From bean to bar: Marou makes pure unadulterated chocolate

first_img Alcohol Brands and B-Corp Certification: Who Is Doing It and Why? Deep Sleep: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Hotel Rooms After Samual Maruta and Vincent Mourou-Rochebois met in Vietnam in 2010, the two discovered they shared an interest in chocolate. “I told Sam wanted to check out the cacao farms in the countryside and he said, “Let’s do it” and pulled out his map,” recalls Mourou-Rochebois. The pair rode their motorbikes sixty miles from Ho Chi Minh City to the province of Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu, where they spotted a sign for a cacao farm.“When we approached it, we saw cacao beans drying out in the sun,” Mourou-Rochebois recalls. “We bought two kilos of beans from the farmer.” On their way back to Ho Chi Minh City, Maruta suggested they start a company. Mourou-Rochebois laughingly asked, “What, making chocolate?” And Maruta replied, “Why not?”The duo opened their chocolate company Marou on the outskirts of Ho Chi Min City, selling their chocolate bars only in Vietnam for the first six month. Now Marou chocolate can be found around the world. “We’re the first artisanal, bean-to-bar company in Vietnam,” Maruta says. Both founders talked to  The Manual about their ‘Aha’ moment, Marou’s unique packaging and the importance of working directly with the cacao farmers in Vietnam.When did you realize you could make your chocolate company come to fruition?V: After our first test with cacao. We put the beans in the oven, took the skins off after roasting and made this thick mass. Then we stuck it in the fridge for 20 minutes, cut it up and tasted it. We looked at each other without saying anything and realized we had something. It wasn’t amazing chocolate but it had potential.Where did you go from there?V: in Vietnam, there are no machines for making chocolate and we realized we needed a certain machine to move forward: a wet grinder that a nearby Indian restaurant used for dosas, a dough made from lentil beans and chickpeas. We went to Singapore to get the machine and brought it back. That was a quantum leap in our chocolate making development. We could grind the beans down to something very fine–it started melting in the mouth. It started to look and feel like chocolate.Did you run into any roadblocks when starting Marou?S: For the first six months we worked out of my house. But we had big ideas and big plans.V: We tried to get our business license and open up in the center of Ho Chi Minh City–a shop up front and a workshop in the back where people could see how it’s made. That was part of our dream. But the authorities wouldn’t allow us.  So we decided to go elsewhere and make chocolate and we found the place where we are now, on the fringe of the city. And it ended up being the right thing for us.S: We’re growing. We’re taking on a hundred extra square meters to expand our factory. It’s satisfying to look back on how we’ve gone from nothing to something in just a little over two years.Marou currently offers five chocolate bars–how are they each distinct?V: The chocolate reflect each of the five provinces we work with. Each province has different soil configurations and micro-climates. Then the farmers add a touch as well. Just the way they handle the beans and dry them also affects the taste.S: The most distinctive is the Bà Rịa, the red one. People who eat our chocolates say it’s special and unlike any other chocolate out there. And professional chocolate makers always order that one.V: The soil there is very unique. It’s a red soil, so the chocolate has a little bit of a red tint. And it’s funny, it’s made with the beans from the first farmer we met. We’re still working with that farmer. We got lucky because he grows not only good beans but unique ones.How many cacao farms do you work with and where are they located?V: We work with about 10 farms. And the farmers have about  2 or 3 acres of land. Our closest farm is 60 miles from our factory.S: We’ve ridden bicycles to our farmers–it’s that close. All of the farms are in provinces in the south of Vietnam. It’s tropical and hot all year round, which is the perfect condition for cocoa.What are the reactions of the cacao farmers to your chocolate?S: In the beginning, they looked at us in a funny way. The chocolate they know has a lot of sugar in it. So I think they believe we’re slightly deranged to like such bitter chocolate [laughing].V: Also, other buyers in Vietnam don’t even taste or select their beans. They just buy bags and throw them onto a truck. But since we know that chocolate is only good as the beans, we spend a lot of times in the farms. Farmers present us with bags of about 50 to 70 pounds of beans, and then we sit and taste them. It’s time-consuming and they probably thought we were crazy at first. But now, they kind of get it. They understand what we’re looking for.Your chocolates come in striking, vibrant wrappers–who designed them?S: A company called Rice Creative, a two-man team who started their business the same time we were starting. We were their first clients so we stuck together.V: It took about 7 months to get wrappers that reflected our brand identity and incorporated a sense of  place. We wanted to take people on journey as soon as they opened it. And the wrappers quickly got us a lot of attention. Distributors all over were curious enough to request samples. They told us: “If the chocolate is as nice as the wrapper, we’ll definitely buy from you.”Lastlay, can you name all the ingredients in your chocolates?S: Cacao and cane sugar. That’s it. There are no additives.V: It’s really just about the cacao that we find from the farm. We don’t add vanilla, which is added to about 90% of dark chocolate on the market. In the beginning, we tested our chocolate with vanilla and realized we didn’t need it–our cacao is just good as it is.—Among Marou’s 12-member staff is Arnaud Normand, a chocolate maker who flew from France to learn about Marou’s bean-to-bar method. As Marou’s chocolate chef, Normand heads research and development for the company. Here’s his recipe for a flourless chocolate cake using Marou chocolate.Moelleux au Chocolat Marou (Serves 8)Ingredients:200 g Marou Tien Giang 70% or 65% Vietnam dark chocolate200g or 4 egg yokes200 g granulated sugar or less200 g unsalted butter25 g enriched white flourInstructions:Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees CelsiusChop up the chocolate into small pieces and melt with the butter at low heatIn a separate bowl, mix the sugar and the flourIncorporate the the eggs in with the sugar and flour mixture, then  mix until you obtain a pale yellow colorPour the egg/sugar/flour mixture into the molten chocolate mixture. Stir and mix until smoothPour into a thin tarte mold and place in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes Editors’ Recommendations 10 Top Shelf Vodka Brands that are Actually Worth a Damn An Honest Review of Smartwool’s New Intraknit Base Layer Zach Klein Is the Reason We’re All Obsessed with Cabin Pornlast_img read more

Minister Offers Condolences to Family of Deceased Worker

first_imgLabour and Advanced Education Minister Kelly Regan is sending condolences after a man died in Hants County today, Apr. 16. “This is a tremendously tragic day for this man’s family, friends and loved ones,” said Ms. Regan. “I want to assure them that our investigators are onsite to help find out what happened, and I hope that, in some way, this helps to provide them some comfort.” RCMP are investigating. A safety officer and investigator from the Department of Labour and Advanced Education are also on site, and will assist in any way they can. This is the seventh workplace fatality this year. In 2014, 19 Nova Scotians died at work or as a result of a work-related illness.last_img

No Ebola Cases in Morocco Health Ministry Says

Rabat – The Moroccan Health Ministry informed on Monday that there are no declared cases of the highly-contagious Ebola disease in Morocco.Following an Ebola scare, the Ministry said on Wednesday that after examining the Moroccan citizen in question, it turned out that he suffers from Malaria rather than Ebola, adding that he is recovering.The statement claimed that Guinea, where the disease first emerged nearly two years ago, “is not affected by Ebola” cases at the moment. However, Guinea still struggles to eradicate the deadly virus, while its neighboring country Sierra Leone marked the end of the Ebola outbreak within its borders, last Saturday. The World Health Organization recorded seven cases of Ebola in Guinea in the past 21 days, according to the organization’s November 4 situation report.Though Guinea has seen the least cases and deaths from the disease compared to its neighbors, with just over 2,500 dead from about 3,800 cases, , the deadly virus hangs on as residents resist warnings and safer practices, the WHO noted read more

Jaffna bound bus crashes into truck one killed eight injured

One person was killed and eight others were admitted to hospital.The victim was said to be the assistant driver of the bus. (Colombo Gazette) A Jaffna bound bus crashed into a truck killing one person and injuring eight others.The luxury bus was travelling from Colombo to Jaffna when it crashed into the truck at Panikankulam.

Annan says Israeli blockade of Lebanon must not be a collective punishment

“I think it is important that that is lifted and not be seen as collective punishment of the Lebanese people, and Israel itself has said it has no quarrel with the Lebanese people… But in any event, I think that the blockade cannot be sustained for long,” Mr. Annan said at a joint press conference with Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdul Elah al-Khatib. The Secretary-General also criticized Israel’s use of cluster bombs during the 34-day conflict with Hizbollah, many of which still lie unexploded over large areas of the Lebanese countryside. However, after his meetings in Lebanon and Israel this week, Mr. Annan said he remains confident a lasting agreement can be put in place. “I think those kinds of weapons should not be used in civilian and populated areas and we are working very hard through our mine-action unit to de-mine as quickly as possible. I ask the Israeli authorities to give us maps and indications of where these bombs were dropped.” “And of course even though we have gone through a very difficult period, I still believe we have an opportunity or a chance to turn the tragic events of recent weeks into something more constructive and turn a page and establish a normal reasonable relationship between Lebanon and Israel.” After his discussions with the Foreign Minister, Mr. Annan also met His Majesty King Abdullah bin Hussein, who he also briefed on the recent conflict and the need to shore up resolution 1701 that brought the cessation of hostilities on 14 August. “I expect, and I did make this clear to the Israeli authorities, that when the international forces have reached 5,000 and are deploying to the south with the Lebanese that it’s time for them to withdraw and withdraw completely from southern Lebanon,” he told reporters. “This would be a truly international force. Of course, Europe has provided a large number of forces and they… are the backbone of the force. But we will be bringing in troops from other regions. There will be Islamic troops on the ground Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey has also offered… So we will have an international force with troops coming in from both western and Islamic countries.” From Jordan, Mr. Annan flew to Damascus, where he briefed Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Muallem on his latest discussions over the ending of the conflict in Lebanon and stressed Syria’s role in ensuring the full implementation of Security Council resolution 1701. The Secretary-General is scheduled to meet President Bashar al-Assad tomorrow. He also met UN staff working in Syria earlier today. read more

Uber to investigate sexual harassment claim by engineer

by Danica Kirka And David Koenig, The Associated Press Posted Feb 20, 2017 4:47 pm MDT Last Updated Feb 20, 2017 at 5:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Uber to investigate sexual harassment claim by engineer FILE – In this file photo taken Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014, a woman walks past the company logo of the internet car service, Uber, in San Francisco, USA. Uber’s chief executive ordered an urgent investigation Monday Feb. 20, 2017, into a sexual harassment claim made by a female engineer who alleged her prospects at the company evaporated after she complained about advances from her boss. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, FILE) LONDON – Uber’s chief executive ordered an investigation Monday into a sexual-harassment claim made by a female engineer who said her prospects at the company evaporated after she complained about advances from her boss.In a blog post about her year at Uber, Susan Fowler Rigetti said the company’s human resources department ignored her complaints because her boss was a high performer.CEO Travis Kalanick responded Monday on Twitter that he had instructed the ride-hailing app company’s chief human resources officer to look into Rigetti’s charges.“What’s described here is abhorrent & against everything we believe in,” Kalanick tweeted. “Anyone who behaves this way or thinks this is OK will be fired.”The engineer, who goes alternately by Fowler or Rigetti online, said she joined Uber in November 2015 as a site-reliability engineer in San Francisco. She said that on her first official day on her team at Uber, her boss propositioned her in a string of messages on the company chat.She took screen shots of the messages because they were “clearly out of line.”“Upper management told me that he ‘was a high performer’ (i.e. had stellar performance reviews from his superiors) and they wouldn’t feel comfortable punishing him for what was probably just an innocent mistake on his part,” she wrote.Rigetti said she changed assignments but found her career path blocked. She said sexism was rampant at Uber, although her original boss eventually left the company. Fowler also left, joining an online-payments company.Rigetti’s remarks will strike a nerve among those trying to bolster the number of women in science and engineering, who have long argued that the male-dominated atmosphere discourages talented women from seeking careers in the sector.“It sounds like (Uber) is doing the right thing in trying to investigate what went wrong here,” said Deborah Rhode, a legal-ethics expert at Stanford University law school. “But in too many organizations, high achievers often have a sense that they are invulnerable and entitled.”Some of the same issues were raised when Ellen Pao sued Silicon Valley venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, where she had been a partner, arguing that she was fired for filing a sex-discrimination complaint. A jury ruled against her after a 2015 trial.Other tech companies have been sued by employees who charged that the firms systematically deny promotions to women. The companies often say there aren’t enough women going into technical and scientific work.“The answer to that is for companies to take proactive steps to increase the number of women who want to enter these fields and to make sure that they encounter a level playing field once they get there,” Rhode said.___Koenig reported from Dallas. read more

End conditions that feed terrorism Ban tells Security Council at daylong debate

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for a focus on conditions that feed terrorism as part of a comprehensive strategy against the scourge, as he opened a debate in the Security Council that expected some 50 speakers, including several high-level national officials.“Terrorism festers where conflicts are endemic … and where human rights, human dignity and human life are not protected and impunity prevails,” Mr. Ban said in a meeting chaired by Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar of Pakistan, which holds the January Presidency of the 15-member body.Making it clear that no grievances can ever justify terrorism, the Secretary-General underlined the connection between security and development, the need for dialogue and understanding and the importance of information technology in countering messages of hate and radicalization.“We have to drown out shrill appeals to intolerance and extremism with sound calls for compassion and moderation,” he said, adding: “We have to replace the terrorist narrative with messages of peace, development and human welfare.”Mr. Ban said that the past year saw solid progress in international solidarity against terrorism, noting that in June the General Assembly reaffirmed the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, strengthening resolve to support victims of attacks and renewing commitments to a comprehensive approach to terrorism grounded in respect for human rights and the rule of law.He also welcomed upcoming international conferences on human-rights training for counter-terrorist officials, national and regional strategies against terrorism and addressing conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism.Other counter-terrorism priorities included ending the financing of the scourge and ensuring that the crimes did not impede delivery of humanitarian assistance to civilians, particularly in Mali and the broader Sahel region, “where terrorism feeds off of extreme destitution and undermines development through violence, intolerance and human rights abuses,” he said. Expressing sympathies with “the far too many victims” of the past year, he paid particular tribute to Malala Yousufzai, the Pakistani teen who was targeted by extremists because of her educational advocacy.“Malala and her schoolmates have shown tremendous courage,” he said, adding: “Their grace and integrity challenge the world to respond to the terrorist threat with the comprehensive and broad-based approach that is essential to success.”Expressing the hope that Ms. Yousufzai’s life will now be a testimony of the resilience of the Pakistani people, Ms. Khar noted that she was one of some 37,000 innocent civilians in her country who, along with some 7,000 security officials, had fallen victim to what she called “this hydra-headed monster of terrorism.”Outlining her country’s counter-terrorism approach, which she summed up as “deterrence, development and dialogue,” she also called for a comprehensive approach “which is much more effective than our present effort and which is geared toward not only winning the battle but the war.” The Foreign Minister called for international efforts against terrorism to be much more nimble in adapting to the ever-changing tactics of terrorists, to address root causes such as intolerance and long-festering conflicts, to focus on organized crime and regional initiatives and boost cooperation for capacity-building and intelligence-sharing, among other areas, while avoiding associating extremism with any religion or culture. “An honest dialogue between different religions and civilizations is a continuing political imperative,” she said. read more

Goldcorps Borden electric mine gets C5 million boost from Canadian government

first_imgGoldcorp has announced that the Government of Canada intends to support its Borden Project as the recipient of a C$5 million investment designed to spur innovation in cleaner, more sustainable mining. The Borden Project, located in Chapleau, Ontario, will be the first underground mine in Canada to replace all diesel mobile equipment with battery electric vehicles.“We believe the days of diesel use for underground mining equipment are numbered and electrification of our mobile fleet is a logical way to significantly reduce the mine’s environmental footprint,” said David Garofalo, Goldcorp’s President and CEO. “We are partnering with like-minded technology suppliers like Maclean Engineering and Sandvik, provincial and federal governments and First Nations to commercialise clean technologies, improve health and safety performance, and reduce GHG emissions with the aim of improving the viability, sustainability and profitability of our mines. It’s gratifying to see multiple levels of government support innovation and our vision of a safer, greener mining industry.”The project would be funded by Natural Resources Canada’s Clean Growth Program, which is a C$155 million investment fund for clean technology research and development and demonstration projects in three Canadian sectors: energy, mining and forestry. “Improved environmental performance in Canada’s mining sector is one of the key paths to a low-carbon economy,” said  the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources. “This project helps advance clean technologies to commercial readiness, creates good middle class jobs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.” Borden is a key part of Goldcorp’s plan to increase production by 20% by 2021 and is expected to begin commercial production in the second half of 2019.last_img read more

VIST Robotics autonomy program on BELAZ equipment gathering pace

first_imgThe Skolkovo company VIST has partnered up with Belarusian earthmoving equipment maker BELAZ to use VIST’s technology to make industrial vehicles made by BELAZ autonomous. In BELAZ’s home city of Zhodzina, 50 km from Minsk, IM watched recently as a 130 t BELAZ-7513R dump truck operated remotely and a fully autonomous BELAZ-78250 wheel loader worked in unison to move mounds of earth. “In the future, the plan is to automate loading work as much as possible,” said Dmitry Vladimirov, director general of VIST Group, the parent company of VIST Robotics.“With the help of artificial intelligence technology, which we are developing with our strategic partner, Zyfra, the loader will itself be able to construct a 3D model of the mined rock for loading, determine the most effective order of actions, and coordinate its transfer with the position of the dump truck,” he explained.The demonstration was part of VIST’s Intelligent Mine project, a system of using digital technologies to manage production processes at open mines, built around driverless transport, robotics, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. The company says the technology will make it possible to increase productivity by 15 to 20% and enable the mines to work around the clock: while mines can be hostile places for human workers, due to the presence of gases, dust and so on, these are no obstacles to autonomous technology.A remote operator located in a simulator-like cabin – complete with pedals, a steering wheel, levers and several screens showing the equipment’s location and movement in real time via the internet – remains on hand to issue orders at the start of the work, and take additional action in tricky situations if needed. “This will make it possible to manage with one operator for three to five automated loaders,” said Vladimirov.If a 130 t dump truck costs about $1 million, the cost of making it automated adds about 10-12% to that price tag. In 2019, sales are planned to be launched in Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Chile, and in 2020, in South Africa. As part of another project that VIST Group is working on together with Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), two BelAZ-7513R dump trucks are due to be sent to the Abakansky mine in the Russian republic of Khakassia by the end of this year, where fully autonomous dump trucks are due to be tested.last_img read more

eBay launches service to help with group gifts

first_imgIt’s November which means that stores feel obligated to go ahead and put up their holiday decorations to remind you that December is quickly approaching. It’s also a reminder to get your gift list completed which may include a large gift which has to be split up between family members or friends. The chore of splitting up the cost of a gift usually means one person has to come up with the full amount of the gift and soon after takes on the role of a debt collector to get repayment. eBay has launched a new service which will make group gifts a bit easier without the hassle of someone becoming a debt collector.eBay Group Gifts works through five easy steps. First, you input who the gift is for, what’s the occasion and a deadline by which contributions toward the gift should be received. Next, you choose a Buy-It Now (non-auction) gift from eBay. You then send invites to friends and family through Facebook and email to solicit donations toward the gift. Funds can be received from those wishing to contribute through PayPal or by using a debit/credit card. Those contributing can even include a personalized note. Once you have enough to buy the gift you can purchase it with the collected funds and have it shipped directly to the recipient.An important thing to note is that you must have a PayPal account in order to setup a group gift. Also, if you don’t receive enough funds to purchase the gift you had previously selected you are giving an opportunity to replace it with a similar gift or refund all the money received from contributors.Read more at eBay Group Gifts.Brian’s OpinionConsidering the number of websites available to consumers to purchase gifts this year for the holidays it makes it increasingly harder for an online commerce site to standout. Also, a unique problem that eBay has is that it is primarily thought of as an auction website though it has a number of items for immediate purchase. eBay Group Gifts helps eBay in both areas.The service removes the hassle of partnering up to buy someone a gift for the holidays. It also allows eBay to show consumers, who may not have shopped the site during the previous holiday season, what it has to offer in non-auction items. A nice bonus is that if the person wanting to setup a group gift doesn’t have a PayPal account it gives them a reason to set one up for the first time.I would imagine that we will probably see some similar group gift services offered by other major retailers like Amazon if this concept takes off for eBay. I can tell you the next time I have to coordinate a group gift this is the way I am going to do it. I already have enough experience collecting debts for group gifts that I could probably work for a credit card company.last_img read more

Symantec declares pcAnywhere safe offers free upgrade to say sorry

first_imgJust days ago, Symantec revealed that the code stolen from its servers in an embarrassing breach included the source for pcAnywhere. They took to Twitter and the web to tell users that they should disable the software immediately. Now, however, Symantec is issuing the all-clear. Sort of.Symantec now says that you’re totally safe. That is as long as you’re running pcAnywhere 12.5 and have installed the patch that was released on January 26th of this year, or version 12.0 or 12.1 with a patch that was offered up the following day.To help allay customers’ fears, Symantec has taken the additional step of offering a free upgrade to pcAnywhere 12.5 to all licensed users of the software. As long as you’ve got a legitimate pcAnywhere CD-key lying around somewhere, you’re eligible for the upgrade — and if you’re concerned about security, you should contact Symantec for your freebie immediately.Either that, or make the switch to a more up-to-date application. It’s been ages since pcAnywhere was top dog and apps like Teamviewer, GoToMyPC, and Mikogo are now eating Symantec’s remote control lunch.Getting back to the code theft itself, the hacker (who goes by the name of YamaTough) has already released the slightly moldy code for Norton Utilities he snatched, and he’s threatened to post Symantec Antivirus Coroporate code, too. Symantec had said before that the outdated AV code leak posed no risk its customers because the engine its current versions use bear little resemblance.Wouldn’t it be interesting if YamaTough turned out to be another former security coder gone rogue?More at Reuterslast_img read more

OKI develops motion sensor precise enough to detect breathing

first_imgMotion sensors have been in development and use for many decades now. Home alarm system rely upon them to detect general movement, Microsoft uses an advanced sensor for detecting body movements through Kinect, and there’s currently research being carried out to detect the movement of individual fingers. If you want to be more precise than that, there’s always the option to use lots of sensors, too.Telecommunications company OKI is going one better than that though, and has created a new sensor that is so sensitive it can tell if a person is breathing or not. It can do this without being exposed, meaning you can place multiple objects in between the sensor and the subject without it causing any degradation in accuracy.The reason it can achieve this is because it relies on microwaves in the 10.5GHz and 24GHz frequency bands. It “sees” objects by using radio waves and the Doppler effect to detect movement very precisely and to the point where the breathing movements of a person’s chest are picked up.OKI couldn’t just use a microwave sensor, though. As they are so sensitive they pick up all movement in an area including the heat coming off a radiator and the air movement of an air conditioning system. The sensor therefore had to be combined with a system whereby human movement could be picked out from a busy scene. This was achieved with the help of the Chuo University Statistical Data Analysis Group, who implemented a data model that allowed the sensor to pick out human movement alone.The end result is a complete system that can track the movement of an individual regardless of how active or inactive they are. If they stop breathing, this sensor will know. If there’s any change in the regular movements of a person, this sensor will detect them.Such precision makes the new sensor a good fit as an un-intrusive patient monitoring system either in a hospital or home setting. If it’s 100% reliable it could replace the need for a cable or two being attached to a patient therefore making them more comfortable and avoiding the panic if they accidentally knock them off.There’s sure to be many other uses for such a precise sensor, especially if it can be combined with different data models for specific types of monitoring.Although there’s no clear plans for when this sensor will make it into an actual product, OKI says it is targeting smart homes and smart communities as potential markets.Read more at OKIlast_img read more

Watch an egg survive a 150foot fall thanks to a miracle coating

first_imgIf your elementary school was anything like mine, at some point you did the egg drop experiment. We had to build some contraption or enclosure that would protect an egg that we dropped off the gymnasium.I calculated the forces that the egg would experience, and devised a network of rubber bands that would absorb 150% of the expected shock. Then, I made a small cotton-coated capsule for the egg to rest in at the center. I passed, obviously, but now I’m thinking I did a lot more work than I needed to.Line X is an apparent miracle material that can protect just about anything from… well… just about anything. A couple of weeks ago, some folks at How Ridiculous performed a demonstration showing a watermelon dropped from 150 feet up. And shockingly, the fruit survived, albeit with some mushy insides. This week, the group decided to repeat the test with an egg — a notoriously fragile food. Once again, the egg was totally intact after the fall.Ostensibly, Line X is for protecting truck beds. The coating sprays on and hardens into a textured, rubber-like material that has an astonishing capacity for shock absorption.Some of you may recall a few years back when the MythBusters put the miracle coating up against actual C4 plastic explosives. The team tested walls that had been sprayed down against virgin ones and found that yes… you can bomb-proof a house with this stuff. Even when the team doubled their initial weights, they still couldn’t bring down a wall coated with the stuff.The spray works by binding the material together, preventing shattering, splintering or any other fragmentation. The object still faces the same g-forces from the acceleration and deceleration, though, so often the innards can still get scrambled.In essence, it makes a fantastic protective coating for things where g-forces don’t matter. The side of your house, provided it holds during a bomb blast, will probably be fine. If you coated yourself with Line X though, you’re organs would still end up liquefied. Still, it’s really cool to watch.last_img read more

Montego Bay Commemorates International Day of Peace

first_imgMr. Robinson believes there is need for more interventions like the CSJP and PMI to address issues affecting persons, particularly youngsters.“My vision for Montego Bay is for there to be less killing and police and civilians living like they are one. I hate guns; I want to see at least one week when no one dies here,” he stated Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppKingston, Jam, September 26, 2016 –  Hundreds of persons converged in Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay, St. James, to commemorate the United Nations General Assembly’s (UNGA) International Day of Peace on Wednesday, September 21.  The day, which is observed annually worldwide, is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace within and among all nations and peoples.Montego Bay’s celebrations, held under the theme: ‘Building Blocks for Peace’, were spearheaded by the Peace Management Initiative’s (PMI) western branch in partnership with the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP).  The day’s activities included a peace march; worship service; discussions involving residents, community groups and churches, among other stakeholders; as well as a poster competition.Western Regional Coordinator for the CSJP, Adenike Stephenson, told JIS News that the organization partnered with the PMI and other stakeholders to mark the day in response to the upsurge of violence in St. James“We partner in these efforts to build awareness and to send a message that more Jamaicans need to stand up and put an end to what is happening in our country. All of us – residents, agencies, civil society and churches – need to come together,” she said.  Ms. Stephenson said the CSJP’s collaboration with the organizers was indicative of the stakeholders’ united approach in working towards culture change that facilitates and promotes peace.  She further said it demonstrates that they are working towards, among other things, offering opportunities for persons to come together and build a better Jamaica by changing the culture of violence.The PMI’s Violence Interrupter for Canterbury in St. James, Reuben Robinson, endorsed the undertaking by the CSJP and other stakeholders to engender peace in his community by advocating for culture change.“If I see youngsters over 18 years old in the community and they are jobless, it is my responsibility to get them a job or into a skills training programme.  I was a gang member, someone who never went to school…(and) PMI sent me to school.  Persons in my community know about me and who I was; so the youngsters will listen to me more readily than anyone else,” he said. Under the violence interrupter initiative, rehabilitated criminal offenders are trained to anticipate where violence may occur and intervene to prevent its eruption.This exercise often entails the facilitator developing relationships with gang members and familiarizing themselves with the profiles of various communities.Its model is similar to Cure Violence, a programme in the United States that has been credited with yielding significant success. Another Montego Bay resident welcomed the International Day of Peace celebrations, noting that the commemoration was very important to the citizens.“We have children and we would like to see them grow up in a peaceful environment where they can go out and we parents do not have to worry for their lives. I would like to see everyone come together and youths put down the guns, stop the killing and work out their differences,” the resident stated.center_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:building blocks for peace, international day of peace celebrated in Jamaicalast_img read more

California Border Patrol faces thousands of vacancies

first_img KUSI Newsroom, January 29, 2019 California Border Patrol faces thousands of vacancies Posted: January 29, 2019 KUSI Newsroom 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Tens of millions of dollars have been spent to hire 15,000 new border agents and immigration officers, but there continues to be thousands of vacancies.Former border patrol agent Chris Harris joined KUSI to talk to about the need for employees and how to become part of the workforce. Categories: California News, Local San Diego News, National & International News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Blazers beat Kings lose Aldridge to injury

first_imgPORTLAND — The Portland Trail Blazers won on Monday in dramatic fashion 98-94. But they may be without something much more important.For how long, nobody can seem to answer yet. Three time All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge left Portland’s game after injuring his left hand on the play when he forced a turnover by Sacrmento’s DeMarcus Cousins with 2:46 left in the first quarter.He did not leave the game until 10:26 in the second quarter when he was substituted from the game in favor of Thomas Robinson. Aldridge did not return after being evaluated by the Blazers team medical staff, and head coach Terry Stotts said that Aldridge was undergoing further testing. Before the injury, Aldridge was the Blazers’ best player in the game. But the injury forced Stotts to go deep in the bench, playing 12 of 13 available players. “When a guy’s not able to come back in the game, there’s concern,” Stotts said. Victor Claver started the second half in Aldridge’s place, which started inauspiciously for the Blazers. Cousins and his running mate Rudy Gay were dominating. Sacramento bullied Blazers 53-35 in rebounds. And the Kings jumped out to a 15-6 run to start the second half. There was not a lot of energy in the game but into the void came Will Barton and Thomas Robinson, a pair which breathes energy into the game.last_img read more

Consumer Magazines See Disappointing SecondHalf 2011

first_imgCategory Close-Up The men’s category saw mixed results in the last six months of 2011. Details had a 15 percent decrease in single copy sales from the same period in 2010, down from 49,459 to 42,034. Its total paid and verified total decreased as well, falling to 1.6 percent to 453,246 in second half 2011. GQ saw paid and verified subscription numbers increase 4.5 percent to 980,254 in second half 2011. However, Hearst’s men’s title saw a 13.8 percent drop in single copy sales: second half 2010’s 204,638 single sales decreased to 176,312 sales in second half 2011.Playboy’s total paid and verified subs also stayed relatively flat, with a one percent decline. The magazine’s single copy sales dropped 8 percent, from second half 2010’s 105,046 to second half 2011’s 96,610. Penthouse endured a tough last six months of 2011, with total paid and verified subs down 21 percent to 123,594. Single sale copies were down about 21.5 percent to 48,052 in second half 2011.The magazines of iconic media moguls Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey both saw a substantial drop in newsstand sales: Martha Stewart Living numbers fell 17.1 percent, while those of O, the Oprah Magazine plunged by 32 percent.Every Day with Rachael Ray saw a more subtle decline in single copy sales, at 3.8 percent, while elsewhere in the food category, Martha Stewart’s Everday Food retail sales dropped 25.5 percent, despite a 1.9 percent increase in total circulation. Food Network Magazine, a category leader in growth, gained 16.3 percent in newsstand sales, contributing to a 16.4 percent overall rise in total circulation. Meanwhile, Taste of Home experienced a downslide at the newsstand, with a 29.3 percent decrease in single copy sales. Newsweekly competitors TIME and Newsweek both experienced a moderate decrease in total circulation, at .5 and 1.8 percent respectively. TIME’s single copy sales dropped 3.4 percent, while Newsweek’s bumped up a slight .3 percent. The business magazine category has been largely challenged at the newsstand: The Economist sales fell 12.8 percent, Fortune’s numbers dropped 16.8 percent, SmartMoney lost 17.1 percent, and Bloomberg Businessweek fell 9.4 percent. Gainers in the category include Harvard Business Review, which saw an 11.8 percent increase in single copy sales, and Fast Company, with a 5.5 percent jump.The Hispanic magazine category has shown mixed results: while newsstand sales for Cosmopolitan en Español plummeted by 41.6 percent, Latina and Siempre Mujer saw 31.6 percent and 28.7 percent increases respectively. Single copy sales for People en Español also dropped, by 10.6 percent. Despite continued high hopes for the post-recession period, the magazine industry limped through the second half of 2011. ABC’s second-half 2011 FAS FAX reports total paid circulation stayed basically flat from second half 2010 to second half 2011, down about one percent from 305.5 million to 302.45 million. Subscription numbers fared slightly better, up less than one percent from second half 2010’s 260.59 million to second half 2011’s 262.47 million total paid subs.Single copies suffered the most in the last six months of 2011, declining almost 10 percent from second half 2010’s 32.1 million sales to second half 2011’s 28.9 million.Some standout highs (and lows) from ABC’s FAS FAX: southern lifestyle magazine Garden & Gun’s single copy sales leaped almost 46 percent in second half 2011 to 20,083. Afar’s total paid and verified numbers shot up almost 73 percent to 140,708 in the last six months of 2011. On the other side of the scale, Soap Opera Digest’s total paid and verified numbers fell 40 percent to 292,219 in second half 2011. ESPN The Magazine’s single copy sales dropped 39 percent in the last six months of 2011 to 12,313 copies.last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly Friday May 5 2017

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprnListen nowRural House members demand apology from Rep. Eastman over abortion remarksAndrew Kitchenman, KTOO – JuneauAlaska House members are demanding Rep. David Eastman apologize for saying some women are glad to become pregnant so they can receive Medicaid-funded travel to have abortions. So far, he’s declined.Alaska Marine Highway System overseer resignsEd Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska – JuneauThe person overseeing the Alaska Marine Highway System is leaving his post. Captain Mike Neussl submitted his resignation Thursday.As fire season approaches, trees and grasses have yet to green upVikram Patel, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageWith temperatures rising and little rainfall across much of the state: fire season is here. But Alaska’s trees and grasses aren’t quite ready.25-acre fire hits Delta JunctionDan Bross, KUAC – FairbanksA wildfire charred 25 acres in Delta Junction yesterday.Juneau arson investigators’ conference coincided with playground fireMatt Miller, KTOO – JuneauThe Juneau fire marshal’s office says it’s still investigating a series of unexplained fires in the Capital City last month. Meanwhile, local investigators got some unexpected help when a popular playground was destroyed by arson.After losing managing editor, Alaska Commons to closeZachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageAlaska’s media landscape is undergoing some changes, as an influential political website has announced its shutting down.Cultural landscape conference focuses on Native educationEd Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska – JuneauTeachers from around Southeast Alaska will gather in Juneau next month to discuss culturally responsive education.Alaska’s first Hall of Fame teacher talks about mixing dancing and mathLori Townsend, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageFor a teacher who loves nurturing confidence in students as much as he loves mathematics, being the first Alaskan to be inducted into the National Teacher’s Hall of Fame was the fitting cap on nearly 30 years of inspiring young people in Alaska and other parts of the world.After large haul, Togiak herring fleet closes in on quotaDave Bendinger, KDLG – DillinghamAfter a big haul Thursday, the Togiak herring purse seine fleet is closing in quickly on its quota. As of this morning’s tally, the fleet had about 2,800 tons left to fish. Tim Sands is the area management biologist with the Department of Fish and Game.AK: Close combat trooper training in SitkaEmily Russell, KCAW – SitkaTwice a year the Trooper Academy in Sitka gets a new class of recruits. Over a 15-week period they go through everything from spelling tests to target practice. They also get close combat training.49 Voices: Nina Lee of AnchorageWesley Early, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageThis week we’re hearing from Nina Lee in Anchorage. On Sunday, Lee will serve as UAA’s Spring 2017 Commencement Speaker.last_img read more

US must take first step by lifting Iran sanctions President Hasan Rouhani

first_imgIranian President Hassan Rouhani.ReutersA day after United States President Donald Trump said he was ready to hold dialogues with Iran, President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday, August 27, announced that the US must “take their first step” by lifting sanctions.”The step is to retreat from sanctions. You must retreat from all illegal, unjust and wrong sanctions against the nation of Iran,” Rouhani stated on a live broadcast on national television, reported Agence France-Presse.Referring to a fatwa issued by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on nuclear weapons programme in 2003, Rouhani said Iran has already addressed US concerns and proved not building an atomic bomb. He called lifting sanctions as a “key for positive change.””So take the first step. Without this step, this lock will not be unlocked,” he said.Speaking at the G-7 summit in Biarritz, France, Trump on Monday told reporters that a meeting between him and President Rouhani is likely to take place in the coming weeks.Describing Iran as a country of “tremendous potential,” the US President said, “I have a good feeling. I think he (Rouhani) is going to want to meet and get their situation straightened out. They are hurting badly.”The news of a likely meeting between the two countries gained momentum after French President Emmanuel Macron revealed at the press conference during G-7 summit that Rouhani told him that Iran was open to meeting Donald Trump. Macron said that he looked forward to a summit between the two countries in the coming weeks.Tensions between the two countries have worsened after the US withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal last year and reimposed sanctions on Iran and countries participating in oil and other commodity trade with the country.Iran responded by increasing its production of enriched uranium violating its commitments under the nuclear stockpile limit.Rouhani and Trump will be attending the United Nations general assembly in New York in September.last_img read more

Polls boycott to turn BNP into Muslim League Quader

first_imgAwami League (AL) general secretary Obaidul Quader. File photoAwami League (AL) General Secretary Obaidul Quader today said BNP will take part in the next national polls in any circumstances.“If BNP does not take part in the next elections, their fate will be like that of Muslim League,” he said, while addressing a commemorative meeting at Haildhor High School ground in Anwara Upazila here.Anwara Upazila and Karnaphuli Upazila units of Awami League organized the meeting marking the 5th death anniversary of AL former presidium member Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu.BNP is a haphazard, disordered and weak party, said Quader, also Road Transport and Bridges Minister, adding: “Every leader of this party (BNP) speaks differently at different times”.AL Anwara Upazila unit President Abdul Mannan presided over the meeting that was addressed by Joint General Secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif, Sate Minister for Land Saifuzzaman Chowdhury, AL Organising Secretary AKM Enamul Haque Shamim, Deputy Office Secretary Barrister Biplab Barua and Deputy Publicity Secretary Aminul Islam.Stressing the need of unity among the AL leaders and activists, Quader said none would be able to defeat a united AL in polls.He urged the party leaders and activists to remain united and advised them to settle all sorts of divisions in the party by January next.last_img read more