Report of the loan players: surprises and disappointments

first_imgUros RacicThe two transfers that the young Serbian midfielder has experienced they seem to be too small. Last year at Tenerife was a real sensation and this season is indisputable in the revelation team of the Liga NOS, Famalicao. There are 29 matches that the footballer has played, 22 of them as a starter, including the momentous semifinals of the Portuguese Cup against Benfica. His good performance well serves to draw the attention of the club to which he belongs, but its short-term future seems difficult to turn black and white for the same reason that it has not found a place in the last two years: Kondogbia and Coquelin and the tough competition that would take to count minutes. Despite this, the market will mark his possible return as several Premier clubs have tempted Kondogbia. In any case, it has appreciated and aroused the interest of several clubs in the Portuguese league and Valencia could use it in operations such as Diogo Leite’s to lower the cost.Contract expires: June 30, 2022. Alex WhiteThe 21-year-old attacker has failed to claim ownership at Zaragoza but has settle like a shooter from the bench leaving good feelings, his 24 games played, although only six as a starter, thus they demonstrate it. At 21 he is at a key moment in his professional career, his contract expires next summer 2021 and Mestalla’s offices must decide whether to renew the link or not. Versatile to play on both bands, his future will be determined by what happens with Ferran TorresIf he leaves he may have a chance, but if Foios’ player renews it, it will be much more complicated.Contract expires: June 30, 2021 Alex CentellesIt is being earned that, at a minimum, he will be taken into account from Valencia for the coming season. The left side plays with Racic at Famalicao and, like the Serb, is also entrenched in the eleventh place of the seventh place in Portugal. Like Jordi Alba and Juan Bernat, the Valencian is a winger converted to winger at the Valencian Academy who mixes offensive power with good defensive skills, in fact Marcelino already took it off preseason. The player seems to have a difficult time making a hole at Valencia with Gayà indisputable and Lato who will return on June 30However, his current performance is enough for the club to rethink his situation.Contract expires: June 30, 2023.GONZÁLEZIRANZO & nbsp; (DAILY) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>CENTELLES IN A WORKOUT LAST YEARGONZÁLEZIRANZO (DAILY) Toni LatoThe loan in which you have more confidence for next year, but the most unsuccessful loan of the current season. Without minutes at PSV, he arrived in Pamplona with the confidence of Jagoba Arrasate, but in the first two months he was injured and just a week after he became a footballer again – he was a starter against Sevilla – the break came for COVID-19 to, again, cut his continuity. The youth squad has proven to have skills but has not found the place to display them, the idea of ​​the club is for him to return next year to occupy the position that he himself wanted to leave this year: be the alternative to Gayà. And although he has all the ballots for that to happen, competition has arisen.Contract expires: June 30, 2023 Playing for Valencia is a dream for many footballers who, even signing for the club, still do not comply. The entity of Turia has managed by means of transfers to exploit the talent of great players who have later been able to shine in the team, this was the case among others with David Silva and Paco Alcácer, But he has also sought loans for footballers that he signed and have not met expectations. This season they are six players seeking to claim on other teams and take advantage of the course to demonstrate that next year they can have a place on the campus. Some of them have managed to attract the attention of the football scene, others, however, have not even been able to count on many minutes. Alex CarbonellValencia signed this young midfielder just a year ago together with Jorge Saénz and Manu Vallejo and as with them, he let the season end in Córdoba after his departure from Reus due to the administrative problems of the Catalan team. Without making a lot of noise or hogging many light bulbs, He left on loan to Fortuna Sittard of the Eredivise and has established himself as a rotation player there. Raised in ‘La Masía’ and with DNA Barça, the absence of replacement for Dani Parejo leads us to think that the next preseason will have the opportunity to prove its worthcenter_img ALEX BLANCO WITH EL ZARAGOZADAILY Jason RemeseiroThe 25-year-old right winger goes through a season irregular under the orders of Bordalás. Until Christmas he had played practically everything and was a fixture in the starting lineup, in fact from Getafe it transpired that the azulones were preparing an offer to keep it owned. However, since December 1 its presence has been diluted to the point that he has not played in LaLiga since that date. The remaining eleven days will be key to claiming and re-gaining the trust of the club in which he is on loan. His possible return to the capital of Turia will be marked by the future of Ferran Torres, because if he leaves there will be a vacancy in his position, in any case the former Levante is a player who It has market value.Contract expires: June 30, 2022.DAILY ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>JASON WITH THE GETAFEDAILY Jorge SáenzAnother complicated transfer and that is not giving the expected result, the central today is the fourth defender at Celta de Vigo and has barely played five games. Conditions are not lacking, under-21 international, 1.90cm tall, fast, good aerial game and one of the best defenders of LaLiga Smartbanck last season, but he has not been able to exploit them in Vigo where a debut in which he was sent off has weighed him down. In addition, since Oscar García arrived on the bench He is the only outfield player who has not had minutes, so it seems that he lacks the coach’s confidence. It still remains another loan season at Celta, Valencia wanted to play it back after Garay’s injury, but ultimately did not pay the 3 millions of the penalty clause.Contract expires: June 30, 2024. DAILY ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>LATO WITH VALENCIADAILYlast_img read more

Furthering Your Education: How To Weigh Grad School Vs. When A Certificate Is Enough

first_imgIn this competitive job market, the need to further your education might as well be in your job description.Decision-making is tough, no matter what stage you are at in your career. Choosing the best and most beneficial option is crucial, as time and money are both valuable assets. When choosing between a graduate program or a hybrid certificate training program, you can weigh your options with the following guide:Examine your motives.Is your current level of education not competitive enough in your industry?  Some industries require more education than your standard bachelor’s degree to land even an entry-level job. In these cases, continuing your education is a no-brainer. You should be aware of the educational backgrounds of your colleagues to know where you stand.Do you want to stay marketable? If you are a planner and always ahead of the game, completing certification programs throughout the course of your career is a great way to keep your skills sharp and your brand reputable. Investing in your career with cost-efficient certification programs may be more suitable for your budget than a graduate degree. Furthermore, adding training programs and earned certificates to your resume proves your dedication and enthusiasm to be the best you can be in your field.Do you want a pay raise? It is absolutely necessary to investigate your options and your industry requirements. Depending on the field, both may lead to more money – or the same paycheck you are accustomed to. If you are in the biology and life sciences field, a recent study showed a 70 percent pay increase with a grad degree as opposed to a bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree in journalism may only account for a 19 percent pay raise. As far as certificates, if you don’t have the time, money, or inclination to opt for a more traditional graduate degree, a recent study found certificates give a 20 percent boost in earnings in certain fields.Are you considering a career change? If you are looking to make a career change and feel as though you need to go back to school, be sure you do your research. It is not uncommon to land a job completely unrelated to your major.Define your purpose.Your purpose should be about YOU. Nix any pressures from family and your peers when deciding the most beneficial way to further your education. There are mixed arguments about whether investing in grad school is worth it or not, but Reid Linn, Dean of the James Madison Graduate School, said it best, “I am unaware of any study that has ever proven that more education and more guided practice and direct experience has hurt anyone or negatively impacted someone’s life over a lifetime.”As stated before, there are some industries that require a higher level of education, even for entry-level positions. But if you are utilizing grad school as a crystal ball foretelling your future because you are unsure of your next steps – you may want to reconsider. Grad school is costly, but can be well worth your dollar if used appropriately.Consider your obligations.Spending time to further your education, regardless of the means, is a huge time commitment. To save yourself from taking on an impossible workload, make sure you consider your current responsibilities. Squeezing a grad program into an already jam-packed life can make the experience extremely off-putting. Alternatively, certificate programs range in duration, some only lasting a weekend.Also, consider your monetary obligations. It is oftentimes suggested to move on to grad school immediately after earning your bachelor’s degree because it is an easy transition to head right back into the classroom. For other industries, once you have been working for a couple of years, employers may pay for your schooling in a graduate program.Take the time to look at the overall and long-term payoff of investing in continued education. Furthering your education will be a staple in your career. But remember your options before choosing your route.How have you furthered your education to accelerate your career? Share your story and thoughts below.last_img read more

A Lot of Talk, and Some Action Too

first_imgWhat a great week to be talking about health care reform. On Monday, battling snowstorms and train schedules, Freelancers Union made its way to Washington D.C. – no, we weren’t invited for tea at the White House (yet?) – we were participating in the New America Foundation meeting, The New Health Insurance Marketplace. Sara Horowitz, our Executive Director, discussed how essential it is for individuals to access health insurance through groups. Grouping offers many benefits in the delivery of a health care plan, cost control, and promoting civil society. And we know from our surveys of independent workers that individuals would rather get their health insurance from such groups than through the government, an employer, or directly from a health insurance company. And all of D.C. was totally abuzz with health care news! With Kathleen Sebelius named as the new Daschle for Obama’s Health & Human Services cabinet spot, it feels like things might finally get rolling. The New America Foundation certainly feels optimistic about her, as does The New Republic. What’s your take?last_img read more

Cebu Pacific takes delivery of 31st Airbus A320

first_imgCebu Pacific (CEB), the Philippines’ airline, took delivery of its 31st brand-new Airbus A320 aircraft which arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on February 4, 2015.With this delivery, the airline now operates a fleet of 54 aircraft comprised of 10 Airbus A319, 31 Airbus A320, 5 Airbus A330 and 8 ATR-72 500 aircraft.CEB’s aircraft fleet’s average age is 4.34 years, which is one of the youngest in the world.Between 2015 and 2021, Cebu Pacific will take delivery of 7 more brand-new Airbus A320, 30 Airbus A321neo, and 1 Airbus A330 aircraft.The brand-new Airbus A320 is the airline’s twelfth aircraft equipped with Sharklets, they are 2.4 meter wingtip devices that enable lesser fuel burn and lower emissions.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img