Food and beverage industry to achieve profitability

many people invest in the catering industry, in this very stable industries, to achieve quick profits, is certainly entrepreneurs need to master the methods and skills are very good, let us look at some good ways to make money!

to tell consumers your reasons from the innovation of product development, packaging on. If there is no innovation, brand, quality is not improved significantly, the direct price is very easy to go up, you are wrong, the previous pricing is low, you can increase success is not what great things, just a mistake has been corrected. read more

Good prospects for the operation of a good way to shop

is now Home Furnishing life, lighting products is unavoidable, and a high quality of lighting products in the market is also very popular with consumers, now open a lighting shop, in order to make profits to business? Please look at the small shop management agency to explain the lighting method.

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54 successful transformation of the Taiwan Strait area will become a city development axis

As a famous place in ancient times, the area has been known for a long time. Today, after planning and design, the region will become the administrative research center in Xining, shake into a government supermarket". In July 24th, the reporter from the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission learned that, in order to speed up the construction of Xining City, to promote the transformation of the old city, the tiger Taiwan area reconstruction and development project has entered the stage of development financing, the entire area, the 54 Street will serve as the city development axis, can play a more comprehensive service functions.

the tiger Taiwan area as the west area of the center zone, and connects the west development momentum Mengjin Lake District, is an important area connecting the old city and the new city of. To this end, the city of Xining in the development of project planning, focusing on the guidance of the sustainable, healthy and effective development of the area, in order to improve urban land use efficiency, improve urban functions. The tiger Taiwan area reconstruction and development planning a total land area of 234.2 hectares, planning areas: East sunning Road, West to the Sea Lake Road, north to the Huangshui River, South Kunlun road. Combined with the current situation of the area, Xining will be integrated into the planning of the Tiger Island area with a gathering effect of the administrative research area, science and technology business district and cultural and leisure zone. To further improve the road network construction area, the main street (West Lake Road and sunning Road), the tiger Taiwan Lane (54 street to Kunlun Road) and district branch network; improve the area within the water supply and drainage, electricity, gas and other supporting facilities, the construction of city public green space, culture, health, sports and other public service facilities. The implementation of the tiger Taiwan area renovation project, will further rationalize the Xining city spatial layout, effectively enhance the development of local economy, enhance the service ability of Xining city of the province, and formed the 54 avenue for city development axis, highlighting the administrative management, scientific innovation and technology business as the main function, the City Center embodies the historical features of the local area. (author: Zhou Jianping) read more

Eleven during the weather long holiday sunny rain out of the cold

Mid Autumn Festival this year, the National Day holiday from September 30th to start, during this period of weather, travel play, visiting relatives and friends have an impact? Xining area of the mid autumn National Day holiday in early September 30th to October 1st in sunny or cloudy weather; the middle 2 days to 4 days in Xining with light rain or showers, low temperature; in late 5 to 6 days, the temperature gradually rose; 7 showers, low temperature.

meteorological experts, Xining in Se

Municipal Health Bureau pay close attention to meticulous management services to improve the quality

City Health Bureau of the city to seriously implement the meticulous planning and construction management services to mobilize the spirit of the general assembly, quickly organized the fine management of the health system, fine service, improve the quality of health service theme activities

City Health Bureau of the city to seriously implement the meticulous planning and construction management services to mobilize the spirit of the general assembly, quickly organized the fine management of the health system, fine service, improve the quality of health service theme activities.

is a widespread mobilization. seriously study and formulate and issued implementation plan, held a mobilization meeting, the county health system, Juzhu units, all Cadres Bureau staff more than 90 people attended the meeting on the activities carried out extensive mobilization, full deployment. two is a clear mission. "program" clear the main task of the activities, including the main task of the health administrative department of fine management services is to standardize internal management, improve administrative efficiency, innovative service model, to create service brand. The main task of medical and health institutions management service is to attach great importance to promote the construction of the system, standardize medical personnel practice, strengthen the quality and safety awareness, strengthen medical quality management, improve the quality of medical service, to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. The main task of the public health service is to improve the public health service system, improve the ability of disease prevention and control and maternal and child health care. three is the focus. in carrying out the fine management service, we focus on a good grasp of the fine work idea, set up , master of fine work method of with fine job security three key . focus on deepening medical reform and the health work, through the development of "five fine five fine", namely exquisite technology and careful treatment and careful nursing, fine management, fine service; refinement process and refining system, detailed measures, detailed responsibilities, detailed tasks, and gradually realize the health management work by the control to process control, by the transformation from empirical management to perfect, complete and strict management measures in detail; the "five five initiative", "five smooth, five, convenient service and cozy environment, humanization service process and service process, family service commitment open and transparent service charges; active service object, the initiative for the sake the service object difficulty, active communication, and active service object to provide tracking services, the initiative to listen to the views of the service object; smooth and convenient way Referral Easy Access, to achieve seamless convergence; smooth and convenient inspection result query service, shorten the waiting time for patients; patients with smooth and convenient service channels, improve service efficiency; smooth and convenient Chinese medicine appropriate technology services, so that patients enjoy the Chinese medicine service quality and cheap; smooth and convenient medical dispute mediation channels. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both doctors and patients. The gradual realization of medical and health services to the quality of service from the conventional transformation, from the extensive service into a standard, standard, continuous, high-quality, efficient details of the service, and strive to establish people-oriented, service; read more

North District, low-cost housing allocation of public rental

to promote the low rent housing policy implementation, the North District of Xining city in strict accordance with the standard payment of rental housing subsidies for families, low rent housing rental subsidies, and to meet the conditions of low rent housing, public rental housing for families of three publicity. As of early this month, low rent housing and public rental housing have been allocated.

to ensure that affordable housing for the distribution of work objectively and impartially, eliminate the application and reporting process, reporting, reporting hidden reported a series of problems such as Seongbuk civil affairs, industry and commerce, the social security, public security, property registration department into the joint trial category, strict examination, check the real application of family security, housing for needy families to enjoy to the preferential policies of the state. The verification of the area per capita construction area of less than 15 square meters of housing subsidies for low-income families, 726 households, a total of 1 million 929 thousand and 100 yuan; to meet the conditions of low rent housing, public rental housing for families of three publicity, public distribution of 15 sets of low rent housing, 296 units of public rental has been completed in September 29th 144 housing distribution; families share city with the construction of public rental, the check-in formalities have been completed; review and input affordable housing for families of 33 households. read more

My temperature dropped to the lowest point since the beginning of winter this year

10 27, the cold wave struck, the northeast of the province, there have been sleet weather, the temperature dropped significantly, while the release of cold yellow warning signal. According to the provincial meteorological station forecast the latest show, 28 days, 29 days and two days in most areas of the province’s temperature will continue to decline, fell to the lowest point since the beginning of winter this year.

According to meteorological data show that the province’s precipitation process is from 27 am to start, the northeast region are dominated by sleet, the southern region was a significant snowfall in. As of the morning of 8, the province’s 32 towns rainfall, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Menyuan Hui Autonomous County of snowfall reached 8.6 mm, the snow depth of 6 cm, in addition to Gangcha, Zaduo and Zeku also appeared in the snow. The rain and snow to the northeast of our province to bring the greatest impact is the sharp drop in temperature.

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Business should be careful not to break into traps

entrepreneurial trap, for now the market is concerned, there are a lot of factors threatening everyone, we now have a look at what entrepreneurial factors are troubling you. As long as we take the protective glasses, you can find the mystery.

: Join trap

There are two kinds of

1 "covering money" phenomenon commonly quanqian strategy:

(1), a high agency fee to achieve the purpose of misappropriating; (2), not joining fees, require a lot of distribution agents to achieve the purpose of misappropriating.

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Carry forward the spirit of the new tree

Recently, the people’s Procuratorate of Xining City People’s Procuratorate organized a group of police in the district to the National Prosecutors College Jinggangshan branch, the revised new criminal procedure law training. After the training, the police visited the Huangyangjie, revolutionary struggle in Jinggangshan exhibition hall, Jinggangshan martyrs cemetery and Mao Zedong and part of the Red Army soldiers in the Dajing and re take the old Ciping, pick the food trail. (author: Peng Naliang)