How to improve the paint shop

paint shop business is good, often decided to paint in the hands of the painter, therefore, if you want to successfully open a paint shop, it is necessary to do a good job with the painter. However, how does the paint shop do well with the painter?

first, painter rebate how to?

a lot of paint dealers know to paint it industry rebate, but how specific is appropriate to grasp this is a matter of degree, only to grasp the "degree", we can not only give decorators rebate, and earn money for their stability; general painter kickbacks to look at the local market in particular, just paint Shop agents, we can understand the local market and make their own paint, give rebate schemes painter.

1, a fixed amount of painters such as: rebate; second tier brands to 30-50 a barrel of rebates, many owners can accept the price of paint, then we can in other brands to paint rebate increase 30-50 block, that is to say, other brands to the 30, we will give the early 60, due to the there is enough space rebate to help, the painter can we sell our paint brands; only if enough money, the painter to paint products to our cause. read more

Tea shop franchise management tips

tea shop is a relatively low threshold of venture capital projects, many entrepreneurs here earned the first pot of gold. Want to successfully opened, milk tea store management can not be ignored.

tea in the beverage industry has been a project more attention, many entrepreneurs want to choose the tea industry through success and wealth. In the process of operating milk tea stores, the most important thing is to do a good job in the daily management of the store. So how to do the daily management of milk tea store should work together to understand it!

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Shanghai luxury pet funeral behind the show of social disease

there are a lot of people all love pets, the dog is a pet people prefer feeding, recently appeared in Shanghai called the pet funeral, also attracted a lot of attention, so what is the pet funeral?

2015 August 29th news, Shanghai, flower beds, wooden coffin, couplet, in Shanghai city of Minhang District at a private memorial room, a small memorial ceremony was held. But, in particular, about 20 cm long in the coffin is a small pet dog. Service personnel for the puppy brush, the owner recalls, ritual meticulous…… This is a funeral ceremony for pets.

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Wanzai county held entrepreneurship training women to participate

is now in some urban areas, there are a lot of women are not idle at home, at the same time, this part of the labor force is still very regrettable, recently, Wanzai County of Jiangxi province in some communities to carry out some entrepreneurship training.

"old at home playing mahjong is not interesting, might as well learn. Community entrepreneurship training courses to help me, I am determined to do something, even if the failure will not regret it." Wanzai County of Jiangxi Province, Kangle Street East Community unemployed women in entrepreneurship training class Yu Lei raises his voice, the other 23 students also have the same feelings.

to run the training class, the community invited Yichun University entrepreneurship training instructors, a PhD in economics to teach red dragon. Lonpos training from the two aspects of entrepreneurial awareness and Entrepreneurship Program, but also for women’s personality and social division of labor, carefully set up the curriculum content, selection and promotion of entrepreneurial projects, adopted to explain and interactive teaching methods, combined with the specific case, to facilitate students to understand and accept. read more

Pet stores should have what conditions to open

pet store is doing a good project, the strength of this project, if you want to shop, you need to join the business with what conditions? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1. good pet store market, the pet shop around, people’s consumption capacity, consumption habits, and consumer awareness to support open a pet shop to make money. What conditions do you need to open a pet store? This is the foundation to open a pet shop to make money. A pet shop may not meet so many consumer demand, which requires the pet shop or sales of high-end products, or ordinary products, only the correct positioning, through rich pet products brand style meet the consumers demand, is conducive to long-term development of the pet shop.

2. has a pet store related technology, management, capital. What conditions do you need to open a pet store? To open a pet shop ten enough to give the customer service, no professional technology is not enough to support open a pet shop, and to open a pet shop and not a person can be done, but need to manage the pet shop all staff positions, let each of their respective responsibilities, let the pet shop work, stable customers to the pet store consumption, it can ensure a pet shop to make money. read more

Xinfeng baozi brand

Chinese buns can not only satisfy the appetite, but also can be connected with greedy. Not only cheap but also delicious. Such a good project investors will not let go. Dumplings, is always delicious delicacy in traditional Chinese, South soup dumplings, dishes of meat steamed north, no matter what kind of stuffing dumplings, have become the best choice for breakfast, snacks and even snack. Xinfeng steamed stuffed bun in recent years is the rise of a new brand of steamed stuffed bun, because of the unique product in the national legal system quickly, become a very profitable project, then Xinfeng steamed stuffed bun how much?

Xinfeng baozi? How much does it cost to join Xinfeng baozi? What are the advantages? Specific look at the following:

flexible operation:

sit shop management: personalized store image, professional store decoration, distinctive, eye-catching. In the crowded subway, pedestrian street, learning

school, hospital, business center and office area. Customers will continue to make you earn money to make soft. read more

When you make money to join cattle beef offal

now, the market competitiveness of food is very hot. For entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice to join the snack industry, no doubt, is the most profitable choice, but also very competitive choice. Cattle as beef offal? High quality food, the best choice for entrepreneurship.

What is the power of

cattle beef offal joined the call? A cow when beef offal call join, so we at home you can easily join the cattle as beef offal! Now the delicious flavor of beef offal attracted more and more customers, the franchisee will also more power ah cattle has become the hot beef offal to join


call when we can join the call cattle beef offal to Oh sister to join the brand is one of the way cattle beef offal brand Guangzhou flavor Duosi Catering Management Co. Ltd., joined the company as cattle beef offal is a focus on food technology research and development, restaurant chain, technical consulting service company.

we can also through the phone to join in cattle beef offal cattle as beef offal joined the company is a leader in the catering industry in Guangzhou city has the characteristics of South of the Five Ridges snacks and beef offal radish to apply for the national intangible cultural heritage support units, the company has a large farm, the company in 2008 operating hanging point. read more

Preliminary design of Xining underground pipe gallery

Provincial housing and urban construction department recently organized experts outside the province, held a preliminary review of the design of the underground pipe gallery in Xining, the principle of the meeting through the preliminary design of the underground pipe gallery in Xining.

pipe gallery implemented a total of 12 roads, a total length of about 34.9 km, a total investment of about 3 billion 500 million yuan, sources of funding for national special funds, the project is expected to three years completed.  
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Domestic routes fuel surcharge down 10 yuan

December 5th, domestic routes fuel surcharge will be lowered. By then, the opportunity to travel to buy tickets, each ticket can save 10 yuan. Reporters yesterday from the Civil Aviation Department learned that at 0:00 on December 5th cut domestic fuel surcharge: adult passengers more than 800 kilometers per segment from 140 yuan to 130 yuan, 800 kilometers (including) the following each leg from 80 yuan to 70 yuan; in addition to adult passengers, according to the normal adult fare of 50% tickets children (including unaccompanied children, disabled, disabled) military police passenger fuel surcharge for domestic flights, more than 800 kilometers per passenger leg down from 70 yuan to 60 yuan, 800 kilometers (inclusive) per passenger leg down from 40 yuan to 30 yuan; according to the adult full fare 10% billing baby free fuel surcharge. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

Against fire Xining fire brigade and the fire hazards 1154

Since September 26th

cleaning fires campaign started more than two months, cleaning fires campaign achieved initial results. Up to now, the Xining fire brigade investigated 1154 fire hazards, and urge the rectification of fire hazards in the area, the temporary seizure of 41, eliminating a number of potential security risks in the world, the. In order to mobilize the masses to actively participate in cleaning fires campaign, Xining fire brigade, relying on the government website established fire hazard reporting center network, the implementation of staff acceptance, acceptance and acceptance specification language registration, verification and daily by hand, and timely feedback to the informants will check. At the same time, the establishment of reporting hotline "96119" in the campaign headquarters, set up fire risk reward fund, mobilize the masses to participate in social cleaning fires campaign.

City Seismological Bureau monitoring technical personnel to participate in the northwest five provin

  April 20th to 26, the Municipal Seismological Bureau a monitoring personnel to participate in the monitoring and Forecasting Department of China Earthquake Administration sponsored by the northwest five provinces and cities (state) earthquake department analysis of Lanzhou training forecaster. The training by the researcher China Seismic Network Center Liu Jie, Niu Anfu, Lu Jun; Institute of crustal stress researcher Liu Yao Wei; chief researcher of the Seismological Bureau of Hubei province Li Shengle, deputy director of the Seismological Bureau of Gansu province Yang Liming and forecast center Liu wind and other experts to conduct a teaching. The teaching content is the main basis of Seismology knowledge and technical methods, analysis and forecast of precursory data of basic theory and the application of the prediction of earthquake prediction, macroscopic anomaly identification and determination, MAPSIS commonly used features of the northwest region, typical cases of earthquake response analysis and experience introduction etc..
experts with rich practical experience and a large number of pictures of their multimedia gives students a detailed explanation. After the lecture, the experts patiently answered the questions. Through this training, monitoring technical personnel to broaden their horizons, to understand the domestic and foreign experts and advanced technology. Broaden the thinking and vision of earthquake monitoring and forecasting workers in cities and counties.
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National Development and Reform Commission in our province to carry out research and evaluation

days ago, the national development and Reform Commission city and small towns reform and development center of new towns in our province comprehensive pilot situation investigation assessment, a comprehensive understanding of experience Xining, Haidong, Golmud and Menyuan Hui Autonomous County of new urbanization to promote the pilot and the pilot process results, main problems. And the solutions and suggestions for future work.

During the period of

, the research group were assessed and pilot areas relevant departments conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, listen to the country in shantytowns, investment and financing reform, the reform of the household registration system and other work to promote the achievements and highlights, experience and difficulties. The assessment team in Menyuan County investigation of the Quan Kou Zhen Mu vegetable base, transformation, door Hao Zhen Kangle Dong Lu shantytowns Bauhinia Garden shantytowns, the pilot work to promote the county affirmed, especially the development of ecological tourism to increase farmers’ income and wealth with the people, and agricultural products e-commerce and other aspects of the work highlights, and suggested that the county actively promote related work, to achieve production integration of the city; in the East Sea, the assessment team inspected the Ledu underground pipe gallery, Career Technical College Qinghai college, Haidong Industrial Park, new high-speed rail Huangshuihe slow system, Haidong Science Park Venture Building, that the pilot work to promote the orderly city of East Sea forceful and effective. The core area of East Sea city PPP underground pipe gallery project highlights, suggestions to further intensify reform, innovative thinking methods, provide a copy can be extended to other areas of the pilot experience; in the city of Golmud, the evaluation group survey of shantytowns and exit of the East Industrial Park, Golmud affirmed the development of circular economy concept well, farmers and herdsmen in the nearest town, health care, social security, education to make achievements. In addition, the evaluation team also conducted a survey of the West Lake District Ninghai city building, Nanchuan Industrial Park industrial development, highly highlights the work in the towns and village circulation of rural property rights system three planning in Xining city. read more

Chase million volunteers transfer positive energy

JP chill

in March, however, the cold weather has not been able to prevent tens of thousands of volunteers in Datong County actively join the volunteer service enthusiasm, on the morning of 12, Datong County Cultural Square rentouzandong, organized by the Datong County Committee of civilization "Datong million volunteers volunteer service activities" was officially launched. Municipal Committee, JP Han Shengcai, Secretary of the county Party committee, Datong county magistrate, attended the launching ceremony and participate in volunteer service activities, such as Song Chenxi. It is reported that
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6 billion 900 million yuan in the first half of the financial livelihood

The first half of this year, the city’s financial income of 4 billion 120 million yuan, 8 billion 610 million yuan of public expenditure, livelihood expenditure amounted to 6 billion 900 million yuan, the capital supply and demand contradiction of reality, focus on social security, education, medical treatment, air pollution remediation and other key livelihood project expenditure.

, the city’s education expenditure 1 billion 270 million yuan, key support to ensure funding for compulsory education and pre-school education and secondary occupation education funding and other policy support to promote education in primary and middle school layout adjustment, the standardization of school construction projects; social security and employment expenditure 1 billion 190 million yuan, to support entrepreneurship to create jobs, expand the scale of employment training base. To strengthen the construction of business incubator and promote entrepreneurial city created; support the reform of health system, health insurance financing standard of urban and rural residents increased from 470 yuan to 510 yuan, to reduce the burden of medical expenses of urban and rural residents; support urban and rural infrastructure construction, urban and rural community affairs spending 1 billion 280 million yuan to support the city traffic engineering, air pollution control and other livelihood projects; housing security expenditure 1 billion 410 million yuan, of which 290 million yuan of funds arrangements for 15000 households in rural population The public housing reform, arrange funds 1 billion 120 million yuan to build 47790 sets of urban residents in low-income housing; the implementation of the Huimin subsidy policy, allocation of refined oil price reform of financial subsidies, home appliance trade, large and medium-sized reservoir resettlement subsidies to state-owned enterprises, vocational education preschool retired teachers be special subsidy funds 104 million yuan. read more

Huangyuan three countryside activities started yesterday

to further cultivate and practice the socialist core values, build a harmonious new countryside construction, the majority of active rich people’s spiritual and cultural life, from February 10th onwards, Huangyuan county science and technology culture and health three countryside activities kicked off.

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