Huangzhong enhance the trump card scenic image of civilization

this year, Huangzhong county to the tourist satisfaction as the goal, focus on management, strong service, and carry out the scenic area comprehensive environmental remediation activities, to further consolidate our province traditional "trump card" Kumbum Monastery scenic area 5A level scenic spots to create results, a new image of cultural tourism.

to the famous Kumbum Monastery for "leading" tourism in Huangzhong County in recent years through the meticulously, attracting more and more tourists. In order to further enhance the quality of scenic spots, Huangzhong county to take comprehensive measures to enhance the trump card scenic civilization. The civilized etiquette instructors held 5 training courses, training instructors designated 180 people, regulate the civilized language, behavior norms, instrument specifications, new standard, unified guide clothing, clothing, public service commitment and service quality supervision telephone. From tourism, industry and commerce, public security, urban construction departments and lushaer town to deploy staff joint action, the cumulative 1200 passengers, check the designated instructors guide to solve the tourists 145 passengers, 4 complaints, and the "black guide" and "field guide" 10 people, transferred to public security organs detained 1 people; renovation of Kumbum Monastery square traders 15, designated fixed more than 40 stalls; specification within the area, warning guidance signs, the convenience of tourists sightseeing, civilized propaganda slogans remind tourists and tourism workers pay attention to polite, civilized language, advocate civilized tourism, build civilized scenic spots. read more

Chinese diners demand for ice cream rise new business opportunities cited entrepreneurs

the weather is warm, soon to enter the ice cold chain store business season. According to statistics, China’s domestic ice cream market is growing rapidly, huge potential to be entrepreneurs to develop.

data show that the first half of 2014, more than the size of frozen drinks industry total 1 million 41 thousand tons of finished products, total sales revenue reached 19 billion 910 million yuan. Chinese Bakery & Confectionery Industry Association official said, due to changing consumer demand and the domestic and foreign enterprises to enhance attention, China has become the world’s fastest-growing and largest potential ice cream frozen food market.

Statistical data on the scale of more than Chinese frozen drinks industry report
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Entrepreneurship at that time leveraging the nternet in Shanghai pulled Qinghai Ramen

"Alone in Shanghai around ten years, the local use of the Internet has penetrated every aspect of people’s lives, and the operator of Qinghai Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum in all parts of the country are closed doors’ lack of coordination ‘, why not build an Internet business model, re positioning the market on the Qinghai Muslim Hand-Pulled Noodle, to create high-end brand of Qinghai Hand-Pulled Noodle!"

in Qinghai province in October 22nd the first innovation contest the first rehearsal rehearsal scene, the contestant Han Bin and his team to "upgrade" in the spotlight in Shanghai Qinghai Hand-Pulled Noodle shop Internet mode, full of confidence.

"is actually very simple, in the fast pace of work pressure, mobile phone ordering orders by the Shanghai working people of all ages, mobile phone ordering software each day will grab tens of thousands of single business, and there are nearly twenty thousand people in Qinghai Hui and Salar compatriots living in Shanghai, do Hand-Pulled Noodle mode upgrade project in addition to the Internet the integration of Shanghai Qinghai area Hand-Pulled Noodle resources, to achieve online ordering, will also make Qinghai halal Hand-Pulled Noodle create a rich vitality of the brand."

will be held in the hometown that innovation and entrepreneurship competition after the news, Han Bin immediately signed up and returned to Qinghai with his team, after a fierce intense competition, his talent shows itself in the finals.
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Eleven traffic information tips

began to enter the National Day holiday today, many people with travel plans have begun to move. The transport sector in our province have taken measures, the expressway service area ready, the bus station is to increase the capacity of ETC lane is smooth, reporters combing the relevant traffic information, allowing you to travel between counties and more comfortable.

– a toll free vehicle lane, toll road will be held on October 1st at 0 in October 7th 24, 7 the following (including 7) small passenger car toll free policy, the toll station will open lanes free vehicle entrance not issuing export lift lever release, at the same time, ETC lane the normal use, and the toll station traffic radio website LED display will also timely release traffic information, provide detailed information service for the masses travel.

– long enough to drive the highway service area for a long time driving fatigue, in addition to the driver needs to rest, the vehicle also needs to stop for the necessary maintenance and repair. Good service for the majority of passengers, 7 of the service area, the province’s high grade highway is 1 parking area, 2 of the independent gas station, carried out detailed investigation on the basic equipment and key parts, eliminate safety hazards. At the same time, the service area to do a good job stocking, restaurants, supermarkets and other reserves of sufficient goods and ingredients to meet the needs of the Department of passengers. read more

5.6 civil servants to achieve unified management and classification of information

The organization of information systems

reporter held from August 12th to promote the meeting that, in recent years, our province has organized system information construction work steadily, at present, the province’s civil service information base, provincial information base, leading cadres of high-level talent pool initially built, more than 5.6 civil servants use information to achieve a unified management and classification.

it is understood that, in recent years, the organization of the province’s information system as the organization of the work of reform and innovation and the implementation of various tasks to provide a strong support and strong security. The organization system of network infrastructure steadily, as of now, the province, city (state), county (city, district) three Party Committee Organization Department network completed, the province’s large network connection the preliminary preparations ready. At the same time, the province’s construction protection organization system fully completed, three years by our province, the province completed a comprehensive organization system of large network protection construction tasks, and on the basis of the early completion of the evaluation work to protect the province’s large network of classification. In addition, the organization system of information resource development continued to strengthen, the province party information management platform construction project started, 8 city (state), 46 counties (city, District, and commission) under the jurisdiction of separate legal entities have established party members and party information base, lay the foundation for the construction of complete Province three counties party basic information database. Provincial cadres personnel files digitized work is completed, the provincial units of digital work will be completed by the end of 2017, the city (state), county (city, district) cadres work in an orderly manner. read more

Housing provident fund and the use of new regulations more flexible management

can apply for parents and children’s Fund – workers suffering from serious diseases can have the conditions to use provident fund

days ago, the provincial government forwarded provincial housing and urban construction department, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly developed "on the problem of housing provident fund management of a number of opinions". Opinions in the use of housing provident fund management breakthrough, will benefit the majority of housing provident fund users, so that the use of housing provident fund more efficient, more flexible management. read more

College entrance examination near a hotel room is hard to find

Near the entrance, the students are busy preparing for the college entrance examination, the parents are busy with logistics, in order to save time, many parents choose to test center near the hotel reservation as students examination room, because of the entrance of the birth of the "real test" makes the test center near the hotel quickly selling hard to find a room.

Chase million volunteers transfer positive energy

JP chill

in March, however, the cold weather has not been able to prevent tens of thousands of volunteers in Datong County actively join the volunteer service enthusiasm, on the morning of 12, Datong County Cultural Square rentouzandong, organized by the Datong County Committee of civilization "Datong million volunteers volunteer service activities" was officially launched. Municipal Committee, JP Han Shengcai, Secretary of the county Party committee, Datong county magistrate, attended the launching ceremony and participate in volunteer service activities, such as Song Chenxi. It is reported that
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Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway precast box girder LXSQZ-2 exceeded 500 mark

In August 3rd, Datong beam field construction site, with the last car concrete pouring, five Bureau of China Railway Second Lanzhou Xinjiang Engineering Command box girder exceeded 500 mark, box girder prefabrication work into the final stage.

the command charged with the second Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway LXSQZ-2 standard – Xining Datong 588 prefabricated construction task piece box girder. In June 13, 2010, the headquarters of successful pouring Trinidad Lanzhou first beam ", October 11th, Lanzhou second double beam field become the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company on behalf of the construction period of the first time through national production license certification unit. Command to seize the golden season, the construction of reasonable arrangement, inverted schedule, detailed construction tasks, conscientiously carry out the "safety, quality, schedule, more than than the benefits, than technology," the image of "more than six" competition activities, fully mobilize all employees participating in the construction of the construction production enthusiasm, initiative and creative. Quickly set off the construction of the climax, the progress of the construction is accelerating, the average daily production capacity of up to 2-3, to achieve safe production for 869 days, for the completion of this year, all box girder precast tasks laid a solid foundation.   read more

Carry forward the spirit of the new tree

Recently, the people’s Procuratorate of Xining City People’s Procuratorate organized a group of police in the district to the National Prosecutors College Jinggangshan branch, the revised new criminal procedure law training. After the training, the police visited the Huangyangjie, revolutionary struggle in Jinggangshan exhibition hall, Jinggangshan martyrs cemetery and Mao Zedong and part of the Red Army soldiers in the Dajing and re take the old Ciping, pick the food trail. (author: Peng Naliang)