Carol Burnett Begins Performances in Love Letters on Broadway

first_img Burnett received Tony nods for Once Upon a Mattress and Moon Over Buffalo. She is perhaps best known for her work on the Emmy-winning The Carol Burnett Show. Emmy winner Carol Burnett begins performances opposite Brian Dennehy in A.R. Gurney’s Love Letters on October 11, stepping in for Mia Farrow. Directed by Gregory Mosher, the production is playing on Broadway at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. The pair will be followed by casts of stars in strictly limited engagements that include Alan Alda, Candice Bergen, Carol Burnett, Anjelica Huston, Stacy Keach, Diana Rigg and Martin Sheen. Show Closed This production ended its run on Dec. 14, 2014 Related Shows Burnett and Dennehy will remain with the production through November 7. Alda and Bergen will take over November 8 through December 5. Keach and Rigg will play December 6 through January 9, 2015. Huston and Sheen will then play January 10, 2015 through February 15.center_img Love Letters is a funny and emotional portrait about the powerful connection of love. Two friends, rebellious Melissa Gardner and straight-arrow Andrew Makepeace Ladd III have exchanged notes, cards and letters with each other for over 50 years. From second grade, through summer vacations, to college, and well into adulthood, they have spent a lifetime discussing their hopes and ambitions, dreams and disappointments, and victories and defeats. But long after the letters are done, the real question remains: Have they made the right choices or is the love of their life only a letter away? Love Letters View Commentslast_img read more

Blue Ridge Outdoors Top Towns: Davis, West Virginia

first_imgDavis is perhaps the region’s best year-round adventure hub, in the heart of Tucker County, West Va. During the winter, the town and surrounding Canaan Valley receives around 150 inches of snowfall, making it one of the top snowsports destinations in the South. Two of Appalachia’s best resorts are within striking distance of Davis.During the warmer months, Davis is a world-class mountain biking and hiking destination, with epic singletrack in Canaan Valley, Blackwater Falls State Park, and Monongahela National Forest.At an elevation of 3,200 feet, the small mountain town of Davis, West Virginia, was once home to a bustling logging industry. Today outdoor recreation and tourism drives Davis’s economy and attracts visitors from around the world. It’s also an up-and-coming microbrew scene.Cudas_IB_0814_2DID YOU KNOW? The Dolly Sods Wilderness area, a crown jewel of the Monongahela National Forest, affords hikers entrance into a remote wilderness setting where elevations vary from 2,700 to over 4,500 feet, and the ecosystems are more reminiscent of those found in southern Canada.Vote now at!davis-trail-sign-ablast_img read more

Hawker Beechcraft Signs Agreements for the Modernization of Its Aircraft in FAC Service

first_img U.S. firm Hawker Beechcraft, present at the fifth edition of F-AIR Colombia, has signed a variety of agreements for the maintenance, modernization, and updating of its aircraft in service with the Colombian Air Force (FAC) and Colombian Naval Aviation, as well as with Colombian Army Aviation, a spokesperson emphasized to The company exhibited three different commercial models, although representatives of the firm noted its planes’ military use, to such an extent that both the Colombian Air Force and Colombian Naval Aviation are considered leading customers on the continent. Therefore, Hawker Beechcraft came to F-AIR Colombia with a large stand in order to offer its customers new possibilities. This company is exhibiting three of its leading commercial models, with the objective, according to its representative, of attracting possible customers not only in Colombia, but also elsewhere in Latin America, taking advantage of the presence of countries, firms, and curious individuals from throughout the continent. The models on exhibit are the Beechcraft King Air 350ER, the Beechcraft King Air 250, and the Beechcraft King Air C90GTx. These aircraft are certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency and are available for immediate delivery. By Dialogo July 13, 2011last_img read more

In Texas, an Emerging Problem for Democrats on the Border

first_imgMr. Trump defeated Joseph R. Biden Jr. in Texas, winning a more narrow victory than he had in 2016 but winning nonetheless. Senator John Cornyn, a Republican, won re-election. Wendy Davis lost again, one of several Democrats who tried and failed to grab Republican-controlled congressional seats. A push to flip the Texas House foundered, as Republicans held on to their majority. – Advertisement – Many residents in this part of Texas have strong Christian, anti-abortion, pro-gun and back-the-blue views that put them more in line with conservatives than liberals, and in Zapata, there is a strong sense among his supporters that Mr. Trump will bring jobs to the economically struggling region.In a brief exchange during the final presidential debate, Mr. Biden had said he would “transition from the oil industry” because of its pollution, a remark that did not go unnoticed by Zapata residents, including Yvette Gutierrez De Leon, 56, who is a secretary for an oil-field services company and who voted for Mr. Trump.“At the end of the day, in the little bit of oil field that is still left, if it goes away tomorrow our county will go away,” Ms. De Leon said. “Oil is all we have here.”Isela Gonzalez-Lindquist, 42, a saleswoman at a Laredo mattress store, said she voted for Mr. Trump even though she was opposed to his plans to extend the border wall in the area, because she believed it would hurt wildlife and infringe on the rights of property owners.“I want to convey that he is not perfect and we know that, but he is the best candidate for the job,” she said. “I like Trump’s grit and that he’s not a career politician.”James Dobbins reported from Zapata, and Manny Fernandez from Houston. David Montgomery contributed reporting from Austin, Texas. ZAPATA, Texas — Democrats spent years focusing on how they could finally win Texas. But since Tuesday’s election, they have been wrestling with a more pressing question: How did they lose Zapata County?In the reliably Democratic and majority-Hispanic stronghold of South Texas, Zapata County, population 14,179, had never been a political bellwether. It is a largely rural border community on a narrow stretch of the Rio Grande between Laredo and McAllen, home to oil-field workers and one of the highest poverty rates in Texas.- Advertisement – Mitt Romney lost Zapata County in 2012 by 43 percentage points. Donald J. Trump lost it in 2016 by 33. Ted Cruz lost it in 2018 by 26. On Tuesday, President Trump reversed many years of political history, including his own, and won Zapata County by 5 percentage points. “Why should I apologize for it? I’m not going to apologize anymore. Just because the president wants people to come into the country the right way, it doesn’t make him a racist. He’s not a racist and neither am I.”- Advertisement – Mexican-American families have called Brownsville, McAllen, Edinburg and other Rio Grande Valley cities home not for years but for generations. They identify with their Mexican roots just across the river but identify just as strongly with America. At the formal southern line of the nation, patriotism intensifies, and many an American flag waves in yards and on porches. Young Mexican-American men and women eagerly sign up to become Border Patrol agents. Often, their older relatives and neighbors worked for Border Patrol, and they are proud to do so, too, ignoring the perception of the agency among immigrant families elsewhere in the country. Many Trump voters in Zapata know one another, and they have formed an unofficial booster club and support group. It includes Ricardo Ramirez, 51, the president of a local bank branch, and Jack Moore, 45, an oil-field construction worker who said the Democrats of 50 years ago “are not the same Democrats today.”center_img These working-class and middle-class Mexican-Americans feel compassion for the Central American migrants who have been flooding the border off and on since 2014. Volunteering at migrant shelters and donating clothes and food have become Valley traditions. But many view those migrants as outsiders. The Hispanic migrant in a shelter and the Hispanic longtime Valley resident are culturally and economically disconnected. Texas is more politically and culturally complex than any one poll or election can capture. There were Houston oil-and-gas workers who voted for Mr. Trump, but many in the industry voted for Mr. Biden. There were longtime Democrats who, on the same ballot, voted for Mr. Biden and Mr. Cornyn. The president may have won Zapata County, but Mr. Cornyn lost it.If there is any one force determining how Texans vote, it is neither party nor politics. It is something that resists party labels but has helped transform Texas from a place to a cause — an ideology disguised as a brand disguised as a state. It is a cliché to say Texas is filled with mavericks, but the whole notion of mavericks belongs uniquely to Texas — the word comes from the surname of a Texas rancher and lawyer who left his calves unbranded in the late 1800s, Samuel A. Maverick.At first glance, Mr. Biden’s support in most of South Texas appears solid. He carried all four of the counties that make up the Rio Grande Valley region, next door to Zapata County. But a closer look reveals the emerging Democratic challenge on the border. Mr. Trump broadened his support in all four, plus in other border counties. In one of those communities, rural Starr County, Mrs. Clinton won in 2016 by 60 percentage points. On Tuesday, Mr. Biden carried it by just five.South Texas has long been a place where a lot of people are politically liberal but culturally conservative. The flipping of Zapata County was one of many Republican victories in a state that Mr. Trump carried. But it stunned Democrats and reflected their enduring struggle in the country’s largest conservative-led state. Not only do Democrats have a problem surging forward, they may be going backward in places.“When I was running, I’d get 85 percent in Zapata County — and Trump carried it,” said Garry Mauro, 72, a Democrat and former state land commissioner who was the chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign in Texas in 2016. “The idea that Trump, who has been so overtly racist about Hispanics in particular, was able to do so well has got to be a failure of our party not having a message.”In the postelection aftermath, a changing Texas remained largely unchanged.- Advertisement – Updated Nov. 7, 2020, 4:37 a.m. ET “When I would tell people I helped a friend sell air fresheners in the shape of Trump’s head, I would apologize because I supported Trump,” said Anna Holcomb, 55, a Latina and former oil-field administrative assistant who lives in Zapata, the county seat. Mr. Trump’s support in that context was not surprising.“I believe that many Mexican-Americans who ordinarily vote Democratic are attracted to his personality,” said State Senator Judith Zaffirini, a Democrat who is Mexican-American and whose district includes Zapata County. “He’s very strong here. I don’t find him appealing but I’m fascinated by his appeal to so many Texans.”The town of Zapata lies along five traffic lights on Highway 83.Halloween decorations, hay bales and pumpkins were still up on a highway plaza in the aftermath of the election this week. Payday loan, auto parts and pawn shops outnumber gas stations and restaurants. The gentle western slope down to the Rio Grande gives residents spectacular sunsets and views of Mexico. In town and on the more rural roads around the county, where Border Patrol agents can be seen on hilltops gazing through binoculars across the river, there were an equal number of Trump signs and Biden signs.Two of the few orchestrated Trump events in Zapata happened in September, when stickers and signs were handed out at a local restaurant and a “Trump Train” caravan rode through town.But they did not draw huge crowds, and even now, some people who supported him said they feared retaliation for speaking out.last_img read more

Souvenir shops with an authentic offer stimulate the local economy. Here’s how they do it in Aquatica

first_img10 suppliers applied for the tender with their souvenir proposals with a mermaid motif. An expert commission of 4 members met, reviewed all submitted works, formed criteria (aesthetics, product availability and interpretation of the given motive) and evaluated each submitted work. Great story, but why sirens? I was immediately alarmed that something in this story was not logical. I asked myself: What has the mermaid got to do with Karlovac? Souvenirs are complex cultural objects, an inseparable part of material culture, but also of identity and development strategies of localities. Rooted in the local cultural heritage and nature, they not only reflect the tourist attractiveness of the site, but also materialize and promote its identity, cultural heritage and tradition and promote certain values. As tourism connects various industries vertically and horizontally, the impact of tourism multiplies on various sectors. On the one hand you have a great demand and consumption through tourism, and on the other an economy (agriculture, production…) that places products in tourism. And that’s it, a rounded story. Based on the received works, the expert commission selected the three souvenirs that won the most points and that will find their place under the sun in the souvenir shop. The first place was won by Craft Biblo with the souvenir “Necklace of Nymphs”, the second place went to the handicraft of Ankica Hitrec, and the souvenir of the glass figure “Let’s keep our rivers”, and the Craft Šporčić with the souvenir “Tornica sirena” in third place. All these works also received a certain financial award. On the occasion of the 440th birthday of the City of Karlovac, the Public Institution Aquatika, with the aim of having as many original domestic souvenirs in its souvenir shop, invited souvenir producers, craftsmen, artists and designers to propose and produce a souvenir of Karlovac and Aquatika. which will be sold in the souvenir shop of the institution of the same name. To repeat myself again. Authenticity and sustainable development. And that the story makes sense again shows the market. “In the past three years, a dozen new local handicrafts and crafts have been opened, so that our local people can do business with us and place their souvenirs in the Aquatika souvenir shop. Some of them really live off of it. And that is our greatest success”Emphasizes Kaleb Vuletić. Balm for my ears. That’s it, it’s that simple. Well done to Aqautika. This is how tourism is developed, strategically and sustainably. But the real story is just beginning, and it concerns the souvenir shop in Aquatica. And that is why souvenirs cannot be produced in China, and especially they should not have an offer of plastic “souvenirs” at stalls and bars on the waterfront, which is unfortunately a common case and a totally missed story. At least they shouldn’t be. The souvenir must be authentic, original, unique, tell the story of a destination and have added value because it is reminiscent of an experience that a guest has experienced in a tourist destination. That moment and the experience that, thanks to the souvenir, will be remembered forever. How many times have you told a story about a souvenir or picture from a trip, which is in your living room and attracts the attention of your guests. If it is still a souvenir and handmade and unique, it is even better because there is no copy or mass production on the tape. Photo: Public institution Aquatika FRESHWATER AQUARIUM KARLOVAC / Author: Denis Stošićcenter_img A story that should be an example of sustainable development and most of all a school example of a souvenir shop as it should be. Of course, everything revolves around an authentic and unique offer, which encourages the development of the local economy and sustainable tourism development of Karlovac. But when you don’t know something, then you research and ask. So I asked and found out how the mermaid actually has a significant connection with the city of Karlovac. This is how the story goes about souvenirs, both in our tourist destinations, waterfronts, stands, and in museums. We have to offer our guests local and authentic souvenirs that are related to the story of the tourist destination. The motive of the trip is to get to know a new way and culture of living, and that is exactly our biggest advantage. Our incredible authenticity and diversity. On the other hand, the meaning of tourism is not to live on rent, and to encourage imports through tourism, which is unfortunately the case of our tourism, but to encourage local and national economy by increasing tourist consumption. Which means making the most of all local resources for tourism. So, let’s say eggs, salad, meat… are used from domestic production, not from imports. Otherwise, what is the meaning of tourism and for whom, if not for our economy? Namely, the connection with mermaids comes from river mermaids that are on the coat of arms of the city of Karlovac and are considered a symbol of the city on four rivers.Legend has it that Karlovac mermaids have been watching over Karlovac since its foundation. It is said that the founders of the City asked the permission of the mermaids from the Kupa and the Korana to build it right in their arms, so that they could keep it. In return, they promised to build a star-shaped city and inhabit it with good people, and to immortalize mermaids on the coat of arms of the city as a sign of gratitude. Now, some things are clearer to me, as well as the overall story of Karlovac. Aquatika souvenir shops offer exclusively local unique products from local suppliers, crafts, local crafts and family farms. At the beginning, there were only a dozen suppliers at the opening in Aquatica, and today they work with even more than 60 suppliers, which are mostly from the area of ​​the town of Karlovac and its surroundings. “In this way, we encourage the involvement of the local community in the work of our institution and give the opportunity to young talented artists to exhibit their souvenirs in our area. We have a wide range of souvenirs, from magnets and decorations, through jewelry and handbags to art paintings. They are all unique, which the suppliers themselves process by hand from different materials (wood, stone, ceramics, leather, etc.), which proved to be extremely appreciated by visitors. We offer over 500 items in our souvenir shop, from cheaper to more exclusive ones. So there is something for everyone, from schoolchildren to business people. And often companies call us and take our souvenirs as business gifts. ” Kaleb Vuletic points out. And since Aquatika is a public institution under the jurisdiction of the city of Karlovac and in these three years of existence has become a recognizable tourist attraction of the city, which certainly returned the city of Karlovac to the tourist map of Croatia, it is a logical move to make an official souvenir. “With the arrival of an increasing number of visitors to our city, we want to enable them to carry a beautiful memory of visiting our city. And since Karlovac is the only city on four rivers, the solution in itself is to design a souvenir that will be truly Karlovac, with a mermaid motif. This is the background that led us to the decision to announce this public tender for the selection of a Karlovac souvenir with a mermaid motif.”Points out Ivana Kaleb Vuletić from the Public Institution Aquatika – Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac. Let’s go back to a great example of a souvenir shop in our largest freshwater aquarium. Interesting story, isn’t it? A story that has a direct connection with the city of Karlovac, including Aquatika. last_img read more

Governor Wolf Joins EDF, Google and People’s to Launch Methane Mapping in Pittsburgh

first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Governor Wolf Joins EDF, Google and People’s to Launch Methane Mapping in Pittsburgh November 15, 2016center_img Environment,  Press Release Pittsburgh, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today joined the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Google, People’s Natural Gas and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to unveil their partnership to map methane leaks in Pittsburgh and highlight his administration’s strategy to reduce emissions of the powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change and has been implicated in health risks.“This partnership that will use Google’s existing assets – their Street View cars –  to identify hidden underground methane leaks from local natural gas systems is truly groundbreaking and so important,” Governor Wolf said. “The results of this effort will help the utility and its regulators to efficiently target the largest repair needs to prevent further leaks and help us reach our goal of establishing a robust energy and protecting our public health in Pennsylvania.”EDF and Google have been working together to explore the potential of new technologies to measure key environmental data and make that data more widely available. The Methane Mapping project uses sensors attached to Google Street View cars to create detailed maps of places where natural gas is leaking from utility pipes under city streets. To learn more about this important partnership, visit here.Pittsburgh will be the first location for this project in Pennsylvania and People’s Natural Gas was the first natural gas utility to initiate contact on their own with EDF.Earlier this year, Governor Wolf launched a groundbreaking strategy to reduce emissions of methane. The plan is designed to reduce emissions from natural gas well sites, compressor stations and along pipelines, and will protect the environment, reduce climate change, and help businesses reduce the waste of a valuable product.“Curbing methane leaks keeps more natural gas in the pipelines where it go to homes and businesses – not just wasting it by letting it drift into the atmosphere,” said Patrick McDonnell, Acting Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. “At DEP we’re working to write new rules to keep methane in the pipes with cutting edge leak-detection technology and cutting down on emissions from wells and compressor stations.”Methane, the primary component of natural gas, has been identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the second-most prevalent greenhouse gas emitted in the United States from human activities.  It has more than 28 to 36 times more warming power than carbon dioxide, according to data from the federal government.Included in Pennsylvania’s methane reduction plan are these four strategies:To reduce leaks at new unconventional natural gas well pads, DEP will develop a new general permit for oil and gas exploration, development, and production facilities, requiring Best Available Technology (BAT) for equipment and processes, better record-keeping, and quarterly monitoring inspections.To reduce leaks at new compressor stations and processing facilities, DEP will revise its current general permit, updating best-available technology requirements and applying more stringent LDAR, other requirements to minimize leaks. A new condition will require the use of Tier 4 diesel engines that reduce emissions of particulate matter and nitrous oxide by about 90%.To reduce leaks at existing oil and natural gas facilities, DEP will develop requirements for existing sources for consideration by the Environmental Quality Board.To reduce emissions along production, gathering, transmission and distribution lines, DEP will establish best management practices, including leak detection and repair programs.With federal estimates that the natural gas and oil industries account for a quarter of U.S. methane emissions, reducing methane leaks from the oil and gas sector is one of the essential steps needed to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impacts of climate change.Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: read more

Brisbane election day houses hot under the hammer

first_imgSo many different textures have been used in the kitchen.There are three bedrooms, two of which have an ensuite, and the open-plan kitchen, living and dining combines different textures to create an urban vibe. The property at 1 Pier Ave has two shopfronts.This property provides a commercial opportunity with a stunning renovated residence upstairs.The shopfront is certified for two stores and includes a wheelchair accessible toilet. The cute cottage at 153 Bell St, Kangaroo Point, will go to auction at 10am.Forget what you know about cottages in Kangaroo Point.The quaint home at 153 Bell St has had a modern makeover, with a monochrome palette throughout. The bathroom is sleek and modern.The house is being marketed by Ray White Brisbane CBD’s Karen Pierce and will go under the hammer at 10am on Saturday. 19 Taringa Pde, Indooroopilly This is one of the multipurpose areas downstairs.There is also a massive storage room and a workshop.It is marketed by Reuben Packer-Hill of McGrath Estate Agents Paddington and the house will go to auction at 1pm on Saturday.Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 1:44Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -1:44 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels720p720pHD540p540p288p288p180p180pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenHow to bid at auction for your dream home? 01:45 More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus13 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market13 hours agoWhat a stunning renovation.The property is being marketed by Jacqui McKeering of Jim McKeering Real Estate, and will go to auction at 9am on Saturday. 153 Bell St, Kangaroo Point It has had a modern renovation inside.It has three bedrooms, a study and a newly renovated bathroom, as well as a stand-alone studio with a toilet.Kangaroo Point is traditionally tightly held, with only 20 houses changing hands in the 12 months to February, according to CoreLogic data. The alfresco dining area at 19 Taringa Pde.This house has not one, but three places to make a slice of toast, with one kitchen and two kitchenettes. Check out those beautiful rolled glass windows!But upstairs, the renovated home has to be seen to be believed. Bi-fold doors help create an indoor-outdoor flow.Upstairs is three bedrooms, including the master with an ensuite, and open-plan living, kitchen and dining space with polished timber floorboards, and a separate family room and study.Downstairs are two multipurpose rooms with kitchenettes, both with separate access, and a bathroom each. The property at 1 Pier Ave, Shorncliffe, will go to auction on Saturday.You have numbered your boxes and hit up your local school’s cake stand, but now you need an excitement boost after the chore that is voting.Nothing is more likely to give you an adrenaline rush than bidding at auction.More than 30 homes are listed on to head under the hammer despite the election.These are three of the hottest properties set to go to the auction on Saturday: 1 Pier Ave, Shorncliffelast_img read more

Aqueos Wraps Up Subsea Campaigns Off US

first_imgSubsea services provider Aqueos has completed saturation diving and ROV campaigns for multiple clients on US North East Coast and a project on the West Coast.The DP2 DSV Kelly Ann Candies conducted IMR work on multiple LNG offloading facilities in the area in depths down to ~350fsw. Work also included conducting 200T+ lifts for which Aqueos opted to mobilize local barges with winch spreads.The West Coast campaign included the subsea inspection of three large conventional jacket structures off the coast of California.The inspections are part of an ongoing structural integrity review of the jackets, and included detailed inspection of welds. Both Close Visual Inspection (CVI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) methods were used though out the jackets, with depth ranges up to 1200 feet of sea water. Also included in the surveys, were detailed cathodic potential (CP) surveys to help determine the effectiveness of the current cathodic protection systems. A portion of the CP surveys included the cleaning of select anodes throughout the jackets, both by divers and the ROV and the taking of measurements, both manually in the case of the divers and by scaling lasers when taken by the ROV.The surveys of the three jackets took place concurrently, with the diving operation conducted from the jackets and the ROV operations were performed from a floating asset. Through the course of the inspection program, the ROV performed over 100 dives with nearly 700 hours of in water time logged. The dive team logged 131 dives and nearly 337 hours of in water working time.“This project was completed incident-free utilizing ABS Classed Surface Diving Equipment and Aqueos owned and operated ROV. This is a testament to the hard work and tenacity of our highly skilled offshore and project management teams.Incident-free work and our commitment to excellence is our highest priority.Our goal on every project is to exceed our customer’s expectation”, said Aqueos president and CEO, Ted Roche, “We appreciate the support and business partnering relationship we maintained with our client during this rigorous inspection campaign”.last_img read more

US to pull last troops from northern Syria

first_imgThe remarkable turn of events was setin motion a week ago when US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw around50 special operation forces from two outposts in northern Syria, a step widelyseen as paving the way for Turkey to launch its week-long incursion againstKurdish militia in the region.  WASHINGTON – The United States (US)said on Sunday it will withdraw its remaining 1,000 troops from northern Syriain the face of an expanding Turkish offensive while Syria’s army struck a dealwith Kurdish forces to redeploy along its border with Turkey.  Turkey aims to neutralize the KurdishYPG militia, the main element of Washington’s Kurdish-led Syrian DemocraticForces, which has been a key US ally in dismantling the jihadist “caliphate,”set up by Islamic State militants in Syria.(Reuters)center_img Turkey-backed Syrian rebel fighters are seen on a military vehicle in the town of Tal Abyad, Syria on Oct. 13. REUTERS/KHALIL ASHAWIlast_img

Veterans lead race to Modified checkers at Winston

first_imgBy Rick Staley WINSTON, Mo. (Aug. 24) – Veteran drivers r0se to the top three spots in the IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified feature Saturday at I-35 Speedway in Winston.Jim Cameron made it two feature wins in as many weeks as he drove the Steve Starmer-prepared no. 96c to victory circle. Buz Kaster made his way through the pack to place second while fellow veteran Johnny McGinnis ran an impressive third. Point leader Steven Glenn worked the high line to fourth with John Hanson finishing fifth.Bruce Fair held the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car lead until the last turn of the last lap as point leader Dean Wray edged past by a fender at the line to finish. Jeff Dixon battled Wray and Fair every inch of the way to come home in a solid third. Greg Keuhn contended for the lead early on before fading to fourth and Jake Cameron rounded out the top five.The Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods raced clean and green with only one caution during their feature event. Mitch Booher jumped from his outside front row start to gain the early advantage, leading almost every lap.Booher slipped high in turn four while coming to the white flag, which opened the door for point leader Randy Ainswort to capitalize and pick up the feature win. Booher placed second as Jeff Stotts made his presence felt with a solid third place run. Tony Manley held off Jeremy Pittsenbarger for fourth.For the second week in a row in the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks, Mich Ross found his way to McCarthy Auto Group Victory Lane. After winning the heat race, Ross held off challenges of Lee Farmer and Kenny Champ as a blanket could cover the top three at any given time during the feature. While coming to the checkers off turn four, both Farmer and Champ spun. No contact between the two was made as Champ maneuvered his way to finish second and Farmer recovering to place third. Billie Hoover placed fourth and David Truskett rounded out the night’s top five. Austin Johnson was the Grand Nationals winner and Tom Brown returned to victory lane in the Midwest Lightning Sprints.last_img read more