projects shall resolutely not approval of serious pollution; projects within the city, causing serious nuisance project, the impact on the city’s main drinking water sources and water quality of major rivers project resolutely rejected. Since 2006, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in accordance with the law rejected 5 heavy pollution, does not meet the national industrial policy, affecting the production and living of the residents of the construction project. To meet the requirements of environmental protection projects, the establishment of the environmental Easy Access, shorten the approval time, and tracking service from the location, EIA, technical guidance, inspection and other aspects, greatly improving the work efficiency. This year, a total of 58 construction projects approved, of which the production of construction projects of the 8. (author: Da Ying Ying) read more