Tesla team to send the connotation of luxury White Valentine’s Day


with love the people together every day is Valentine’s day, but true to the Valentine’s day that day, people still need to be said, in the white people in Shanghai have the plot, a big event, the team sent Tesla beef, this is how the luxury connotation!

3 14 in the morning, in the vicinity of Shanghai city intellectual Industrial Park, gathered a large number of "Chaoyang people", it is significant to happen? The camera closer! For a closer look, dozens of cars Tesla electric car to greet, it is show? How will the horse in the road? Why? Our hands the beef is what? I found a curious side of the "Chaoyang" people ask a clear, the original luxury fleet sent Tesla beef.

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To deal with illegal events – Shanghai car before the whole

drive to travel to bring fun, many people want to be able to make their lives more interesting, have chosen the green way of travel. In March 25th, the newly revised "Shanghai road traffic management regulations" will be formally implemented, more than 5 cases of illegal traffic of overdue treatment will be withheld vehicle driving license.

in recent years, self driving travel, green travel and other popular concepts, more and more people began to enjoy car rental services, car rental business booming. Recently, Shanghai also appeared to share the car TOGO". But there are a lot of people to reflect, the leased vehicle traffic offense records, especially parking chaos, chaos sounding and mobile phone.

to this end, the traffic police corps last week on the city’s traffic situation of the vehicle rental data analysis, the results found that a large number of rental vehicles there are many cases of illegal traffic. Among them, there are 109 car rental company name has more than 10 vehicle has more than 5 illegal untreated, a company called "Shanghai Gang way car rental company name" has 94 cars there more than 5 illegal untreated. read more

Xining social sports instructors accounted for 1.5 of the proportion of the city’s population

from scratch, from small to large, Xining city to increase the social sports instructor training work, the formation of more than 3 thousand social sports instructors, as part of an important force to promote the development of mass sports and sports public service system construction indispensable. At present, Xining city social sports instructors accounted for the proportion of the city’s population of about 1.5 per thousand, the first to reach the State Sports General Administration in the province, the city reached every thousand people have at least 1 social sports instructors requirements.

"continuous activity, high tide, constant bright spot" has become a new feature of Xining fitness. In recent years, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau in support of the Provincial Sports Bureau, to increase urban and rural social sports instructor backbone training, make them better in skills, exercise guidance and management in mass sports activities, publicity, launch and guide not to participate in sports activities of the people to participate in sports activities. Currently, Xining sports population reached 600 thousand, ranking the forefront of the western provinces. read more

Facilitate the masses to seek medical treatment in our province will establish a Regional Medical As

In order to further deepen the reform of the medical and health system, perfect the first primary diagnosis, referral, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic treatment, hierarchical linkage mechanism, better play to the overall efficiency of regional medical service system, promote the cooperation mechanism of the healthy and sustainable development, to facilitate public medical treatment, the province recently introduced the "Qinghai province building area the Medical Association pla

On behalf of the activities of the representative day

from the recent research situation, food and drug regulatory work involves a number of departments, I would like to ask the county food and drug supervision mechanism and system is what? How to solve the problems such as excessive pesticide production, food safety hidden trouble in the campus, weak drug supervision and so on?" Chen Ping took the lead in food and drug safety issues to the competent authorities to ask questions, opened a prelude to the people’s Congress of the county government day activities.

"government day" is the 6 consecutive year in Datong County held a National People’s Congress activities month to take the way of the forum, the first innovation of a new form of representative activities. 11 delegates around the hot and difficult is related to people’s livelihood and economic and social development, the content involves 13 issues of education, land, forestry, and other aspects of the price level and put forward questions on behalf of the scene, tell the truth, tell the truth, objective and fair, direct point. "House" and 8 government departments responsible person to accept the supervision of the National People’s Congress of the people, from the perspective of service, on behalf of the questions one by one to answer truthfully, the activities are always filled with a harmonious, lively and vivid atmosphere of democracy. read more

City Public Security Bureau chuangxianzhengyou theme case in the city chuangxianzhengyou theory semi

For the further implementation of the provincial Party committee, the municipal Party committee chuangxianzhengyou leading group office on continuing to carry out theoretical research work requirements, give full play to the role of theoretical innovation and excellence activities to achieve the leading and guiding role, according to the Municipal Bureau I chuangxianzhengyou activities leading group office to carry out theoretical research work arrangements, combined with the practical work of public security and actively carry out theoretical research activities, and achieved some good results

for the further implementation of the provincial Party committee and the municipal chuangxianzhengyou leading group office on continuing to carry out theoretical research work requirements, give full play to the role of theoretical innovation and excellence activities to achieve the leading and guiding role, according to the Municipal Bureau of the city chuangxianzhengyou leading group office to carry on the theoretical research work arrangements, combined with the practical work of public security and actively carry out theoretical research activities, and achieved some good results. The Council submitted written chuangxianzhengyou theme case "Xining City Public Security Bureau in peace building in the community of chuangxianzhengyou" by the Xining city chuangxianzhengyou activities leading group office named the outstanding theme of the case. read more

Entrepreneurship at that time leveraging the Internet in Shanghai pulled Qinghai Ramen

"Alone in Shanghai around ten years, the local use of the Internet has penetrated every aspect of people’s lives, and the operator of Qinghai Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum in all parts of the country are closed doors’ lack of coordination ‘, why not build an Internet business model, re positioning the market on the Qinghai Muslim Hand-Pulled Noodle, to create high-end brand of Qinghai Hand-Pulled Noodle!"

in Qinghai province in October 22nd the first innovation contest the first rehearsal rehearsal scene, the contestant Han Bin and his team to "upgrade" in the spotlight in Shanghai Qinghai Hand-Pulled Noodle shop Internet mode, full of confidence.

"is actually very simple, in the fast pace of work pressure, mobile phone ordering orders by the Shanghai working people of all ages, mobile phone ordering software each day will grab tens of thousands of single business, and there are nearly twenty thousand people in Qinghai Hui and Salar compatriots living in Shanghai, do Hand-Pulled Noodle mode upgrade project in addition to the Internet the integration of Shanghai Qinghai area Hand-Pulled Noodle resources, to achieve online ordering, will also make Qinghai halal Hand-Pulled Noodle create a rich vitality of the brand."

will be held in the hometown that innovation and entrepreneurship competition after the news, Han Bin immediately signed up and returned to Qinghai with his team, after a fierce intense competition, his talent shows itself in the finals.
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5.6 civil servants to achieve unified management and classification of information

The organization of information systems

reporter held from August 12th to promote the meeting that, in recent years, our province has organized system information construction work steadily, at present, the province’s civil service information base, provincial information base, leading cadres of high-level talent pool initially built, more than 5.6 civil servants use information to achieve a unified management and classification.

it is understood that, in recent years, the organization of the province’s information system as the organization of the work of reform and innovation and the implementation of various tasks to provide a strong support and strong security. The organization system of network infrastructure steadily, as of now, the province, city (state), county (city, district) three Party Committee Organization Department network completed, the province’s large network connection the preliminary preparations ready. At the same time, the province’s construction protection organization system fully completed, three years by our province, the province completed a comprehensive organization system of large network protection construction tasks, and on the basis of the early completion of the evaluation work to protect the province’s large network of classification. In addition, the organization system of information resource development continued to strengthen, the province party information management platform construction project started, 8 city (state), 46 counties (city, District, and commission) under the jurisdiction of separate legal entities have established party members and party information base, lay the foundation for the construction of complete Province three counties party basic information database. Provincial cadres personnel files digitized work is completed, the provincial units of digital work will be completed by the end of 2017, the city (state), county (city, district) cadres work in an orderly manner. read more

Clever use of mathematical algorithms can make customers too expensive

No matter how

goods, buy goods regardless of how much the price, for a customer any, will not abandon the prices of goods are cheap, want more affordable price. So, many times we sell the goods, whether it is hundreds of thousands or tens of dollars or even a few dollars, will inevitably encounter customer complaints: too expensive, others sell cheaper than you".


is pure without sales, the purchase price of the sale is the customer that we are too expensive, the lion big mouth of the unscrupulous businessmen, good mood when we may speak in a kind manner and customer bargaining, to explain when the bad mood will inevitably be blurted out: "a penny", "who who are you looking for cheap to buy", "knowledge does not know ah, love to buy these" bad words are like a sword to God, as can be imagined our customers self-esteem will hurt, the mood will be more and more depressed, and may irritate consumers, caused the dispute.

see the customer we will own suddenly go off in a huff, just words of regret. The customer is God, to offend God is to lose his job. However, people have feelings of the animal, our retailers also have their own the passions, also have some negative emotions, in the face of not understanding customer or even misunderstanding, we can not guarantee that every living in the heart of anger, the words hurt our pride but also strong customer smile. read more