Ishant Sharma confirms his availability for Delhi’s Ranji Trophy matches

first_imgAfter failing to attend selector’s phone call, Indian pace spearhead Ishant Sharma finnally has been included in the Delhi Ranji Trohpy squad.Delhi & Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) included the Indian pace spearhead with immediate effect although he will only be available from the second match.”Ishant Sharma has confirmed his availability from the second Ranji Trophy match but we are including him in the team right now,” DDCA Sports Secretary Sunil Dev released a one-sentence statement for the media.Also read: Ishant Sharma drops a call, gets dropped from Delhi team Ishant thus will be available for Delhi’s second game, which will be a home match against Vidarbha at the Feroz Shah Kotla from October 8-11.On Wednesday, DDCA’s senior selection committee chairman Vinay Lamba said the lanky pacer was “unreachable” and that was the reason they did not select him for the first Ranji Trophy match. “We tried contacting Ishant but neither did he pick up calls nor replied to our text messages. Also we don’t know whether he can play a first-class match during the period of his ban. If he is eligible to play we will add him in the squad,” Delhi’s chairman of selectors Vinay Lamba had said. But few days later, DDCA ended the chaos by releasing a statement that said Sharma will be included in the Delhi squad for the second Ranji Trophy match.”It was a ridiculous move. Have you ever heard that selectors calling up players to ask if you want to play or not? They just select the players. If the player has injury issues, he will intimate it to the state association. Ishant’s one Test ban had no bearing on his Ranji Trophy participation. Hope DDCA and their selectors had done some homework,” a senior BCCI official said.advertisementlast_img read more

Meizu ties up with MediaTek, to offer Helio X25 in Pro 6

first_imgMeizu’s next flagship phone, aka Pro 6 will be powered by MediaTek’s next-generation Helio X25 processor, the company announced. The company made the formal announcement at a MediaTek event that also marked the official launch of the flagship Helio X20 processor.The Helio X25 is basically an enhanced version of the Helio X20 deca-core CPU which has been co-developed by Meizu and MediaTek. Meizu will hold exclusive rights of the Helio X25 for an unannounced period during which other OEMs cannot use the chipset in their phones.The Helio X20 is MediaTek’s first 10-core CPU with a maximum clock speed of 2.3Ghz. The X25 meanwhile gets a ‘Turbo cluster’ that increases maximum clock speed to 2.5Ghz, alongside a faster GPU. The Helio X25 will however consume the same amount of power that is used by the Helio X20, according to MediaTek.It was earlier said that the Pro 6 will come with Samsung’s flagship Exynos 8890 processor inside. Meanwhile, the key highlight of the Pro 6 is said to be its 6 gigs of RAM . The Pro 6 will reportedly have two variants. The top-end variant will come with more RAM (6GB) and more storage (128GB). The second variant will apparently have 4GB RAM and 64GB inbuilt memory. Meizu is expected to launch it in August.It is said to sport a FullHD display, Meizu’s MBack 3.0 fingerprint technology, Flyme 6.0 OS, Hi-Fi 3.0, and fast charging support. It is also said to include a 3D touch-like display feature.The Pro 6 will be successor to the Pro 5 which was launched in September last year. It carries a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED 2.5D screen with a 1080×1920 pixels resolution and Exynos 7420 processor inside. The phone is available in two RAM variants: one sporting 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory and another with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. The phone supports expandable storage.advertisementlast_img read more

Injured Victoria Azarenka withdraws from Wimbledon

first_imgTwo-time Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka has withdrawn from Wimbledon because of a right knee injury. (Latest Sports stories)It was the same knee she hurt at the French Open, forcing her to retire during her first-round match. She hasn’t played since.Azarenka, ranked No. 6, was seeded the same for the grass-court Grand Slam starting Monday.The Belarusian has earned three titles this year, including two of the biggest outside of the majors, Indian Wells and Miami, in March. She beat Serena Williams in the Indian Wells final.At Wimbledon, she has reached the semifinals twice, and quarterfinals twice. Williams stopped her in three of those runs.last_img

How To Tout Your Internship Experience & Land A Job

first_imgStudents don’t see internships as a one and done experience anymore. In fact, according to a recent survey from InternMatch, 59.3 percent of students who did at least one internship did two or more.Once it’s time to find a real job after you graduate, simply having completed an internship is not enough anymore. You need to really sell your experience and how it qualifies you for the job you want.It’s essential to determine the qualities of your past internship(s) that make you the best candidate for future interviews. Here are a few ways to sell your internship:According to the survey, 58.9 percent of students said gaining professional experience and building a portfolio was the most important part of their internship. So start there.Make a list of the things you learned working in a professional setting. Use the list to tell real stories to answer common interview questions. These kinds of questions ask about your experience working under pressure, handling challenges, making mistakes, and leading a team. Use your internship experience to show you have positive experiences in all of these areas.Additionally, put together a professional portfolio to showcase all of the physical work you’ve completed in your internships. Your portfolio should highlight your accomplishments as an intern. It should include a variety work or writing samples to showcase your skills (types of samples will change depending on your industry). You might also include certificates, testimonials, letters of recommendation, and references. Once your portfolio is complete, it can be used as a great supplement to your responses in future interviews.According to a survey from NACE, employers said 57.9 percent of their interns spend their work time on a combination of analytical/problem solving (35.9 percent) and project management (22 percent).Again, it’s important to showcase these experiences in interviews. You can highlight your analytical and problem solving by discussing more success stories. Talk about a specific time when you saw a problem, took action, and fixed it. It’s important to use the STAR method to touch on the situation, task, action, and result.Project management is simple to demonstrate once you’ve got the STAR method down. Use these experience to showcase your leadership skills. This part is essential because 87 percent of employers value leadership qualities in job candidates.Also from the NACE survey, employers said 19.1 percent of internship time is spent on communications. This is another highly valued skill among interviewers. Be sure to point out your experience with effective communication. This can also be demonstrated in your job search materials like your resume and cover letter.Finally, the NACE survey also showed 12.2 percent of intern time is spent on logistics and 8.9 percent of time is spent on administrative tasks. Organization is not talked about as frequently as the other soft skills, but it is equally important to have. Be sure to touch on your organization skills in your interview.Internships should be your prime source of experience in real-world job interviews. From internships, you’ve gained professional experience, meat for your portfolio, problem solving skills, project management experience, communication, and organization skills. Set yourself apart in interviews by highlighting all of these qualities. You’ll prove to be the most well-rounded and qualified candidate for the job.last_img read more

How To Manage An Unpaid Internship

first_imgThe debate over unpaid vs. paid internships seems to be never-ending. Everyone wants to know which one is more worthy of a student’s time.What’s often left out of the equation in these debates is the fact that many college students have no choice but to take on unpaid internships. Location and industry have a major impact on whether or not a student has access to paid internships, and many find paid opportunities simply aren’t going to come their way.Another issue arises when students must take on a part-time job, classes, and an unpaid internship. Balancing these three tasks can seem impossible, but keep these four tips in mind to make your semester with an unpaid internship run smoothly:1.Know paid internships aren’t necessarily the best internships.Many students think they’ll be assigned more important tasks because of their paid compensation—but this isn’t necessarily the case. Some employers may have no qualms with giving paid interns trivial tasks like fetching coffee—in fact, they may think such tasks are justified simply because the intern is being paid.2. Remember the goal of your internship.The real purpose of an internship is to learn about an industry, gain experience working in that field, and apply classroom education to the real world. It’s crucial to remember this so you don’t become discouraged. Although you may not be seeing a financial benefit from the position now, that type of reward will come in the form of an entry-level job after you’ve gained necessary skills and experience. In fact, I was able to skip “entry-level” in terms of pay once I completed my college internships.3. Find positions with flexibility.Generally, if an employer isn’t paying you, they should be able to offer you enough flexibility to choose your own schedule. This also goes for part-time jobs, which can complement an unpaid internship. Try tutoring at your school’s writing center or working as a campus tour guide, both of which generally allow you to choose your hours. Visit your school’s career center to see if they can connect you with flexible jobs and internships on and off campus.4. Do something you love.This may be the most important aspect of handling an unpaid position. Go after internships you’re truly going to enjoy, at a company you admire. If you’re doing something you like, your tight schedule and empty pockets won’t seem like such a burden.Unpaid internships are inevitable for some students, and working one with classes and a job is certainly tasking. If you manage your time correctly and remember your goals, unpaid positions are certainly doable without going crazy. Good luck!Have you ever had to struggle through an unpaid internship? How did you manage it? Share your tips below.last_img read more

How to Find Out if You’re About to Get Laid Off

first_imgNewsflash! The economy is not doing so good. Well, maybe that’s not fair to say. It is certainly getting better but, it’s not “happy days are here again.” At least, not yet. (Soon?) Be that as it may, if you are a paycheck to paycheck kind of person, one thing you do not want is a surprise layoff announcement from your boss. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Tardis that would let you peek into the future so you could prepare? Well, I don’t have one to offer you. But, I might have the next best thing.Do you know what a WARN notice is? WARN is an acronym for “Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification” and… well… here is some legalese around that, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor:“The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988 (WARN Act) is a United States labor law which protects employees, their families, and communities by requiring most employers with 100 or more employees to provide sixty- (60) calendar-day advance notification of plant closings and mass layoffs of employees. It became law in August 1988 and took effect in 1989. In 2001, there were about 2,000 mass layoffs and plant closures which were subject to WARN advance notice requirements and which affected about 660,000 employees.Employees entitled to notice under the WARN Act include managers and supervisors, hourly wage, and salaried workers. The WARN Act requires that notice also be given to employees’ representatives (i.e. a labor union), the local chief elected official (i.e. the mayor), and the state dislocated worker unit.The advance notice gives workers and their families transition time to adjust to the prospective loss of employment, to seek and obtain other employment, and, if necessary, to enter skill training or retraining programs that will allow these workers to successfully compete in the job market.”In a nutshell, if you work for a big company, they have to tell Uncle Sam their layoff plans or get in trouble. Now, how much notice do they have to give you? Of that, I am not sure. My assumption is that big business will do the right thing and let you know ASAP. On the other hand, maybe not. In either regard, you may want to set up an early warning system for yourself. One way to do that is to set up a collection of Google Alerts. Are you hip to Google Alerts? It allows you to automate your searches so that when new information comes into the Google database you are notified. Below is a screenshot of my setting up a Google Alert.Just in case someone does not already know, I am restricting my results to info from the news (arrow 1) as I only want current information and I am setting my results to return as a RSS feed (arrow 2) although I could opt to receive them in an email. On the right side of the screen, Google shows me a sample of what I can expect from the search now and in the future.My search is focused on news of weak earnings by Best Buy. Of course, this type of search is only good for public companies. Why a search for “weak earnings?” (Again, just in case someone has not guessed the logic of this.) If a company is losing money, they may protect their bottom line by laying off workers.Here are some more searches you can set up as Google alerts. Of course, where my searches say “company name,” add in the name of where you work. Capiche?intitle:announces organizational.restructuring | corporate.restructuring “company name”“company name” (debt OR financial OR corporate OR organizational) restructuring“head count reduction” | “reduce headcount” “company name”intitle:rumor intitle:layoffs “company name”company name denies rumorsallintitle:  “company name” denies.rumors (bankruptcy | layoffs)downsizing.employees“cost cutting initiatives” ibmShould I buy “company name” stock?“company name” (to.shut.down | to.close.down)“company name” (branch.closing | plant.closing)“company name to cut *% of workforce”Hmm… I feel like I am missing a step. Oh! (Insert Homer Simpson’s “D’oh” here.) If you want to get a heads up on companies who have already announced layoff plans to the government, do a search for “your state” warn notice 2014 and get results similar to the following:Indiana WARN NoticesAlabama Plant Closing/LayoffsConnecticut Listing of Warn NoticesCA Listings of WARN Notices – 2014If you do not have any luck finding WARN notices for your state, you can (of course) call the Department of Labor for your state and ask for a list as well. After all, it is public information. (smile)Okay, that’s it for now!last_img read more

Bosses Reveal: 10 Things That Will Help You Get Promoted in 2018

first_imgSeeking a promotion? Why not start off the year with a great goal to work towards. 2018 is going to be the year you take charge of your position and move up in your career — so make sure you carve out some time this holiday season to reflect on how you’re going to do so.If you want to add “get a promotion” to your list of New Year’s resolutions, we’re here to help you succeed! Here is what bosses and managers say you should focus on if you really want to push your career forward in 2018.1. CollaborationIf you want to get promoted, you have to do more than focus on your personal work. Consider branching out to see who could use an extra hand around the office. The more impressed your co-workers are with you, the more likely your boss will hear about your work ethic. Your ability to collaborate is just as important as your ability to work independently.“Collaboration with teams across the organization always stand out,” says D.G., a GRC training manager at Oracle Cloud. “I always look at an employee’s internal branding to see how they are viewed by others.”11 Companies That Promote Like Crazy (& Hiring Now!)2. Ownership“We value something called FLO: ‘Full Leadership Ownership.’ We promote people who demonstrate an ownership of the outcome of their project,” says Phil Fremont-Smith, Co-founder of Happie. “That means doing whatever it takes to get it done — staying late, getting creative, pulling in resources to help if they need it. FLO comes from a personal desire to put the ball into the end zone and score. Not just pass the ball around.”3. EffortWhen it comes to your work ethic, it’s not always just about hitting specific milestones. Some managers say they look at the effort an employee is putting in — does their report exhibit self-discipline and adaptability? Are they focused and being creative? The amount of effort you put in will speak volumes to your boss.“It’s more about the amount of effort I see, rather than specific milestones,” says Janelle L., a marketing director. “When I [promoted] employees, they were all people I saw making [a] great effort every day. I have promoted less-skilled people over someone who is skilled but does the minimum.”4. ReliabilityIf you want to move up in your company, you need to show your boss that they can always count on you.“Punctuality, initiative, friendly manner and the ability to show development are the key factors I look for when I promote an employee,” describes Hayden B., an experienced manager.5. Learning From FailureNobody is perfect — we all experience failures at some point in our careers. But, how you handle your mistakes could turn into a positive outcome. Your boss will notice your ability to turn things around.“We celebrate failure at Happie. We create an atmosphere where people are encouraged to try new things and see if it works,” says Fremont-Smith. “And if it doesn’t — celebrate that failure for the learning it represents.”How To Deal With Someone Who Made A Serious Mistake6. Open DialogueYou don’t have to work toward a promotion in secret. Consider talking to your boss about your goals and mentioning why you want to get promoted. Doing so creates an open dialogue between you and your boss, which keeps you both on the same page about your position.“I promoted an employee because they had an ongoing dialogue with their mentor and myself on next steps for their career and [weren’t] afraid to come to me with concerns, issues or questions,” explains D.G.7. AutonomyYour ability to work independently will help your boss notice how you take ownership of tasks and projects, as well as how you delegate work to others.“Take on some of the tasks of the job you want to be doing,” advises Kevin C., a manager at a media company. “It shows an understanding of the new role, the willingness to work hard for it, and it makes it easy to justify why this is the person for the job.”8. HonestyYou should never lie at work — more likely than not, your boss will appreciate honesty, even if it’s negative. That way, they can help you learn and grow.“Tackle the tasks that push you and ask questions when you don’t know the answer,” says D.G. “And be honest that you don’t have all the answers.”9. Hard WorkFrom day one, your boss probably made it clear how to succeed on their team, or at your company. If you listened, you already know the clear steps to take and the skills that your boss admires. If you don’t, start paying attention to the co-workers they are constantly congratulating or the people they recently promoted. With a little hard work and focus on the specific skills your boss wants you to have, you’re going to get that promotion.“We hire consistently from within by promoting our existing employees into leadership positions. We know they are ready because we are crystal clear about the specific skills and mindset they need to acquire to receive that promotion,” says Fremont-Smith. “When they achieve those skills and have developed that mindset – we celebrate their success, promote them and then support them through very clear milestones of learning and deliverables. In this way they are set up for success because they know what success is from day one – and they know they have the support and help to get there.”How to Get a Promotion by Building Your Personal Brand at Work10. CreativityThinking outside the box always sets you apart from your co-workers — and helps keep you in your manager’s mind when it’s promotion time.“The employee I promoted thought out of the box and provided several solutions,” says D.G. “They also came to me with projects they thought would be good for the team, along with how to execute them. And when they came to me with problems, they always came with potential resolutions.” 23 hours ago 23h Restaurant Manager Miller’s Ale House Doral, FL N/A 3.3★ Store Manager Northern Tool + Equipment Ocala, FL 23 hours ago 23h 3.3★ Manager Gourmet Burger Restaurant Las Vegas, NV 3.6★ 3.0★ Culinary Manager Mimi’s Cafe Sandy, UT 3.9★ Restaurant Manager Brixx Wood Fired Pizza Wilmington, NC 23 hours ago 23h 4.8★ Restaurant Manager Buffalo’s Kennesaw, GA 23 hours ago 23hcenter_img 23 hours ago 23h Available Manager Jobs Restaurant Manager Cracker Barrel Coventry, RI 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h 3.8★ See More Jobs 23 hours ago 23h Store Manager Russell Cellular Sayville, NY 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h See more Manager jobs N/A Manager In Training Crew Carwash Bloomington, IN 2.0★ Meat Manager SHOP ’n SAVE Supermarkets (PA) North Huntingdon, PAlast_img read more

Are You Prepared for Your Job Interview? Don’t Say Yes Before Reading This

first_imgGetting ready for a big job interview can be stressful, and the best thing you can do to calm your nerves is to ensure you’re adequately prepared. Improvising responses and questions on the spot works for some people, but there’s no reason to leave it up to chance, especially if you have your heart set on a new gig. We’ve simplified your prep work into eight foolproof steps, so you can walk into the interview armed with the information and confidence you need to seal the deal.Step 1: Get Acquainted With the BasicsIf you haven’t done so already, look up the company you’re interviewing with on Glassdoor to get an idea of what they do, how big the company is, who their competitors are and what their business model is. How do they make money? What’s their core mission? What are their corporate values? You should be able to answer all these questions before heading into an interview with them.What to Look for When Researching a Company: A Complete ChecklistStep 2: Research Your InterviewersIf you know who you’ll be meeting with, look them up and learn about their professional background. Find out what their role at the company entails in as much detail as you can, as well as what previous positions they may have held. This will help you ask more intelligent, insightful questions during the interview, showing that you’re an informed candidate.Step 3: Get Your Q&As StraightOn that note, come prepared with a few thoughtful questions for each interviewer so that you don’t feel pressured to think of them spontaneously. It’s also a good idea to review commonly asked interview questions, and consider what your answers would be. You can also check out the company’s Glassdoor interviews page to see what previous interviewees have been asked.Step 4: Practice Makes PerfectAfter you’ve done the prep work, rehearse your responses to questions you anticipate being asked, either by writing them out or having a friend or family member ask them. There’s no need to memorize a script, but practicing can help ensure you feel comfortable talking about your experience, skills, challenges and insights.Step 5: Pack Your Bag and Plan Your OutfitGet prepared with a professional-looking bag or backpack packed with copies of your resume, your portfolio, a notebook, a pen and anything else you think you might need for the interview.Pick out what you’ll wear at least a day ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about it the morning of. If you’re not sure what to wear, check out photos of the office on Glassdoor or the company’s website, then dress yourself a step above whatever you see online. For example, if everyone seems to wear jeans and T-shirts to the office, you definitely don’t want to show up in a suit, but perhaps you’d want to wear a nice pair of dress pants and a button-down shirt. This shows respect for the formality of an interview, but helps you avoid looking overdressed and out of place.6 Perfect Interview Outfits for Every OccasionStep 7: Plan Your RouteIf you’re heading into the office for an in-person meeting, make sure you have your route and method of transport mapped out. If you’ve never been to the area where the interview is before, you can even do a test run to see how long it will take you to get there. On the day of, be sure to add in buffer time in case of traffic, slow train service or other delays. If applicable, be sure you have also thought through how you’ll deal with stepping away from your current job duties should the interview occur during your normal work hours.Step 8: Eat, Sleep and RelaxGetting enough sleep and eating well in the days leading up to your interview is crucial when it comes to being at the top of your game. It’s normal to be nervous before a big meeting, but don’t let that stop you from getting good shuteye the night before and some high quality, nutritious meals beforehand.If you’re struggling to get to that calm, focused state of mind that allows you to make the best possible impression, try whatever relaxation techniques usually work for you, whether it’s meditating, listening to a podcast, watching your favorite TV show or fitting in a high-intensity workout. Now go out there and crush your interview!Browse Open Jobs 4.4★ 2.7★ Assistant Managers and Cashiers needed at Exxon Fuel & Convenience Store Porter’s Provo, UT RN, Registered Nurse – ICU CHRISTUS Health Austin, TX 23 hours ago 23h 2.4★ Litigation Assistant Superior Executive and Legal Recruiting Century City, CA 2.6★ 23 hours ago 23h 3.8★ Charge Registered Nurse RN Trama Step Down CJW Medical Center Richmond, VA 4.2★ 3.4★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Nursing: Labor and Delivery MedPro Healthcare Staffing Valencia, CAcenter_img Field Administrative Assistant Cupertino Electric, Inc. New Albany, OH 5.0★ 23 hours ago 23h Lube Technician Heiser Automotive Group Glendale, WI 3.3★ 23 hours ago 23h Sr. Assistant Store Manager Palais Royal Brenham, TX 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Find Jobs Near You 23 hours ago 23h Electronics/Production Assembly Operator Temp Soraa Inc. Valley View, OH Maintenance Technician – 2nd and 3rd shift Ranir Grand Rapids, MI 23 hours ago 23h 5.0★last_img read more

How to Land an Anytime, Anywhere Job

first_imgSkipping the commute, working on the couch, sipping tea from your favorite mug, avoiding office drama — working from home sounds like a dream. After all, you could decide to drive to a cute coastal town on a Tuesday, work from there and be back in the city by Thursday for that brainstorming session at the local coffee shop. Ah, the flexibility of it all can seem irresistible.However, remote work isn’t as easy and as carefree as many people think. Just ask Zapier.San Francisco-based internet company, Zapier, is a 100% remote team that gives everyone internet superpowers. They help people easily connect and automate the apps they use every day so they can get more work done with less effort. In the same vein of efficiency, Zapier’s team lives and works all over the world and has been since the company was founded in October 2011.We caught up with Wade Foster, CEO & co-founder of Zapier to get his advice on being a remote worker. He hires dozens of remote employees, so who better to tell job seekers what they’ll need to be an attractive, informed candidate and a kick-ass remote employee.Glassdoor: Remote work isn’t a win-win for every employee or every company. What skills are needed to be a successful remote worker?Wade Foster: Remote work requires you to be a problem solver and a great communicator. In a remote environment, you have no one looking over your shoulder to help show you the next steps. That means you need to default to action and identify the opportunities where you can help your team and go find ways to solve those problems. You also need to be overly communicative about what you are working on and what the current status is. That way teammates can easily find ways to build on your work and your manager can find ways to connect you with the resources you need to keep making good progress.The 14 Most Common Remote Jobs (& How Much They Pay)Glassdoor: How can someone show in an interview that they would be a good fit for a remote position?Wade Foster: Show that you’re the type of person who solves problems. Talk about a new initiative you started at your last job or a side project you built on your own outside of work. Bring collateral. A portfolio of code, designs, or writings will show that you’re the type of person who can document your work and share it back with the team. Glassdoor: What interview questions do you and/or your team ask to find out if someone would be a productive remote employee?Tell me about an important change you introduced last year in your role. What were the results? What would you change if you could do it again?Glassdoor: Does a job applicant need to have experience working remotely? If not, how can an application or cover letter convey the candidate’s ability to work well away from the office?Wade Foster: Not at all. Most people that join Zapier haven’t worked remotely before. More important is showcasing that you are a problem solver. You take action. And you can communicate your work or the plans you want to make happen. It’s nice if you have a story too about working with someone from another office or a remote teammate. But having remote experience isn’t necessary to be a great remote worker.12 Companies That Let You Work RemotelyGlassdoor: How important is a candidate’s sense of work-life balance when it comes to being considered for a remote job?Wade Foster: We don’t try to vet for this for roles at Zapier.But working remotely does require extra diligence to build work-life balance. When you work in an office the physical office building separates you from work and helps you build those boundaries. When you work from home those boundaries don’t exist so you need to be diligent to create those for yourself. Common ways folks solve this problem is having a separate space in your house where work happens and where your home life happens. Build routines that separate work from personal time. This can be as simple as going to the gym at 5:30pm every day, volunteering in your community, or simply walking away from work to join your family or friends during the evening.Glassdoor: It’s easy to get burnt out working from home. Are there ways you gauge a person’s ability to create and maintain productive boundaries?Wade Foster: I don’t believe it’s easier to burn out working from home or from the office. Regardless of where you work you should build a routine that allows you to achieve your work and personal goals.Glassdoor: How does Zapier ensure team members don’t get burnt out working from home?Wade Foster: Strong managers go a long way to help understand burn out. Every manager does a weekly 1-on-1 with their direct teammates. Part of those weekly 1-on-1s is to help gauge someone’s excitement about their current work. Additionally, the team helps keep an eye on everyone as well. If someone posts messages in Slack outside their normal hours someone will likely ask what they are doing working. It’s not uncommon to see a fellow teammate encourage someone to step away from Slack and go enjoy their time off. Learn more about preventing burnout here.Glassdoor: What tools does your company or team use to stay in contact with remote employees?Wade Foster: Slack, Zoom, and an internal tool called Async are the go-to tools for Zapier. Async was modeled off of similar internal tools that other remote teams use.Glassdoor: What are some of the ways Zapier builds culture and strong relationships despite remote working?Wade Foster: Culture isn’t about ping-pongs or happy hours. Culture is about your commitment to the work you do. It’s about how you treat your customers. It’s about your commitment to product quality. We have a strong set of company values that help us and prospective new teammates understand what we care about and how we approach work. That set workplace camaraderie is important and you don’t want to find yourself lonely in a remote team. So it’s important to find ways to build human connections in a remote team. We have quite a few ways to help with this. Airbnb-Onboarding: Every new teammate comes to the Bay Area during their first week on the job alongside their hiring manager and meets a few teammates and the founders in person. This week of co-working helps build some initial bonds with a handful of teammates and key leadership.Donut Pairchats: Every week a Slack bot randomly pairs you with one other person at Zapier. You then schedule a 30-minute chat, often via Zoom, to catch up informally with a fellow teammate.Two semi-annual retreats: Twice-a-year we get the full team together in-person to celebrate our progress and plan for the future. These full-week get-togethers are a great way to build bonds with your teammates.Off topic #fun- channels in Slack: We have many channels in our Slack prefixed with #fun- that are non-work channels dedicated to teammates outside work interests. Channels like books, movies, sports, arts-and-crafts, and even ham radios help teammates rebuild the office water cooler that doesn’t naturally exist in remote teams.last_img read more

How to Negotiate a Job Offer from Google

first_img 23 hours ago 23h Engineer Transwestern Des Moines, IA Automation Engineer Ashley Furniture Advance, NC Industrial Engineer Magna Exteriors Nashville, IL 3.3★ 23 hours ago 23h SCADA Engineer Quadvest Magnolia, TX 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h N/A Engineer Maser Consulting P.A. Valhalla, NY 23 hours ago 23h The key question to ask about a Google job offer is “How much can this offer be improved through negotiation?” In my experience coaching software developers through Google salary negotiations, the answer varies from “somewhat” to “a whole lot”.The main driver for the difference seems to be how narrow the engineer’s specialty is, and how well that specialty aligns with Google’s core competencies.For example, Google needs lots and lots of experienced software developers, and the supply of generalist software developers available to hire is pretty strong. So Google will offer competitive salaries with some room to negotiate to get quality software developers in the door.By contrast, machine learning experts and data scientists are key to Google’s ability to dominate search and other aspects of its business and there are fewer of those experts available. So Google makes very, very strong offers to machine learning experts and data scientists and has lots of room to negotiate those offers to get the right candidates.The bottom line is that if you have a job offer from Google in a technical role, you likely have room to negotiate, and may have substantial negotiation leverage depending on your specialty.What a typical Google job offer package looks likeOnce you actually get through the Google interview gauntlet, you may receive a job offer. Let’s look at an example to see what you can expect.Google’s offers are pretty standard:Base salarySign-onNew-Hire EquityThey may also include other components like a Target Bonus, and they may even share an estimated value of other perks that Google employees get.They will often roll all these numbers together to describe the offer in terms of “Total Compensation”, which may seem like a big number.Here’s an example taken from a modified version of a real Google job offer from one of my clients (all numbers are $1,000s):Let’s look a little closer at the main components of a Google job offer.How to Evaluate a Job OfferBase SalaryAs with most job offers, this is the stable, predictable component that you can use to pay your mortgage or car payment. You can’t know what company performance might look like in the future, so it’s hard to estimate how much of a bonus you’ll get or what your RSUs will be worth when they vest.Google’s base salary offers tend to be pretty competitive, with other big tech firms. If you’re wondering whether the salary you’re offered is competitive, is a good place to start.How flexible is Google on Base Salary?In my experience, Google will move on base salary, but not very much. And they’re more flexible when you have not disclosed salary history or expectations.That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for more base salary, but it means that request may result a smaller move in base salary coupled with other more aggressive moves that are not related to salary.Target BonusBonuses are usually pretty standard among employees and are probably based on things that are out of your control like “company performance”.So your Target Bonus is nice to know, but not very useful for negotiation purposes. It helps make the Total Compensation number larger and does give you a sense of a nice annual windfall that may come your way if things go well at Google.Bonus or Salary Increase: Which Type of Raise Is Best For You?How flexible is Google on Target Bonus?They’re generally not.New-Hire Equity (RSUs)The Equity component of a Google job offer can range from “not very much” (as with the example above) to “wowzers, that’s a lot of equity!” depending on the role.For Google (and most of the other big public tech companies) I tend to model Equity as more or less fungible with Base Salary since the value of that equity is public and the company fundamentals appear to be pretty strong.The difference, of course, is that there’s a vesting schedule and you’re taking some level of market risk by counting on equity.But for a company like Google, the market risk for Equity is very similar to the market risk for your Base Salary. (If things suddenly get very bad for Google, their stock would probably drop, but the bigger problem could be that your job might be in jeopardy).How flexible is Google on New-Hire Equity (RSUs)?Potentially very flexible. This is their most used bargaining chip. Depending on the candidate, position, and other factors, they may be willing to improve the equity component of the offer significantly during the negotiation.Some of my clients have more than doubled their equity during their negotiation. Sometimes the Equity component of the offer will be larger than the Base Salary component when we finish negotiating.This is one reason the Base Salary component of their offers tends to be merely “competitive”—they have more flexibility on Equity and will often use this as their carrot to entice exceptional candidates to join the company.Sign-on bonusEven if there’s not a Sign-on bonus included with your initial offer, there may be one available. Sign-on bonuses, like equity, can range from a nice little amount into six figures.I like to think of the Sign-on bonus as a way to help bridge the gap between your first paycheck and your first RSU vesting date.How flexible is Google on Sign-on Bonus?Moderately flexible. They will often use this as a sweetener to close the deal. Five-figure improvements in Sign-on bonus are pretty common. I recommend focusing on Base Salary and Equity before negotiating Sign-on bonus.7 Companies Offering Up to $30,000 in Hiring Bonuses TodayHow to approach your Google salary negotiationThe salary negotiation with Google will begin earlier than you might expect.Before you get a job offerYour Google recruiter will ask for your salary history, or at least your current salary if it’s legal where they are. Do not tell them your current salary. If you do, the Base Salary component of your job offer will probably be slightly above your current salary and it will be challenging to negotiate a substantial increase once they make your job offer.They will also usually ask for your salary expectations. That request will sound something like this:So what were you hoping for in terms of compensation if you come aboard here at Google?Do not tell them your salary expectations because you will essentially be guessing what they might pay someone with your skillset and experience to do the job they need done.While they might have a good idea of the value of that job to Google’s business, you would only be guessing. You will practically always guess wrong and cost yourself money later on. So just don’t guess.Google will hold on tight to these numbers and it can be very, very challenging to get them to move once they know what they are aiming for. So avoid sharing that information if at all possible.As a final note on this, I’ve worked with clients whose Google recruiter told them they could not move forward with the interview process until my client shared their salary expectations. Eventually, they did move on despite my clients’ refusal to share this information. So, in my experience, this is a bluff.Can You Negotiate More Equity Shares In Lieu of Pay?Once you receive your job offer from GoogleAlthough Google isn’t typically very flexible on base salary, I prefer to begin by negotiating base salary to see how flexible they are in the other components. By pushing on base salary—even knowing they aren’t very flexible—we give them an opportunity to show where they are the most flexible.They will often respond to a request for a higher base salary by moving slightly or not at all on base salary, while suggesting a significantly better equity or sign-on bonus component.Once they reveal where they’re flexible and how flexible they are, you can use that information to focus the negotiation on the most flexible components to maximize your offer.What to look out for when negotiating a Google job offer packageGoogle is very sticky once they know their target. If you tell them your salary history (especially current salary) or salary expectations, their offer will likely be very close to either of those numbers and they will not move very much from that starting point.Google will often respond to a request for higher base salary by slightly improving base salary and significantly improving the equity component.Google is often rigid with respect to the “level” offered. Because they use equity as a primary negotiating lever, they have lots of flexibility within pay bands and therefore rarely change pay bands—or levels—as part of the negotiation.This article was originally published on The Fearless Salary Negotiation. Reprinted with permission. 2.8★ 1.6★ Software Engineer Masergy Communications Plano, TX 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Business Technology Professionals, Inc. Buffalo, NY 4.3★ 3.7★ Application Engineer II Superior Technical Ceramics Saint Albans, VT 5.0★ 3.5★ 23 hours ago 23h Hot New Jobs For You 4.4★ Flight Controls Software Engineer My Job Tank Santa Clara, CA 23 hours ago 23h Sales Engineer Power Monitors Mount Crawford, VA View More Jobs 3.9★ 23 hours ago 23hlast_img read more

How to Deal with Job Search FOMO

first_img 23 hours ago 23h 3.7★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Diesel Mechanic – Experienced Clarke Power Services, Inc. Jackson, MS 23 hours ago 23h 3.6★ Masters Level Outpatient Therapist Kaleidoscope Family Solutions Inc Millsboro, DE 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Line Cooks Red Robin Clackamas, OR 2.6★ 3.2★ 3.4★ New year, new you—new job. At least, that may be the case for coworkers and friends who are job hunting and exploring new career options as we tip-toe into 2019. “When the start of a new year rolls around, many people see their friends, family, and coworkers embrace the saying, ‘new year, new me,’ and make big changes in their lives, from personal lifestyle adjustments to career transformations,” says Michael Steinitz, executive director of staffing firm Accountemps. But if you’re not on the new-year-new-job bandwagon, you might feel a sense of FOMO—fear of missing out—as you watch others take on new jobs and challenges.“The feeling of FOMO is totally normally and is the same whether your neighbor buys a new car or a sibling [gets a new job],” says Madelyn Mackie, certified career management coach and trainer. “You might put yourself in their places and think, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if I had more money, a flexible schedule, a shorter commute, a nicer boss? It’s just human nature.” If you’re feeling job-search FOMO, don’t despair: Here are four things you can do instead.1. Be a good friend. “First and foremost, do not let FOMO, jealousy, or bitterness ruin a friendship,” Mackie says.  Instead, “support your friends and co-workers in their quest by asking how you can help,” she suggests. For example, you might be able to introduce them to peers in your network—or help them prepare for their interview. It won’t hurt to brush up on your skills either!2. Conduct a self-audit. FOMO can be overwhelming. But “don’t make any changes based on what others are doing,” warns Steinitz, who adds that, “everyone has different reasons for needing [or wanting] a change in employment, and their situation is different from your own.” Steinitz suggests if you suddenly feel an urge to change jobs or careers, that you take a moment to ask yourself why. “Is it for career growth? To reduce your commute time? Earn greater compensation?” he says. “Then, consider whether these things can be addressed at your current company.”How to Build Your Own Career Path Within an Organization3. Learn from others’ experience.As you’re watching others apply for new jobs and make changes, “ask them what they have learned during the process and what they wish they had put in place sooner,” Mackie says. “Maybe they wished they had used LinkedIn to build a strong network, or taken advantage of professional development opportunities from their employer, or kept their resume up to date.” Once you have their answers, you can use them to enhance your job—or a job search.4. Talk with your manager. If you have concluded it’s time for a new challenge, Steinitz suggests speaking to your boss before you jump ship. “See if there’s anything that can be done to improve your current situation, like taking on stretch assignments or enrolling in courses to further your skills and experience,” he says. You may find you don’t need to leave your company after all. 3.4★ 3.6★ General Dentist Western Dental Services Chula Vista, CAcenter_img 4.5★ Speech/Language Pathologist CCC/CF Community Rehab Associates Lake Worth, FL Line Cooks – Start at $11+ per hour! O’Charley’s Bloomington, IN 2.2★ CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant Interim HealthCare Ogden, UT 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Maintenance Worker- Relief/Temp Clinical Support Options Northampton, MA 3.1★ 23 hours ago 23h Therapist – Mental Health Christian Children’s Home of Ohio Ashland, OH 23 hours ago 23h Hot New Jobs For You Get Motivated Today to Find the Job That Fits Your Life! Adolescent Substance Abuse Therapist – Jeffersonville *Sign on Bonus LifeSpring Health Systems Jeffersonville, IN View More Jobslast_img read more

REVEALED: Wenger in lengthy Mbappe chat over Arsenal move

first_imgArsenal boss Arsene Wenger has called AS Monaco striker Kylian Mbappe about a move to London.L’Equipe says Wenger spoke on the phone to the teenager and offered him career advice as the striker is still pondering his next move.’Very little detail’ about the pair’s conversation was revealed.But it is believed they spoke about a potential move to the Emirates as well as a plan for the striker’s whole career.A source said: “Kylian is currently thinking things over.“Either he will go to a stepping-stone club, or directly to a great club.“But his aim is very clear: to sign for one of the two biggest clubs in the world, they are Real Madrid or Barcelona for him, before reaching the age of 22.”last_img

Liverpool legend Aldridge: I NEVER urged Van Dijk strike

first_imgLiverpool legend John Aldridge denies encouraging Virgil van Dijk to go on strike in order to force through a move from Southampton.It was claimed Aldo had made the suggestion in his column with the Sunday World last week.“I’m not saying he should go on strike in a bid to force through a move,” he told the “I’m just saying this is what happens in the game now.“If a player wants a move, there are ways he can make it happen and Liverpool have been on the receiving end of this from Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling in recent years.“I made it clear in my article that I don’t like the way the modern game has gone, but all the power is with players these days and if they want a move, they can make it happen.“Who knows what Van Dijk will do next. I would like to see him move to Liverpool because he would be perfect for Jurgen Klopp’s team and a great centre-back partner for Joel Matip, but it is up to the player and his club to sort out the problem now.“It is annoying that the paper took the quotes from my Sunday World article and put an extra twist on them, but hopefully this clears up the points I was trying to make.”last_img read more

World Cup 2018: How South Korea tricked a Swedish ‘spy’ in Austria

first_img“It’s very difficult for westerners to distinguish between Asians,” said South Korea coach Shin Tae-yong as he shrugged off spying by Sweden ahead of their FIFA World Cup 2018 Group F opener.Sweden and South Korea begin their World Cup campaigns on Monday and have been creative in trying to study each other’s tactics in the build-up to the Group F match at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium.A Swedish scout used a house near Korea’s training base in Austria earlier this month to watch training sessions using a high performance telescope and video camera.”It took a long car journey up the mountains to reach the house, but it was a perfect spot to observe the Korean team’s training,” Lars Jacobsson, a member of the Swedish coaching staff, said on Sunday.FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 FULL COVERAGEHe had earlier been kicked out of a closed training session, after failing to convince the Koreans he was a passing tourist, and persuaded a local couple to let him use their house, overlooking the training facility, to watch their rivals working on their World Cup routines.Coach Janne Andersson on Sunday tendered an apology.”It is very important we show respect for an opponent and if what we did has been perceived in another way, then we apologise,” Andersson said.”This is something small that has been turned into something much bigger because usually our information about our opponents comes from us watching them play matches.”2018 FIFA WORLD CUP: FULL FIXTURESIt was all no matter to the Koreans, insisted Shin, who said such in-depth analysis of opponents was now the international norm.advertisementIn any case, he had a ruse of his own to outfox the Swedes, making his players use different jersey numbers.”We switched them around because we didn’t want to show our opponents everything and to try and confuse them.”They might know a few of our players but it is very difficult for Westerners to distinguish between Asians and that’s why we did that,” Shin said.”All coaches probably feel their opponents are always spying on them. I think it’s perfectly natural that we all try to get as much information on each other as we can.”(With inputs from Reuters)last_img read more

How to Write a Blog Post Every Single Day

first_img Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack If you’ve ever been in a content creation role, you know that there’s lots you can do to make sure you’re creating great content every single day. You can’t just wait for inspiration. You’ve got to be prepared, motivated, and focused — all at the same time. The trifecta can be hard to get, even for the savviest of writers.So if your job is to create content every day, how do you achieve all that?To get to the bottom of this, I spoke with my teammates here at HubSpot. It’s no secret: we create a lot of content, especially blog posts … so I figured we’d have a few tricks up our sleeve for writing a post every single day. Here’s some of the best advice our team has for getting prepared, motivated and focused to write each day on the job.1) Braindump Your Ideas in TrelloMy best brainstorming doesn’t often happen randomly — I usually need to sit down, realize I need to brainstorm, make inspiration strike once, and then iterate on that idea. I personally love to brainstorm ideas in Trello — a place where my whole team can see them and grab one if they want to write it. Having a central location for ideas keeps the blog post idea mill flowing for the entire team, even in the darkest days of writer’s block.2) Race Your Laptop’s BatteryMy colleague, Corey Eridon, mentioned this tip in a previous post about blogging tips — and it’s something our team will do when under a tight deadline. Just unplug your laptop, go somewhere else, and race to finish your post before your computer shuts off. Constraining your writing to a certain time limit can help you focus on getting the most important points down in a concise way.3) Isolate Yourself (Physically AND Digitally)To get focused, my teammates and I also like to isolate ourselves. Whether it’s holing up in some random conference room to write, popping in some headphones at our desks, or turning off all instant message/email/tweet notifications on our computers, we’re making sure we’re focusing on the one and only task at hand: writing a blog post. Those other distractions can wait until you’ve finished.4) Refresh Your SurroundingsThis tip is one my coworker Karlan Baumann swears by: changing your surroundings any time you need to work. So if you’ve been emailing at your desk all morning, try heading over to a local coffee shop to write (or vice versa). Writing requires a different mindset than the rest of your day-to-day duties, so changing up your surroundings to mirror the change in mindset can be very helpful.5) Listen to Music Popping in your favorite tunes can help you gear up to write something awesome — though it doesn’t have to be a certain type of music. My colleague Shannon Johnson told me that she prefers classical or non-lyrical music when she needs to buckle down and write … but mine is usually the Pandora Beyonce or Mumford and Sons mix. Find whatever music empowers and focuses you to write and go from there.6) Get ComfyI absolutely need to feel physically comfortable before I write. Forget ergonomics — sometimes I need to be hunched over my post for an hour to get it out quickly.Experiment to see which body position works best for you. For me, I need my feet stretched out and laptop on my lap because that’s the position I used when I was on tight deadlines at college. This position can work at my desk or in a conference room or on the couch. You may need much more — or much less — rigidity, but it’s important for you to know how your posture can help or hurt you.  7) Chunk Up Your WritingOften, I’ll get overwhelmed and think, “I need to get 1,500 words done before lunch? I have 10 minutes before my next meeting so I won’t even try to write something.” But that’s not always the best way to think about writing — or any project in general. Lately, I’ve been trying to say to myself, “I have 10 minutes, so what can I write in that time that’ll be substantial?” Usually, that’ll be one or two paragraphs of a post — so I’ll challenge myself to write that before I need to go to my next meeting. Set deadlines for yourself for parts of your writing, and you could find that your productivity skyrockets. 8) Do It at a Set TimeIt’s really easy to make excuses to not write. An impromptu meeting crops up or suddenly your inbox is overflowing or maybe someone’s complaining on Twitter and you need to respond to it. But if you let yourself get caught up in all of those, you’ll never have enough time to bang out a post. So try carving out a chunk of time to sit and write, and don’t let anything else interfere. Maybe you write best in the morning, so you block out 8-10 a.m. on your calendar. Send yourself a calendar invite for that time and disconnect from all notifications. You’ll train yourself and your coworkers to expect you to blog at that time.9) Talk It Out This is a great tip that came from Corey as well: when you’re getting caught up in trying to write something down, just talk it out. Grab a voice recording device or a coworker, and explain what you mean out loud. Naturally you’re going to be more down-to-earth and jargon-free, and hearing your own voice say the concept out loud can jumpstart your creativity. Bonus: if you have Evernote, you can write your blog posts by talking them out. 10) Skip to Easier StuffWriting can make me really angry sometimes. Randomly, I’ll have a blog post idea and have no clue how to begin the post. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been ruminating on the idea for a week or a month or half a year — somehow I get writer’s block. Instead of fighting against those sections that just won’t cooperate, skip to sections you know like the back of your hand. Writing non-linearly seems counterintuitive (don’t you have to build your story first??), but it can help unlock your creativity. You’ll get back into your writing groove and it’ll be easier to tackle those other sections. Just make sure you go through a heavy edit to make sure your story flow actually seems logical. 11) Organize Your Bookmark Bar With Resources You Use Every DayI’m an organized person. I keep track of my blog post ideas in Trello, I color-code my email inbox, and I sure as heck make sure I’m ready to write or edit a blog post at a moment’s notice.One thing that has significantly cut down on my writing and editing time is my collection of bookmarks. I’m not the greatest at dead-recalling facts. Instead, I bookmark resources that’ll help me find the information I need. So things like the link to our blog or design style guide, or the link to our stock photo subscription, or the link to our personas — I bookmark them all. That way, I don’t have to spend time searching for important blog post content to reference or cite.I also like to bookmark resources that’ll help me come up with new blog post ideas. Generally, I like to check out this site, but I also use a bunch of these browser bookmarks.  Do you write every day? What tips do you have for consistently creating content?   Productivity Originally published Feb 27, 2014 11:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Topics:last_img read more

8 Data-Driven Tips for Using Images in Blog Posts

first_img Originally published Oct 31, 2014 6:00:00 AM, updated October 08 2019 Images If you knew something as easy as adding images to your blog posts would increase your readers, subscribers, followers, and leads, wouldn’t you do it every single time?  According to Jeff Bullas, articles with images get 94% more total views than articles without images. Ninety-four percent! If I were to tell you that you could expand your reach by 94% by doing something fairly simple, I’m guessing you wouldn’t think twice.Of course, “simple” is relative. I don’t mean you should take five minutes to scope  out some stock photos   and then insert them randomly into your posts. To get more eyeballs on your blog, you’ll have to be more strategic than that — and this blog post will help you get started with that strategy.Follow the eight tips below  to learn data-driven tips that will help you squeeze the most value out of images in your blog posts.Download 6 Free Blog Post Templates Now8 Data-Driven Tips for Using Images in Blog Posts1) Use images of real people.In one of Jakob Nielsen’s usability studies, he discovered that pictures of people are one of the most engaging forms of web content.Nielsen’s data showed that users spent 10% more time looking at pictures of people on a page than they did reading the biographical content associated with the pictures. Even though the text content took up 316% more space, and was thus more quantitatively dominate, users preferred looking at the pictures.But Nielsen offers a critical disclaimer: Some types of pictures are completely ignored — typically the generic images that are purely decorative. To show this, he analyzed the image on the Yale School of Management website and discovered that the stock-style photo on the right side of the page received very few eye fixations:Describing it as “pure filler,” Nielsen advises using images that are relevant to the user experience. Images used in an article just for the sake of using an image can be unhelpful.But if the image has a purpose, like helping to explain a concept, emphasize a point, translate to an external page or email, or show personality, then it can only help you. For example, I use a headshot in my website because it’s a professional courtesy and an engagement marker.2) Combine photos and text to increase viewer retention and engagement.In a study conducted by Socialbakers, researchers discovered that images on Facebook constituted 93% of the most engaging posts, compared with status updates, links, and even video.Although this data is specific to Facebook, the principle holds true for blog content as well.The appeal of pictures is known as the “picture superiority effect.” According to the dual-coding theory, the human memory has two main forms of retention: verbal and imaginal (directly related to the word “image”). Images encode concepts onto our memory in a concrete way, rather than the abstract form of verbal concepts.This video from Digital Splash Media explains the picture superiority effect, making an overwhelming case for the importance of images.3) Optimize your images so they load quickly.Even though the days of dial-up sluggishness are behind us, we still crave quick load times. As you’re probably aware, quick load times are important for SEO — and the source of greatest lag are often clunky plugins and huge images.The optimal load time is still being debated. A study by Akamai says that two seconds is the “new threshold of acceptability for ecommerce web page response times.” According to their data, 47% of viewers want a two-second load time.In another study by the Nielsen Norman Group, users in a test were asked to look at a page with a large header image that took up 23% of the page. The picture below shows a gaze plot of a user looking at a landing page. The slider image (yellow) took eight seconds to load; as a result, the user spent a mere 1% of their time looking at the image.When the image loaded quickly, the user spent 20% of viewing time looking at the image.Surveys indicate that slow load times are one of the most-hated features of a website. Not only will you lose the value that the image could provide, but you’ll also plain old tick off users.A few seconds is all it takes for a user to lose interest and completely ignore the slow-loading image. You can’t control the user’s connection speed, but you can control the speed of your own website. Note: Hubspot recommends that photos should be smaller than 100KB in order to load quickly.4) Present information in visual formats, like infographics.Many studies have found that the human brain processes images much faster than text. This data coheres with the picture superiority effect, and its impact upon marketing is huge. Your readers will absorb your content far easier if you put it in picture form.According to Mike Parkinson, “the human brain deciphers image elements simultaneously, while language is decoded in a linear, sequential manner taking more time to process.” Showing is better than explaining in many cases.Let’s take a look at an example. Which of these is easier to understand?Most of you would say the leftmost depiction. It’s common to say, “I’m a visual learner,” as opposed to someone who learns better by reading or listening to information. The fact is, all of us our visual learners — our brains are wired that way.This data is one of the reasons why I’m a major proponent of using infographics as part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy. (Here are five free infographic templates in PowerPoint to get you started.)5) Use high quality images to establish credibility.In case you think that pictures are simply a way to increase engagement or interest, listen to this point: According to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, overall visual design “was the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the presented material.” There are a lot of factors involved in “visual design,” but good quality images need to be present.6) Use images to support persuasive copy and in calls-to-action.A study from the University of Minnesota School of Management and the 3M Corporation analyzed the effectiveness of presentations that contained visual elements and those that did not. The presentations containing visual elements were 43% more effective at converting users to agree with their point of view.Ecommerce is all about the art of persuasion. We as marketers are trying to compel people to take a viewpoint, click a button, or make a purchase. Let’s not forget that we can become far more persuasive simply by using images.7) Position your lead image to the right or left of the first paragraph in your post.According to Buffer, people are more likely to read an article that have an inline image to the right or left of the leading paragraph.The pattern looks like this:Why is it effective? First of all, people are visually attracted to images. An image positioned in this way will invite eye paths to the image and the nearby text. Secondly, people are more likely to read short lines of text than long ones. When compared with lines of text below the image, the lines beside the image seem short. This means that people will be more inclined to read them. As Buffer stated, “The fewer the characters, the easier the text is to comprehend and the less complex it seems.”8) Use one image per 350 words.How many images should you have in your posts? I would suggest you use as many images as you need to in order to communicate your concepts clearly and accurately. According to a study by Blog Pros, in 100 of the highest ranking blogs on the internet, there was at least one image for every 350 words.We live in the age of the visual. From flat screens to smartphones, images are everywhere. As Lori Kozlowski commented in Forbes, “It’s likely we’ll only see a deeper connection to video and to visuals on the Web in the next few years.” People are connecting with your content not only based on what it says with text, but what it says in images, too.How are you using images in your content? Share with us in the comments below!Image Credit:,, Socialbakers, Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Matthew Longstaff enjoys dream debut as Newcastle beat Manchester United

first_imgNewcastle United’s Matthew Longstaff enjoyed a dream Premier League debut as his goal earned his side a 1-0 home victory over Manchester United to move them out of the bottom three on Sunday.The 19-year-old, playing in midfield alongside his older brother Sean, clipped the bar with a dipping first-half effort but made no mistake as he beat David de Gea with a sweetly-struck low drive after 72 minutes.While there was some much-needed joy on Tyneside for Newcastle’s fans, another lackluster display by United left Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side in the bottom half of the table.United have scored only nine Premier League goals in eight games, five of them coming on day one against Chelsea, and again they looked bereft of attacking spark.Their best chance saw defender Harry Maguire head wastefully wide from a corner on the stroke of halftime.The 20-time English champions will enter the international break in the 12th spot with Newcastle just a point behind in 16th.last_img

Renard fears the worst from Ronaldo

first_imgWorld Cup How do you make Ronaldo less exceptional? The challenge facing Renard’s Morocco Joe Wright 05:26 6/20/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(3) cristiano ronaldo - cropped Getty Images World Cup Portugal v Morocco Morocco Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo Herve Renard admits it could be impossible for Morocco to stop Cristiano Ronaldo, but he is determined to try. Morocco boss Herve Renard has promised his side will do their best to make Cristiano Ronaldo “less exceptional” when they face Portugal in the World Cup on Wednesday.The 33-year-old became the oldest player to score a hat-trick in the tournament in his side’s opening 3-3 draw with Spain, drawing level with Ferenc Puskas as Europe’s most prolific international goalscorer on 84 in the process.Renard’s side head into Wednesday’s match in Moscow in need of a positive result, having been beaten 1-0 by Iran in their opening Group B match, but Renard accepts stopping Ronaldo could prove an impossible task. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now Arsenal would be selling their soul with Mourinho move “All I can say is that he’s an exceptional player. That word may not even be enough,” he told a news conference.”We must do everything to make it a less exceptional game for him.”Renard also dismissed the idea of man-marking Ronaldo as a potentially futile tactic, especially since Portugal won the Euro 2016 final over France after their talisman had gone off injured.He added: “If we put three [players] on Ronaldo, I don’t know how we would mark the others. They have so much attacking quality. We mustn’t forget that we’re facing the champions of Europe.”If I have a good memory, he was injured in the final against France and his team-mates managed to make the difference anyway.”Of course, he is the essential element… but we need to sleep well tonight, eh!”If it only happens once in your life that you play Cristiano Ronaldo, you have to be the best you can be.”last_img read more

9 months agoEx-Man City captain Yaya Toure open to Premier League return

first_imgEx-Man City captain Yaya Toure open to Premier League returnby Paul Vegas9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Manchester City captain Yaya Toure is open to a Premier League return.The midfielder has refused to rule out a return to the Premier League after an unsuccessful short spell at Olympiakos.“You never know, maybe the Premier League?” Toure said.“I enjoyed it, I enjoyed it to be honest.“If I can possibly play one more year or two years, we will see.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Big 12 Team’s Game Cancelled Due To Storms

first_imgIowa State fans storm the field after win.AMES, IA – OCTOBER 28: Iowa State Cyclones fans stormed the field after the Cyclones won 14-7 over the TCU Horned Frogs in the second half of play at Jack Trice Stadium on October 28, 2017 in Ames, Iowa. The Iowa State Cyclones won 14-7 over the TCU Horned Frogs. (Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images)Crazy weather across the country has caused delays and some cancellations in a number of football games today. Iowa State vs. South Dakota State got started tonight, but now, it has been cancelled.Each team got one drive in before the delay.South Dakota State was forced to punt after a five-play, 14 yard drive.Iowa State made its way down the field quickly. Kyle Kempt and company picked up 83 yards in just five plays, capped by a 55-yard pass to Deshaunte Jones for a score.Connor Assalley knocked in the extra point to make it 7-0. That was the last play we got in the game.According to Iowa State writer Paul Clark, the game has been cancelled for tonight.Tonight’s Iowa State vs. South Dakota State game is officially cancelled.— Paul Clark (@cyclonereport) September 2, 2018Iowa State confirmed it moments later. According to the school, there are “no immediate plans” to reschedule the game.Tonight’s game has been cancelled. There are no immediate plans for rescheduling. #CyclONEnation— Cyclone Football (@CycloneFB) September 2, 2018The two teams’ bye weeks don’t line up. Iowa State is off on Oct. 20, while South Dakota State has its bye on Sept. 22.Based on the Iowa State tweet, it doesn’t sound like the teams are considering picking things up tomorrow, though that may be the best chance to do it.Iowa State was one of the surprises of college football last season. They should be good enough to pick up bowl eligiblity without this game, but if they’re floating on the 5/6 win bubble, this could loom large.last_img read more