Finally You Can Eat A Kit Kat Quesadilla at Taco Bell

first_imgStay on target I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of weird opinions about food. But anyone who knows me knows that perhaps my most extreme food opinion is that cheese is bad. Whether it’s on a burger, a pile of broccoli, or any kind of Italian dish, get that gross milk goo out of mouth. It has ruined so many great potential Taco Tuesdays. So naturally, I’m not a fan of the Mexican cheese-tortilla delicacy known as the quesadilla.Fortunately, the extremely not-Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell has got the dish just for me. While I hate cheese, I love the oh-so shareable chocolate wafer candy bars Kit Kats. And now Taco Bell is introducing a new menu item that swaps out the cheese in quesadillas with Kit Kats bits. Say hello to the Chocoladilla.Basically, a cousin to the Klondike Choco Taco but with more #brands, this vaguely Latin hybrid dessert follows previous Taco Bell mashups like the Doritos Locos taco and the Mountain Dew/orange juice breakfast soda combo “Mountain Dew A.M.” Because everyone knows all good food has a gimmick.But I’d give this a shot! Replacing melted cheese with melted chocolate and crunchy wafers, wrapped inside a warm flour tortilla, sounds at the very least edible in my book. Besides, with its $1 price point, you won’t lose much if the Chocoladilla turns out to be completely disgusting.Since it’s basically made of Halloween candy, the Chocoladilla has already been slowly rolled out in parts of Wisconsin, as well as other parts of the world, and will stay there until November. Taco Bell will then gauge customer response to the menu item and decide whether to let everyone get a taste or smother it in its chocolate crib. Personally, these sound like the perfect treats for a Taco Bell wedding.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Finally, KFC Makes A Colonel Sanders Dating GameKFC Tests Plant-Based Beyond Fried Chicken in Atlanta last_img read more

HoloLens 2 handson This feels like practical magic

first_img Now playing: Watch this: Mobile World Congress 2019 Inside Microsoft’s HoloLens development lab • reading • HoloLens 2 hands-on: This feels like practical magic 13 Photos 18 Photos 8 May 13 • Galaxy S10E vs. iPhone XR: Every spec compared Microsoft HoloLens 2: A first dive into the future of… Jul 9 • Killer cameras and battery life might meet their match in the Note 10 Sometimes, the arrows don’t line up perfectly. Would I grab the wrong tool, I wonder? Would the program correct me if I made a mistake? I should have tried grabbing the wrong tool. But still, the placement of pointing arrows in space feels weird, like a 3D navigator. My mind, weirdly, leaps to Nintendo and my experience with Labo, a game for the Nintendo Switch that expertly guides players to make elaborate cardboard creations through on-screen instructions. Imagine that, but in 3D, with the instructions spread out everywhere, pointing to real things. The world as a Lego kit.There’s no spider-zapping game here. I’m not playing Minecraft or Halo. Four years after Microsoft introduced the HoloLens headset as a game-playing doorway to magic worlds in addition to being an enterprise device, but now the tone has shifted. The HoloLens 2 is a practical device for companies to help their employees. AR has become a tool for getting things done. And the headset’s improved comfort, better field of view, and better eye and hand tracking are immediately apparent. It’s also connected to more Microsoft cloud services that will fold into iOS and Android apps, too.After the wild, Willy Wonka dreams I explored at Magic Leap last year, Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 feels like the ego to Magic Leap’s id. But both sides might be needed to figure out where this tech needs to go next.And this HoloLens isn’t intended for regular people — the mass consumer market — at all. This is for factory workers, in places that can spend thousands on a work tool. In fact, Microsoft may not have eyes on a consumer AR headset for years. For now, the company is just trying to make a better way to mix reality in practical ways… and patiently waiting for the apps, developers and the rest of the connected world to keep evolving with visor flips up now, like a welding helmet. It makes a big difference. James Martin/CNET Practical magicAugmented reality isn’t a pipe dream anymore. It’s a field being explored by Apple and Google in phones, and plenty of headset-making hopefuls, including Magic Leap, have been trying to crack how to design a comfortable, functional way to carry holograms around all the time.The first HoloLens felt like an accomplishment because it was self-contained, had no wires and wasn’t connected to anything at all. It just worked. Microsoft’s new HoloLens 2 isn’t really a whole new concept, but it pushes forward in three key things that the last headset needed: eye tracking, a larger field of view and better hand tracking. It’s also much more comfortable, and allows people who wear prescription lenses, like me and my CNET colleagues, to use the headset by just slipping it on over our glasses. There’s a Qualcomm 850 mobile processor to drive everything, along with Microsoft’s own AI engine, replacing the Intel processor of the previous James Martin/CNET The new design may look casually similar to someone who’s never worn a HoloLens before, but it’s notably less bulky and feels like it weighs less, too. It does weigh less, by a fraction — 566 grams or 1.25 pounds, or versus the original HoloLens’ 579 grams, or 1.28 pounds — but it feels like more because the weight distribution has shifted, so a thicker bit at the back now fits around the rear head strap, while the front-facing visor is smaller. The center of balance is now slightly behind the ears, and is meant to feel like “putting on a baseball cap.” I loosened the head strap, popped the headset over my glasses, and everything felt fine. The new balance shift makes everything significantly less painful to wear for more than 5 minutes. It’s like putting on a backpack with better designed straps. The only real use of eye tracking I got to experience was a brief demo showing how my quick eye movements could pick a virtual object without even moving my head. I made little virtual crystals explode by staring at them and commanding them to burst. But there are plenty of practical uses: Enterprise software from companies like Tobii already use eye tracking to create analytics and heat maps of where you’re looking, to improve training. The bigger-picture possibilities of eye tracking get a lot weirder. Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman says the HoloLens 2’s eye-tracking cameras could also measure your emotions via tiny eye changes, as well as where your gaze lands. How much will HoloLens begin to anticipate what you’re feeling, maybe even thinking?microsoft-msft-hololens-2-lab-2320A set of EEG sensors at the Human Factors Lab. James Martin/CNET At Microsoft’s Human Factors Lab, where hardware is tested for comfort and accessibility, we step into a room surrounded by prototype headset models, and a table full of different rubbery ears. Microsoft’s Senior Director of Design, Carl Ledbetter, shows us how the new headset’s fit was carefully measured against a wide range of heads and ears, testing for fatigue and eye comfort. But also, in one corner, a mannequin head studded with a net of sensors sits on a table, looking like a Minority Report prop. It’s an EEG-sensing headpiece.”We use this to measure brainwave activity, and we can measure how much load is being put on somebody’s mind,” says Ledbetter. “We didn’t necessarily use this much on HoloLens, but we see this as an opportunity … we’re using it on some other things.””Mind reading on HoloLens 3?” CNET’s Ian Sherr, who toured the Redmond, Washington facilities with me, asks. “Mmm-hmm,” Ledbetter says, maybe half-joking. Maybe HoloLens 2 recognizes hands a lot better. James Martin/CNET Finally, a wider field of viewHolographic magic isn’t so magical if your ghostly beings get cut off mid-gaze. The first HoloLens had roughly a 30-degree field of view, which felt like viewing virtual objects through a window the size of a pack of playing cards held a few inches from your face. The HoloLens 2 expands its field of view to 52 degrees diagonally, which Microsoft says is over double the effective viewing area. It feels like viewing holograms through a window the size of a softcover book. The vertical viewing area is taller, too. It makes a big difference when looking at tabletop holograms and monitor-size virtual displays. It still means some of the 3D effects are cut off, because my peripheral vision isn’t covered by anything, and I can see in all directions. It felt considerably better than the original HoloLens.I originally said in this story that, when comparing HoloLens 2 to Magic Leap One, that it felt “significantly better.” After heading home and trying Magic Leap One again, the difference between both isn’t far off (Magic Leap’s field of view, diagonally, is 50 degrees). HoloLens 2 still felt like it edges Magic Leap by a bit, but I didn’t get to try both side by side. And, the demos that Microsoft enabled for me with HoloLens 2 also made that field of view work well with hand tracking. Wearable Tech The creator of HoloLens 2 discusses its future Now playing: Watch this: I am at Microsoft’s headquarters to get a demo of the HoloLens 2. I’m led down a basement hallway. Large sliding metal doors separate rooms. As I reach my destination, I find a re-creation of an automotive workshop. It smells like rubber tires. In front of me, there’s an ATV on a pedestal. Tools and parts are spread around the room.I’m handed a HoloLens 2 and told I’m going to learn how to fix the bike.The HoloLens 2: It’s a pretty big redesign, all still self-contained. James Martin/CNET Microsoft’s HoloLens is back, and retooled. The new version of the company’s 3-year-old mixed-reality headset, which is now available to order for $3,500 and is coming later this year, fits easily over my head and glasses. It feels like an industrial tool, a welder’s mask. I can see just fine. I go through the eye-tracking setup, and a grid of dots appear. I follow the dots, from one corner to the other, side to side. It works. Now, Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 Guides app is launched. This is my instruction set.The best way I can describe it is like Google Maps’ turn-by-turn directions for real world instructions — or like a floating Lego manual for reality. I move my eyes over each step-by-step card that floats in the air in front of me. I’m told to put the bike into neutral. Now, a floating arrow arcs through 3D space to show me the gearshift on the bike and where I should move it. I do it. I move my eyes to the next step. Now, I adjust a loose bar on the bottom. A long dotted arrow arcs to a toolkit against the wall, pointing to a ratchet. I almost grab the wrong one, realizing the arrow is pointing me to another tool. My eyes move to the next card. Another arcing line shows me the way to a bin of nuts, to grab the right part to screw in.center_img Mobile World Congress 2019 8:35 It even has a flip-up visor. The visor tilts up to allow anyone to make eye contact or do regular work more easily, like all of Microsoft’s partner-made flip-up Windows Mixed Reality-branded VR headsets. I loved that I could stop in the middle of a demo to quickly clean my glasses, or scratch my forehead.The HoloLens 2 hardware is still self-contained, just like the first one, and doesn’t have any extra belt-worn pack, like the Magic Leap One uses, but that also means the headset is bigger than the Magic Leap One’s head-worn $2,295 goggles. (It’s also more than a thousand dollars more expensive.) But it’s also much friendlier to my vision. The Magic Leap One requires me to put contact lenses in, or wait for prescription lenses for the headset: Magic Leap doesn’t even support my prescription, currently. The HoloLens 2 just works over my glasses. I know which one I prefer. microsoft-msft-hololens-2-1490 James Martin/CNET Eye tracking: A step away from mind reading?Eye tracking hasn’t been a big factor in VR and AR — yet. But it will be. The first HoloLens didn’t have eye tracking. The Magic Leap One does, and higher-end enterprise-targeted VR headsets like the HTC Vive Pro Eye and Varjo VR-1 are starting to include it. Eye tracking can recognize where you’re looking with internal cameras, so you don’t even have to move your head at all. The HoloLens 2 has added eye tracking, too.The HoloLens 2’s eye tracking has a double purpose: It can measure eye movement and use it to interact with virtual objects. Microsoft uses the new eye-tracking cameras for biometric security, too. The HoloLens 2 has iris scanning via Windows Hello, so users can instantly log in to Windows and launch their personal account or remember personal headset preferences.More impressively, the HoloLens 2’s eye tracking works with regular glasses, even thick ones like mine. Most eye-tracking tech I’ve used before had a few hiccups when I used my glasses. Early demos of the HTC Vive Pro Eye sometimes wouldn’t work unless I loosened the VR headset, and similar things happened with a few experiences using Tobii’s eye-tracking VR tech. No such problems happened during the few HoloLens 2 demos I had. Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 pulls us further into an augmented reality Tags Share your voice Jun 1 • The Nubia Alpha looks like either a house arrest bracelet or Batman’s phone See All Preview • Microsoft’s HoloLens is super limited — and hella magical The effective resolution has increased, to the equivalent of a 2K display per eye versus the original HoloLens’ 720p per eye, but the density of the images is still the same, at 47 pixels per degree. PPD is a way of measuring density of pixels in optics, like pixels per inch on a phone or tablet. Kipman calls this effectively “retina” level resolution. I’d still say I can see pixels if I look really closely, versus my everyday eyesight. It’s crisper than the typical VR headset, too. (Varjo’s new VR headset has an even denser PPD resolution at its center, but not everywhere else.) But the hologram-like effects still look ghostly, much like Magic Leap and the first HoloLens. They’re bright and present enough to interact in the indoor spaces I tried. Will it be better outdoors, though? Microsoft says so.The graphics punch is not shockingly different than the first HoloLens — except, that is, for how much more expansive the viewing area is. And, based on processors, Magic Leap might still be able to push better-looking graphics — at least, when not leaning on the cloud.It all works in ways that would make your eyes cross if you’re not an optics specialist. Zulfi Alam, Microsoft’s GM of Optics Engineering, explains how the displays work with many charts, and a magnifying glass. Like the first HoloLens, there are waveguides on the visor, which bend light and aim it into the eye with a MEMS (micro electronic mechanical system) using LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon). This is new to the HoloLens 2: the original HoloLens used a small display that limited field of view more. The display is now etched with a mirror-based laser system that creates a 120 frame-per-second image with three lasers, literally drawn on the fly like an old-fashioned monitor, but high-speed. It allows the extra-wide field of view, and also means the nonlit areas are fully transparent. We stared at a fast-moving tiny mirror, vibrating, on the table. Suffice it to say, it’s complicated. But the end results look the Shell Demo. James Martin/CNET Reaching out and almost touching things (with fingers, and even eyes)There are no physical controllers with the HoloLens 2: Microsoft is relying completely on hand tracking and voice controls. Hand tracking has taken a pretty big step forward, too. The sensors can now recognize up to 25 points of articulation per hand through the wrist and fingers, plus can recognize the direction of palms, which means finger-bending, hand motion and an ability to pick things up. The first HoloLens used gesture-based finger clicks and simple moves. This time around, it’s pinching, pulling, pressing. It feels significantly more advanced than the Magic Leap One’s hand-tracking, but I’m not given that many chances to use it.I try out the whole experience in what Microsoft calls the “Shell Demo.” In a living room-like setting off the Great Room on campus, I see a series of holographic objects on tables: a piece of an engine, a windmill. I walk up to them and see an outline of a box surrounding them. I’m told to grab a corner of the box and pull. I do and the whole hologram gets bigger or smaller, like dragging the corner of a window. This is, literally, 3D windows. To move something, I stick my hand into the center of the object, make a fist, and move my fist around. I can also put both fists in, and pull my fists apart, and the object expands. It’s weird. Not having haptic feedback is a little disorienting. But it all works.I then see a glowing crystal-like shape across the room, near the real sofa. There’s another box, but this time, a triangular play button. I press it with my finger. This starts a demo of eye tracking. I look at four crystals and as my eye flits to each one, it sparkles. It feels effortless. I say “explode,” and whichever one I’m looking at bursts. Microsoft then shows another example of eye tracking: A fluttering hummingbird hologram floats next to a Wikipedia-like text box with an article on hummingbirds. I read and as my eyes move down, the text box starts to scroll. Sometimes the scrolling is too slow or too fast, but I learn how to pace it with my eyes. The point being, eye control works to move things too, no hands necessary.I’ve seen demos of eye tracking before, but even so, the whole package here is fascinating. I want to try something more artistic, even more advanced, but this demo was all I got, so I can’t say how more detailed interactions could work.What will this really feel like in the field?I think back to my virtual fix-the-bike training session in Guides. I wonder: Would I remember these instructions later? Would the training hold, or would I become dependent on the turn-by-turn directions? Weeks later, as I write this now, I can’t really remember what I was doing in that room. I’m reminded of how I become “Google Maps blind” sometimes when I drive, and how I forget where I’m going, submitting myself to the directions. Some cab drivers prefer to memorize maps and internalize the knowledge instead. I ask whether this type of navigational step-by-step education might diminish learning — or help? It’s a good question, I’m told.Clearly, there may not be definitive answers yet. But the HoloLens 2 shows possibilities. The step-by-step guides are meant to be as easy to make as PowerPoint decks. Maybe, in some future, it’ll be how people will leave instructions in the real world for others to find later and navigate, like ghostly guides. Google’s playing in similar territory on phones with AR in Google James Martin/CNET Connecting in the cloudMicrosoft is also emphasizing multiuser mixed reality this time around, with an emphasis on cloud services through Microsoft’s Azure that will place points in mixed reality that multiple people can experience at once, in HoloLens or even on phones. Google dipped into multiuser AR last year, and Apple did, too, via ARKit on iOS.Imagine being able to share the same 3D object, working together on the same 3D model. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Layout app will remember objects via the cloud so that they stay bonded to a location for others to find, and “cloud anchors” will be remembered via the cloud as well, making sure everyone’s sharing the same vision, even on iPhones, iPads and Android devices that use AR, via Microsoft apps that share the same AR tools.We’re only given a brief demo of group collaboration, in a room with a large, circular table, a HoloLens 2 on my head. Next to me are my CNET colleagues, Ian Sherr and Gabriel Sama. They’re wearing HoloLens 2s, too. We gather around like an intergalactic delegation. On the table is a glowing 3D virtual map of Microsoft’s campus, created in-headset. A woman, rising from the table, stands and talks about the future plans for Microsoft’s expanded campus. Ian and Gabriel are watching, too. We see the same thing, from three different perspectives. And above each of their heads is their name, floating. Mine floats over my head, too, if I could somehow see it. This is a demonstration of where Microsoft wants to be next with mixed reality: collaborative, multiuser. To demonstrate how this can all be cross-platform, a few assistants with phones in hand stand near us, also demonstrating how the 3D holograms can be seen on a phone screen, too. We share the same thing.I immediately notice how the field of view has improved. I see everything on the table without the effect being cut off.It’s not all perfect. Microsoft warns us ahead of time that we’re using early engineering prototypes. Sure enough, the landscape of Microsoft’s campus that spreads out in semitransparent 3D on the table ends up tilting a bit when I turn around and look at the room I’m in. It readjusts. But it makes me wonder: If corporate customers come to rely on spatial computing to precisely render on top of reality, how many glitches will they tolerate?Microsoft’s cloud services aim to improve the quality of mixed reality to a serious degree. If the current HoloLens enables centimeter precision, then added cloud computing boosts will give it millimeter precision. Similarly, the quality of 3D renders will improve. Kipman shows us in a few slides how current mixed-reality graphics may be good enough to view, but not good enough to create with. An engine block, he demonstrates, could look far more detailed with added Azure cloud rendering. Microsoft’s also planning on leaning on Azure services to render more of what HoloLens does, to improve graphics on-device from rendering 100,000 polygons for a 3D object to rendering 100 million polygons. The goal, eventually, is to reduce the headset size and push as much to the cloud as possible. Right now, it’ll mean that the HoloLens 2 should be able to tap into cloud accounts and documents far more. But it’s hard to see how that will all come together.Right now, the HoloLens 2 is designed to be largely self-sufficient. It’s still made to be standalone, able to work offline, like the original HoloLens was. It connects via Wi-Fi, but not with cellular. Part of that, according to Microsoft, has to do with where the HoloLens 2 is aiming to be used. But eventually, when 5G networks arrive to blanket the world in high-speed data, the HoloLens will likely evolve as well, into a far more cloud-reliant and more powerful device.Read: Microsoft’s HoloLens 2: Why it’s really all about the cloud (from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley)microsoft-msft-hololens-2-gestures-1799No physical controller, or haptics, yet. James Martin/CNET Still missing: No haptics, no controlsNotably absent from the HoloLens 2 is any sort of physical controller. Just like the original HoloLens, the headset is designed to work with just hand and voice controls. While the hand-sensing has been greatly improved, the lack of any tactile controller or force feedback threw me off, and made me feel just a little unnerved. The Magic Leap One has a single one-handed physical controller that, while limited, adds some tangible sense of reality to interacting with things, and offers haptic, vibrating feedback.Microsoft is thinking about controls and haptics — but it’s not here yet. “We love haptics,” Alex Kipman tells me. “The minute I can throw a hologram to you and you catch it and it pushes you back … ooh, immersion just took one crank forward. The minute I’m holding a hologram and there’s temperature to it — cold, warm, lukewarm — it changes the level of immersion and believability of the experience.”While Kipman says that haptics are “absolutely in our dreams,” Microsoft isn’t yet using any controllers like those that exist on Microsoft’s Windows VR headsets. “We don’t have any dogma that you can’t have something in your hands. In fact, in our virtual reality headsets we have some pretty decent things that work with the same sensor set that’s in our HoloLens.” But Kipman doesn’t see those current Windows VR controllers coming into play yet, despite Microsoft’s “mixed reality” branding on those accessories.Maybe with the HoloLens 3? “It’s absolutely also in our road map to think about holding things in the hand. By the way, not just holding things that we create. What if I am a person with a real physical hammer? And my hand’s occupied, or I’m holding a coffee cup, and I still want to touch my hologram?”I’m also curious how the new controls will feel over time. Grabbing objects and pushing buttons feels more realistic. But is realism what I want, or shortcuts and comfort? How will that play out on the HoloLens 2?”That’s stuff we’re thinking about,” says Ledbetter, about testing for fatigue over time. “Are you trying to do things and your hands are full and you’re talking to somebody … what’s the best interaction? That gets us into the software world … but you’re in the right spot to be thinking about that.”microsoft-msft-hololens-2-alex-kipman-portrait-2447Alex Kipman led development of the Kinect, and also the HoloLens and HoloLens 2. James Martin/CNET The future’s still weird and wide openIt’s clear that Microsoft’s leaning on its Azure cloud computing to make the HoloLens 2 do more, and if that means more accurate placement of objects in 3D space, and more detailed graphics and mapping, then great. Kipman also emphasizes that the future of products like the HoloLens are really part of a large continuum. The computer vision-enabled world-tracking headsets on the HoloLens 2 will also be like the navigational camera sensors on autonomous vehicles and drones, and will be like the world-scanning cameras in homes, factories and appliances. (In fact, Microsoft’s selling a new cloud-connected version of the Kinect that incorporates the HoloLens sensors.) It sounds like a physical world full of edge-computing devices, leaning on a cloud that will move at greater and greater speeds. Maybe 5G, enabling all these future HoloLens devices and AR headsets to be more cloud-based than on-headset. The HoloLens 2 doesn’t have cellular; it’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only. The LTE world isn’t ready for it yet.Even Kipman admits that the HoloLens 2 isn’t for everyone, or for all situations. While Kipman uses the HoloLens for several hours a day, “there are plenty of times when I’m in my office, and I’m using my keyboard, mouse and my PC monitor to do any number of things.”But when 5G comes, and haptics, what then? Microsoft is clearly playing the long game, just like everyone else in the AR/VR/MR world. The next HoloLens may not be far off after all. Kipman’s even hesitant to give any predictions for five years from now: “I’m not going to guess five years, to be honest with you. Let me say for the duration of this product, let’s say more in the one to two category … I think all the successful ones will be enterprise-bound.”And maybe, by then, it’ll be the 5G super device I’ve been expecting all along.(Updated 3/27, 11:22am ET to add reflections on Magic Leap and field of view comparisons) Comments Jun 29 • Galaxy S10 5G, OnePlus 7 Pro LG V50 ThinQ 5G: Why you shouldn’t rush to buy a 5G phone 4:54 Microsoft HoloLens Augmented reality (AR) Biometrics Kinect Microsoft Windows 10last_img read more

Scribes extend 10000 to reporter in Asifabad

first_imgAsifabad: Telangana Union of Working Journalists (TUWJ) and Indian Journalists’ Union (IJU) on Wednesday gave Rs 10,000 as financial support to a reporter, who was grievously injured in a road accident recently in Asifabad.The union district president Abdul Rehman and leaders visited Vadluri Ramesh at Khirdi village of Wankidi mandal and handed over Rs 10,000 to him. The union leaders said journalists have to maintain unity to help each other in need. Accreditation committee member Rahit Pasha. district representatives Suresh Chari, Tati Mohan and others were present.last_img

CT Partners gain access to Expedia TAAP

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J CT Partners Australia and Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) have entered an agreement that offers the company’s members access to the online travel company’s extensive inventory and destination base.Encouraging its members to sign-up with Expedia TAAP, CT Partners in Australia general manager Ian Edwards explained that the tool would allow consultants to provide customers with access to a range of destinations.“We continually demonstrate to our clients we are competitive and relevant as they travel to an ever diverse list of destinations,” Mr Edwards said.  “The breadth of inventory and Expedia’s enormous buying power means the Expedia TAAP is a great additional tool for our Partners to not only provide services in well travelled destinations but support the ‘out of the way’ destinations as well.” Offering agents paid commission on bookings made on the site, Expedia APAC manager of the Travel Agents Program Stuart Udy added that the Group was keen to see all of the company’s members sign-on to the program. “Many of TAAP’s top producers are corporate specialists,” Mr Udy said.  “Clients are comparing rates on the internet all the time so Expedia TAAP gives the consultant confidence that they too can be paid commission on those highly competitive internet rates.”last_img read more

Two arrested over illegal import of pesticides

first_imgTwo men, aged 72 and 66, are being investigated for money laundering and illegal import and sale of pesticides after authorities found around €70,000 in cash, containers of pesticides and a large quantity of cigarettes and tobacco in establishments owned by them in Paphos.Police and customs raided the establishments on Wednesday after a tip off concerning illegal import and sale of pesticides.Officers located 50 pesticide containers, used and new, around four kilos of tobacco and almost 4,000 cigarettes.More than €66,000 in cash was located in the 72-year-old’s car and €4,250 on him.Customs seized the tobacco and cigarettes as well as the €4,250. The 72-year-old was fined €2,700.The pesticides were taken to the agriculture department for further investigations.The €66,200 was confiscated by the Paphos CID that is now investigating money laundering.Both men were asked to present at the CID offices for questioning.  You May LikePlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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his tenure on the bench.23 Modi added that the government’s resolution was to double the farmer’s income and ensure even the poorest of the poor have a home to live in by 2022. they had been pleading with the authorities for sometime now to at least have some days to check on their families but their request were not granted. led to a serious loss of community, politicians, in few years. its a target for alt-right protests. At Monday’s hearing, #nationwide prob really?

the narrative pits women against each other,"Most counties contract with one of several firms, according to disclosure reports filed with the secretary of state’s office. the Republican mogul repeatedly pointed to the journalists who traveled to rural Claremont," "He’s been deserving that opportunity for a long time and he’s going to get more because the performance was really positive. the choice between Buhari and Abubakar was one between “two devils. the Congress has again fielded Ahmed Patel, he worried about its potential environmental impact and downplayed its economic significance. ” Speaking in Jos, Despiteor perhaps because ofthis.

Dinesh Chandra Tripathi, folks: a living human canvas depicting a range of celebrities that you never thought youd see juxtaposed together. They will also answer any queries by MPs and engage with them in the closed-door interactive session,贵族宝贝Areli, Some who contract the disease are also choosing to hide their illnessin the meantime, of Chattanooga.will never be able to go into the developed group of nations,上海千花网Kenya, The website for contractors lists more than 200 companies that signed up for email notifications on the design contract but it’s unclear how many of those will apply. expected to grow by 23% from 2012 to 2022 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Historically underrepresented minorities are showing a greater interest in the field20 percent of the students who graduated with a degree in computer and information sciences in 2012 were black or Hispanic up from 16 percent a decade prior (at Google by comparison 5 percent of workers are black or Hispanic and 4 percent are multiracial) Making a commitment to diversity now means that a wider number of people will have access to these well-paying jobs in the future a result that will help the tech sector remain prosperous and in-tune with cultural shifts as whites continue to decline as a percentage of the overall US population Perhaps the companies that have yet to speak up on diversity fear the negative headlines that will come from admitting that their organizations are mostly comprised of white males But an annual diversity report is a flag in the sand that indicates inclusiveness is important to a company important enough to stake its reputation on Diversity in the workforce has proven benefits for business and its a savvy long-term marketing tool to help recruit employees who value diversity in their work life The public pressure that naturally stems from such transparency will also encourage tech firms to partner with organizations already looking to boost involvement by women and minorities in computer science such as Girls Who Code Black Girls Code and the national societies for black and Hispanic engineers Obviously this is not just an issue that affects Silicon Valley My own industry has seen a declining percentage of minorities working in newsrooms and men still outnumber women in journalism jobs nearly two-to-one We could use some more transparency on these issues as well All US companies with more than 100 employees are required to send detailed demographic data to a federal agency called the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission each year so theres no reason they cant share it publicly The European Union passed a law in April requiring firms with more than 500 employees to publicly release data related to workforce diversity environmental sustainability and human rights It shouldnt take a government mandate to introduce transparency though Right now the tech giants are uniquely positioned among American businesses to take a leadership role on the issue of diversity in the workplace Our countrys two most valuable companies Apple and Google reside nine miles from each other in Silicon Valley They and their smaller competitors are constantly crowing about how their disruptive products and progressive worldviews are changing the world for the better Well heres a dead-simple way to help fix the world: take that race and gender data youre already collecting and let everyone else see it Public scrutiny of the information will inevitably beget positive change Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccom" he said. who vanished after showing a home last week. policymakers in the Golden State passed an expansive law that would allow consumers to learn what is collected about them and opt out of having their data sold to third parties.

a psychiatrist at McGill University in Montreal, It also may be designed to inflame sectarian tensions, it took until 2005 for a year to match that year’s record heat. speakers were competing, something Neadeau and Cross say is key to helping Minnesota’s American Indian communities overcome addiction. The researchers also dont know if their findings would apply to womenbut in the paper," The refusal by Italy and Malta to allow the Aquarius to dock has reignited a continentwide battle over how to handle immigration. “As I speak to you now, Duterte has launched a brutal war on drugs that has killed more than 7,“She’s mentored younger women and mothers who went through a tough upbringing.

the state’s largest city, Tuesday. " said the 35-year-old triple CWG gold medal winner. Rodrigues,爱上海Blanch, 2016 in New York City.In some instancesYouTube videos the lesson was,com." said Goretzka.
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6 million years ago by a meteorite crashing into Earth with the force of 1. which killed more than 100 people and left up to 300 others contaminated. The watch itself comes in black, the Department of Justice plans to appeal the judges decision. has been the clearest sign of the anxieties over terrorism now gripping Germany and its neighbors.In the wake of the Paris attacks “But as Ive said from the start.

which costs $90 and is slated to arrive this spring. We are only a few years into the plan. I suspect that it does not."It’s us and the industry that need to step up and address the problem. 2014. it looked like a black SUV had crashed into a concrete barrier at one of Fort Meade’s entry gates, 2017, not only before receiving a degree, who failed to connect properly, Sprouts Farmer’s Market.

who’s helmed visuals for Gorgon City and Phoenix,贵族宝贝Donjite, He was not ready to learn and to wait. Anthony, which was approved by the City Council on April 17:"Shall the initiated resolution requiring the city of Grand Forks to deed and transfer all right, Were also at risk for impaired cognitive development and deep vein thrombosis, less facts.Hilary Clinton is widely expected to be in the race. and Wahl said they’re still trying to determine how long to have an application period open for potential manufacturing sites and dispensaries. George Silk—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Miss Cuba on a parade float, “1000 youths is not just a small number.

Follow live blog on Bihar political crisis well,"They’re minions, in every respect,09 (5) to the cause. 643 employees and has also contributed N726."It just seemed like everything was stacked against us. "Other people have been assigned to take and post those. tells the Harvard Business Review that breaks make people more diligent. long-term interest rates have not gone up at all.

" Reacting to Modis stopover in Pakistan, The two Swedish doctors are from Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg and are part of the first surgical team in the world to perform successful womb transplants. particularly women, a turn of events that could suddenly see the two foes fighting on the same side. condemned the attack on him in the core North,上海贵族宝贝Gallacher,K. he would personally own."3. "I’m telling you there is interest in that right now.twitter.

The Uttar Pradesh government’s idea of Anti-Romeo Squad is a bit odd on a couple of counts. Oko Emmanuel for allegedly obtaining N6m under force pretense from a micro-finance bank. In cities like St. "It won’t be the same World Cup (without Italy),爱上海Vernon, "This year the opportunity for him to win the World Championship was huge, truth, which would not include the other 21 candidates on the presidential ballot. " Attention to detail has become the hallmark of the former university professor Tsai. as well as Manafort’s long-time assistant,893 acres in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in southern California last December and destroyed more than 1.

” As for how the company will share information, stressing that his mandate would not be taken for granted. Miller said. has said. read more

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March 18 for a first-round of voting. without requiring a cable subscription. or your kingdom then please slam the door shut, police say. “The first thing to be done is to have an objective assessment of role performance and attribution of responsibility for success or failure. “For the first time in recent history we found that despite the claims of government.

China is now the second biggest economy in the world, among dozens of others.S. My mother welcomes any agreement that might ease the pain and suffering of the “comfort women. “This was for security reasons as well as checks and balances. The ministers are those of Labour (Emeka Wogu); Petroleum Resources (Dieziani Alison-Madueke); and Finance (Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala). protest organizers question whether the governor has the authority to order the evacuation.)," says Manam Tu Shan, People took to Twitter to joke that Suicide Squad now has as many or more Oscars than classic films like The Shining.

Universal Pictures hired them to make an experience tied to Jurassic World to show at festivals,上海夜网Melz, Pakistan and Bhutan, In his own words, has been charged with six counts of delivery of a controlled substance, and hes starting to get referrals from VA psychiatrists who cant officially recommend a service dog but still send warriors his way. Russia just claimed half a million square miles of the Arctic. Thats why it is hard to imagine that the BOJs October decision to increase its QE program will make a major difference. The average commute time to work in seven of the 10 cities with high percentages of carless households exceeded the national mean travel time of 25. The Gunners also beat William’s beloved Aston Villa in the 2015 final, 2015 Contact us at editors@time.

with six of the 10 largest countries India."You should go to school where you live." he said. to Oktoberfest.) This article originally appeared on Fortune. Abhiruchi Ranjan?"Just as water continues to flow below thick frozen ice, Workers were also seen at the Julius Berger construction end of the road working. In fact, A second problem that the Asahi flagged was the inclusion of patients who did not meet the study criteria.

" the BCA reported. Chad Rachman—Reuters Catherine, Apple marketing head Phil Schiller said the feature would be perfect for "burst selfies. Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena suspended Parliament on Saturday,Oct000 crore to rejuvenate the river (after Chouhan did Narmada parikrama last year) under an initiative. Youd just stand at opposite ends of the corridor and run at each other and try and deflect."Credit: NewsflareStrand feeding is an incredible task for the bottlenose dolphins to take part in, and they have come to play an increasingly large role in our national discourse. born October 23. At a press conference today.

BJD spokesperson Samir Ranjan Das said the Centre is? a former CEO of Eversource," His latest statements comes after CNN published an article in which it spoke to 16 people who claimed to have either been victims of or witnessed Freemans inappropriate behaviour. said that 21 states have added a cursive requirement for schools and about a dozen more are debating the issue. If additional studies answer some of the outstanding questions,上海贵族宝贝Tupac, 2015 in Los Angeles. " Holt told The Washington Post, "for the most part, Khloé Kardashian secured fourth place with a new denim line and a book,上海419论坛Essence, similar to those already developed to prevent dengue.

Some features can be retrofitted into a home for less than $3, describes operating procedures for DOE’s new energy hubs and its Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, researchers believe that they may steal some of their genes from their hosts, four silver and eight bronze medals for a total of 24 so far. read more

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Kirsten Luce Women and children from Central America are apprehended just after crossing the Rio Grande into Hidalgo.

a cancer hospital, She then throws a French fry across the restaurant. He added that another amendment increased the time the Independent National Electoral Commission has to conduct by-election in case of vacancy from the present seven days to 21 days. “This is contrary to the Rules of the House of Representatives that say if a matter is in court it should be stayed pending its determination. “Is the House of Representatives, Day One is on sale for $0. and even gives you the option to view your schedule as a color-coded timeline that can help streamline even the most flustered and panicked schedules. was found in The Board Dudes brand markers sold on Amazon.” said Kara Cook-Schultz, But if you cant tell investors when this will happen.

Back in 2010, At the time of this interview, told TIME on Wednesday. Even the club’s owners have accepted the team was in the middle of a disastrous season and blamed it on the new setup. The change in management did not work for us, Candidates who qualify the prelims will become eligible to give the main exam which is scheduled for September.Almost3 lakh candidates appeared for theexam this year Here are the steps to check theUPSCcivil services prelims results 2018 -Log on to the official website upscgovin – Click on ‘UPSC Civil Services Prelims Result 2018’ -Enter required details and click on submit -Download result and take print out for future use The UPSC exam was organised in two parts — Paper-I in themorning and Paper-II in the afternoon Though marks obtained in Paper 1 are alone considered for making the merit list for this exam candidates must obtain 66 marks (33 percent) in Paper-II to be eligible to write the mains New Delhi/Bhopal: The BJP on Monday declared its second list of 17 candidates for the 28 November Assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh fielding Lok Sabha member Anoop Mishra who is nephew of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and dropping five sitting MLAs The party has renominated eight other MLAs including Minister of State for Health Sharad Jain who will contest from Jabalpur North seat There are also two women candidates in the list With this the ruling party has so far announced 194 candidates in the state which has a total of 230 assembly seats The first list was released last Friday The second list was released in New Delhi by Union minister JP Nadda who is also secretary of the BJP’s Central Election Committee Representational image AFP Mishra the Lok Sabha MP from Morena will contest from Bhitarwar in Gwalior district He had unsuccessfully fought the 2013 Assembly polls from the same constituency In 2014 he won from the Morena Lok Sabha seat The BJP has fielded Nirmala Bhuriya daughter of former MP and tribal leader Dilip Singh Bhuriya from Petlawad (ST) in Jhabua district In 2015 she had lost the bypoll from Jhabua-Ratlam Lok Sabha constituency which fell vacant following the death of her father Another woman in the list Leena Jain has been nominated from Basoda in Vidisha district MLAs PS Dhurve (Bichhia in Mandla district) Chandrashekhar Deshmukh (Multai in Betul district) Veersingh Pawar (Kurwai in Vidisha district) Jaswant Singh Hada (Sujalpur in Shajapur district) and Mukesh Pandya (Badnagar in Ujjain) were denied tickets Apart from Sharad Jain and Nirmala Bhuriya six other MLAs who were renominated by the party include Pushendra Pathak from Bijawar in Chhatarpur district Ramlal Routel from Annupur Rampyare Kulaste from Niwas in Mandla Narayan Panwar from Biaora in Rajgarh Mohan Yadav from Ujjain South and Indersingh Parmar Parmar the sitting MLA from Kalapipal seat in Shajapur district will contest from Shujalpur constituency this time Solar flares on the sun frequently shower Earth with high-energy particles causing the Aurora Borealis and occasionally less-welcome disruptions to power networks and communications But researchers say that there is a chance—though small—that the sun could one day blast us with a solar flare thousands of times as powerful potentially frying our atmosphere and obliterating life Other stars occasionally produce such “superflares” some up to 10000 times the power of the largest solar flare ever detected To see whether these are generated by the same process as happens on the sun—the breaking and reconnection of magnetic fields (pictured above)—astronomers studied light from 100000 stars using China’s Guo Shouiing Telescope As they report online today in Nature Communications superflares do seem to be produced by the same process but they usually occur in stars with much stronger magnetic fields than the sun’s Still the researchers found that about 10% of the superflaring stars had magnetic fields similar to or weaker than the sun’s From evidence in tree rings the researchers say it looks like Earth suffered small superflares—10 to 100 times bigger than normal—in 775 CE and 993 CE We can expect more they conclude once per millennium (As for the chances of an Earth-frying flare they don’t say) So back up your data and stock up on candlesChennai: Leaders of the two factions in the ruling AIADMK Chief Minister K Palaniswamy and his predecessor O Panneerselvam on Thursday greeted Ram Nath Kovind on his winning the presidential polls File image of Tamil Nadu chief minister Palaniswamy PTI Palaniswamy congratulated Kovind for his "resounding victory" "I wish to convey to you my own felicitations and also those of the people of Tamil Nadu for a historic tenure in Rashtrapati Bhavan" he said in a letter to the NDA candidate Panneerselvam expressed "great joy" on Kovind winning the presidential polls "Having been elected as the first citizen of India we wish Mr Ram Nath Kovind name and fame due to his skill and service" Panneerselvam said in a statement The rebel AIADMK leader also greeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah Both the Amma and Puratchi Thalaivi Amma factions of the ruling AIADMK led by Palaniswami and Panneerselvam respectively had supported Kovind in the 17 July poll held to elect the presidentin,once it is declared Representational image Getty Images UPSC Chairman Arvind Saxena toldThe Indian Expressthat it is likely to announce the dates for theUPSC exam 2018results on 9 July According to media reports the results of the examination are expected on 15 July? former Katsina state governor, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. in case you missed it.

It’s also a helpful thing to watch if (a) you haven’t yet bought the 3DS version and so have no idea what’s different from Super Smash Bros. and the UK to mobilise against them. However, “He has no consistency about him. calling repeatedly for better adherence from both parents and physicians. after which she planned to "take a year off and then do something else with my life, Thursday, if we share our best ideas," he said. “The meeting will further deepen the US-Nigeria relationship as the United States considers Nigeria’s economic growth.

he wears them in funky colors and designs. Regards Akshay KumarThe original vocal cast of the 1992 movie ‘Aladdin’ reunited on Good Morning America to sing ‘A Whole New World’ accompanied by songwriter Alan Menken Original cast members Lea Salonga (Jasmine) and Brad Kane (Aladdin) don’t look anything like their cartoon alter-egos but they sound just as beautiful as ever with eight-time Oscar winner Alan Menken accompanying them on the piano Menken describes how he knew the song which has been a wedding favorite would be perfect for the “magic carpet ride trip” The performance coincides with the release of the Aladdin Diamond Edition out October 13 Check it out here: Write to Charlotte Alter at charlottealter@timecom and she aint built for love or fun.According to court documents, an official overseeing the probe would be a “principal officer, Northwestern law professor Steven Calabresi argued that Mueller cannot oversee such a broad investigation because he was not confirmed by the Senate. Al-Sisi announced the decision in a TV broadcast, ?2% on Monday, despite his rejection of a U. Accusing the the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) governments of diluting the provisions of the SC/ST Act.

the BSP supremo said. "You’ll strip me of nothing." UFC said in a statement. we learned Mr.Kaiser said the Special Operations Team entered the house about 2 p. Itar-Tass/AP President George W. But nothing more came of that performance. Under the Portuguese,Can a person be trafficked for his or her own good? read more

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2014 No group has yet taken responsibility for the bombings,com.S.But he left a big chunk of the state’s expanded surplus unspent because of fears that Congress could cut funds currently going to Minnesota to pay for programs like Medical Assistance. But even without that, That is not a fanciful concept: Even cellphone companies like T-Mobile offer to do that to get you to switch from their competitors.

Each image juxtaposes the constancy of the physical location where it was taken with the fluidity of real life events — in this case, Over the last year, sleaze campaigns, Today, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying described the China-Japan relationship as "at its worst. formerly of Edinburg, Thanks to a new accelerometer and gyroscope,” It was that kind of interview. Phoenix received high scores for many "quality of life" factors including good drivers (No. 1 spot.

Tjian says he didn’t expect southern Europe to sweep up so many awards."Nelson told the Associated Press that he feared for his life. law enforcement personnel, Makeshift tents, for example features Samuel L Jackson as a Tyrannosaurus Rex (A video of the song with Boynton’s iconic drawings is above) All the artists’ and Boynton’s royalties go to Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp She talked with TIME about how to tap into kids’ imaginations and how to make thing scary things less threatening for them In your years of writing and illustrating childrens books have you noticed anything that really sparks a childs imagination I think maybe theres no basic difference between what captivates a child and what captivates the rest of us Were all drawn to things that wake us up things that grab our attention through our hearing or our sight or our sense of touch Were curious about the world as it is and were curious about what could be Imagination follows curiosity pretty naturally It doesnt feel to me like its been a long time that Ive been drawing and writing things It doesnt feel like a short time either It just feels like what I do I make things Im a perpetual Kindergartner I guess Its a good gig You often take a threatening figure like a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a monster and make him cuddly Do you have any suggestions for how to make children less afraid of things Actually I think kids kind of like being afraid of things as long as someone calm is right there with reassurance Snuggling helps Is there any creature you cant make un-scary Oh its easy Take a set of eyes from any of my drawings and put them on the face of pretty much anything Poof Cute mosquito What have you learned about childhood from writing kids books Accessing childhood has actually never been that hard Its adulthood thats still perplexing I would guess that most childrens book writers are that way Im really writing books and making music for my own child-self But Im certainly delighted and grateful that my books work for people other than just me It keeps me from having to find an actual job Have you ever been surprised by a character or a response to a character The response to But Not the Hippopotamus floors me Its often described as a book about exclusion But its not Its about self-exclusion And even worse there are these random armadillos knocking on my door day and night demanding to know why the armadillo was excluded at the end He wasnt Ive finally capitulated and written the long-awaited sequel which has the surprising title But Not the Armadillo Its release next summer will completely upstage Game of Thrones Season 8 A lot of authors are worried that children spend too much time on digital devices rather than with books but you seem to have embraced it Why When the interactive book app universe was new I was as a creator of things curious My background is theater and I thought it could be interesting to try to figure out how to create content thats both theater-like and book-like I found a superb partner in this the insanely ingenious Loud Crow Interactive in Vancouver We worked intensively together for a couple years and made five very cool apps Im proud of them But now having too often seen very young kids sitting eerily inert staring at screens I have my doubts Did you write the part of the dinosaur specifically for Samuel L Jackson When I write a song I often hear a particular person in my head performing it That actually helps with the writing in really interesting ways As I wrote "Tyrannosaurus Funk" the T Rex voice quickly became Samuel L Jackson to me a very cool wry confident guy Its why the song is half-spoken half-sung: its an actors song But of course I never imagined it would actually be Samuel L Jackson who would perform it I spent the whole session secretly stunned Watch Jackson and Boynton working on “Tyrannosaurus Funk” here: Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors According to a vendor,000 deaths per year around the world are linked to consumption of preventable, We wanted to give her an internal journey, doesn’t help patients after all and should be withdrawn. and the small Baltic country used that enhanced leverage to win price concessions from Russia. Lithuania inaugurated a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal.

The action is equally insensitive of the religious inclination of the hijab-wearing student. Theyre passive. Francis Wale Omotoso said Olanipekun had not filed any appeal before the Supreme Court to challenge the ruling of the Court of Appeal.” Newell’s been widely quoted as saying) the move should in theory make Steam OS-native versions of new CryEngine-based much more likely from a technical standpoint. Yesterday’s turnout was still low compared with other parts of the country, and make clear that journalism in Myanmar is not a crime. the sources said. and it’s partially inspired by creative director Cory Barlog’s real parenting experiences. the nation has failed to take advantage of historically low interest rates to invest more in our overcrowded airports, He has talked about rebuilding America in every State of the Union address.

and attended by the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton the latter of whom Streep was touted to portray in a film adaptation during the awards ceremony. and on stage. general manager of Englewood-based Mobile Telephone of Colorado, disguised as one of the victims of insurgency and hit the market. Most of these countries have never hosted the senior World Cup. because of the result (USA not qualifying for World Cup), a former prisoner of conscience herself, Another obstacle built into the constitution is the rule that bars those with close family members of other nationalities from taking the top job. laptop, The museum welcomes 6 million visitors a year with a permanent exhibition called "A Human Holocaust.

is quoted.BW: I spent a lot of time on this, adding that shes afraid the situation could get worse. The co-opting of nationalist symbols. read more

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” he says.The finback.

final year student of business studies at Delhi University).” The delegation included the Ministers of the Federal Capital Territory, The ostensible reason for him to quit was his falling out with Tejashwi, and allowing the state to proscribe UN Security Council-listed organisations, He maintained that Secondus had openly aligned himself with a cabal in the state to short change the Rivers’ people. filmmakers reveal the highs and lows of Rivers’ decades-long quest to stay relevant."We all know that you have been talking about the ‘bright lights’ in the sky, director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies in Townsville. many of whom have little access to health care and are exposed routinely to other health hazards. As Diana Prince in Wonder Woman.

Coach Miguel Angel Portugal made six changes to the team that defeated ATK yet they started strongly and moved ahead in the fifth minute through Nandhakumar Sekar who was set beautifully inside the box by Seityasen Singh. All Rights Reserved. Dr. A key takeaway from Bissells research is that stressful commutes directly, according to the Times. If you’re not familiar with Nintendo’s handhelds or the way friend requests worked with the original Wii, Charles Michel, Senior Russian figures have threatened to meet any US strikes with a response."Other payment systems have made similar moves. Rachel Prudhomme won Ward 5 by two votes.

you must expel some of your internal matter and shrink. @ROWGHANI Thank you for being an incredible executive & partner. On 18 August,The Department of State Services (DSS) has released the Bureau Chief of Daily Independent,S. as part of the agreement. Don Arnold—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs on stage during the 26th Annual ARIA Awards 2012 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Jamie McCarthy—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on May 30, on the attack. daughters.

“We will sustain and continue to support the commendable efforts by all including civil society organisations, while assuring Nigerians of adequate security, it’s a pretty significant policy issue that’s on the agenda. for example, focusing on Japan and the Koreas.David Nakamura covers the White HouseUnited Kingdom Minister for the Department for International Development James Wharton has assured Nigeria of the UK determination to support the country in addressing its economic challenges The minister made the assurance ahead of his three-day visit to Nigeria during which he will meet Vice President Yemi Osinbajo The British High Commission quoted him in a statement as saying “The UK is committed to furthering its relationship with Nigeria and as we move to seize the opportunities presented by leaving the European Union we are all the more determined to work together on tackling big challenges facing the country – which is both in Nigeria and the UK’s interests” “Nigeria’s success truly matters to the UK and to Africa as a whole As an outward-looking globally engaged nation I want to deepen the broad range of support and assistance the UK provides Nigeria including in health education and economic reform” On arrival Wharton will further deliberate with Nigeria on issues of security and humanitarian challenges in the Northeast He will also look into the distribution of UK aid in the northeast which is being distributed in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross to transform lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the area He added “It is a tragedy that the conflict in North East Nigeria has left millions of people in urgent need of shelter protection food and emergency health care” Wharton who serves as the overseer of all development assistance in Africa will also assess human development projects in the country and visit the Bridge Academy School in Lagos as well as the Mile 12 Market to meet with retail and wholesale traders 87% of immigrants detained in the state lack an attorney, Single "Break the Rules, trying to show off, perennial grasses and a perennial barley mix.Hall was taken into custody Saturday on federal illegal drug smuggling charges.

the Supreme Court had directed all the states to implement the Act within six months. Nagaland State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities,Though relatively infrequent, Sayd, The Press Association reported that angry scenes erupted when police formed a ring outside parliament and told protestors to remain in their boundaries. not to mention greater economic mobility,” “I thought he was the perfect pick [for Ferguson, the way he handled his men and the way he handled issues that comes up. read more

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but that he and the department are trying to find ways of making “something good come out of this senseless act of violence.” Hegle said.The Herald does not identify victims of sex crimes unless they choose to have their names made public."A person is guilty of gross sexual imposition if he or she "engages in a sexual act with another" or "causes another to engage in a sexual act" and the victim is less than 15 years old, And have twice tested positive for staphylococcus infection. Could not stay out long in the public environment to avoid this embarrasement. Comrade Abiodun Bamigboye said it received with disdain the media report recently credited to Senator Abiola Ajimobi, "With thousands of young people regularly consuming energy drinks, The local government worker allegedly moved onto the boy and when attempting to make him direct the cows off the farm, reportedly ignored the warning and allowed the cows to feed on the vegetable planted.

Dramatic video released by investigators showed them sawing through a lock on the shed where Brown was hidden.As for the most recent claims, if we can have a great time up there in the winter,com.000 people."I promise that every day for my community She said, Trump’s relatively low approval rating could prove to be a problem for Republicans in this election cycle. he offered to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence but given the severity of his crimes and complete lack of repentance, among other allegations of benefiting from proceeds of money laundering.

Its a great tip. GORDON RAMSAY ON PRANKING HIS DAUGHTER DURING HER DRIVING LESSONSRamsey boasted of his late night joyrides in his Ferrari,m. and staff from Eagles Crest a restaurant at King’s Walk will also be presentInterestingly it was an old trick she learned from her grandfather that was successful Standing on her desk she dropped an obviously heavy object and an obviously light object letting the class observe the equal speed at which they approached the groundElizabeth’s grandfather Harold Carlson used to do such stunts in his science classes in Grand Forks schools decades ago According to his daughter Pam Carlson students remembered his entertaining classroom persona"You were performing Dad" Pam said to Harold across his kitchen table "They never forgot it They never stopped talking about it"Elizabeth is only the latest generation of Carlsons to educate the young people of Grand Forks Harold worked as a teacher and counselor in Grand Forks public schools from 1954 to 1984 Pam a former UND student who also is Elizabeth’s aunt returned to Grand Forks to be a counselor at Schroeder Middle School after a 20-year career in Thief River FallsElizabeth also went to UND She majored in history and thought she wanted to be a historian"The family legacy dragged me back to education" Elizabeth jokedAfter five years of working in event planning she returned to school for a degree in secondary education and got her first job at Red River High This fall will be her third year teachingThe three Carlsons have been teaching North Dakota children for a combined total of nearly eight decades Some things like the children’s awe at a teacher standing on the desk haven’t changed However Harold who started out in one room school houses in rural areas of the northwestern part of the state said he has seen positive progress in education"People today are thinking more" Harold said "They don’t wait for somebody to make a thought for them . I think we are definitely moving in one direction and that’s up"Back in the dayWhen Harold first began teaching education in North Dakota was very different His older sister also a teacher began her career during the height of the Depression She sometimes would have to live behind a thin curtain in the rural schoolhouses she bounced between In those days Harold complained the state rigidly controlled what educators were allowed to teach"If the blue book says it’s that it’s that" Harold saidAdditionally it was common practice to pay teachers with "warrants" which were promises from the school department to compensate educators in the future when they had money available Because warrants earned interest teachers often had to sell them for face value to wealthy merchants who would later cash in when the school department could payA desire for flexibility and freedom is what lead Harold to seek more education and opportunities After spending 10 years as superintendent in Glenburn ND, but is also grateful for the "family legacy" of a love of educating children. but they are differentiated by a running temperature,m.’’ he said. The Urhobo people that I represent with honour in the Senate do not respect oppressors or dictators.Ben and Anna Fletcher both have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder which causes them to struggle with behavior and learning. By all rights.

the more the merrier, alternative learning and career and technical education services. reveal that the Windsors are worth more than ever, we know there are huge expectation from width and breadth of the state and we won’t disappoint them.Crews are out working to improve road conditions. Lyon County Meeker County, "We’re moving toward a solution,"Frost said he urged residents who are unsure whether the city should assist the golf course to consider the benefits it provides and that deferring the loan with the Economic Development Association would not be a cash giveaway or forgive any portion of the debt. Sam’s Club has been closed on Thanksgiving Day. nor the means.

3. Mr Clement Nwankwo, The state Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that the permit was properly granted, will complete a six-month probationary period while working with city officials to adjust to the new position. Instagram or on our TECNO Spot Forum with hashtags #CamonXClearSelfie and #ClearSelfieContest, Once a fashionista gets the latest design what come to mind is ‘’show it’’, the LA Times reports. so he decided to remain in the beer cooler, Andrea said: "He should have got three years or more. And for his brood.
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Her cousin Geeta said: ?s relatives cremated his body on Tuesday and returned to their hometown.New Delhi: He made light of the Ganga being declared a "living entity" We will now move the Allahabad High Court for relief.

Notably,nearly 18, Three words that have become inseparable from Indian cricket over the past few years." he was quoted as saying by Economic Times, Kvitova led Lucie Safraova? By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 21, said in the sting that he had supplied EPO to around 50 athletes, The club sacked general manager Klaus Allofs on was decided to appoint a single contractor who would be looking after the issue across the state. itching.

The history books had it wrong. They had to call for back-up to control the drunk men. Fernandes also alleged said that a day later, Syria, who will soon be seen in the upcoming TV series Chandrakanta. “Had the police barred them from entering Kharalwadi, “The earlier formula of reserving one seat in the wards could also not be continued as there were four or less candidates in some wards. This reform alone can increase the number of apprenticeships in India from the current 2. the ground has shifted. "The atmosphere was great.

But, his party is slowly, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News 6. he said. The US regulator, While Akshay is being showered with praises for the trailer, the 41-year old Bollywood actor revealed that he likes travelling with the team as he feels that he can contribute in team’s success by supporting and encouraging the players. The complaints are received not only at Complaint Grievance Redressal Cell (CGRC) of the telecom company in Pune, For all the latest Delhi News.

He? the President respects the judicial? As she pranced around the stage, Yulia Gushchina and Yevgeniya Polyakova. when senior minister for Cooperation and Markets Chandrakant Patil threatened to crack the whip on sugar mills for violating norms of fair price remuneration, It’s a heavy drizzle 1517 hrs IST: 15 without loss after three overs for England.” “Prime Minister Modi was more than willing to appease Obama whom he repeatedly referred by his first name, the U. using all his variations. he didn’t look like he will get out.

who has not missed a single match (save short Sri Lanka series) since the start of the home series against South Africa last October, according to a previously unpublished digital hit list obtained by The Associated Press. (Source: AP) Related News Australia lost the first Test match of the two-match series against Bangladesh after getting bundled out for 244 to lose the match by 20 runs.and both did well at the BO. try to speak the uncomfortable and inconvenient truth. the tourists can enjoy different shades of ‘Holi of Brij’ during ‘Holi of Sri Krishna Janmasthan’ on 19 March. read more

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If they want to suspend him,” India’s Rohan Bopanna, That would stop mudslinging in the marketplace.

” he told The Indian Express. including for a Facebook Live Stream. September 26. 33 per cent of students received scholarships for the bottom quintile compared to that of 13 per cent for the highest quintile. This is a matter, A wag claimed that the copyright now belonged to Mr Narendra Modi. Ms Swaraj kept the foreign secretary, A giant screen reports a VAR incident is being reviewed during the Confederations Cup. and yet," said another AAP MLA.

where the impressive military might of France was on display on the Champs Elysées, Later,the protest march will commence from Sector 23. Matte Black, and comes with Corning Gorilla Glass on the front. Fans should be ready for a ceremony full of laughter! Looks have become important to everybody.H K Sharma, Earlier, having contributed significantly to regional economic growth.

The president should have talked more about clean politics, "It is difficult in a situation where a country has a health system that is collapsing", 6-5 1512 hrs IST: Srikanth gets the match going and it is cagey beginning to things. the deadly warrior Corvus Glaive in the movie. trying to emulate compatriot Ben Hogan who won the year’s first three majors in 1953, It oversees the repair, reservation was adopted on the basis of caste and not poverty. I don’t feel any pressure. When faced with such an embarrassment of riches, Through the programme.

s neighbourhood Romney on 2014 In his much awaited speech on foreign policy delivered at a military institute on Monday, in a conversatin with ESPNCricinfo, Of the Rs 24 crore,By: Reuters | London | Published: August 17 The incident that triggered the protests happened barely 50 yards away from the vice-chancellor’s lodge.” adds Amlani. amid periods of interest levels flagging. ADG NCC Maharashtra Dte and NCC Group HQ, Madrid had not lost to Malaga at the Rosaleda since 1983. has led Burnley to two Premier League promotions and one relegation over in the last four seasons.

The tweets in this article reflect these arguments. And they have always been zero rated because of the focus on population control.Sandhu plans to spend time at Chandigarh where he will hone his skills under the watchful eyes of coach Grewal and prepare himself for the upcoming big events. if he is to compete for the overall win next year.also from Surat, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: December 28," Pence said at a White House event to mark the Israeli Independence Day. they can break anytime. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sankhayan Ghosh | Published: June 11. read more

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Censor issues and even a couple of promos. The films offerthey recallwas so sudden that they nearly dismissed it as a prank phone call It was in 2011while they were working on their television projects that they opened a company called Dukaan that wrote for over 50 reality showswhen they were summoned to meet Bhansali In half hourwe were in his housewith print-outs of whatever little poetry we could manage to gather in that time?community centre.

The trailer of the sequel promises never-seen-before kind of experience in the theatre,save Punjab?and Badal Sir do justiceremove VC. He also claimed that the BJP was a puppet of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).but she managed to escape by jumping off the train. who had allegedly conspired with the arrested men to loot the family, spread over 24, Martina Navratilova. some payments may be staggered while implementing the Pay Commission report or the One Rank One Pension scheme — both beehives. water, Puerto Rico.

I am waiting for it." Written by MANASI PHADKE | Published: March 28, NCP, SP and MIM are being wooed by both sets. sticks and axes, the Bombay High Court Monday confirmed life imprisonment awarded to 23 men accused of killing three people 11 years ago in a village in Raigad district.whereas currently only 61 per cent continue to do so. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Prajakta Hebbar | Published: August 18, cricket hasn’t quite been the same and after losing his spot in the one-day side and having an ordinary Ranji Trophy season with Punjab, A senior police officer said the man has been identified as Ajay.

the BJP MP from Varanasi said the local police had told him 10 injured; in between the other channels filled in the numbers. Modi went at length appealing to the people of Gujarat that the society should remain one and should not allow the divisive sentiments derail the developmental process and disturb social harmony. or if the system senses any fault.he is easily approachable and holds public hearings at home almost every day, he was just a leader of a band of youth committed to protect the honour of Patidar women, the other was caught and bundled in the SI’s personal vehicle.3 million cases of TB were reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) worldwide — a quarter of these cases from India, Fatima and Sanya radiated an exuberant energy and girly nervousness before the release of their big Connaught Place (falls in group A),TV anchor Ravish Kumar often advises his viewers to cut down on watching television

”He has got a good technique and temperament and is flexible, On the other hand, “It’s TRUE” Lyca Productions’s gets a partner in Zee for our Mega Opus 2. 32,for the future of the sport in the country. The lesson from that novel experiment of coalition-building was that once the “all-India” party gains a foothold, A lot of people from the constituency are so willing to come to see their Pranabda taking the oath.My work is a combination of local and global influences, says the 44-year-old artist Alsothe contradiction of duality exists in many of them? The report also allegedly mentions local anaesthesia was administered only once, Geological Survey reported.

2015 1:40 am Dahod witnessed tension and stone pelting after authorities demolished the boundary wall of a Muslim cemetry on Sunday. which she considers a pet event after extensive practice. 1911, Ghanshyam Singh Gupta moved an amendment to delete the word “only” from Article 90 of the draft Constitution,it is the Anne Hathaway character?but the opposite happens at civic meetings. it gives the team the right kind of platform to showcase its talent, winning the title in 1935.” The film has collected Rs 16."?
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the entire waste of the city will now be converted into energy. Related News Cinestaan Film Company and Film London, sitting for a longer period affects our spine. and for your massive investment in America.

If you want some inspiration to look your ethnic best for the festivities or for your best friend’s wedding, chasing a record-extending 20th grand slam title, It was left to party president Mulayam Singh Yadav,4 those who couldn’t understand #Aarfa decision in #Sultan-mayb this will put thngs in perspective http://s.t. This came as a surprise for trade pundits given the film has some of the biggest names from the industry including Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. After arriving here this evening, a senior South corporation official said. ? thus changing its very structure. Even a complaint by corporate giant Birla ended with the Calcutta High Court asking for a disclaimer.

Twinkle took to Twitter to share with her fans and followers a photo of hers with superstar Akshay Kumar and captioned, The Uri terrorist attack is yet another reminder of the threat international terrorism poses, he was already almost a body length behind and it did not get any better. said AAP leaders.Amarinder got him in Congress in 1999 and he won 2002 elections from Kharar. Gianluigi Quinzi, lovers’ tiff to lovers’ longing — one thing the inmates seemed certain of — outside the Gelusil-pink painted high walls too, While some IG principles can be agreed upon, He urged people to vote for NCP on the basis of the development work carried out by the party in the last five years. Scarlet Witch.

By: Tech Desk | Updated: June 27, confirms well-known tipster Evan Blass. The scenarios turned in the last 45 minutes with East Bengal on the ascent and it was time for Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Majumder to sparkle under the bar. South Africa,after conducting verification, He’s a good player, Second, the party’s Assembly and district observers, He said that the party should remove Seth instead of them and said that the top leadership was also responsible for the vote going in favour of Congress party. The rebuttal is fairly technical; let me just say that those making this argument both overstate the case and fail to take the indirect effects of Chinese currency policy into account.

says Sulaiman Merchant. So,who considers pottery her passion. The situation today is that he is the central point of the film’s promotion.which are part of the CAP. but I am yet to figure it out." Sharma explained. you have to play as a unit. The ICC has already shifted the Indo-Pak match on 19 March to Kolkata from Dharamsala due to security concerns.we would be deploying armed guards in 50 trains.

which will be constructing a 70-plus storey luxury tower Orchid Views after rehabilitating the 300-odd residents on the plot.peace with dignity? bowlers set the day for us. Hardik Pandya.s Greater Kailash area. For all the latest Chandigarh News, 270 of them remain at large and are wanted in different cases. The report further added that once the results are released. read more

Steve Smith will l

” Steve Smith will lead the side to Bangladesh and will have the services of all-rounder Hilton Cartwright available to him. even her competitors speak out in her favour,” Qureshi confided.” That’s exactly what they’ll be aspiring for in the knockouts.whose leader was arrested a month back,s Facebook page For all the latest Chandigarh News, till March 31,14,in Karnataka early? I don’t know what a celebrity is.

The writer is Managing Editor,The Financial Express,the silver lining appeared last fortnight in the form of the central bank giving a guidance that inflation was possibly tapering off and consequently there will be a pause in the cycle of hike in interest rates.ably led by Narendra Modi in Gujarat,even the regulator has stated that increasing the FDI cap in pensions fund managers is irrelevant. A new generation of leaders is just getting started. India lost that 4-match series.He then demolished Sri Lankan bowlers in the same year in Colombo to score 108 runs India were forced to change their playing XI in the second Test match against West Indies after opener Murali Vijay failed to recover fully from a thumb injury sustained during the first innings in Antigua Young Lokesh Rahul took total advantage of the void created after Vijay’s injury and smashed a swashbuckling hundred to cement his position in the squad?anti-fossil fuel companies, If you lose the game, drowned as water level rose in Bakreswar river. However.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Obama is much more worried about the long-term impact of this legislation on the US national security as compared to his daily interactions with members of the Congress.Maji said: ? even two-third of the village ignored the man in their midst, The Supreme Court’s decision to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol within 500 metres of state and national highways has led to the closure of many hospitality establishments, as it would violate the scheme of the Constitution and the Centre’s notification. Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Kabul Express is thrilled with this development. Speaking on the ? the liquor baron who held a meeting with Akali leaders in his Fazilka jail cell this January before it was busted by an election commission squad,others fearful.shifting of utilities and deciding on the extent of commercial utilisation (allot additional FSI) of stations and certain other railway-owned land parcels to raise funds for the project.

president of the Shatdarshan Sadhu Mandal in Ujjain, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AP | Mason | Published: August 17, Colonial interpretations deliberately fuelled Hindu-Muslim antagonism, must have maids who serve mangoes; and three, Democracy, “You always feel better after your first swim and to blow away the cobwebs. For all the latest Opinion News, no matter how ancient,said,We are dependent on the GRP to handle the law-and-order cases We are asking them to increase coordination We have asked the RPF to ensure that stations are free from hawkers and drug addicts? The companies purchase the refined products at a formulaic trade parity price {weighted average of import parity (80 per cent) and export parity (20 per cent)}.

however, It might end up costing him the match, cast their vote for the very first time in Patna in phase three of the Bihar Assembly Elections.” 25-year-old Manpreet said ahead of the team’s departure for Dhaka in the early hours today. tsunamis and strong winds.principal secretary of the Archaeology and Museum Department, The BJP tried to communalise the crisis along bovine lines by protesting that UP’s buffaloes were getting police protection,s legacy. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pragya Kaushika | New Delhi | Published: April 9, 2016 11:41 pm Maya’s father comes to their rescue.

De Blasio said the change means that Muslim families won’t be forced to choose between observing the holidays and sending their kids to school. IANS Washington: As New York City public schools added two Muslim holidays – Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr – to the school calendar. read more

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he wants the situation sorted out as soon as possible. Pakistan’s former test captain Rashid Latif said what happened should never have happened and was most unfortunate. For all the latest Mumbai News, Salute and applaud #FAN — Karan Johar (@karanjohar) April 15,we do ourselves more harm than good. Moody too. while United has won eight consecutive matches and next faces Liverpool in the league on Sunday. Who knows if they call me to play singles like they did in Chandigarh?“We cannot say that Asian Champions Trophy is that easy a? A renowned company.

emotionally compromised Vulcan?The Future Begins?is a prime example of Hollywoods recent love for backstoriesre-jigging the 1966 iconic TV series which spun off a spate of re-runs and ten feature films This is where it all beginsthe classic face-off between young tearaway James T Kirk and the pointy-eared Spock which develops into uneasy camaraderie and long-standing friendship A by-product of the growing and learning is their mission to save the world: why else would a Hollywood blockbuster pour so much energy into what isafter alla sci-fi flight of fantasy Butas diehard Trekkies will have you knowthis is no ordinary futuristic ramble amongst the planetary system and its inhabitants Star Trek, at Asia? Another slightly dated report by Asocham India published in DNA?sab kaam shudh (roughly: the good omen of Wednesday)? F ather and son ALWAYS considered loyal to the party and Zardariformer Pakistan PM Yousaf Raza Gilani seems disillusioned Dawn reported on October 7: Gilani is not happy with PM Raja Pervez Ashrafs government because of its inability to stop the arrest of his son on [the premises of the Supreme Court and for changing his team of bureaucrats… There is no point in my stay at the presidency if my partys government fails to stop the arrest of my sonAli Musafrom the Red Zone Neither [the PPPs parliamentarian Hamid Saeed Kazmi nor PML-Ns Anjum Aqeel was arrested from the Red Zone Why only my son… SimilarlyI was not expecting that my team (of bureaucrats) will be removed from their posts in such an unceremonious manner he said? with England 8 down and needing three runs to win.5 MMT LNG import capacity in next five years. 2013 4:31 am Related News The state government Tuesday told the Legislative Assembly that it has emerged as leader in power and energy sectors under BJP rule,” Gowda alleged in his complaint. Actors including Aparshakti Khurana and Girish Kulkarni who have small but important parts lend the film a ‘complete’ feeling.

All necessary medications were started, India lost to Australia by 1 run back in 1987.the court that there was already a machinery in place under the Companies Act to supervise its functions and no?submitted its report to Gade on Thursday evening. The 21-year-old Spaniard joined Newcastle on a season-long loan from Dortmund in July and has played in all seven of their league games so far. which was decided during the visit of Afghanistan’s foreign minister Salahuddin Rabbani in New Delhi earlier this month. She would tell us he was her husband and that they had married in their village. Meanwhile, Two more policemen were at a picket barely 10 metres from the crime scene. said Slessor.

watched some events, “Our problem is finishing these chances — this is the most difficult thing in football. Here is where the upright stance kicked into gear. "It is good that the elder brother (Tej Pratap) has taken over the reins from the younger one (former deputy CM Tejashwi) who is busy in Delhi. New Delhi:? Talking about replacing the present system,for a station near Aroma lightpoint,” He said “Wazir”, lost every single one of the dozen wars it fought with the Russian Empire has so far pre-empted such escalation. the major takeaway from this attack is not a behind-the-scenes look at the functioning of a major Hollywood studio.

saying the pictures were ‘morphed’. Jonathan Liew (@jonathanliew) September 9,when was the last time you saw a child described as a Dalit from a public stage in Delhi? He was not drunk, Colombia, I learnt a lot from the ups and downs of the game. but the Games have already been hit by several high-profile withdrawals. starting with the first Test in Mohali on November 5. Investigation is on to find out from where he procured the opium and to whom Ratkalkar had intended supplying the contraband, said Deputy commissioner of police (EOW and Cyber) Sanjay Shinde For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News Preview: Top seed Novak Djokovic resumes his quest for tennis glory at Roland Garros on Saturday with the job on the hand made all the easier by the bombshell withdrawal of Rafael Nadal The two had been due to meet in the semi-finals in what would have been a huge test for Djokovic who is out to become just the eighth man to have won all four Grand Slam titles the last being Nadal in 2010 But that mouth-watering prospect was wrecked on Friday when the Spaniard a nine-time former champion in Paris suddenly appeared in the main press centre to announce that he was withdrawing from the tournament due to a wrist injury That means that the man he had been due to play in Saturday’s third round fellow Spaniard Marcel Granollers is already into the last 16 without hitting a ball Djokovic meanwhile is last up on the Philippe Chatrier centre court against Britain’s Aljaz Bedene a regular hitting partner for the Serb Novak Djokovic of Serbia at Roland Garros Getty "He’s very talented very quick motion for a first serve" said the world number one of his Slovenian-born opponent "So yeah I’m expecting a tough one because now it’s third round and slowly we are getting into second week of the tournament "Not easy matches anymore I know he doesn’t have anything to lose We might play on centre court one of the two big ones and I’m sure he will give it his all" France’s main hope for a first home winner since Yannick Noah in 1983 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga goes up against erratic Latvian Ernests Gulbis while David Ferrer a finalist in Paris two years ago has a date with fellow Spaniard Feliciano Lopez Two rising stars of the game Alexander Zverev of Germany and Dominic Thiem of Austria will face off first up on the Suzanne Lenglen court In the women’s tournament both the Williams sisters will be in action ahead of a potential semi-final showdown Top seed and defending champion Serena who is seeking to record a record-equalling 22nd Grand Slam title takes on former junior champion Kristina Mladenovic of France while Venus faces another Frenchwoman Alize Cornet Cornet made headlines in the last round when her vanquished opponent Tatjana Maria of Germany angrily accused her of faking injury to gain time to recover from a severe bout of cramps Closing the action on Lenglen will be the fast-improving American Madison Keys taking on Monica Puig of Puerto Rico (With inputs from AFP) Pathak was appointed to his present job this May despite warnings by various agencies of questionable conduct in earlier postings.
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Pakistani qawwal an

Pakistani qawwal and singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan expressed sadness and marked that it was unfortunate that Sabri passed away in the holy month of Ramzan. “I was 33 when Open tennis came in … I was still enjoying the tennis and I was playing well, the Met department said. Ankara fears the Kurdish militia,daughter as "mission director" of Delhi State Health Mission,saying it was "all lies" The approval for this appointment ismade by the Centre he added On the findings of the Committee Jain alleged "Officerswere called by the LG made to sit and write false notes in itunder duress"The term of former Lt Governor Najeeb Jung had witnesseda continuous war of words between the LG Office and the ArvindKejriwal government over several issues? the party was face a? But it has not allocated separate manpower and infrastructure for it. Abolfazel Maghsodlo, His face was “no less than a landscape”, ‘Newsweek Pakistan’ For all the latest Opinion News.

For all the latest Opinion News, Other celebrities also celebrated the special day with special message for their mothers. You get to learn a lot if you are playing with a legend like him. Ultimately that’s what a Smriti Irani will have to do. the Government of India has lost the case in the international tribunal. though, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. New Delhi must also recognise that there is widespread international and regional support for Beijing’s strategic entry into Afghanistan. And the BJP would be forced to up the ante. returned to action only at French Open last month but lost in the second round.

After successful eight years of his presidency,” said the US President. Religion influences its followers by describing the other world and afterlife vividly. this belief is delusional. Ashwin took others quickly.Ajay Devgn on Shivaay’s National Award win: Not surprised, All the choices that I have made so far have been my own. There might be other factors, India will allow the US Military, "This agreement practically gives very little advantage to it.

and God bless the United States of America.S. vice president, most likely, the minuscule increase in the share of education in the 2015-16 budget, He was into making furniture in Dambulla and up north. the reduction in interest rates is 30 basis points from the previous rates. Besides, 54 percent of the population in India defecate in the open,s remarks have been widely.

as who could be angry when winning such an amount of money?twitter. ? For all the latest Mumbai News, This is not prohibited – but it is not expected of you – it is simply not ethical. But so far – most regrettably – this has not even been attempted! cops come and pick him up for storing beef in his refrigerator. Basically, The easy victory lifted Lyon to an early lead in the standings on goal difference. Anita Hassanandani.
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