College entrance examination near a hotel room is hard to find

Near the entrance, the students are busy preparing for the college entrance examination, the parents are busy with logistics, in order to save time, many parents choose to test center near the hotel reservation as students examination room, because of the entrance of the birth of the "real test" makes the test center near the hotel quickly selling hard to find a room.

Chase million volunteers transfer positive energy

JP chill

in March, however, the cold weather has not been able to prevent tens of thousands of volunteers in Datong County actively join the volunteer service enthusiasm, on the morning of 12, Datong County Cultural Square rentouzandong, organized by the Datong County Committee of civilization "Datong million volunteers volunteer service activities" was officially launched. Municipal Committee, JP Han Shengcai, Secretary of the county Party committee, Datong county magistrate, attended the launching ceremony and participate in volunteer service activities, such as Song Chenxi. It is reported that
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Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway precast box girder LXSQZ-2 exceeded 500 mark

In August 3rd, Datong beam field construction site, with the last car concrete pouring, five Bureau of China Railway Second Lanzhou Xinjiang Engineering Command box girder exceeded 500 mark, box girder prefabrication work into the final stage.

the command charged with the second Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway LXSQZ-2 standard – Xining Datong 588 prefabricated construction task piece box girder. In June 13, 2010, the headquarters of successful pouring Trinidad Lanzhou first beam ", October 11th, Lanzhou second double beam field become the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company on behalf of the construction period of the first time through national production license certification unit. Command to seize the golden season, the construction of reasonable arrangement, inverted schedule, detailed construction tasks, conscientiously carry out the "safety, quality, schedule, more than than the benefits, than technology," the image of "more than six" competition activities, fully mobilize all employees participating in the construction of the construction production enthusiasm, initiative and creative. Quickly set off the construction of the climax, the progress of the construction is accelerating, the average daily production capacity of up to 2-3, to achieve safe production for 869 days, for the completion of this year, all box girder precast tasks laid a solid foundation.   read more

Carry forward the spirit of the new tree

Recently, the people’s Procuratorate of Xining City People’s Procuratorate organized a group of police in the district to the National Prosecutors College Jinggangshan branch, the revised new criminal procedure law training. After the training, the police visited the Huangyangjie, revolutionary struggle in Jinggangshan exhibition hall, Jinggangshan martyrs cemetery and Mao Zedong and part of the Red Army soldiers in the Dajing and re take the old Ciping, pick the food trail. (author: Peng Naliang)

February air quality excellent days only 5 days

March 9th, 10, Xining affected by the wind and sand weather, PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations in the urban areas pushed up again, the primary pollutants in the air PM10, air quality index of more than 500, is a serious pollution. In the past February, Xining air quality days only 5 days, air quality excellent rate of only 17.9%, compared with the same period last year, the number of days to reduce the number of fine days of 23.

in February, the Xining air quality index was good for 5 days, the good rate was 17.9%. Among them, 15 days of mild pollution, accounting for the total number of days in the month of the number of days; moderate pollution for 5 days; severe pollution for 2 days; serious pollution for the next 1 days, which is following the January, Xining air quality days only once again for a period of only 5 days.

February Xining air quality days why only 5 days? During the Spring Festival, the setting off fireworks, travel vehicles increased, pushing up the concentration of PM2.5 and PM10 in February. Monitoring data show that in February 9th (EVE) 22 pm the next day at 1 pm, February 24th (fifteen month) from 20 pm to 23 PM, the concentration in the downtown area of Xining PM2.5 and PM10 at the same time to reach the peak, the air quality index of more than 500, severe pollution. (author: Zhao Junjie)
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6 billion 900 million yuan in the first half of the financial livelihood

The first half of this year, the city’s financial income of 4 billion 120 million yuan, 8 billion 610 million yuan of public expenditure, livelihood expenditure amounted to 6 billion 900 million yuan, the capital supply and demand contradiction of reality, focus on social security, education, medical treatment, air pollution remediation and other key livelihood project expenditure.

, the city’s education expenditure 1 billion 270 million yuan, key support to ensure funding for compulsory education and pre-school education and secondary occupation education funding and other policy support to promote education in primary and middle school layout adjustment, the standardization of school construction projects; social security and employment expenditure 1 billion 190 million yuan, to support entrepreneurship to create jobs, expand the scale of employment training base. To strengthen the construction of business incubator and promote entrepreneurial city created; support the reform of health system, health insurance financing standard of urban and rural residents increased from 470 yuan to 510 yuan, to reduce the burden of medical expenses of urban and rural residents; support urban and rural infrastructure construction, urban and rural community affairs spending 1 billion 280 million yuan to support the city traffic engineering, air pollution control and other livelihood projects; housing security expenditure 1 billion 410 million yuan, of which 290 million yuan of funds arrangements for 15000 households in rural population The public housing reform, arrange funds 1 billion 120 million yuan to build 47790 sets of urban residents in low-income housing; the implementation of the Huimin subsidy policy, allocation of refined oil price reform of financial subsidies, home appliance trade, large and medium-sized reservoir resettlement subsidies to state-owned enterprises, vocational education preschool retired teachers be special subsidy funds 104 million yuan. read more

North Branch Baoziwan police actively carry out rural gambling campaign in winter

Recently, the North Branch of the police station Baoziwan for winter slack when rural prevailed gambling this situation, timely adjustment of the focus of the gambling work as peace building area, promote a major task of social harmony and stability, take various measures to promote the harm of gambling, strictly crack down on illegal gambling activities, and achieved good results

recently, the North Branch of the police station Baoziwan for winter slack when rural prevailed gambling this situation, timely adjustment of the focus of the gambling work as peace building area, promote a major task of social harmony and stability, take various measures to promote the harm of gambling, to crack down on illegal gambling activities, and achieved good results.

recently, the risks that led police to promote all kinds of gambling activities to bring families and individuals as the main content, held a forum in 13 administrative villages in the area, and in the surrounding schools, shops along the street, crowded places such as gambling notice posted more than 50 copies, issued more than 200 copies of promotional materials, carry out home promotion of more than 100 times, door-to-door publicity materials. At the same time, the report published telephone, let the masses to actively participate in gambling activities. Access to a variety of promotional activities, the education of the masses, reducing the possibility of gambling caused by various types of disputes and criminal activities, effectively purify the social atmosphere. read more

1400 police to participate in the province’s senior law enforcement qualification examination

11 13, the public security organs of the people’s police law enforcement examination held in the country, the province’s public security organs in Xining, two police stations in the two test sites in the examination room to take the exam in 47.

Ministry of public security in the school entrance examination room through the examination room for all the examination room in real time, dynamic, full range of online tour test, but also sent a patrol test team in the temporary designated examination room for on-site inspection. The province of all reference police uniforms, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the examination, the examiner in accordance with the regulations, perform their duties conscientiously, serious discipline and good order of the examination.

in recent years, the province’s public security organs conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and the Ministry of public security and the provincial Party Committee on deepening the construction of law enforcement standardization of the deployment, increase the combat training, and constantly improve the quality of police enforcement and law enforcement capacity. This year, the Provincial Public Security Bureau for the enforcement of outstanding issues and grassroots police attention to the difficult problems of law enforcement, organized various types of business training 32, training more than 4200 people (times). At the same time, the full implementation of the law enforcement qualification examination, deepen the application of test results, so that all engaged in the work of law enforcement police must obtain the appropriate law enforcement positions to enforce the law, to ensure that the law enforcement bodies legitimate. Up to now, the province’s public security organs to obtain the basic level, intermediate, senior law enforcement police accounted for 93% of the province’s total number of police force. read more

Clever use of mathematical algorithms can make customers too expensive

No matter how

goods, buy goods regardless of how much the price, for a customer any, will not abandon the prices of goods are cheap, want more affordable price. So, many times we sell the goods, whether it is hundreds of thousands or tens of dollars or even a few dollars, will inevitably encounter customer complaints: too expensive, others sell cheaper than you".


is pure without sales, the purchase price of the sale is the customer that we are too expensive, the lion big mouth of the unscrupulous businessmen, good mood when we may speak in a kind manner and customer bargaining, to explain when the bad mood will inevitably be blurted out: "a penny", "who who are you looking for cheap to buy", "knowledge does not know ah, love to buy these" bad words are like a sword to God, as can be imagined our customers self-esteem will hurt, the mood will be more and more depressed, and may irritate consumers, caused the dispute.

see the customer we will own suddenly go off in a huff, just words of regret. The customer is God, to offend God is to lose his job. However, people have feelings of the animal, our retailers also have their own the passions, also have some negative emotions, in the face of not understanding customer or even misunderstanding, we can not guarantee that every living in the heart of anger, the words hurt our pride but also strong customer smile. read more

As a municipal Party first phase of earthquake disaster mitigation training

the afternoon of September 27th, the municipal Party first phase of knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction training course began in the "young cadre training class" in the autumn of 2011. Xu Chuanjie, director of the earthquake prevention department of the Provincial Seismological Bureau, made a report on the topic of "Wenchuan, Yushu, Japan and other big earthquakes".
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