Two queries on the existing Witkey mode

believes everyone is no stranger to witkey. Today is Witkey people get money through proficiency in a particular line network pronoun. Generally speaking, Witkey is a good thing, when there is no money to pick up work, earn some money, when there is a problem, go find someone to help solve, what a good platform ah!


brief description of Witkey development process

in 2004, a group of active users in the forum whim, why don’t we take the task to the forum which help solve? Money money, money’s output is to solve the problem of people get the reward, more cost-effective ah. By this time, someone has already done this kind of thing, but they haven’t found it yet.

in 2005, the word "Witkey" appeared.

2006, the task China, pig, K68 has become the representative of a situation of tripartite confrontation, witkey. At this time, hundreds of small Witkey sites such as night spring appear in front of people. At the same time, there are similar websites in foreign countries, but they are not called Witkey, such as InnoCentive and myTino, two large trading websites. read more

Website is not technology, but living is physical work

I contact website construction also has several years of occupation, although not to do, but continued to do a hundred. When I started college, I became interested in computers when I was in the middle of the world, and then gradually became more involved in Web design. From basic frontpage to later Dreamweaver, FLASH, FIREWORKS. Step by step to come over, can not say that he learned very well, but basically have enough.

web design began, of course, from a simple personal homepage, see their web design, now looks very naive, very naive page, but at that time a great sense of achievement. Overnight, do not eat, a page, a page to do, and then feel bad, and then deleted, re done. This time and again, I feel very happy. Gradually from the excessive to do enterprise website, some network company sales staff themselves to live, do it yourself, do not give their company. Give me a few hundred dollars this way, he sure takes the big head. At that time there was nothing. I felt a few hundred dollars already. read more

Website operation experience loss will have

, I’m an industry website, A user sends messages almost every day. I’m calling. Plus QQ told him all about it. Don’t send it every day, because you repeat the message every day, which other users do not want to see the screen is your family’s information. Today, QQ reminded him, "if you resend your message on the two or three day, we’ll direct you ID and remind you that it’s not the first time, the two time.". I hope you’ll be conscious later.

who know each other to the sentence "what time do you say, you blocked well, then I give him the previous chats, the other actually said" please, you pay attention to your manner of speaking "I said I have an attitude problem.

the one I mentioned above is already very polite, isn’t it? I’m free of charge. I don’t think I have a problem with my attitude, and I really do. "Serve home."". Confiscate him 10 Fen. Other users give him a message, we all SMS notification, also call. What we’ve done is good enough, and no website can do it and remind users back and forth! And you said I had a problem with my attitude, read more

Wu Xianmao the making process and experience of World Expo website

school training has been coming to an end, I think that in just a few days of training, I really learned a lot, although before is to write div+css and JavaScript website code, for some interface function of DW is not very familiar with, after Liu teacher finally understand the behavior of the DW interface control.

A few days before the

teacher arranged a website of the World Expo let us do a work for the recent training, I was raised a concept, is a good time to learn to make a relatively large site.

is my first to do a preliminary site planning of the World Expo, the first to do a website we must first consider the size of the page, I use the DIV+CSS to reduce the loading speed of the page, a page about 10 to KB, if the TABLE layout that I think is estimated to be around more than 80 KB although, it is a second faster loading pages, but we think of a portal for tens of thousands of article from the database call out, if you open a page fast one second, then the speed and then talk about the influence of as can be imagined, the SEO, the search engine spider is not love to climb the three layer nested in TABLE the content, so this is paving the way for SEO optimization. To attract the spider to climb, to quickly increase your website snapshot and authority. read more

The guest system deficiencies. Decide on what path to follow

. CMS system did not have to say, all good. The CMS system based on strong brand effect, plus Taobao off the scenery and lively, you launched a real-time guest dedecms system, the latest version is 3.3. To this end, the author also plans to build a website for Taobao passenger Amoy dedecms system, although many people launched a guest, but I still think that as long as the good SEO, Amoy can still do. After choosing the domain name, keyword, bought space, begin to build website formally. But after a day later, I decided to give up a guest system, instead of using WordPress system. The reason is the failure to build success.

. Amoy is used in API interface of Taobao open platform or the platform. The API interface is arranged on the other options – dedecms system within the system, there is a little experience of the webmaster can fix. I did this step smoothly, and I was using the Taobao open platform API interface, which, according to officials, could speed up the call.

then is a column classification using Taobao dream guest module, this step has no problem, can be successfully established and call the data column. But there are three problems that can not be solved for a long time: read more

Share the experience of English music website

did not know before people remember I wrote an article called "content determines the value decision of income" article, but later on I have several friends in the establishment and promotion of the site there is a mention of English songs put forward some doubt, 1:00 is hectic, take this time with me today with the website said English music website how to do, I hope to give everyone a little help


, the reason I want to do such a station, always feel some plagiarism hao123 creative, I mainly to their songs easily, those songs usually often listened to find up too much trouble, just give yourself a music navigation, the results do half the time suddenly had an idea anyway, I love the song is the first hundred, why not every song is a different style page? The result was the first version, and then through the beautification to the present version.

of course, the website is done, a GG is also a psychological comfort, also click OK, click on 2%-3% every day, every day is normal, now also has a 20$, the truth is of no trick, as long as there is enough, the first: we must select keywords. For example, music and music club of the price is not the same, I can usually to 0.5-0.7, second must be unified and website style, so I practice is each page of a new GG unit. read more

B2C can apply the SNS based participation task function

last night at the veterans group SNS all, see interesting things, tried, that can be applied to B2C, incentive user registration; supplementary personal data; review; single sun and active communication etc..

first in the home a conspicuous place on a mission field release, set the task according to different status of the user, as each task complexity of different reward points, points can change the ceremony; for coupons; upgrade the membership level even as the account balance of payment (with B2C as its integral system.).

then you can set up the task: a new visitor registration account sent 5 points; after the registration of personal information to complete the sending of 10 points; first published product reviews send 15 points; the first time in the community sun single send 30 points; invite 5 friends to send a registered 50 points for the first time; the success of the transaction order 100 evacuation integral…… and tell the user is now involved and has been involved in the task of how many people are involved in (we do the task together, ha ha ha) and preserve the historical task has been involved in the user, look quite a sense of achievement: read more

have a bit of experience in real estate

99 years from the university to contact the Internet, together in ten years, although he is a computer professional background, but never thought to build their own website, more energy is used in the program development and some new technology, always feel that the more you learn, the more deep research on technology will be more strong, what chance of success will be more, I do not know you are learning or technical webmaster webmaster, until 06 years he made the first website, many ideas, strength no less, earn a penny then off, want to think that the site can sell hundreds of dollars now. At that time felt the construction site must be creative, others do not want to stand, of course it is difficult to do this, but then I found out that, even if others do not stand, operation is very important, that is to say the website promotion and operation can make a successful website.

07 years doing 3D simulation of the project, I suddenly thought can put this technology on real estate online, build a three-dimensional network of real estate, then check some relevant information at home and abroad, domestic basically no such website, excitement is difficult to control, as well as has seen the dawn of success say, do, a man began to develop from the Internet search 3D program, 3D program into a single easy, but into the form of WEB but there are many problems can not be solved, and the 3D data from the Internet to open, the browsing speed including open speed and so on, many problems are not thought of before, but after a year of hard work, 08 years, the program was finally developed, their 3D real estate network also officially launched. After the on-line, eager to promote, and many users exchange, everyone on my program are very sure, said my website has originality, has characteristics, let me more confidence. But after a period of operation, found that web traffic rarely, basically no one to send a message, and a netizen exchanged, he said that your website is very characteristic, but you should be geared to sales and purchases of real estate or rental, after they came to see the site empty, no what information will of course be turned away. Yes, if the user point of view to think, my site has no value at all, because there is no information, then began to send information, he had built a very comprehensive portal site, a total of more than 20 sub stations. A person, but also usually go to work, add their own information simply can not add. read more

How to avoid the misunderstanding of website construction in small and medium sized enterprises

according to the relevant figures show that the number of Chinese enterprises have more than one million sites, many small and medium-sized enterprises have been aware of the importance of enterprise websites. However, the small and medium-sized enterprise website achieves the effect in the reality not to be optimistic. Business owners have doubts about the web site. "I know the Internet is very useful and it’s a web site, but it’s not cheap, but it’s not as good as it’s supposed to be."". We found that many small and medium-sized enterprises have similar doubts, and there are many mistakes in the construction of websites.

one of the mistakes: choose the wrong form of website construction

in recent years, due to the pressure of employment, many office workers in the website construction industry have entered the SOHO family, providing website construction services, and the number of employees in the website construction industry has gradually increased. At the same time, there are new network service providers to introduce self-help stations, intelligent station services, small and medium-sized owners of dazzling. With the domain name registration, space rental fees reduced, the cost of enterprise website construction decreased a lot, launched a variety of packages, dazzling. So small and medium-sized enterprises in the choice of the form of website, often do not know how to choose, when the custom website, wrong choice of independent station; sometimes self-help can be achieved, but spend a lot of money to custom website. read more

How do you optimize the external links through blogs

today I talk about the blog to do external links optimization many webmaster friends will say this is known to all, is also a problem is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a webmaster optimization platform website not less, good blog is almost every webmaster do stand are used in a wide way, but I believe that every webmaster use do the blog promotion effect is completely different from that in the end what is the reason? Here I come to share with you to share.

1. Blog selection,

plans to use the blog to promote well before the choice of the blog now many online websites can open the blog, but I think in the blog registered before or is selective, I believe that the webmaster know this, the author selected the general blog platform is a web blog choice of relatively high weight there are several blogs, I believe that the webmaster friends have, such as Sina blog, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase blog blog blog, China, Phoenix blog and blog, because the weight of this kind of website is very highly Niang believe him by this kind of blog promotion can say is the second. The content, especially Sina blog, I believe that the webmaster friends all know. read more

Eat a mouthful and stand on your feet

so far, I haven’t got a successful website, not a successful webmaster. Maybe later, maybe later. But every time I was more than happy to try the update, irrigation, look at the success of others envy website.

can say, each website stationmaster of China is effort, and be quite effort. When we have a chat, irrigation, think about or see a good idea, we will not eat or drink, even the toilet have very little to go on, day and night in front of the computer to do a website, so I believe we strive to experience every webmaster have. Can you say you haven’t? Can you say you don’t work hard,


can say, each of our webmaster hands have a lot of domain names, a few, dozens of, I see a webmaster hand even hundreds of domain names. Some do stand, some put, and so do stations, some collectors waiting to be bought. Every time we register a domain name, we are all very excited. It is the accumulation of our minds. Indeed, it’s not easy to think of a good domain name. You can think of it when you’re sitting all day, and it needs inspiration, too. Do you believe that, read more

Famous practitioner of long tail theory

people who do the Internet hardly have no idea of the long tail theory. It summarizes the fine withgeneral Elliot phenomenon emerged in the network, put forward three kinds of power of the long tail, the popularity of production tools, through the popularization of communication tools reduce consumer costs, connection of supply and demand, create a new market with less. As a representative of rich economics, the long tail theory is a good example of the fact that eighty of the small and weak forces in the market can change the world together.

but the "long tail" limitation is that there is no specific reference to the eighty percent forces together, the organizers need to spend long time, need much more resources in the area, how to achieve full integration. This is always hanging in my minds. Now, for this problem, the famous domestic "long tail theory" practitioners, Ali mother website has made the best answer.

like Ali mother’s Internet platform, the main income comes from advertising. So what does the advertiser care about most in the media? What does the magazine care about is the circulation? The station cares about the ratings, and the Internet platform cares about coverage. Ali and her mother coverage there? According to the official data, less than a year, Ali mother will cover more than 370 thousand small sites and 180 thousand personal blog, the average coverage exceeded 70 million mark. This coverage exceeded Baidu, in one fell swoop to become the country’s Internet platform boss. read more

Count the current most stupid, but the most effective way to operate the electricity supplier websit

this recommended website operating strategy is very stupid, but the cost is very low, but very effective, can be described as a hundred tries not bad; the fly purchase network arrangement, communicate with you.

N0.1 draw

is currently the group purchase website sweepstakes and the new B2C mall, the most common way of promotion, often visible, registered members can draw; this kind of activity, in fact, it is not important to award; it is important that registered members must use some Email to register their real, after activation, the your Email contact to the mall operator, then he can send emails everyday recommend a variety of promotional activities in his home mall;

fact, Grand Prix wood, who knows, even if there is you will definitely get, most of these activities show it to attract the registration and collection of Email as a day after sending with

N0.2 auction (spike)

spike auction can be described as the most recent online shopping activities, but in fact, people who know the principles of programming know that if you do something in the program, you can control the spike results; read more

Excellent insights good things we can do better

Adsense network held the fourth search engine optimization contest has ended, Admin5 BBS has also announced the "webmaster net fourth search engine optimization competition" results". The game lasted 3 months since the start of April 12th. During this time, the activities have received the attention and support of many websites and webmasters, and the competition has changed every day. I’m not in excellent contest, but has been concerned about the development of the game, but also to realize some of the feelings.

to do a person, do a station

we often have competitions around, but not every time. Even if we participate in the competition, we may not be able to finish the whole game. The Bo excellent game, many people catch the excellent lively opening, but does not follow the pace of the game will end their journey. The excellent match lasted 3 months, the time span is relatively large, some people a bad ending. In fact, this is the mentality of the problem. Apart from search engine optimization is not immediate, it takes time to see the effect, the game takes longer time to speak; any longer time competition is to test the endurance and persistence of competitors. read more

nternet to sell cars, found the pain point, but can not open just need to crack the crack still suf

August 5th, China automobile Alibaba’s car and Ali jointly announced in Shanghai, the two sides signed the Internet car strategic cooperation agreement, the focus is on a custom car franchise and parallel import car sales joint. Rumors have long, Ali Internet car strategy seems to have opened a corner of the veil.

, but this is actually not a new thing on the car O2O, some cars, electricity providers, small partners even go farther. What’s interesting is that one of the start-up teams called "buying a good car" has all started with ali.

losing 90 thousand of the big cut event selling feelings

May 18th "buy a good car" direct sales department mobile phone received an order information, a user without any prior telephone communication, directly ordered a grand cherokee.

is such a looks very simple, very heroic, or a problem. Due to the parallel import vehicle 3C certification and inspection delays on the time, promised to a user’s car lift time has arrived, buy a good car, had bought a same type of medium gauge car to pay the car. "You know, this car is a car Grand Cherokee, Taichung for expensive more than 90000 yuan." In the era of Ali flower "fat Hu Fei", was a co-founder of, now bought the car as the founder and CEO of the two pioneering Li Yanzhu in the media mentioned the matter, but also can feel he is not short of money, it is inevitable that some heartache. read more

From a to T ndoorsman and his top earning large quantities of gold each day Apple broke the news b

has such a website that its explosive headlines on apple are much more than those of the same type of Web site, 9to5Mac.

, although its competitors are more experienced and have more funding sources, 9to5Mac has established itself as a must go website for Apple news. Its reports are often cited by the world’s most influential news organizations, which include mainstream media such as the New York Times and the Wall Street journal.

John Gruber, an influential author who specializes in apple news. He visits the 9to5Mac site at least once a week and reads valuable articles. He said: "no website can reach their level."."

but sometimes 9to5Mac can annoy its competitors, other blogs reporting apple news.

in July this year, Business Insider published an analysis from the 9to5Mac website, but its competitive web site requires that articles should be linked to their website rather than 9to5Mac. They call 9to5Mac a dirty and unscrupulous guy, and I’m talking to my lawyer about their disgusting business practices." read more

Analyzing battles between websites

usually seemingly calm web site, often behind there are billowing smoke in the air, every webmaster is a general, and you hand the army is your web site. The army is in control of your operation site, with less military battle numbered many, The weak overcame the strong. And you are willing to create these battles! Is like Taobao and eBay confrontation, we do not admire The weak overcame the strong., by the station thought rate of a cut above others ma. Some grassroots webmaster, want to create a piece of heaven and earth, with their own meager strength you think about possible? If an alliance to be annexed to it is as easy as you. Don’t laugh, it’s true. As long as many webmaster unite, can build a world. I see what Links, ask you, do you still work? Link to help each other? Do such unnecessary Links, not what is the smart move, only bad ah.

We take

for example, the opponent is 100 people, and let you see don’t usually also fight a lone battle, the friendship friendship that, in the end, the real stand out. You can have a few people to death than ant smasher are easy, and you are the people a little hurt No. The "new network" to do the test, this is my new, I just want to prove that the force of unity, and I can add my links, see the effect how to unite. read more

nternet business success (three) domain name problems

in understanding the theory of Internet start-ups knowledge, began to field site business practice operation. In this chapter you will detail how to build a web site that fits the user experience.

one, website page planning and style design

two, the choice of web programming language

three, site database selection,

four, site hardware requirements and preparation,

five, server hosting and maintenance,

read the above content, to the article "Internet business success" (three): Web server hosting faq.

six, server performance testing,

1. server probe test

server probes should be the most widely used program for testing the performance of virtual hosts. They are divided into ASP probes, PHP probes, JSP probes and so on depending on the supported scripts. As the name suggests, if you are ASP space, you need to use the ASP server probe for space testing. Here, we illustrate the use of server probes with an example of a river ASP probe.

the first step: download the probe source program, which is usually a web page program, such as the.Asp suffix file, and then upload it to any directory in the web. read more

Stationmaster needs to know website defend three

Hi, everybody. I’m back. Nice to meet you again. I’ll be here every day,

webmaster need to know the website, three defenses, everyone will ask a question. What’s the defense? What’s good?


listen to me and let you know,.

one guard: spam placard

how to prevent it. Many forums are very upset about it. Now most of them are using DZ, PW and so on.


because I’m using DZ for the forum, so let’s start with DZ.

there are a lot of forums ready to wait 23 weeks, included a lot of people, feeling the atmosphere is good, but advertising posts spam is more and more.


people haven’t arrived yet. How many ads have been posted?! spam is also a pile of stuff…


I first say the new station. The new station can be invited to register!! can let visitors see any posts but registered must contact the webmaster can register if you do not need to open it. This is one way to.


or find a few friends to accompany you up get a few moderators. Like. Encountered spam ultra edition immediately deleted. Also remember this letter IP free again. read more

Profile talk about user profiles for operations

Last week

readers have asked a question, the effect that the user portrait feel stupid force, so today you have a chat.

The word "

" in the portrait of the user, the domestic Internet rate is probably wrong.

there are two English words, the first one is called "PERSONA", which is a through investigation and questionnaire of the typical user model proposed by Allen Cooper, a method for mining and interactive design product demand.

, where:

P represents the basic (Primary): refers to the user whether the role of real user scenarios based on interviews; E represents the empathy (Empathy): refers to the user roles include name, photo and related product description, whether the user role lead empathy; R represents the authenticity (Realistic): refers to those every day dealing with customer people, whether the user role looks like real characters; S represents a unique (Singular): each user is unique to each other, there is little similarity; O represents the target (Objectives): if the user role contains high-level objectives and related products, is included in the key to describe the target; N represents the number of (Number): whether the number of user roles small enough for the design team, each user can remember the name of the character, as well as a major user of which angle color; A application Applicable: design teams can use user roles as a practical tool for design decisions. read more