North District, low-cost housing allocation of public rental

to promote the low rent housing policy implementation, the North District of Xining city in strict accordance with the standard payment of rental housing subsidies for families, low rent housing rental subsidies, and to meet the conditions of low rent housing, public rental housing for families of three publicity. As of early this month, low rent housing and public rental housing have been allocated.

to ensure that affordable housing for the distribution of work objectively and impartially, eliminate the application and reporting process, reporting, reporting hidden reported a series of problems such as Seongbuk civil affairs, industry and commerce, the social security, public security, property registration department into the joint trial category, strict examination, check the real application of family security, housing for needy families to enjoy to the preferential policies of the state. The verification of the area per capita construction area of less than 15 square meters of housing subsidies for low-income families, 726 households, a total of 1 million 929 thousand and 100 yuan; to meet the conditions of low rent housing, public rental housing for families of three publicity, public distribution of 15 sets of low rent housing, 296 units of public rental has been completed in September 29th 144 housing distribution; families share city with the construction of public rental, the check-in formalities have been completed; review and input affordable housing for families of 33 households. read more

Caring for women’s health and promoting human development

in order to further improve the comprehensive quality of female workers in the health system, promote the popularization and dissemination of women’s health knowledge, improve women’s health consciousness and health knowledge level, build type, type, type of elegant female worker team, August 24th, Union City Commission, the Municipal Health Bureau and the Commission jointly organized the "lecture" health knowledge female worker health care in Xining, invited the gynecology hospital of Xi’an Xining First People’s Hospital Professor Li Fengyun to carry out health lectures of female workers for the health sector of female workers.
in the lecture of Professor Li according to the physiological characteristics of women, take an interactive way, from the three aspects of health psychology, scientific exercise, reasonable diet, vividly explained women’s breast, uterus and other reproductive system health care knowledge, and how to prevent the occurrence of disease of gynecological diseases, how should treat in the effective time. Vivid, analyses the necessity of general investigation of gynecological diseases and reduce the incidence of cancer in women, keep beautiful, the important significance of constructing the harmonious family, harmonious society, the combination of theory and practice, simple, vivid and easy to remember, for the majority of female workers sent a healthy meal, and cited a number of data for female workers a vivid health education, female workers comrades benefit, warmly welcomed by the female workers.
through lectures, to further promote the awareness of women’s disease knowledge rate and popularity rate, improve the female worker’s view on the physiological importance, to further enhance the awareness of health. read more

One stop service three years in Xining, the rapid acceptance of traffic accidents from the 30 thousa

Xining city road traffic accident insurance claims rapid center was founded more than three years, received a total of more than 3 traffic accidents can effectively alleviate the minor property, the problem of road congestion caused by traffic accidents, but also accumulated experience across the province to carry out the next work fast claims.

for the protection of provincial road traffic safety and orderly and smooth, alleviate road congestion caused by traffic accidents, improve road traffic efficiency, in July 2009, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment and Insurance Industry Association jointly established the first road in our province traffic accident insurance claims quickly center. Since the establishment of the center, take the traffic police department and the province’s 5 Insurance Companies in the hall "one-stop" service mechanism, which greatly facilitates the accident party, to achieve a seamless traffic police "fast" and "fast pay insurance companies, more than three years received a total of more than 30800 cases of minor property of traffic accidents, which in January to in September this year received more than 12000 cases, this practice has been widely recognized by the majority of drivers. read more

Most people grief, north of the city of Xining City Public Security Bureau registration and carry ou

The North Bureau of household management unit of Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau in carrying out the national public security organs "visit" comment on police activities, combined with the "migrant workers rush service month", "to solve their practical difficulties, the construction of harmonious relationship between" as the main line, in-depth understanding of the masses area of pain, the masses are thinking, anxious people the urgent needs, and constantly optimize the business process and convenient measures to the jurisdiction of the masses to solve practical difficulties, under the jurisdiction of the masses of praiseThe North Bureau of household management unit

Xining City Public Security Bureau in carrying out the national public security organs "visit" comment on police activities, combined with the "migrant workers rush service month", "to solve their practical difficulties, the construction of harmonious relationship between" as the main line, in-depth area understand the sufferings of the masses, the masses are thinking, anxious people the urgent needs, and constantly optimize the business process and convenient measures to the jurisdiction of the masses to solve practical difficulties, under the jurisdiction of the masses of praise. read more

Hao Peng listened to the provincial health and health conference in preparation for the preparation

for the in-depth study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in the national health and health conference, combined with the actual Qinghai health good top-level design and construction, comprehensively promote the province health and health work, September 22nd, governor Hao Peng chaired a special meeting to listen to the province’s health and health conference report preparation and investigation and speech.

Gao Hua, vice governor of

, Yang Fengchun attended the meeting. Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, the environmental protection department, the office of agriculture and animal husbandry, water conservancy department, food and drug administration, Sports Bureau and other 14 departments with their actual report on the promotion of health and health development.

Hao Peng pointed out in his speech, there is no national health, there is no comprehensive well-off. The whole province must firmly establish the idea of taking people as the center of development, a profound understanding of the global strategic importance, and urgent to do health and health work, to improve the health level of the masses as the core, to highlight the target oriented and problem oriented, pay more attention to prevention and health promotion, pay more attention to improve the basic medical the quality and level of service, pay more attention to the work center of gravity and resource sink, efforts to form knowledge, prevention, medicine, nursing, health system development support, efforts to provide a full range, the life cycle of health and health services for the people of all ethnic groups. read more

Huangyuan County People’s court

for a long time, the Huangyuan County People’s court adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, adhere to the guiding ideology of the three first ", and focus on three key work, pay more attention to the behavior culture and spiritual culture and justice for the people and culture, system culture, the culture and the learning level of court building to create a full range of court culture, court culture construction has achieved remarkable results, in 2006 was named the" national advanced unit of court culture construction, in 2010 won the first batch of "national court culture demonstration unit" title in 2012 by the Supreme People’s court awarded the "national model court" award. The success of cultural construction has laid a solid foundation for the construction of Huangyuan County People’s court judges.

Huangyuan County People’s court to raise awareness, unity of thought as a starting point and important content of strengthening the construction of court culture. To "national court culture construction demonstration unit" as a new starting point, planning new ideas, to seek new development. Institute party with reality, research and development of the cultural construction plan, the beginning of each year to develop cultural construction work arrangements. Adhering to the "responsibility" of the soul, advocating "fair, efficient, pragmatic, innovative" school training and "fair, honest and for the people" tribunals, carry forward the embodiment of law enforcement officers of the core values of "loyalty, civil, public and clearing, and the court of the court of the cultural concept the construction of learning penetrated into all aspects of education, team construction, trial implementation and administration. read more

City fair to let Chinese and foreign merchants love Xining

Even Japan, a rich and colorful, the highlights are frequent, so that the public about the fair city detonated South City International Convention and Exhibition Center, a new energy, new materials, new technology show in front of people, the future city function more and more complete, fair city, to the public not only presents remarkable achievements in Xining rapid development that is the direction and goals for future development, and businessmen saw a new opportunity of rapid new Xining, green pollution-free environment, policy dividends, let investors hesitate to choose to invest here.

the fair city attracted nearly a thousand Chinese and foreign businessmen strong concern, including foreign Italy Sicily, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and other merchants gathered in Xining, a number of well-known domestic enterprises have reached consensus with the Xining enterprises, the investment environment of Xining to let them feel relaxed.

reform bonus for the customers love Xining

has participated in the two session of the city will contact Chengdu businessmen said, as an inland city, Xining in recent years has been trying to upgrade the level of opening up, using a variety of major economic and cultural platform, promote internal and external cooperation and exchange, every investment fair not only to investors and merchants to build a stage. Mutual benefit and win-win platform, also make foreign guests find room for cooperation, Xining in recent years the pace of development is not general.

simplify the examination and approval of foreign investment and shorten the work time and improve work efficiency! In recent years, the development of a number of reform measures Xining impressive, reducing the burden on enterprises, the list of negative list, in the investment environment to create a lot of real kung fu. There are merchants with deep feeling said: investment of a project is not only a number of preferential policies will cover it, it has a set of operation rules, legal system, standardize the transparent procedures, perfect facilities and good human resources. And these, they think Xining are very good, the market potential is huge, broad prospects.
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Duck ten brand list

as a dish or, or as a kind of leisure food, duck always has a very high popularity, has become a lot of people like to eat delicious, but also because people of this love, will let the duck market is growing, the birth of the next Xiaobian to introduce the duck ten brands list.

duck as a popular food, originated in the Hunan region of Changde. It is said that the early Qing Dynasty had duck snacks, after hundreds of years of development, making more and more sophisticated duck. Now Xiaobian to introduce ten popular brand duck.

ten duck brand ranking NO.1, Juewei duck neck: the vast flavor is a leisure braised food production and sales, chain stores management system for the main business of the company. More than 7000 stores under the line, the official service platform has been on-line.

ten duck brand ranking NO.2, Hisaku: "Hisaku" was founded in 2002, is Shanghai’s top known Food Co., leisure food brands, including duck, duck wings, duck tongue, duck, duck, Dried tofu, clavicle, soybeans and other cooked meat, stewed bean products…… read more

City District warehouse door street community matchmaking enjoy free medical examination

on the morning of July 2nd, who lives in the town of Zhang Qiuchen street street street and the old friends of the community to meet the city community health service center. A series of physical examination, they can be broken, Zhang aunt happily told reporters: never thought there would be such a good thing. The most important thing for us is to be healthy. If you pay the examination, really a little reluctant, well now, the community to contact, we can enjoy free medical examination in the community health service center, where doctors and nurses are so warm and serious, really touched us." Many participated in the free medical examination of the public are free of praise.

it is understood that, in order to reflect the concern of the community, since July 2nd, the city of the District Office of the street Po Shek Street Community 60 years old or more of the old party members in the city community health service center free medical examination.

in order to ensure the smooth conduct of the physical examination, Shi Po Street community and urban community health service center. "If the hospital is in trouble, you can reduce the number of physical examination items." When the community director Wang Jiaxiang taking into account the work of the hospital itself is heavy, but also to take the medical task, the initiative to recommend. "A project can not be less, the old comrades have made so many contributions, we have such an opportunity to express. Rest assured that we will do our best to do a good job of service." Deputy director of the community health service center Bai Hongfeng said firmly, to do all the routine inspection items: ultrasound, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, blood pressure, heart and lung function. read more

Cordyceps producer prices rose 5.85% year on year rise

according to the National Bureau of Investigation Corps investigation in Qinghai, since 2014, after a continuous decline in 2016, the price of Cordyceps production rebound in 2015. In 2016 the province’s Cordyceps producer price index 105.85, prices rose 5.85%, one quarter rose 2.57% in the two quarter fell 1.13% year-on-year, the three quarter rose 13.77%, the fourth quarter of the year rose 9.25%, rose 5.85%.

Municipal Health Bureau announced the mobilization of the central and provincial documents 1 mobiliz

In order to further promote the reform and development of rural areas, conscientiously implement the party and the country’s strong agricultural and agricultural policy, in February 27th, the Municipal Health Bureau was held in 2012 to preach the central and provincial Party committee 1 document mobilization meeting

to further promote the reform and development of rural areas, conscientiously implement the party and the country’s strong agricultural and agricultural policy, in February 27th, the Municipal Health Bureau was held in 2012 to preach the central and provincial Party committee 1 document mobilization meeting. City Health Bureau led the various units of the leadership and all cadres attended the meeting.
the propaganda activities, aims to organize cadres to villages and households, the central and provincial propaganda to deepen the reform of agricultural and pastoral areas, accelerate the innovation of agricultural science and technology promotion, technology promotion ability, increase investment in agriculture, solid foundation for the development of agriculture related policies and measures, provincial and municipal relevant decision on accelerating the transformation of the mode of growth, the development of modern agriculture and deployment, so that the majority of the peasant masses to further understand the central agricultural policy.
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National Forum for the evaluation of the grassland subsidy policy was held in Xining

August 23rd, the Ministry of Agriculture held in Xining grassland ecological protection subsidy policy evaluation forum. The meeting heard the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of grassland, Grassland Society of China and other six units in the Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai Tibet Plateau and other regions to carry out the assessment of the grassland supplement policy report. Vice Minister of agriculture Yu Kangzhen speech.

Internet plus medical played conjoined pom

in order to further improve and perfect the first primary diagnosis, referral, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic treatment, hierarchical linkage mechanism, better play the overall efficiency, the provincial regional medical service system of the day before, Qinghai People’s Hospital hospital network formally in the sea east of the city people’s Hospital, the use of "Internet plus medical", "shuangxiang played conjoined gun".

comprehensive health care reform in our province, the provincial people’s hospital led the formation of Provincial Medical Association, medical conjoined through collaboration, integration of regional medical resources, to realize the vertical flow of resources, management of horizontal docking, to promote the diagnosis and classification, improve the overall efficiency, provide standardized, grading, continuous, economical and efficient medical service for the people. This year, the provincial people’s hospital medical body to strengthen regional informatization construction, improve the grading treatment platform, the mutual recognition of test results, do remote consultation, remote medical treatment, remote education, remote quality and safety management, to achieve intensive modern treatment; actively set up conjoined medical imaging center, pathology center, ECG center, inspection center, disinfection supply center, medical quality control center of the six centers, improve grassroots medical institutions service ability, and effectively solve the medical issues, medical treatment is difficult and expensive. read more

Our province for 3 consecutive years for the domestic key universities targeted recruiting selected

6 28, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department held the 2016 domestic key universities selected graduates forum, 2015 2014, 2016 30 on behalf of selected graduates, universities and selected graduates receiving areas and units of the organization and personnel departments responsible person to attend the meeting.

the meeting stressed that the selected graduates is an important work by the organization department from the university graduates outstanding in Colleges and universities of the party and government personnel selection and training of reserve. The domestic key universities targeted recruiting selected graduates in our province is to strengthen the construction of cadres source oriented, constantly optimize the cadre source structure, the introduction of the shortage of much-needed high-level cadres, from the strategy for our province high-quality power reserve backbone of the team construction of a number of outstanding reserve cadres of the important initiatives. read more

Cancel the purchase of the current market little impact

According to the recent introduction of the city to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market a number of views, the future is no longer eligible for the purchase of Xining, which means that in the city of 3 and a half years to implement the purchase order to cancel. Then cancel the purchase, the Xining market reaction? Public concern about whether the purchase of loans to release? Opinions mentioned in the housing provident fund loans to improve the implementation of the quota? September 9th, the reporter on the recent public concern about the real estate policy issues were tracked interview. The public is more concerned about the credit limit policy reporters learned that in Xining, the rigid requirements and needs to improve the group is still the main market for the purchase of housing groups, the Xining market is relatively limited, to limit the purchase demand measures is not a restriction, but the credit limit. So, for most improved housing groups, they are more concerned about the financial credit limit policy, because the two or three suites loan limit makes many want to improve housing groups "timid". The reporter learned from the Qinghai provincial banking regulatory bureau, the Bureau and the financial institutions have not yet received the documents of new housing loans adjustment policies, banks are still in the implementation of the previous financial loan policy, if you want to cancel the credit limit of this policy, also need to perform in accordance with the relevant head office arrangement, the banking sector will be the implementation of the policy on the macro arrangement. The amount of provident fund loans will adjust the reporter from Xining housing provident fund management center learned that the city has formulated relevant policies to improve workers paid the maximum amount of housing provident fund loans, to the approval of the municipal government will be implemented, as the majority of workers up to how much can loan provident fund housing loans, the relevant policies issued after the outcome. The market has no obvious influence from the reporter Cui Yong sales Star City real estate projects Department learned that at present, the cancellation of the purchase of the policy has not obvious effect on the real estate sales office, but go to buy two or three suites to customers but there is a lot, because of the purchase of the policy of housing loan policy is still not what change, many people are disappointed, and taking into account the real estate tax and other issues, many people did not dare to buy too much for real estate.   read more

Meet the summer exam in July in Xining opened a new airport or encrypt a number of routes

  for the July 1st to August 31st summer "exam", Xining airport will open new routes or encryption. It is expected to be completed during the transport of 8516 sorties, passenger throughput of 1032981 passengers, an increase of more than the same period last year and 15.3%, respectively, and 15%.

it is understood that in July, China Southern Airlines will launch 4 aircraft overnight at Xining airport capacity, the implementation of the Xining – Shenzhen, Xining – Hangzhou, Xining – Pudong, Xining – Nanjing, Xining – Guangzhou, Xining – Xi’an, Xining – Wuhan – Xiamen route, the newly opened Dalian – Shijiazhuang – Xining – Xining – Dunhuang route, Changsha. The restoration of Dalian – Taiyuan – Xining route, Zhengzhou – Xining route and encryption; Xiamen Airlines in Xining airport on the 1 overnight capacity, the implementation of the Xiamen – Wuhan – Xining route, Xining – Hangzhou route and encryption; Shandong airlines to open Qingdao – Shijiazhuang – Xining route; auspicious Airlines encryption Pudong – Xining route; Sichuan Airlines – Xining recovery Kunming route. read more

My temperature dropped to the lowest point since the beginning of winter this year

10 27, the cold wave struck, the northeast of the province, there have been sleet weather, the temperature dropped significantly, while the release of cold yellow warning signal. According to the provincial meteorological station forecast the latest show, 28 days, 29 days and two days in most areas of the province’s temperature will continue to decline, fell to the lowest point since the beginning of winter this year.

According to meteorological data show that the province’s precipitation process is from 27 am to start, the northeast region are dominated by sleet, the southern region was a significant snowfall in. As of the morning of 8, the province’s 32 towns rainfall, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Menyuan Hui Autonomous County of snowfall reached 8.6 mm, the snow depth of 6 cm, in addition to Gangcha, Zaduo and Zeku also appeared in the snow. The rain and snow to the northeast of our province to bring the greatest impact is the sharp drop in temperature.

The read more

City Seismological Bureau monitoring technical personnel to participate in the northwest five provin

  April 20th to 26, the Municipal Seismological Bureau a monitoring personnel to participate in the monitoring and Forecasting Department of China Earthquake Administration sponsored by the northwest five provinces and cities (state) earthquake department analysis of Lanzhou training forecaster. The training by the researcher China Seismic Network Center Liu Jie, Niu Anfu, Lu Jun; Institute of crustal stress researcher Liu Yao Wei; chief researcher of the Seismological Bureau of Hubei province Li Shengle, deputy director of the Seismological Bureau of Gansu province Yang Liming and forecast center Liu wind and other experts to conduct a teaching. The teaching content is the main basis of Seismology knowledge and technical methods, analysis and forecast of precursory data of basic theory and the application of the prediction of earthquake prediction, macroscopic anomaly identification and determination, MAPSIS commonly used features of the northwest region, typical cases of earthquake response analysis and experience introduction etc..
experts with rich practical experience and a large number of pictures of their multimedia gives students a detailed explanation. After the lecture, the experts patiently answered the questions. Through this training, monitoring technical personnel to broaden their horizons, to understand the domestic and foreign experts and advanced technology. Broaden the thinking and vision of earthquake monitoring and forecasting workers in cities and counties.
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Office of the frequency of playing small brand community release large energy

community is a microcosm of the city, the face of a community can reflect the degree of civilization of a city. In recent years, Xining City West District, the construction of community spiritual civilization development trend showing a positive, healthy and upward, build a service platform of the community, strengthen the function of community service, to create a better living environment for community residents. Community has not only become a bridge between the party and the government to contact the masses, but also become a common warm family.

– harmonious tiger

tiger Taiwan Street office according to the actual street, determine the Xinning Road community to create community support, Haiyan Road community caring community medicine, Cai Xiang East community building demonstration community medicine, Cai Xiang West community youth volunteer service community, cold lake road to create community cultural and sports community. Du Ling, one of the community’s most fun Carnival held by the office of the most profound memories, a family of five people participated in the activities of Du Ling, the son of the 4 year old also participated in the children’s creative painting show on. Originally living in a community but do not know the neighbors in the activities of each other to stay in contact, there are a few good friends. The Du Ling family and neighbors in the beer contest, tug of war, Du Ling said: "in the community organization’s activities than our one family to go out alone to play more interesting, so harmonious neighborhood relations." read more