West cake to join the project to choose the green west cake

what is the west cake? Why join the investment in food and beverage industry will be so fire? For the initial entry into the food and beverage industry often ask such a similar problem. As one of the traditional Western pastry cakes, is a necessary project in the Western-style food, cakes will join the brand attitude in doing good.

green posture cake company adopts foreign advanced equipment and production technology, by experts at home and abroad to supervise system, strict application of scientific management methods, to provide the production of fine, unique flavor and a variety of high-grade bakery food to consumers, and with foreign chain business in Ningbo market in mining. As of July 2014, direct chain store has reached more than and 230, the scope of business throughout Ningbo, Haishu, Jiangdong Jiangbei, Yinzhou, Beilun, Zhenhai and Cixi, Yuyao, Ninghai, Fenghua, Xiangshan surrounding areas, and at the end of 2010, one after another in Zhoushan, Shaoxing area set up branch company, Zhoushan city currently has 20 stores Shaoxing, 9. read more

Shop operators need to focus on creating a personal brand

if a few shops are operating the same product, the brand is the same, how can this allow consumers to realize the particularity of the shop? So, to create a personal brand, help to deepen the impression of consumers, but also help the growth and development of shops. In the usual life and business, as long as we carefully to find, intentions to create, it can create their own brand. For example, the processing of agricultural and sideline products, handicrafts and other works, which can be built into a personal brand, to create a strong support for the development of shops.

retail customers Sohn is the village started the first retail store. In 2001, he took home a few acres of land to grow vegetables, however, due to the lack of necessary production technology, coupled with the bad weather, but for a year to pay the burden of hard, not only benefit, but also left a lot of debt. Later, the development of greenhouse vegetable cultivation in the village, Sohn determined to try again. And this time, he succeeded. See better prospects for vegetable greenhouses, he simply contracted a few acres of arable land. read more

How to avoid risks of imported food

as everyone knows, engaged in import of food, from foreign sources, facing many difficulties, not only to higher operating costs, but also a greater risk, which brings greater risk to the business operators. As an operator, it is natural to take relevant strategies to avoid these risks. So, how to avoid the risk of imported food?

first recruit: before the introduction of new compliance consulting. When import traders optimistic about a certain imported products, must be in accordance with China’s laws, regulations and food safety standards for compliance, to ensure that imported food in line with national standards and requirements. For example, one of the ingredients in foreign drinks is not included in the list of imports, the product that is not allowed to enter.

second strokes: internal and external packaging labels remain consistent. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the import of prepackaged foods should have Chinese labels, Chinese instructions. Tags need to be reviewed in advance, in the import and export food labeling audit certificate, the import of food labels must be Chinese label. The content of the label is not only the same as the foreign language, but also includes the name of the food, ingredients, country or region of origin, commodity production date, shelf life, the name of the domestic agents and other information. Special attention must be paid to the outer packing label and the inner packing label. read more

Hot pot shop name method

there are a lot of delicious products while Hot pot shop, the service was also a lot of diners must, however, diners who want again eat, even the stores are not sure, for the Hot pot shop business development has a very negative impact. In short, if you want to open a business is hot Hot pot shop, also need a good name. And want to give a good name for the hot pot shop, only need to master the method.

first, named after. The name of the restaurant has long been named. For example, Tan Jiacai, barbecue season, Yang Jie Li, Zhou pie etc.. These shops are common features not only highlight their name and surname, from its name to reflect the specific content of its business. For example, barbecue season although not tell what the name is, but that the boss surnamed Ji, is a business of Beijing barbecue restaurant.

and so on, the pie week is run by an owner surnamed Zhou not only sell pies and sell porridge restaurant. This method lets customers name at a glance, the name of the specific content of the operation. If you want to give the name of the hot pot restaurant, this technique can naturally grasp. read more

Tianjin Entrepreneurship and employment to carry out Huimin Limin project

Tianjin has made outstanding achievements in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, high-tech zones for the development of scientific and technological development of the power of mining and other areas worthy of learning. Hedong District on the focus of the project to increase attention and support to support the development of enterprises, stable employment and entrepreneurship market.

"12th Five-Year" period, Hedong District of Tianjin actively adapt to the new changes in the economic and social development, to support key projects docking and increase entrepreneurship as the main starting point, the implementation of a series of policy measures Huimin Limin, human social security work and achieved remarkable results.

key projects docking steadily expanding employment

Tianjin future ocean Plaza project is one of the key commercial projects in Hedong District, the project in the beginning, human social security bureau early intervention, improve the relevant service project tracking. Since the completion by the end of 2013, human social security bureau several times in Tianjin future ocean Plaza project held special recruitment, District, street, three community employment service platform, service will be held regularly to ask, for the allocation of human resources, skills training, labor contract, insurance coverage policy to explain in detail, and actively build services for enterprises the platform. Tianjin Yuanchi human resources manager Ji zhe told reporters: "the District People Club Bureau almost once a month door-to-door service, recently we are ready to apply for employment training base can provide trainee positions for the majority of college students can also apply for student subsidy." read more

Shijiazhuang, a number of supportive policies to support entrepreneurship

of Hebei province in order to encourage and guide people to their own businesses, the Hebei city of Shijiazhuang Province issued a number of policies to support entrepreneurship, including management, venture funds and venture business base and a number of policies to encourage the promotion of national entrepreneurship.

Hebei City, the city’s annual capital of not less than 20 million yuan to arrange, to guide, encourage and support the national entrepreneurship

days ago, Shijiazhuang city issued "special funds to support entrepreneurship management approach", "business incubator identification and management", "entrepreneurship training base for identification and management", "business project management approach", "promotion for helping entrepreneurs and fixed service organization identification and management" etc. to encourage and support entrepreneurship in order to further promote the people business policy.

it is understood that Shijiazhuang will arrange funds of not less than 20 million yuan each year, specifically for guidance, encourage and support entrepreneurship. To support the venture funds mainly for business incubator subsidies, outstanding entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship award grants, start the project repository operation and maintenance, business service, expert of special activities, business services all kinds of enterprise incentives, small loan interest. read more

These 10 tips can make your food and beverage employees better

a good leader is not only to have strong leadership ability, and also will own employees become outstanding, such leaders will no doubt be a great leader, the catering industry in particular is the service level of employees, employees will be directly related to how your business. So what’s the best way to get employees to get better from the ordinary?.

these 10 strokes can make your food and beverage staff better

1 incarnation model as a restaurant operator, you are responsible.

whether you like it or not, your employees are unconsciously imitating you. If you take a bad mood to work, treat them badly, guess your employees will show what? On the contrary, if you smile and positive emotions to face work, your employees may mimic that state.

2 staff meetings don’t be so serious

I didn’t want to take part in staff meetings, not to mention the meeting. I can almost see the three words on the face of the "boring", and there are some people who hate why the rest of the day is coming to the meeting. Regret didn’t make the meeting more interesting. You can prepare some lively atmosphere of the script, or to some simple team building tour. Although only a few minutes, but the meeting will set a good atmosphere and rhythm. Pay attention to the team building of creative methods. read more

Summary of the 8 Secrets of entrepreneurial success

which entrepreneur doesn’t want to succeed in his career? However, in reality, the results are not ideal. In fact, as long as a good grasp of the opportunity, with the help of some tips, success is actually very easy, the following Xiaobian take you to understand the 8 Secrets of entrepreneurial success!

1, the amount of venture capital will be reduced to a minimum.

read more

Xintai tube culture combined with rural entrepreneurship to lead the rich

recently, Shandong province in rural entrepreneurship to get rich on the issue of a big foot, in order to further promote entrepreneurship in rural areas, improve the local training mechanism to help people succeed in business.

A, establish a management mechanism. The development of rural entrepreneurship star selection and management advice, clear selection of management practices, improve rural practical talents training, service, evaluation, incentive mechanism. Recently, will be in accordance with the production, management, technical services, social services, skills led five talents standard, from agricultural production line selection in Xintai City Star Village of 30 people, the establishment of rural practical talent pool.

two, strengthen personnel training. Regularly carry out new vocational farmers entrepreneurship training, nurturing entrepreneurial talent. In May, 80 rural leaders preferred to attend the Shandong Agricultural University held a provincial new occupation farmer entrepreneurship training, promoted to the village committee members are leaders of rural management and service level, increase a policy, can understand business, good management, will manage the rich leaders. read more