Microsoft to launch ownbrand Windows 8 tablet

first_imgAt the moment, the tablet market consists of Apple’s iPad 2 and everyone else. Apple runs iOS and everyone else runs Android, alongside the odd occurrence of Windows. There is no stronger brand out there in the tablet market than Apple and iOS, though.Microsoft has realized this and is now apparently considering launching a tablet that carries its own name. So instead on a collaboration with someone like HP or Asus that sees a tablet running Windows but sporting the partner’s name on the device, this would be a purely Microsoft hardware and software product just like iPad 2 is for Apple.AdChoices广告The rumor this is going to happen has come from “the upstream supply chain,” meaning those who work in the hardware industry and see the deals being done for future product manufacturing runs. Apparently, Microsoft is set to team up with Texas Instruments primarily to make this happen. The final product will be a tablet running Windows 8 and released in 2012.Such a move would see Microsoft basically copy Apple’s hardware, software, and revenue model pretty closely. The Microsoft tablet hardware would run Microsoft software and apps would be bought through the new Windows Store that is shipping with the new OS. Microsoft even has its own stores to act as huns for showing off the device, just like Apple.The project is meant to be low profile and by no means set in stone at the moment. However, the fact that Microsoft is considering this route shows just how successful Apple’s model has been.Read more at DigiTimesMatthew’s OpinionImitation is the best form of flattery, and in this case, it is the right thing for Microsoft to do in my opinion. Apple has shown the lock-in of producing your own hardware, system software, and a controlled app ecosystem works well enough to put billions in the bank.The fact Microsoft isn’t the first to do this means there is no chance of some form of anti-trust lawsuit to rear its head again. Competitors are doing this so Microsoft has every right to follow them.The big losers in all of this will be Microsoft’s Windows partners. How can a HP or Acer compete in the Windows 8 tablet market when Microsoft is producing its own? Imagine Apple allowing other manufacturers to use iOS on their tablets. It just wouldn’t work. But then we are assuming Microsoft can produce a tablet to the same standard as Apple, which may not happen.last_img read more

Audi is going to tell drivers when traffic lights will go green

first_img <> Increasingly, driving is becoming a tedious experience. There’s too much traffic, ever more complex road systems to navigate, and a lot of wasted time just waiting to drive. And it’s that waiting time Audi has decided to make more bearable. More specifically, the time you spend waiting for the traffic lights to go green.The 2017 models of the Audi Q7, A4, and A4 allroad vehicles will have the option of Audi’s connect PRIME feature, which hooks cars into the traffic infrastructure system of specific cities. When driving into one of these areas the car will receive real-time traffic information over an LTE connection.Over time this will see a range of traffic information presented to drivers, but for now it means you’ll know exactly when traffic lights are going to go green. The time remaining will flash up on the dash as a countdown timer which slides to focus on a reminder of the speed limit in the dying seconds before you can drive off.For drivers, it should be a welcome relief from staring at the red light urging it to change. It should also allow them to better prepare to push the gas pedal and not hold up the traffic behind them. More longer term it could also see traffic lights going green sooner as they react to what traffic is on the roads. How many times have you sat at an empty junction waiting for the lights to change?For traffic infrastructure information to work effectively all cars need to be hooked up. Until that happens the advantages it brings will be nice-to-haves, but limited. As we move to self-driving cars such systems will become a necessity while at the same time allowing passengers (former drivers) to no longer care about traffic lights at all. They’ll be too busy doing other activities during the journey. 1/162017 Audi A4 1/162017 Audi A4 1/162017 Audi A4 1/162017 Audi A4 1/162017 Audi A4 1/162017 Audi A4 1/162017 Audi A4 1/162017 Audi A4 1/162017 Audi A4 1/162017 Audi Q7 SUV 1/162017 Audi Q7 SUV 1/162017 Audi Q7 SUV 1/162017 Audi Q7 SUV 1/162017 Audi Q7 SUV 1/162017 Audi Q7 SUV 1/162017 Audi Q7 SUVlast_img read more

Clark College hosts Martin Luther King Jr. exhibit

first_imgClark College will host a traveling museum exhibit and a guest speaker in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.The Black History 101 Mobile Museum will be on display from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Jan. 17 in the Gaiser Student Center on Clark’s main campus at 1933 Fort Vancouver Way. The exhibit will focus on the events of 1968, the year King was assassinated, and how they shaped American culture.Professor Griff, one of the founding members of hip-hop group Public Enemy, will give the keynote address at 1 p.m.The event is free, but Clark asks guests to bring a nonperishable item for the Clark College Penguin Pantry and the Share House Backpack Program.last_img

Florida woman arrested for twerking resisting officer

first_imgGAINESVILLE, Fla. (WSVN) — A north Florida woman ended up in jail after police said she refused to stop twerking on her car.Gainesville Police responded to a noise complaint just after 3 a.m. Saturday, and found 35-year-old Danielle Jefferson dancing to loud music.Jefferson refused the officers’ request to turn down her music, and began twerking on her car, according to a report by the Independent Florida Alligator.Police gave Jefferson 15 minutes to comply with a noise warning notice. Jefferson soon started dancing again, and allegedly told police they could arrest her if they wanted.The officers issued her a citation and handed the paper to her to sign. She crumpled it and threw it at the chest of one of the officers. Jeffreson was then arrested for resisting an officer without violence.After her arrest, Jefferson told police she thought one of the officers was “cute” and wanted to keep him around to “argue.”Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Mysterious UFO lights spotted in Ohio residents clueless

first_imgYouTube: MrMBB333A number of flying balls that apparently looked like unidentified flying objects (UFO) recently appeared in Cincinnati, Ohio, and these sightings have pulled the residents of the area to a state of panic. A video clip of the incident has now gone viral on the internet, and it has made many people speculate that aliens have visited the earth.In the initial moments of the clip, four flying objects can be seen moving in a line across the grey clouds, and within a few minutes, they slowly start disappearing from the scene.After uploading this clip to his YouTube channel, popular conspiracy theorist MrMBB333 suggested that these could be flying ships that use cloaking technology.”Something comes in from the left, they appear to be in a straight row and at a slight angle. It was still daylight, so if they were some sort of physical craft, which I’m sure they probably were, how come you couldn’t see them?” said MrMBB333 in his video.After watching the video, viewers of MrMBB333 also put forward their theories to explain the weird sighting.”There is obviously something going on in the skies supernatural, and it seems to be more and more often just like the earthquakes volcanoes, etc,” commented Gray Wilson, a YouTube user.”Reminds me of the movie Independence Day,” commented Steve Girouard, another YouTuber.The new UFO sighting in Ohio is reported just a few days after a metallic flying UFO was spotted very near to Area 51. Interestingly, the sighting happened just a couple of months before the planned Area 51 raid, and it made many people believe that aliens have paid a visit to the secretive military base. Popular UFO researcher Scott C Waring also analyzed the video in Area 51, he assured that the flying object above Nevada is a perfect metallic disc.last_img read more

Controversy over dress code notice in girls hall

first_imgPoet Sufia Kamal HallControversy has arisen over the dress code for the girls at Dhaka University’s Poet Sufia Kamal Hall.The students said that a notice had been posted up around the hall, prohibiting the girls from wearing T-shirts with shalwars (loose pyjamas) in the hall premises. It said girls could at no time, day or night, wear indecent clothes (T-shirt over shalwar) in the hall.No one could enter the hall office for any work in such an outfit. If they did, the hall authorities would take action, it said.However, in the morning today, Thursday, fresh notices were posted up around the hall, these also being signed by the ‘hall authorities’.Thursday’s notice declared that other than in the students’ rooms, verandas, bathrooms and personal spaces, proper dress must be worn when entering the offices/hall office.Read more: DU women’s hall bans shalwar with t-shirtThe previous notice had gone viral on Facebook, creating a controversy. The hall authorities said that they hadn’t issued the previous notice and that the girls had issued it themselves. They said that they had issued the later notice.The correspondent waited from 10:00 till 10:45 in the morning for comments from the hall authorities, but the hall provost, Sabita Rezwana, was in a board meeting.-A woman official of the hall, claiming to be a senior administrative officer, sent an SMS to the provost about the reporter waiting to meet her and even spoke to her.The provost said she was busy and did not know when she would be able to come to the hall.When the hall official claiming to be senior administrative officer was asked about the dress code controversy, she replied, on condition of anonymity, “This has been said for a long time, but some girls don’t listen.”-She refused to say anything further, other than that there were more persons in favour of the notice than against it.In the afternoon, the hall’s residential teacher Fahmida Yasim told Prothom Alo over cell phone, “We have to work with about 2,200 girls, their parents, guests and others. Today’s notice deals with the hall’s internal affairs. But the hall authorities will not take responsibility for the notice which went viral on Facebook.”She said that the notice on Facebook may have been deliberately posted up by certain students and the matter would be probed. “We have issued a rejoinder to Prothom Alo for publishing a report in this regard.”last_img read more

US Congressman John Lewis Advocates For Gun Control During Visit To Houston

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Al OrtizU.S. Congressman John Lewis participated in a forum about gun control held at Texas Southern University.U.S. Congressman John Lewis participated in a forum about gun control held Tuesday at Texas Southern University, along with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.Both lawmakers advocated for more background checks and Lewis, who is an icon of the Civil Rights Movement, said it is possible there will be another massive sit-in like the one he started back in June.At that time, he and other members of Congress were trying to force a vote on gun control in the U.S. House of Representatives.– / 4“I cannot stand here right now and tell you that before we leave and we go back for the lame duck session that we will not have any action. If the spirit moves us, if the spirit tells us to stand up by sitting down, we would do it,” Lewis said during a press conference held after the forum.Several women who have lost children because of gun violence shared their stories with the audience during the event.Kathy Blueford-Daniels, who is a member of the group Black, Latino, Asian, Caucasian Mourners of Murder, was one of them.Her son Patrick Charles Murphy was killed in 2006.Blueford-Daniels supports background checks, but says future laws must also address other issues, such as situations that involve “people buying guns out of the back of cars, from the homeboys, at gun shows, etcetera.”Lewis and Jackson Lee also said they are worried about the Texas law that allows students with gun permits to carry their firearms on university campuses. Listen Share X 00:00 /01:12last_img read more

Riverdale Is All Shadows and Shocks Just as it Should Be

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. After last week’s trip to a cabin in the woods produced nothing but disappointment, fake-outs and product placement, this episode seemed to be trying to make up for all that. Once again, Riverdale is back to the noir-tinged madness we expect from the series. Jughead is working on his article about Hiram Lodge despite everyone, including his father, telling him to drop it. Jughead knows he’s up to something shady though. Especially after he bought the local paper. Whatever he’s planning Hiram lodge wants to make sure there are no dissenting voices. Going by the conversations during an Andrews-Lodge family dinner, Hiram wants to control the town. There’s a special election coming up, and the Lodges want Fred to run. As Jughead pieces together, they’ve bought up the entire town. Now they need someone they can control to run it.Right up top this episode is stuffing itself full with intrigue. Archie is nervous about his dad getting involved with the Lodges, which is driving a wedge between him and Veronica. Cliff Blossom had a secret will that’s being read publically to basically the whole town. That’s sure to make for some drama. Also, Betty is trying to learn more about her brother, who’s being oddly evasive whenever she asks him some questions. He starts crying when she tries to find out anything about him. So, she uses Keller to catfish him. It works, but it’s still weird. The situation takes a turn for the creepy when Polly shows up for the will reading with her two twins. She doesn’t trust her new brother, and with good reason. He’s holding one of her babies in the creepiest way possible. I didn’t think a person could look that creepy while holding a baby.Tiera Skovbye as Polly, Lili Reinhart as Betty and Lochlyn Munro as Hal (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)And before too long, we’re already getting some payoff from all that setup. Already, this episode is a huge improvement from last week. The will reading is just as awkward as we expected it to be and more. Even ignoring the judgey suspicion with which she looks at Cheryl and Toni, things go off the rails immediately. Half of his fortune will go to any citizen who can prove they have Blossom blood in them. Alice runs in and accuses Hal, who just asked for a divorce, of hiding the inheritance from her. He hadn’t even told Alice about the will reading. She makes a giant scene in front of everyone because Riverdale is a place where the teenagers have more composure than their parents.That’s not even the weirdest part. When it’s revealed that Cheryl will receive the rest of the inheritance, things really get wild. She gets up to make a speech, and for one brief, shocking moment, it looks like Cliff Blossom walks into the room. The sight is enough to make Cheryl faint, but everything is explained when she comes to. It turns out Cliff Blossom had a twin brother. He ran away when he learned of the Blossom curse, where one brother tends to meet a violent end at the hands of the other. It didn’t help that Cliff had pointed a rifle at his head. Always was a stand-up guy, that one.Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl and Vanessa Morgan as Toni (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)I’d call this a cop-out, but really there’s nowhere the show could have gone if it brought Cliff back from the dead. While this outcome isn’t as mindblowing as it first appeared, I’m willing to see what they do with it. So far, it leads to a great dinner scene. If there’s one thing this show does well, it’s a hilariously awkward meal. Toni tries to make small talk with Cheryl’s newfound uncle Claudius, and Penelope shuts her down. That’s when Claudius starts talking about a beautiful island he visited: Lesbos. It’s funny, it’s cute and it pisses Penelope off. It turns out to be all a ploy, though. Cheryl later overhears her mother and Claudius talking. They plan to take the inheritance from bothThe rest of Riverdale goes to even stranger places. Chic continues acting super creepy at the Cooper residence, confronting Betty at night. He implies that life was better when it was just him, Betty and Alice in the house. Later, when Betty and Alice return home after being out, the babies are gone. Chic took them for a walk by Sweetwater river. Alice assumes the worst, and even though Chic comes back with the babies safe and sound, she’s spooked. She decides to leave home for good and head all the way to the San Francisco. Because that’s an affordable hideaway for a single mom with two kids and no job. Getting Polly out of the house might just be why Chic was acting so creepy, though. As she leaves, he smiles to himself and cuts Polly out of a family photo. Yeah, he’s got to go. And it looks like Betty is starting to think so too.KJ Apa as Archie, Luke Perry as Fred and Mark Consuelos as Hiram (Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW)The other two stories of this episode come together really nicely as the episode draws to a close. I really liked the quick cuts between the Lodge residence and Jughead’s journalism. It kept the reveal of what the Lodges are actually up to hidden until close to the very end. It also allowed for a ton of noir-ish shadow play that this show does so well. We haven’t seen that style of lighting used to such great effect in a while. It makes me realize how much I’ve missed it, and the surreal, otherworldly intrigue it brings to the show. Jughead slowly pieces things together and writes his story, while the Lodges find out just what he knows. Watching Mark Consuelos pound the table and scream Jughead’s name with the all the fury of Dr. Claw at the end of an Inspector Gadget episode is something I didn’t realize I needed in my life. And now we have it. It’s glorious.We finally find out what he’s planning and it’s about as cartoonishly evil as you expected it to be. The reason he’s buying up Riverdale is he wants to build a private for-profit prison where Southside High School used to be. Even James Bond villains are telling him to tone it down a little bit. Fred proves that he would actually make a great mayor. He’s disgusted by the plan and refuses to go along with it. Of course, that means he absolutely won’t be the mayor. In a long-extended reveal, we learn that Hermione will be taking his place on the campaign trail. And he just got his campaign buttons delivered too. Archie, of course, remains the biggest dumbass on this show. He completely ignores his dad’s disgust and sides with his girlfriend’s family over his own. He even cuts his hand for a weird blood pact with Hiram. Because why the hell not? On any other show, that would be the strangest event of the episode. On Riverdale, it doesn’t crack the top three.Nathalie Boltt as Penelope (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)The episode didn’t end on its usual shocking twist (that, let’s face it, more often than not turns out to be nothing). It just let us stew on everything that happened. That’s all it needed to do. It already gave us one end-of-show-worthy reveal ahead of every commercial break. This was the most fun Riverdale’s been in a long time. It feels like a season one episode with its small-town politics covering up a sinister underbelly. There wasn’t one part that didn’t turn completely bonkers in some way. It even had Archie being a complete dope in the worst, most infuriating way. I’d complain, but it’s become so fun to get mad at him week after week. Never change, you stupid, stupid teen. We’re ramping towards the end of the season now, and this episode set the remaining storylines in motion. If the rest of the episodes are anything like this one, we’re in for a lot more Riverdale insanity.last_img read more

Sandals gives STAR agents a sneak peek at whats ahead

first_imgTags: Jamaica Posted by Tuesday, December 6, 2016 << Previous PostNext Post >> Sharecenter_img Sandals gives STAR agents a sneak peek at what’s ahead Devin Kinasz PROVINDENCIALES — An elite group of top-selling agents hosted at this year’s Sandals STAR Awards heard details about six new properties in the works, including the possibility of a new resort site in Trinidad and Tobago. The annual STAR Awards took place last week at Beaches Turks & Caicos. “Exploration is the discovery of what’s to come and the fear of doing something new. It’s where entrepreneurs come from and it’s where innovation happens,” said Adam Stewart, CEO and Deputy Chairman of Sandals Resorts International. “We don’t want to be anything but the best, and we always want to outperform.”Sandals Resorts has announced it is in discussions with the government of Trinidad and Tobago to bring to life one of the region’s most comprehensive resort developments. An agreement is expected by second quarter 2017.In other Sandals news, Sandals Barbados, currently under construction, will open its second phase with the two hotels set to function as one, more than tripling the size of Sandals’ footprint on the island.More news:  Air Canada’s global sales update includes Managing Director, Canada & USA Sales“There is a fleet of new Sandals innovations that are going to be unveiled with these 222 new rooms – and when I say they are unbelievable, they are unbelievable!” proclaimed Stewart. Sandals is in discussions to develop a fourth resort in Saint Lucia. This will be in addition to the three Sandals properties already in Saint Lucia that currently enjoy the ‘stay at one, play at all’ exchange program. “This will be the absolute best of everything we have ever done,” says Stewart. “This will be our biggest hotel in St. Lucia to date, on the best piece of land left on the island, with white sand beach.”With great access to the international airport, Sandals believes the Beaches concept would be the right complement to the three adult-only Sandals in Montego Bay and is considering options and opportunities.And finally, Sandals has announced it is working with the Jamaican government to help develop the Port Antonio area of Jamaica, outside Kingston. Sandals is excited about the government’s plans to develop the region where Sandals has held assets including Dragon Bay for years. Airlift into this area is an issue here and Sandals is hopeful that as the government’s plans unfold, the company will be able share more information.More news:  Consolidation in the cruise industry as PONANT set to acquire Paul Gauguin CruisesIn addition to the six new resorts planned, several of the existing resorts – Beaches Negril, Sandals Montego Bay, Sandals Royal Bahamian, Sandals Regency La Toc and Sandals Grande St. Lucian – will also undergo renovations and upgrades. The new style will be light, airy and more modern, and will feature some amazing suites including swim-up rooms, Millionaire Suites and two-storey villas.last_img read more

Malaysian girl killed in suspected exorcism ritual

first_img Men’s health affects baby’s health too The difference between men and women when it comes to pain The girl was face down under the human pile, which comprised her parents, grandmother, uncle, aunt, two cousins and their Indonesian maid, he said.The room was dark and chanting could be heard from under a blanket covering the group, Azman said.The girl died of suffocation, and all eight involved have been detained, he added.Belief in the supernatural has long been entrenched among Malaysia’s main Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnic communities, though occult rituals have waned in recent decades.Deaths linked to such rituals are occasionally recorded. Two Malay cousins were sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2010 for killing the parents of one of them during a spiritual cleansing ritual in that involved beating the slain couple with brooms and motorcycle helmets.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) – A 3-year-old Malaysian girl was killed in a suspected exorcism ritual by family members who believed she was possessed by evil spirits, police said Tuesday.Police raided a house in northern Penang state late Sunday after receiving a distress call from a family member and found a group of eight people lying on top of the girl in a bedroom, said district police chief Azman Abdul Lah. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Top Stories center_img 0 Comments   Share   Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debateslast_img read more

Calls for greater oversight of pig farm operations

first_imgClaims that pig farms are operating illegallyRecent complaints against pig farming have highlighted once again the sluggish enforcement of laws.Concerned Orounda residents on Monday demanded an investigation into what they claim is the operation of two illegal pig farms in the area whose managers, they say, keep breaking the law and are polluting air and water, endangering people’s health.The group called for the implementation of the legislation regarding pig sewage and asked the agriculture ministry to take measures to close down the farms, saying their patience has run out.“In the past there were 30 to 40 pig farms in the area, and at the time the agriculture ministry applied a lot of pressure to build proper sewage systems on the farms, and gradually the farms stopped operating,” spokesman for the group, Yiannakis Charalambous said.The pig farms around Orounda are dumping all the pig sewage into ponds residents sayHe explained that in the absence of proper treatment of pig sewage, dangerous pollutants are released into the water and air such as nitrates and methane.This has become a problem once again when two farms were rented out in the past couple of years, and the managers, according to the protesters, don’t keep to any of the relevant laws.“They have dumped all their sewage in ponds, and pollute the underground water,” Charalambous said. “The farms are not even built in the proper zones. They also do a lot of other things which are completely illegal. One of them is very provocative. He trespasses and says he can do whatever he likes. The question is why can they operate now and why were the owners not allowed to get away with this in the past and these people are?”The pig farmers association says the subject needs to be seen from both sides, the farmers and the residents. Farms in the area did close down, he added, but not because there were problems with adhering to the law and they were forced to, but because the farmers were simply getting old.“I heard it is one couple who are complaining,” Kyriakos Charalambous, consultant of the association, said. “It is a matter of building plots in the area. The people living there have known for 40 or 50 years that there are farms in the area.”Life has changed in the past 40 to 50 years though and not all farms closed down because of the advanced age of the owners it seems.Latest figures show 65 pig farms in CyprusMost pig farms are on the outskirts of Nicosia and have effectively become enclaves, surrounded by residential areas and other agricultural and farming zones, Petros Mavrommatis, head of the livestock department at the agriculture ministry said, adding that many had to close down when planning permission licences were introduced in 1990.This much is clear, but now the story becomes murkier.The farmers reportedly applied for a sewage licence six months ago, but according to Charalambous authorities are slow to respond. “There are several departments involved,” he explained, “it may take two or three years to get a licence because of bureaucracy.”Until the issue with the licence is solved, he said, the farmers cannot be taken to court.That bureaucracy is at fault became obvious when this newspaper tried to find out how the licensing works. Do farmers get a licence which they have to renew? If yes, how often does it have to be renewed?The veterinary services commented by saying they only do checks having to do with the wellbeing of the animals, and have nothing to do with sewage. Officials at the agriculture department gave me numbers of the environment department, and a spokesman for this department said he was not sure if it was the agriculture or environment department which was responsible. According to officials from both departments, they needed permission to reply, but though I sent the necessary emails to their directors, there was no reply.Phone calls to the persons I was asked to contact were not answered.As the official replies were not forthcoming, I asked a farmer what is actually happening.Christakis Neophytou, who owns one of the biggest pig farms on the island, said his farm is inspected every 15 days by the government. He has no problems with this, as his farm converts all waste into biogas, creating electricity for both his farm and the electricity authority.Asked if he needs to periodically renew his licence, he says there is no such thing. It is a question of the government withdrawing a licence for not operating in the correct way which cannot happen in his case as everything his farm does is legal, transparent – and expensive.“It cost half a million originally to set it up and the special machinery is expensive to run,” he said. This is, he added, why it may well be that the farmers in Orounda do not have a licence and operate illegally. These farmers may know that there is a huge delay in obtaining the permit which leaves them years to rent the places and farm in any way they want – at a low cost.The cost of pig farming has spiralled after EU legislation introduced in 2013 and this is another factor which in recent years has driven farmers to abandon their profession or try to find ways to get around the laws.As of January 1, 2013, pregnant sows were not allowed to be kept in individual gestation stalls, as was standard practice until then. They now have to be kept in group pens, allowing them to freely move around during their pregnancy. Until then, farmers were using ‘sow’ stalls in intensive pig farming to help with often fraught feeding times and deal with aggression such as ear-biting. But animal welfare campaigners argued sows suffered psychologically from being separated from other animals and were hit by ailments such as lameness. The stalls were so narrow and constricting that sows could only stand up to eat and then lie back down.While animal welfare groups across Europe welcomed the move, many members at the time predicted that the cost of applying the ban will force more breeders out of the sector.In Cyprus, the government has recently claimed that the local pig industry is still strong. The 65 swine farms operating in Cyprus are able to cover over 90 per cent of Cyprus’ needs in pork meat, said agriculture minister Costas Kadis in April, citing agriculture ministry data.Yet, the number of farms is down from 2012, where reportedly 91 farms were inspected by the government, while demand for pork is growing.In 2016, over 257 million pigs were slaughtered in the European Union. This was two million more than in 2015 and 5.2 million more than 10 years ago.In 2016, the production of pork in the EU amounted to 23.4 million tonnes. This translated to 45.9 kg per each EU inhabitant and was one and a half kilogramme per person more than in 2006.  You May LikeUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoAngels And EntrepreneursRobert Herjavec Announce Venture Could Make You RichAngels And EntrepreneursUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Webber bill allows more partnerships between local governments

first_img Categories: Webber News 29Nov Webber bill allows more partnerships between local governments Legislation could increase efficiency of election administrationThe Michigan House of Representatives today overwhelmingly approved legislation introduced by state Rep. Michael Webber allowing local cities and townships to partner with other municipalities for certain election-related duties.“Many small communities could benefit from forming partnerships with other local or county elections officials to more efficiently perform election duties and better serve residents,” said Webber, of Rochester Hills.House Bill 4671 gives the clerks of cities and townships the authority to enter into a written agreement to have the Bureau of Elections or a county clerk maintain the qualified voter file list. The agreement must be approved by a resolution of the governing body of each participating city or township.The bill also gives the clerks of cities and townships the authority to enter into a written agreement with the clerk of a county or another city or township for the purposes of conducting certain election-related duties, including:• Distributing, receiving and processing absent voter ballot applications and absent voter ballots;• Processing voter registrations in the qualified voter file;• Conducting regular list maintenance of the qualified voter file, including maintaining the street index;• Receiving affidavits of identity and nominating petitions or filing fees from candidates; and• Preparing for and conducting election-day operations.Webber noted that participation in agreements allowed under his bill would be completely voluntary. The partnerships must be agreed to by elected clerks and approved by resolution of the governing body of each participating county, city or township.“This simply offers an additional tool for elections officials who feel it makes sense for their community,” Webber said. “I can see this being useful in some townships and cities where municipal offices have limited hours during which people can drop off elections-related forms. Choosing to enter an agreement with a larger municipality would offer more flexibility for residents.”The bill now advances to the Senate for consideration.###last_img read more

Rep Vaupel supports bills to expand skilled trade opportunities

first_img21Dec Rep. Vaupel supports bills to expand skilled trade opportunities Categories: News,Vaupel News State Rep. Hank Vaupel, of Fowlerville, recently voted for a bipartisan five-bill package to enhance skilled trade education in Michigan’s public schools.“This is an opportunity to help our children beyond high school while they’re still in the classroom,” Vaupel said. “Our mid-Michigan school districts will have more course flexibility, improved access to experienced instructors and be able to work closely with local business owners. That will ultimately help our state’s students, while giving them better access to post-high school programs and help have more options as future professionals.”The legislation was developed from the recommendations of the Michigan Career Pathways Alliance, which includes state K-12 educators and local employment leaders working together to help strengthen Michigan’s future.The legislation:Creates a K-12 model program that emphasizes career learning and themes for each grade level, while focusing on engaging with parents, community businesses and industry interests;Provides continuing education and professional development credit for teachers who spend time engaging with local employers and professional trade centers;Allows proprietary schools, community colleges and skilled trade employers access – with parental consent – to high school pupil directory information for the purposes of recruitment and career opportunities; andPermits schools to more readily hire professional trade instructors to teach classes that align with their expertise.“We’ve got to develop students in the classroom while increasing their educational opportunities because that will prepare them for a successful life,” Vaupel said. “Michigan has many more career opportunities today than it did five years ago. If this legislation becomes state law then our students will be better prepared for five years from now.”House Bills 5139, 5140, 5141, 5142 and 5145 advance to the Senate for its consideration.#####last_img read more

Opinion Greater support for our first responders

first_img11Mar Opinion: Greater support for our first responders Peer support groups, 24-hour available counseling, new officer training and ensured confidentiality are essential to help first responders combat mental health struggles. Published in The Detroit NewsOur law enforcement officers work tirelessly to keep us safe and maintain peace in our hometowns and across Michigan. They are brave and selfless men and women, but they face an incredible risk we must address.The suicide rate for law enforcement professionals is the second-highest of any profession. Last year, more officers died by suicide than in the line of duty. Our first responders are exposed regularly to human suffering, violence, exhausting schedules and extreme stress. Post-traumatic stress and physical exhaustion can take a dangerous toll, and it does not go away on its own.As a former police officer, I’ve seen the toll that officer stress takes on agencies – increased absence, turnover and performance decline such as slow reaction time, poor decision-making and increases in conduct violations. When untreated, mental health deficits can impact the ability an officer has to protect his or her community.It’s incredibly disappointing that just 3-5 percent of law enforcement agencies have any sort of mental health support or training for their officers. Especially when we consider that approximately 30 percent of police officers experience post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. We must expand mental health services to first responders and do all we can to prevent life-threatening consequences. Categories: Mueller News We must also break the stigma surrounding mental health care that prevents officers from seeking the help they desperately need. Many officers fear losing their jobs or feel that they are weak if they admit they need help. The need for mental health care is not a sign of weakness. It is a biological medical condition that requires professional intervention.In the coming months, I’ll be meeting with law enforcement and psychology experts to hear their recommendations and develop a plan to implement training procedures, identify mental health risks and make more resources available to first responders who need help.I ran for office for many reasons, but changing the laws surrounding mental health care for first responders and law enforcement is among my top priorities. It’s the least we can do for the brave men and women who keep us safe every day.last_img read more

The Real Issues about the Questionable Expert in the Tamir Rice Case

first_imgShare17TweetShare1Email18 SharesOctober 10, 2015; Cleveland Plain Dealer (Northeast Ohio Media Group)The special investigator hired by the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office has issued an eight-page report exonerating Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann for having killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice at a local rec center. A retired FBI agent and a professor of criminal justice at Northern Virginia Community College, Kimberly Crawford declared Loehmann’s actions reasonable. Crawford’s analysis touched on these points:Loehmann and his partner, Officer Frank Garmback, had been called to the rec center because of reports of a man with a gun.When they encountered Rice, the officers reported that Rice reached for his waistband, that is, “in the directions of a ‘high risk area’—an area where a weapon may be concealed—such as inside a jacket, towards the waistband of pants or under the seat of a car, well-trained officers will immediately identify this as a serious threat.”The fact that Rice was carrying a toy “airsoft” gun “is not relevant to a constitutional review of officer Loehmann’s actions” in that Loehmann “had no information to suggest that the weapon was anything but a real handgun.”Rice’s age was also not relevant to the constitutionality of Loehmann’s actions, and “even if his age was known at the time of the incident, [Rice] was perfectly capable of inflicting death or serious physical injury.”Crawford’s blunt assessment is based on information that outsiders like NPQ cannot corroborate nor disprove, but other information has come to light that raises information about Crawford’s potential biases. The attorney for the Rice family has disclosed that Crawford’s opinion in a past case involving police use of force was rejected by the U.S. Department of Justice for being “overly protective of law enforcement” and “too far to exonerate the use of force.” Specifically, the issue in question was an opinion co-authored by Crawford and another FBI agent to review two rifle shots fired by an FBI hostage team officer named Lon Horiuchi at the 1992 Ruby Ridge confrontation in Idaho between the FBI and the right-wing survivalist Randy Weaver and his family. Horiuchi’s first shot seems to have been justified, but there was significant debate as to whether his second shot was. Crawford and her colleague wrote in their legal memorandum that both of Horiuchi’s shots were “reasonable under constitutional standards,” that Horiuchi “ha(d) a reasonable basis for believing that the two armed, male suspects at whom he fired his rifle met the constitutional criteria for dangerousness,” and that “no safe alternatives were available.” Moreover, without the second shot, “a demonstrably dangerous (and armed) person (might have been able) to regain a position of cover and concealment.”Contrary to the Crawford analysis, the Justice Department task force reviewing Ruby Ridge explicitly rejected the defense of the second shot, using language pertinent to the Tamir Rice investigation:“The use of deadly force…requires that the officer have ‘probable cause to believe’ that the person ‘poses a threat of serious physical harm.’…(T)he immediate threat requirement is reiterated in the Supreme Court in its conclusion that the ‘proper application’ of the Fourth Amendment to the use of deadly force requires careful attention to a number of factors, which include not only ‘the severity of the crime at issue,’ but also ‘whether the subject poses an immediate threat.’”The FBI task force report continued:“We believe that in examining the ‘totality of the circumstances’ surrounding the first shot taken by the sniper/observer, the shot met the constitutional standard of ‘objective reasonableness.’ Applying the same analysis, we believe, that the second shot did not meet that standard. Although we did not believe that the existence of an immediate threat is a precondition for the legitimate use of deadly force, we do believe that its presence or absence is important. In this case, we conclude that the [FBI] sniper/observer did not have a reasonable fear of an immediate threat to the safety of law enforcement personnel or others when he fired the second shot.”Interestingly, the DOJ task force concluded that the second shot that Crawford and her co-author exonerated “violated the Constitution.” Why would that conclusion be particularly relevant in the Rice case? Because of this first paragraph in Crawford’s Cleveland report:“The sole purpose of this report is to review the use of deadly force by CPD Officer Timothy Loehmann from the perspective of the United States Constitution. No opinion is rendered with respect to Ohio state criminal law or CPD policy.”That’s the precise point that seems to have been underplayed in the press coverage and missed in the activists’ critique. Representatives of Hands Up United and Color of Change both denounced the Crawford report (as well as another report from an expert hired by the Prosecutor’s office) as having been meant to deny the Rice family its day in court. A statement released by Hands Up United took Crawford to task, not for having issued an analysis at Ruby Ridge that the Justice Department dismissed as wrong, but for having been used by the FBI in 2003 to counsel agents on the proper use of Miranda rights. NPQ actually found two documents, written by Crawford for the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, dating from 2003 and 1997 and directing FBI agents to accurately follow the rules on Miranda rights else agents jeopardize cases and subject themselves to prosecution.Activists cannot condemn any and all experts who have worked for or advised the FBI, the police, or other law enforcement bodies, else they eliminate just about all possibilities of experts they recruit as well. Rather, they have to look at the specifics of the expert, his or her track record and judgments, rather than making broad-brush arguments like those of Hands Up United. The problem with Crawford as a Cleveland expert is that the Justice Department declared her wrong on constitutional grounds in a case of excessive use of force, and that is exactly what she was being asked to review in Cleveland in the Tamir Rice killing.The end result is that Crawford may well have been an inappropriate expert to weigh in on excessive police force in the killing of Tamir Rice, but because of the DOJ’s explicit rejection of her mistaken constitutional analysis in Ruby Ridge, not because she happened to have an employment background with the FBI and advised the FBI on Miranda laws.—Rick CohenShare17TweetShare1Email18 Shareslast_img read more

Court Orders DreamHost to Comply with Revised DOJ Warrant on Trump Inauguration

first_imgShare5Tweet11ShareEmail16 Shares“labyrinthine circuit board lines” by Karl-Ludwig PoggemannAugust 24, 2017; The Hill, TechCrunch, PBS NewsHour, and FortuneLast week, NPQ reported on the Department of Justice’s efforts to collect information from the online hosting site DreamHost about a webpage allegedly used to coordinate disruptive activity on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. The initial warrant was sweeping in scope, calling for “all records or other information pertaining to [DisruptJ20’s] account or identifier, including all files, databases, and database records stored.” By the strictest reading, this would have required DreamHost to turn over the IP addresses for everyone who had visited the site—potentially identifying 1.3 million people. DreamHost filed an opposition motion and let the world know about the DOJ’s actions through a blog post.The matter has come to a measure of compromise over the past two days. First, the Department of Justice amended its demand; apparently, no one at DOJ was aware just how many people would be potentially exposed. Prosecutors wrote, while defending the original warrant,What the government did not know when it obtained the Warrant—what it could not have reasonably known—was the extent of visitor data maintained by DreamHost that extends beyond the government’s singular focus in this case of investigating the planning, organization, and participation in the January 20, 2017 riot. The government has no interest in records relating to the 1.3 million IP addresses that are mentioned in DreamHost’s numerous press releases and Opposition brief.The government said it would exclude and seal any of the data that didn’t fall inside the parameters it had hoped to set up. Chief Judge Robert Morin, in his decision from the bench, went a step further and “directed the government to submit information to the court about its method for searching through the data and minimizing data on innocent third-party visitors to the site.” However, in the face of this amended request, the judge instructed DreamHost to start turning over information immediately rather than waiting for their decision as to whether to appeal. (The judge did instruct the government to wait for the potential appeal before reviewing the information, and forbid them from disclosing the information to any other government agency once they were done.) The hosting service said they would comply.DreamHost, as seen in a second blog post, views this as a victory for user privacy. Although they contend the warrant still threatens the First and Fourth Amendment rights of the users and owners of, and may be fought on those grounds in court, the changes in the warrant that their motion and the response of the public brought forth are still a benefit to the public:If we had simply remained silent and handed over the data at the first sign of a warrant, investigators would today be sitting on a pile of information that could be used to track down and identify tens of thousands of individual web users who are themselves accused of no crime but would have found their personal browsing habits included and associated with this investigation.As a result of our challenge, the DOJ ended up severely restricting the scope of data which was included in their original records request, effectively preventing them from fishing for evidence in a sea of unfiltered data extracted from our servers.This is an enormous privacy win for all internet users and for any service providers that host user-generated content online.We look forward to working with the Department of Justice and the Court as we hand over data that is an extremely limited subset of the original request.While we’ve been compelled by the court to share this (still) large cache of data (and will do so in the next few days), the DOJ will not gain access to it immediately. We are considering an appeal which would deny the government the ability to access that data temporarily and potentially forever if our appeal is found to have merit.DreamHost expressed its gratitude for the outpouring of support through email and social media. Of course, it wasn’t long before they were facing a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which overwhelms an online site with a barrage of requests in an attempt to crash it. The source and motivation of the hacking attempt remain unconfirmed at the time of this writing.—Jason SchneidermanShare5Tweet11ShareEmail16 Shareslast_img read more

Magyar Telekom has deployed interactive TV softwar

first_imgMagyar Telekom has deployed interactive TV software provider Zenterio’s TV Operating System on two new set-top boxes that will support both DVR and interactive, multi-room TV services. This deployment allows Magyar Telekom to develop its services for its TV subscribers in Hungary and harmonise its set-top software client environment, according to the company. The independent operating system provides the opportunity to extend deployment and standardize TV offerings across regions.last_img

Polish cable operator Multimedia Polska has added

first_imgPolish cable operator Multimedia Polska has added Scripps Networks International UK & EMEA’s Travel Channel HD to its programming line-up.The channel is now available on Multimedia Polska’s Startbox digital basic package, providing a range of programming including new series of Hotel Impossible, Mysteries at the Museum, Baggage Battles, Treasure King and House Hunters International.“As the demand for quality programming increases, we have expanded our partnership with Multimedia Polska to offer viewers Travel Channel HD. Following the successful launch of the SD channel on the platform, viewers will now be able to view our traveling window on the world in the boldest and brightest quality”, said Jon Sichel, Managing Director, Scripps Networks UK & EMEA.“Programmes in HD quality increase the attractiveness of our offer. That’s why we are very happy that we can offer our subscribers Travel Channel in high definition. It should be emphasised that increasing the number of HD channels is a gradual transition from SD to HD standard,” said Bartłomiej Kasiński, Director of Strategy and Development, Multimedia Polska.last_img read more

This years IBC – the broadcast industrys biggest

first_imgThis year’s IBC – the broadcast industry’s biggest European trade show – had recorded 54,179 visitors by 10:00 this morning. The event’s CEO, Mike Crimp, said he was confident about “achieving record performance” with the expected arrival of a few hundred additional visitors today.As at 10:40 this morning, 21,700 square feet of exhibition space had been rebooked. Next year will see the addition of a new Hall 9 at the Amsterdam Rai and the renumbering of some existing halls that will add 1,500 square metres net to the event.Crimp announced new dates from 2016 for the spin-off Content Everywhere-branded event launched in Dubai in January, featuring a free conference. “We got all of the top CEOs and CTOs and they have asked us to do another conference in November,” he said. The Dubai event will also be held in November from now on, he said. “It’s a very competitive market but the economy is growing fast with huge growth in IP video and a thirst of knowledge. [Content Everywhere] It also allows us to develop a brand that is not quite so broadcast-centric…and have a different type of debate that is very relevant to that region.”Crimp said that the IBC’s Touch and Connect app for networking had been successful. People had used it mostly to meet other visitors, he said. “The value of the show is changing from a transaction-based show. People are building big IP-based systems and they are interested in meeting people who can help them solve those problems and put big systems together,” he said.This year’s IBC conference encompassed over 80 sessions and 250 speakers from around the world. Phil White, director of technology and events, said that the success of the IBC big screen experience had been reflected in the fact that Disney Pixar had remastered Inside Out with extended colour gamut just for the show.last_img read more