9 months agoAC Milan captain Romagnoli: We believe we can beat Juventus

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say AC Milan captain Romagnoli: We believe we can beat Juventusby Carlos Volcano9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveAC Milan captain Alessio Romagnoli insists they can handle facing Juventus in the Supercoppa.The match is being held in Saudi Arabia.”We have positive sensations, it’s a lovely atmosphere and wonderful to be here playing for an important trophy that can give a positive slant to our season,” said the captain in his Press conference.“We are ready and want to give our all in order to win the tournament. We have great respect for Juventus, who are undoubtedly the strongest side in Italy, but we believe in our capabilities too and know anything can happen in a knockout match.” last_img

Robert Morgan Takes Seat in the Senate

first_img Leader of Government Business, Senator the Hon. Kamina Johnson-Smith, said that Senator Morgan is one of the hardest-working persons she knows. Newly appointed Government Senator, Robert Nesta Morgan, formally took his seat in the Upper House on Friday (May 10), where he was warmly welcomed and hailed as a hard worker who will make an invaluable contribution to the country’s legislative process. Story Highlights “He loves Jamaica so deeply and has a commitment to… always playing his part to create a better and even a new Jamaica,” she noted. Newly appointed Government Senator, Robert Nesta Morgan, formally took his seat in the Upper House on Friday (May 10), where he was warmly welcomed and hailed as a hard worker who will make an invaluable contribution to the country’s legislative process.Leader of Government Business, Senator the Hon. Kamina Johnson-Smith, said that Senator Morgan is one of the hardest-working persons she knows.“He loves Jamaica so deeply and has a commitment to… always playing his part to create a better and even a new Jamaica,” she noted.“I know he will contribute well to this Chamber. We welcome you sincerely and look forward to working with you as part of this team as we seek to make laws for the good governance, peace and order of Jamaica,” she added.Senator, Dr. Sapphire Longmore-Dropinski, in her remarks, expressed confidence that the new Senator “will be making very significant contributions to this House and to Jamaica”.Opposition Senator Donna Scott-Mottley, for her part, said she is pleased to know that Senator Morgan is from Wood Hall, Clarendon, where she also grew up.“We are truly proud to see you seated in this honourable Chamber and we look forward to the contribution that you will make. You have been trained well… . I hope that you will enhance the environment here and that you will bring your learning and your erudition to ensuring that legislation that we pass is in the best interest of the people of this country,” she said.In his response, Mr. Morgan thanked the Senators and others who well-wished him in his new role.“My commitment here today is to contribute as much as I can to the development of my country. I have a lot to be thankful for. I think Jamaica has done a lot for me [in] providing me with an education, [and] giving me the opportunity to contribute at such a young age to the development of the country and its people,” Mr. Morgan said.Senator Nesta Robert Morgan (left) shakes hands with the President of the Senate, Hon. Tom Tavares-Finson, as the new Senator takes his seat in the Upper House on on Friday (May 10).“I think I have a responsibility to not only be an example but to also demonstrate that with hard work we can achieve,” he added.Senator Morgan was sworn in as Government Senator and Parliamentary Secretary on May 9 at King’s House.The former Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the Office of the Prime Minister fills the seat in the Upper House left vacant following the resignation of the former Education, Youth and Information Minister, Ruel Reid, in March.last_img read more

APTN opens the books on Peters reserve finds questionable payments INACs role

first_imgKenneth JacksonAPTN National NewsPeters First Nation’s three-member band council were allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars over a two-year period to operate a band with 12 homes on 131 hectares and little infrastructure.The money was much more than what band council claimed to Indigenous Affairs from 2013 to 2015 according to the First Nations Transparency Act.But the money just didn’t go to council.It was also allocated to members who are known to vote for council every two years. A close look at the finances over those years indicate that over 90 per cent of all expenditures to band members went to those who voted for council.This happened while the British Columbia reserve was in a bitter membership battle that continues to this day on a nation that receives around $300,000 in annual funding from Indigenous Affairs.But it doesn’t end there.Documents show questionable payments not only to the children of council but one of their mothers received tens of thousands in social assistance and allegedly didn’t qualify, while one councillor had over 10 jobs, an APTN National News investigation has uncovered.A recent audit uncovered that the band kept little paper trail of supporting documents for social assistance, and council members were signing cheques over to themselves, all of which the auditor said opened the band to the potential for “inappropriate payments” during the fiscal year of 2014/2015.Indigenous Affairs (INAC) approved the audit without question.More so, Indigenous Affairs funded the National Child Benefit program that year without any supporting documents, asking the band to submit details of how the money would be spent later.That was just one of the many programs led by Victoria Peters, a longtime councillor who is also – to name a few – the band manager, bookkeeper, income assistance administrator, community health representative, on the membership committee, accounts payable/receivable and social worker.Chief Norma Webb has refused to comment directly on any part of APTN’s investigation supported by confidential ledgers, audits, band council resolutions, internal emails, INAC documents and interviews with band members spanning more than three months.APTN has also been following two court cases involving Peters band council where band members are suing the council for breaching its fiduciary duty by allegedly misusing band money, not keeping records and appointing themselves to all the jobs.Peters First Nation along the Fraser River about 130 km east of Vancouver. Submitted.The band council, at the same time, is trying to enforce an injunction to have “confidential” documents returned to the office, alleging former employee Frances Genaille and her son, Andrew stole them and, in part, are using the documents against council to seek INAC to investigate the band council.“Andrew has disclosed confidential information regarding the Peters social assistance program that could only have been obtained from Peters’ files,” wrote the band council recently in its petition for an injunction. “INAC has requested an immediate review of Peters social assistance program as a result.”Andrew Genaille wrote to INAC March 20 alleging former councillor Leanne Peters’ mother, Donna Peters, had been receiving social assistance since 2011 and didn’t qualify.“Donna Peters owns her own home,” he wrote. “Donna Peters husband, Clifford Peters, already receives disability. Clifford Peters also receives a paycheque from Peters First Nations. Donna Peters is Leanne Peters mother, and sister in law to both Victoria Peters and Norma Webb.”Victoria Peters used that email to amend Peters’ petition for an injunction two weeks ago, that was first filed last November.APTN can confirm between 2012 and 2015 Donna Peters received all the social assistance funding – about $12,000 annually – based on the band council’s ledgers for those years. APTN can also confirm Clifford Peters received about $9,000 a year from the band during that time partially for odd jobs, like snow removal.When APTN called the home of Donna and Clifford Peters, Donna answered and quickly hung up when asked about the payments.Peters also refused to comment on the allegations. Webb first said she couldn’t comment because the documents were stolen, then suggested they may be fabricated and demanded to know APTN’s source of information.APTN informed Webb the ledgers showing the allocations were, at the very least, with their accountant who prepared them, as APTN has emails the accountant sent council during those years. The emails had digital copies of the ledgers as attachments.INAC was also told by another member of the band in March that she was aware that other people were being denied social assistance.“Due to all of the court proceeding in progress at the Band Level, this was used to deny access to the social program delivery at the request of Peters Band Members,” wrote Samantha Peters to INAC. “I would like it noted on record that Victoria is getting paid to deliver a program that nobody seems to have access to.”APTN is unaware of where Indigenous Affairs is with its investigation into the social assistance program but INAC has appointed a financial investigator in Ottawa to assist the Vancouver regional office.Samantha Peters has been a thorn in the side of council since 2012 when she first began fighting for 66 people to become members of the band. The majority had status through Peters but were not members and not has been approved for membership, including children of current band members.But it’s been a fight that started much earlier and has been happening since Peters got control over its membership through Section 10 of the Indian Act about 30 years ago.Council is accused of limiting membership since 1987, thus staying in power all these years as Peters band is basically one big family – everyone is related, yet don’t get along.It’s divided the nation, just not evenly as the one side has had the votes to stay in power leaving Samantha Peters’ side of the family, about 18 members, on the outside, as previously reported by APTN.In depth: Promise to dying mother sees daughter take on ‘rigged’ band council to bring her family homeRelated: Elder died wanting to be member of reserve she was born onA review of the ledgers between 2012 and 2015, show the lion’s share of funding those years went to members who are known to vote for council.In fact, in the 2014/15 fiscal year 93.1 per cent of funding, just under $500,000, went to council, their families and those who voted for them.The fiscal year before that it was 91.2 per cent of about $400,000 in funding.On top of the funding from INAC, Peters band also receives money for health and payments for hydro and forestry. APTN has learned the band council was able to draw from other revenue and trust accounts to make up for deficits, like in 2013-14 when it pulled about $285,000 from the accounts according to a band council resolution and an email from their accountant.Graph is based on the 2014/15 ledger belonging to Peters First Nation.Some members who voted for council are said, according to court documents, to allegedly received “questionable payments”.Andrew Genaille, a filmmaker and writer, and his sister Lisa Genaille, who is taking steps to start medical school, are suing the band for “misusing their powers” by allegedly appointing themselves to paid positions, refusing band members “equitable access” to resources and receiving inappropriate payments.Both were once close to the council and describe growing up in the band office as their mother, Frances Genaille, worked there for three decades as the assistant band administrator until late last year when she was fired. She is suing the band for wrongful dismissal.The siblings were so close to council that when it received 66 membership applications in 2013 council hired the siblings to review the applicants.Lisa and Andrew say when they got access to all the band’s files and they learned how the band was allegedly being operated.“The band’s archives and record keeping were done very poorly and were very disorganized,” Andrew alleges in court, saying he was given “unlimited access” to files.He tried to hold council accountable but it didn’t last long.“Once I began questioning Victoria Peters about questionable payments being made,” Andrew details in an affidavit, “she would not provide answers to any of my questions and I was no longer allowed access to the archives.”Those questionable payments allegedly include money going to Victoria Peters, as a review of the ledgers show she was allocated much more than what she claimed to INAC in the band’s annual audits.Victoria Peters claimed about $90,000 in salary and $8,000 in expenses but a review of the ledger that year shows she was allocated closer to $170,000, while Webb claimed $35,000 and was allocated $63,000. Leanne Peters claimed $12,000 and was allocated $17,000.Graph is based on the 2014/15 ledger belonging to Peters First Nation.In the 2013/14 fiscal year, Victoria Peters claimed $88,000 while the ledgers shows she allocated $142,000. Webb claimed $24,000 and was allocated $53,000. Leanne claimed $6,000 and was allocated $9,000.Various programs Victoria Peters was in charge of saw her collect large sums but when asked about them Victoria Peters refused to respond.Graph is based on the 2013/14 ledger belonging to Peters First Nation.One of the questions was about allocations made to one of her children, a minor – one was for hundreds of dollars for “rent” and $6,000 under the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program and another $15,000 was allocated to Victoria from a total budget of $31,000.APTN has been told there is nothing to suggest the child qualified for the funding and Victoria Peters refused to comment when asked.Victoria Peters also controlled a large budget co-funded by the First Nations Health Authority and INAC.In 2014/15, the band council received about $140,000 in funding under the FNHA and $70,000 was allocated to Victoria Peters, while the majority of the rest was allocated to people who vote for council and just under $8,000 went to families known to vote against council.Victoria Peters would not respond to questions about her qualifications to hold the position or why she was claiming so much money from the programs.That same year the Peters band had its books audited by a firm in Chilliwack, B.C. who found a list of issues with Victoria Peters’ bookkeeping.“Supporting documents for social assistance and payroll transactions are weak,” wrote the firm MNP after an audit of the bands books. “Cheque requisition forms should be used to show evidence of council approval for social assistance and payroll expenditures.”MNP also found that social assistance reporting to INAC was not consistent with “actual expenditures incurred.”Program reimbursement forms and invoices didn’t have signed authorization of chief and council and complete budget information was not prepared for all band operations.“Expense approval process and supporting documentation is weak which could result in inappropriate payments,” wrote MNP. “In addition, insufficient processes and controls results in increased audit work.”MNP also had a problem with people receiving payments from the band that had cheque-signing authority, which was Victoria Peters and Chief Norma Webb.“Recipients of payments who have cheque signing authority should not sign cheques made out to themselves,” the auditor wrote. “Cheques should be signed by authorized individuals who are not also the payee on the cheque.”Meanwhile, the two elders on Peters say are not surprised by APTN’s investigation.“We’ve known this for 30 years,” said Robert Peters Jr., whose son is currently before the Federal Court of Canada asking the court to appoint him as a member as council rejected him.“It’s just awful how they treat people.”Robert Wilmer Peters. APTN photo: Luke Smith.His brother, Ed Peters, 74, is the eldest and his children are not members either as their applications were part of the 66 that were denied. They are members of the Seabird Island First Nation just across the Fraser River.“We just want it to be fair for everyone,” said Ed Peters, adding he believes council is fueled by “greed.”He also said jobs Victoria Peters holds, and all others held by Webb and former councillor Leanne Peters, were never posted to for everyone to apply.“My daughter is the financial advisor for Seabird. She could run the finances at Peters but she never got the chance,” he said.Samantha Peters also had to look for work at a different nearby First Nation where she works in the forestry sector of the band. Peters has logging rights to land and Samantha said she’s never been approached to help the band.“On more than one occasion I have openly extended an invitation to chief and council to help with negotiations, agreements, forestry, resources,” she said. “I never heard back from them.”She said there are a number of qualified people from Peters with various expertise but are not included.“They use their own personal discretion too often and it’s unprofessional and it costs the band money,” said Samantha. “This is what they learned and it’s dangerous.”kjackson@aptn.calast_img read more

Open to any party including TRS joining antiBJP front Naidu

first_imgNew Delhi: TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, who is spearheading an effort to cobble up an anti-BJP front, Friday said not only the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) but any outfit which is against the saffron party are welcome to join a grand alliance after the election results are declared.Naidu has stepped up efforts to bring together parties which are against the BJP ahead of a possible meeting of the grand alliance after the election results are declared on May 23. The Andhra Pradesh chief minister met CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury and Aam Admi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal on Friday and discussed with them about the possible tie-up in the post-election scenario. According to sources, Naidu is likely to meet Congress president Rahul Gandhi in the national capital and BSP chief Mayawati in Lucknow Saturday. “We welcome not only the TRS but any party which is against the BJP. We are welcoming all such parties to be a part of our grand alliance,” Naidu told reporters after meeting the Election Commission of India (ECI) here. He was responding to a query if a Congress-led grand alliance will join hands with the TRS, which is trying to bring together all regional parties to forge a non-Congress, non-BJP front, after the election results are declared. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra Singh”I am meeting everybody. Will chalk out a plan after discussing with all leaders,” Naidu added. In the meeting with the ECI, the TDP president said that he requested the poll panel to take a serious note of the series of complaints filed by his party including against the repoll ordered in Chandragiri Assembly segment in the Andhra Pradesh and counting of votes in the entire constituency if discrepancy found in VVPAT slips with five mandated Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in any part of the country. “As on today, the ECI’s decisions are very controversial, one-sided, pro-establishment and pro-government. During the entire election, they were supporting the government. It is unfortunate,” he told reporters after the meeting.last_img read more

Drew Brees Deserves Better Than The Saints Defense

Blake Bortles25.41411+3 WINS Matthew Stafford21.71927-8 Cam Newton23.02726+1 All newsletters Derek Carr25.82322+1 Carson Palmer20.72625+1 Ben Roethlisberger21.03028+2 Alex Smith18.82730-3 Philip Rivers24.42218+4 Eli Manning23.52523+2 Andrew Luck24.22821+7 Matt Ryan24.32925+4 The Saints offense does occasionally sputter, and for those games, the team’s chances of winning are solely reliant on the defense — in other words, virtually hopeless. In games when the Saints scored less than the league average, they went 2-14. Brady’s Patriots went 5-6 when they failed to best the league average.The Saints head into their season opener in Minnesota tonight determined to finally turn around their defense. Head coach Sean Payton said he’s “optimistic” about the unit. Players are even hoping a preseason stretch of eight consecutive quarters without allowing a touchdown will prove meaningful now that the games actually count. We’re launching a sports newsletter. 🏆  Join the squad. Subscribe It’s not Brees’s faultThe difference in win total for quarterbacks if their actual defense was replaced by a league-average defense in each game, 2014-16. Among the 47 games Brees started in the past three seasons, the Saints would have won 10 more games (technically, they would have won 12 games they actually lost and lost two they had actually won, for a net increase of 10). In both 2014 and 2016, Brees’s record would have been 11-5, and New Orleans would have made the playoffs. To be sure, this is just a back-of-the-napkin calculation, and several variables can distort this expected-win statistic — for instance, Brees and the Saints probably wouldn’t have scored as much if they hadn’t been constantly losing.But when you look at all the non-Brees starting quarterbacks who also started from 2014 to 2016, the connection between clearing the league-average point total and winning games is quite strong: The quarterbacks in our sample average 0.97 wins for every one time they clear that bar. Brees, on the other hand, registered 0.68 wins for his better-than-average offensive days. Matthew Stafford is the anti-Brees in this regard: The Detroit Lions’ QB has 27 wins since 2014 despite leading an offense that beat the league-average point total just 19 times. QUARTERBACKAVG. OPP. PTS/GAMEEXPECTEDACTUALDIFF. Joe Flacco20.32321+2 Drew Brees is in a league of his own statistically. He has led the NFL in passing yards three years in a row and seven times as a Saint (no other player in history has hit that mark more than five times). He has topped 5,000 yards five times — all other quarterbacks in history have combined for only four such seasons. Brees’s New Orleans offenses have finished in the top 10 in scoring in six straight years, and his nine consecutive seasons of 30 or more TD passes are nearly twice as many as the next closest QBs (Brett Favre 1994-98 and Peyton Manning 2009-14). Brees’s passing résumé would force the office printer to run out of paper.But there is one reasonably important statistic that Brees struggles in: winning football games. The Saints last had a winning season in 2013, finishing 7-9 for three straight years. And in the 16-game era, no quarterback has started every game and missed the playoffs more often than Brees, who has done this seven times. Even some Saints fans are asking whether Brees is merely a compiler of gaudy passing numbers who can’t deliver in the clutch.But Brees isn’t the reason the Saints have lost 27 games in three seasons — the defense is. Among all 32 teams from 2014 to 2016, the Saints ranked 28th, 32nd and 31st in points allowed per game, respectively. Over those three seasons, the Saints gave up 28.2 points on average in Brees’s starts — that’s practically a touchdown more than the league average during that time (22.7). No other current starting quarterback in this time period has nearly this high a hurdle to clear to get a win.1For this, we looked at the 18 quarterbacks who are currently starters and also started for any team in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The three quarterbacks with the most wins during that time — Tom Brady (35), Aaron Rodgers (32) and Russell Wilson (32) — have defenses that have allowed an average of 18.6, 22.1 and 17.1 points per game, respectively.2Only counting games in which they started.Let’s pretend for a second that New Orleans had an average defense — not even a good one — over the past three seasons. If the actual points surrendered by the Saints in each of the 47 games that Brees started in 2014-16 were replaced with the league average for the season, how many more games would Brees have won? Andy Dalton19.72526-1 Aaron Rodgers22.13532+3 For current starting quarterbacks who also started in the 2014 through 2016 seasons. Expected wins are based on whether the opposition team scored the NFL average points per game for a given season.Source: pro-football-reference.com Russell Wilson17.13032-2 Jay Cutler26.11112-1 Drew Brees28.23121+10 Tom Brady18.63335-2 The Saints need a defensive awakening to happen soon. Although Brees plays as though he’s ageless, he’ll turn 39 in January. He doesn’t even need his defense to be good for the team to be successful. The Saints have finished 20th or better in points allowed just five times in his 11 seasons in New Orleans, and Brees has led his team to the playoffs in each of these seasons — averaging 12 wins. Alas, those are his only winning seasons for Payton and his rotating cast of defensive coordinators.Check out our latest NFL predictions. read more

Opinion Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman shouldnt be judged based on one

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman waves to the crowd during the Super Bowl Parade Feb. 5 in Seattle.Courtesy of MCTIn the two weeks between the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl XLVIII, every person who encountered any type of sports media likely learned the name of Richard Sherman.The third-year cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks stole headlines from many other worthy story lines heading into the biggest sporting event of the year.Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning breaking single-season passing records and leading the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl in his second season after returning from a career-threatening neck injury?The NFL’s best offense squaring off against the NFL’s best defense in a true test of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object?How would the Seahawks’ offense, with running back Marshawn Lynch arguably being the only player who would rank in the top 10 of NFL players at his position (Lynch finished with 1,257 yards on the ground, good for sixth in the league), keep up with the prolific scoring of the Broncos?All of these buzzworthy topics took a backseat to the controversy surrounding the 25-year-old defensive back’s on-camera reaction to a sideline reporter’s questions after the Seahawks’ Jan 19 victory.Sherman’s deflection of a pass intended for San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree into the waiting arms of linebacker Malcolm Smith sealed the NFC Championship victory and a Super Bowl berth for Seattle.With the attention of the football world on him, Sherman had set himself up for a potentially huge payday and possibly some new endorsement deals.After Sunday’s game, Sherman’s name did not make the front page of many newspapers after he turned in a quiet but efficient performance in Seattle’s 43-8 victory over Denver.He was credited with three tackles and one pass deflection in a game where his most noticeable effects on the game were the two times play was stopped while Sherman sprawled on the turf in pain.Sherman was carted off the field during the fourth quarter with a high ankle sprain, but returned to give a relatively subdued interview — a far cry from the outburst that garnered so much attention two weeks prior.He had practically forcibly grabbed the spotlight while enthusiastically proclaiming himself to be the “best corner in the game” in the postgame interview with Fox’s Erin Andrews after his team’s 23-17 win.Despite not making any spectacular individual plays or boasting an impressive stat line, Sherman played an integral role in a team effort that held Denver and its NFL MVP quarterback to one score in the entire game.Manning never looked comfortable in the pocket, and he often checked down to short-yardage passes. He threw two interceptions, lost a fumble, was sacked, was involved in a safety after his center snapped the ball over his head, and had eight of his passes batted down in a disappointing outing.Sherman might not have earned a spot on the Super Bowl highlight reel, but at least he did not turn in a dud like Manning.Most importantly, Sherman added “Super Bowl Champion” to a résumé that already includes being a two-time first-team All-Pro and Stanford graduate.Hopefully, his calmer postgame demeanor this time around will silence his critics, at least temporarily. Social media exploded with derision and racial slurs directed toward Sherman after his outspoken on-air rant in the Andrews interview.Despite being loud, Sherman does not have any obvious character flaws or negative history and would actually make a great role model for young athletes.He was salutatorian of his high school class of Dominguez High School in Compton, Calif., and attended a college known for academics instead of athletics, graduating after five years with a degree in communications and starting a master’s instead of leaving early for the NFL.“I really wanted to make that known to people that you can go to Stanford from Compton,” Sherman said when he was drafted.After the deciding play in the NFC Championship Game, Sherman congratulated Crabtree by saying “helluva game” and extending a handshake. Crabtree reacted by shoving Sherman’s facemask, which presumably was the catalyst for Sherman’s now-infamous rant.The world should judge Sherman on his credentials and achievements instead of his volume in one interview. He’s proven himself to be one of the best corners in the league, if not the best, as he claimed. Or, if Sherman goes off on another rant, maybe he can rant about his support of academics, good sportsmanship and opposition of illicit drugs. It would be hard to call him a “thug” after a rant like that. read more

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has not reached his limit

first_imgThe Swedish footballer says he will not return to Europe soon, as he wants to help his team LA Galaxy win some trophies in the United StatesWith 36 years of age, Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic doesn’t believe he has reached his limit yet.Playing with LA Galaxy in the Major League Soccer (MLS), he’s been having a second chance at shinning in the sport.“I feel alive, after my injury people thought I was not going to come back and I showed them I was still alive playing,” he said to Diario AS.Lionel Messi, Paul PogbaPaul Pogba has spoken to Lionel Messi over his future Andrew Smyth – September 10, 2019 Manchester United star Paul Pogba had a chat with Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Zinedine Zidane and many others over his future, says his brother.“I feel well, fresh, and I’m very happy here. I like the club, my teammates, and the city. I want to play here as long as I can.”“Obviously there’s the physical aspect and it conditions says I have to stop, then I will have to do it. But I have not reached that limit yet,” he added.Asked if he would want to return to play in Europe, he was very honest.“Not right now, like I said I’m happy here. I want to help the club and my teammates to win.”last_img read more

Gerrard warns Rangers players to prepare for a fight

first_imgRangers Football Club manager Steven Gerrard has warned his players they have to be prepared for a fight if they’re to pick up a win against Hamilton.The Gers travel to the New Douglas Park this Sunday to face Hamilton on the back of a disappointing league defeat to Livingston.Gerrard is planning to deliver one of the shortest team talks in history and will use as few words as possible to highlight the dangers of dismissing the opposition lightly.Instead, he will let the memory of the team’s poorest performance since he took over simmer into the player’s minds hoping to elicit a positive response from his players.He said, according to Daily Mail: ‘I’ll just put up a sign saying “Livingston 1 Rangers 0 – what are you gonna do about it?”Steven Gerrard, Michael OwenOwen reveals why Liverpool didn’t offer Gerrard a new contract Manuel R. Medina – September 6, 2019 According to Owen, the Reds wanted to sell Gerrard two years before he left the club and that’s why they didn’t offer him a contract renewal.“Because if you turn up and play the same way, the same will happen. So, it will be easy, the team talk.”“It’s a great test for the players. They’ve had some criticism in terms of the away form and sometimes in football you have to forget about the nice bits, the tactical side.”“Sometimes you just have to go out and do the basics well; turn up and just empty it for your club and your supporters – and more often than not that will get you where you want to go.”“We’ll have a game plan. It’s a similar fixture to Livingston and we had a game plan there, but we never carried it out – we never turned up.”“So the players have two options: Go and empty it and fight for the shirt and the fans – or put in a Livingston performance, and let everyone talk about your away form for a bit longer.”last_img read more

Hazard urges fans to be on their best behavior

first_imgAhead of Tuesday’s London derby, Eden Hazard has implored both Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur fans to steer clear of any sort of abusive behavior.Both Chelsea and Tottenham supporters have been in the spotlight lately for alleged racist and anti-Semitic language, and Eden Hazard has pleaded with both sets of fans to respect each other ahead of Tuesday night’s Carabao Cup semi-final tie at Wembley.“Just watch the game and enjoy the game. For sure after the game one team will win and one team will lose. Try to be fair,” Hazard told Sky Sports.“I like all fans, Spurs also have good away fans. I think it is a good game to play and I hope both fans will enjoy the game.“Of course (I hope both fans respect each other). These kind of fans (who sing abusive chants) are not fans of football, for me.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“They come to the stadium just to say something. I understand they want to win the game but they need to be fair. Just support their team and not the other one.“When we are players, we are examples. The fans are also examples. I want Chelsea fans to be the best in the world. I don’t want to see a bad image of the Chelsea fans, of course.“In football in general, not just Chelsea fans, in Italy, we saw a lot of things.“I want these things to disappear. It’s hard because football is a big world but if we are all together step-by-step, players, managers, journalists, then we can do something. I want people to remember the game.”last_img read more

Montego Bay Commemorates International Day of Peace

first_imgMr. Robinson believes there is need for more interventions like the CSJP and PMI to address issues affecting persons, particularly youngsters.“My vision for Montego Bay is for there to be less killing and police and civilians living like they are one. I hate guns; I want to see at least one week when no one dies here,” he stated Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppKingston, Jam, September 26, 2016 –  Hundreds of persons converged in Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay, St. James, to commemorate the United Nations General Assembly’s (UNGA) International Day of Peace on Wednesday, September 21.  The day, which is observed annually worldwide, is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace within and among all nations and peoples.Montego Bay’s celebrations, held under the theme: ‘Building Blocks for Peace’, were spearheaded by the Peace Management Initiative’s (PMI) western branch in partnership with the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP).  The day’s activities included a peace march; worship service; discussions involving residents, community groups and churches, among other stakeholders; as well as a poster competition.Western Regional Coordinator for the CSJP, Adenike Stephenson, told JIS News that the organization partnered with the PMI and other stakeholders to mark the day in response to the upsurge of violence in St. James“We partner in these efforts to build awareness and to send a message that more Jamaicans need to stand up and put an end to what is happening in our country. All of us – residents, agencies, civil society and churches – need to come together,” she said.  Ms. Stephenson said the CSJP’s collaboration with the organizers was indicative of the stakeholders’ united approach in working towards culture change that facilitates and promotes peace.  She further said it demonstrates that they are working towards, among other things, offering opportunities for persons to come together and build a better Jamaica by changing the culture of violence.The PMI’s Violence Interrupter for Canterbury in St. James, Reuben Robinson, endorsed the undertaking by the CSJP and other stakeholders to engender peace in his community by advocating for culture change.“If I see youngsters over 18 years old in the community and they are jobless, it is my responsibility to get them a job or into a skills training programme.  I was a gang member, someone who never went to school…(and) PMI sent me to school.  Persons in my community know about me and who I was; so the youngsters will listen to me more readily than anyone else,” he said. Under the violence interrupter initiative, rehabilitated criminal offenders are trained to anticipate where violence may occur and intervene to prevent its eruption.This exercise often entails the facilitator developing relationships with gang members and familiarizing themselves with the profiles of various communities.Its model is similar to Cure Violence, a programme in the United States that has been credited with yielding significant success. Another Montego Bay resident welcomed the International Day of Peace celebrations, noting that the commemoration was very important to the citizens.“We have children and we would like to see them grow up in a peaceful environment where they can go out and we parents do not have to worry for their lives. I would like to see everyone come together and youths put down the guns, stop the killing and work out their differences,” the resident stated.center_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:building blocks for peace, international day of peace celebrated in Jamaicalast_img read more

Publishers Monitor Trucking Shutdown

first_imgMagazine publishers have plenty to worry about: rising paper and production costs, postal rate hikes, and, of course, the looming recession. A trucker strike wasn’t one of them.A large number of truckers have threatened a “shutdown” this week to draw government attention to the soaring cost of diesel. Yet aside from closely monitoring the situation, publishers and their printing vendors—for the most part—are confident of little to no impact on magazine distribution.According to various news reports, the majority of the drivers threatening a work stoppage are believed to be independent contractors, or owner-operators. The total number of truckers involved is unknown. “My staff and I are always on top of all pending news that may effect our magazine distribution,” says Jim Pizzo, senior director of distribution at United Business Media. “From everything we have heard and reviewed with our freight forwarders, a strike is too harsh of a term for what the independent truckers are planning to do.”Others are being a bit more cautious in their assessment. “The overall impact of this shutdown, assuming the event is fully carried out, will not be known for some time,” Quebecor World’s Ron Sing wrote in an e-mail to its printing customers. “It is expected to have an evident impact considering the already destitute condition of the industry.”Tom Fox, VP manufacturing and technology at American Express Publishing, is less concerned but does note that another surcharge could aggravate an already stressed cost structure. “Outside of a quick news story on driver unhappiness over diesel prices and the threat of an ‘action,’ I really hadn’t heard anything about it. The broader question in any event is as fuel prices continue to rise and especially diesel prices, how would another surcharge add to the already steep woes of many magazines? But to be honest, I’d say it is being watched from a distance, at best, here.”In a letter to clients, Donnelley Logistics Services had this to say (note the use of social media to stay informed): “Donnelley Logistics Services (DLS) was made aware of the possibility of this current shutdown in mid-March 2008. Immediately, DLS began to monitor transportation websites and related web-based message boards to validate the claim. DLS sent a communication to our top 25 vendors advising of the rumor, asking the carrier’s position on the shutdown and ultimately asking if the carrier planned on participating if a shutdown took place. The unanimous response returned was that they were aware of the shutdown rumor, they did not condone or support the strike, and they did not plan on taking part if a shutdown occurred.”The letter goes on to say that as of April 1, a few instances of “shutdown activity” were reported around the country—truckers driving slowly on interstates, blocking traffic at intersections and gatherings at fuel stations. DLS says it continues to monitor the situation by regularly reaching out to its vendor network, but did not indicate any impact on its distribution efforts. “For now UBM LLC will pay close attention to this situation as it develops, [but] at this time we are assured that this situation will not affect our magazine distribution,” says Pizzo.The length of such a slowdown is still unknown. “Some are calling for the shutdown to persist until the problem is fixed, while others believe that even a single day of strike may have a potential effect on the economy,” said Quebecor’s Sing in his letter.According to the American Trucking Association, the industry projects to spend $135 billion on diesel fuel this year—$22 billion more than last year. The average price of a gallon of diesel fuel hit $4.02 last week. The ATA and other groups are urging the Bush administration and Congress to take steps to reduce fuel prices.last_img read more

Here Are The Contenders For Best New Artist 60th GRAMMYs

first_img Nile RodgersPhoto: Paul Bergen/Redferns/Getty Images Best New Artist Contenders: 60th GRAMMY Awards here-are-contenders-best-new-artist-60th-grammys Who Are The Latest Performers? | 60th GRAMMYs Meet The GRAMMY Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018 Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban Uber Partners With Best New Artist Nominees Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Nov 28, 2017 – 5:30 am Best New Artist Nominees | 60th GRAMMY Awards RihannaPhoto: Steve Granitz/Getty Images See Full List Of 60th GRAMMYs 2018 Awards Winners KhalidPhoto: Justin Lloyd/Newspix/Getty Images Khalid Kendrick LamarPhoto: Lester Cohen/Getty Images News John Legend Lil Uzi VertWith a rapid-fire series of mixtapes starting in late 2015 and stemming across 2016, Lil Uzi Vert carved himself a noticeably standout niche into the exploding cloud rap genre. With a sound often meandering between rock and hip-hop stylings, Vert’s music has been sometimes called “emo rap,” though the 23-year old artist strives hard to avoid genre labels.Released in August, his debut album, Luv Is Rage 2, hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200.During his recent sit-down with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, Vert was quick to stir the pot when Lowe tried to nail down a name for his sound, summing himself up saying, “I think it’s [unidentifiable] … I just pulled up in a UFO, that means I’m an alien. [laughs] That’s all I can say.”Lil Uzi Vert is also nominated alongside breakout trap trio Migos for his feature verse on their summer smash hit “Bad And Boujee.”Julia MichaelsPrior to stepping into the solo spotlight with her breakout debut single “Issues,” Julia Michaels had already built an illustrious songwriting resume packed with writing credits for top-tier artists including Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Gwen Stefani, Hailee Steinfeld, Linkin Park, and Justin Bieber.Speaking to the Recording Academy about “Issues,” Michaels revealed that the song was originally written over two years previously with the intent of giving away to a songwriting client, but she felt it too personal to give up, and sparked her decision to make the jump into becoming a performing artist. Luis FonsiPhoto: Victor Chavez/WireImage.com Who’s Performing At The 2018 GRAMMY After-Party? Chris Stapleton, Sting Added To 60th GRAMMYs Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, Madonna, and Queen Latifah perform at the 56th GRAMMY Awards Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, Madonna, and Queen Latifah perform at the 56th GRAMMY Awards 2018 GRAMMYs: 60 Nominee Facts Clive Davis and Pharrell WilliamsPhoto: Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images See Full List Of 60th GRAMMYs 2018 Awards Winners RihannaPhoto: Steve Granitz/Getty Images Chris Stapleton, Sting Added To 60th GRAMMYs Watch GRAMMY Country Performances On Apple Music “I just thought, ‘I can’t do that. I can’t give this song to somebody’,” Michaels explained.  “That was my very first feeling of wanting to sing my own words.”Michaels is nominated for two GRAMMY Awards this year, with “Issues” bringing the singer/songwriter an additional nod for Song Of The Year.SZASZA began stirring up underground buzz as early as 2012, with her self-released debut EP, See.SZA.Run, which caught the attention of independent hip-hop label Top Dawg Entertainment, which signed her in early 2013.After releasing a pair of acclaimed EPs over the next two years, Top Dawg kept a tight lid on any and all details about SZA’s eventual debut album, Ctrl, which was eventually released this past June. Though the album’s success — gold certification and a No. 3 peak position — has resulted in somewhat of a whirlwind for the singer/songwriter, it’s given her a new perspective on her fans. Class Of 2018 Special Merit Awards Recipients 60th GRAMMYs: Who Are The First Performers? (L-R) Jay Z, Rapsody, Lady Gaga, Alessia Cara, Childish Gambino, SZA, Taylor Swift, Luis Fonsi, Bruno Mars, Cardi BPhotos: WireImage.com Alessia Cara, Khalid, Lil Uzi Vert, Julia Michaels, and SZA are officially the 60th GRAMMY nominees for Best New ArtistBrian HaackGRAMMYs Nov 28, 2017 – 5:36 am The Best New Artist category for the 60th GRAMMY Awards is positively stacked with talented creators who have built names for themselves on their own terms. Soprano Isabel LeonardPhoto: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images) Cardi BPhoto: Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage.com Performers Added To 2018 Person Of The Year Show Who Is Presenting At The 60th GRAMMYs? Who’s Performing At The 2018 GRAMMY After-Party? Rihanna Among Performers Added To 60th GRAMMYs 60th GRAMMYs: Full Performer List Meet The GRAMMY Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018 Dr. DrePhoto: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Oct 11, 2017 – 4:44 pm SZA’s “Drew Barrymore” Connection Kendrick LamarPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images ‘2018 GRAMMY Nominees’ Album: Buy Your Copy Watch GRAMMY Rap Performances On Apple Music Kelly ClarksonPhoto: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images 15 Records That Could Be Set | 60th GRAMMYs ‘2018 GRAMMY Nominees’ Album: Buy Your Copy Who Will Play With Lang Lang At GRAMMYs Salute? Cardi BPhoto: Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage.com Whitney Houston, 29th GRAMMY Awards Meet The GRAMMY Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018 (L-R) Jay Z, Rapsody, Lady Gaga, Alessia Cara, Childish Gambino, SZA, Taylor Swift, Luis Fonsi, Bruno Mars, Cardi BPhotos: WireImage.com Nile RodgersPhoto: Paul Bergen/Redferns/Getty Images Who Are The Latest Performers? | 60th GRAMMYs Whitney Houston, 29th GRAMMY Awards SZA See Full List Of 60th GRAMMYs 2018 Awards Winners Dr. DrePhoto: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic Miles DavisPhoto: Thierry Orban/Sygma/Getty Images Find Out Where 60 GRAMMY Nominees Were Born Email Kendrick LamarPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images 60th GRAMMYs: Who Are The First Performers? Who Will Play With Lang Lang At GRAMMYs Salute? Watch GRAMMY R&B Performances On Apple Music MusiCares Watch GRAMMY Rock Performances On Apple Music Alessia Cara Bruno MarsPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images John Legend Watch GRAMMY Rap Performances On Apple Music Tina TurnerPhoto: Bill Marino/Sygma Bruno Mars, Cardi B Added To 60th GRAMMYs Lineup Cardi BPhoto: Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage.com Luis FonsiPhoto: Victor Chavez/WireImage.com Watch GRAMMY Jazz Performances On Apple Music Dave GrohlPhoto: John Shearer/WireImage.com Rihanna Among Performers Added To 60th GRAMMYs Luis FonsiPhoto: Victor Chavez/WireImage.com 15 Records That Could Be Set | 60th GRAMMYs Clive Davis Reflects On Pre-GRAMMY Gala 2018 GRAMMYs: 60 Nominee Facts Dave GrohlPhoto: John Shearer/WireImage.com Whitney Houston, 29th GRAMMY Awards Bruno MarsPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Soprano Isabel LeonardPhoto: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images) Chris Stapleton, Sting Added To 60th GRAMMYs Some are songwriters who broke into the business penning hits for big-name artists before transitioning into their own solo careers; others are independent phenoms who leveraged their social media followings and artist amplification platforms such as SoundCloud to build a grassroots critical mass that made it impossible for the industry to ignore them.All five will surely be names to watch in the coming years. Here’s a closer look at this year’s Best New Artist nominees:Alessia CaraAlessia Cara’s debut single, “Here,” became a sleeper hit in early 2015, and was dubbed by MTV as the “new song for everyone who secretly hates parties.”Her debut album arrived soon after, with the third radio single “Scars To Your Beautiful” becoming a chart hit late last year when it climbed to No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100Leaving no doubt that the Canadian singer has officially arrived, in 2017 she was tapped for some impressive marquee collaborations on Zedd’s “Stay” and Logic’s “1-800-273-8255.” The former is nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, while the latter is up for Song Of The Year.KhalidSinger/songwriter Khalid’s explosive viral success with self-released tracks on SoundCloud saw the young artist tapped for numerous “artists you need to know” lists by publications such as Billboard and Rolling Stone just months after his high school graduation.His first official single, “Location,” released before the end of his senior year. The video collected more than 17 million plays on YouTube by the time his debut album, American Teen, dropped last March, and he promptly sold out every tour date of his 2017 summer tour.Khalid is also featured alongside Alessia Cara on Logic’s Song Of The Year and Best Music Video-nominated “1-800-273-8255.”The 19-year-old is nominated for a total of five GRAMMY Awards this year, with his Best R&B Song-nominated “Location” and Best Urban Contemporary Album-nominated American Teen rounding out his nods.Polls Who will GRAMMY voters choose for Best New Artist for the 60th GRAMMYs? Class Of 2018 Special Merit Awards Recipients Here Are The Contenders For Best New Artist | 60th GRAMMYs Bruno Mars, Cardi B Added To 60th GRAMMYs Lineupcenter_img Dave GrohlPhoto: John Shearer/WireImage.com These 15 Artists Are First-Time GRAMMY Nominees KhalidPhoto: Justin Lloyd/Newspix/Getty Images Lady GagaPhoto: Lester Cohen/WireImage.com Kelly ClarksonPhoto: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Lil Uzi Vert Watch GRAMMY R&B Performances On Apple Music Kendrick LamarPhoto: Lester Cohen/Getty Images Miles DavisPhoto: Thierry Orban/Sygma/Getty Images (L-R) Nick Sanborn (Sylvan Esso), K.Flay, Cardi B, Kevin Hart, Logic, KeshaPhotos: Wireimage.com MusiCares These 15 Artists Are First-Time GRAMMY Nominees Who Is Presenting At The 60th GRAMMYs? The 60th GRAMMY Awards will take place at Madison Square Garden in New York on Jan. 28, 2018, airing live on CBS from 7:30–11 p.m. ET/4:30–8 p.m. PT.Read more Dr. DrePhoto: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic MusiCares Watch GRAMMY Pop Performances On Apple Music Rihanna Among Performers Added To 60th GRAMMYs Class Of 2018 Special Merit Awards Recipients Clive Davis Reflects On Pre-GRAMMY Gala Watch GRAMMY Jazz Performances On Apple Music Performers Added To 2018 Person Of The Year Show Miley CyrusPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Kendrick LamarPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Cardi BPhoto: Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage.com Miley CyrusPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Performers Added To 2018 Person Of The Year Show Find Out Where 60 GRAMMY Nominees Were Born Bruno Mars, Cardi B Added To 60th GRAMMYs Lineup Facebook Watch GRAMMY Country Performances On Apple Music Choices RihannaPhoto: Steve Granitz/Getty Images 60th GRAMMYs: Full Performer List GRAMMY Performances Available Via Apple Music Miley CyrusPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Nile RodgersPhoto: Paul Bergen/Redferns/Getty Images Julia Michaels KhalidPhoto: Justin Lloyd/Newspix/Getty Images Watch GRAMMY R&B Performances On Apple Music Find Out Where 60 GRAMMY Nominees Were Born Who Will Play With Lang Lang At GRAMMYs Salute? Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban Chris StapletonPhoto: Steve Granitz/Getty Images John Legend Lady GagaPhoto: Lester Cohen/WireImage.com Bruno MarsPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Who Is Presenting At The 60th GRAMMYs? (L-R) Jay Z, Rapsody, Lady Gaga, Alessia Cara, Childish Gambino, SZA, Taylor Swift, Luis Fonsi, Bruno Mars, Cardi BPhotos: WireImage.com Who’s Performing At The 2018 GRAMMY After-Party? Watch GRAMMY Rap Performances On Apple Music (L-R) Nick Sanborn (Sylvan Esso), K.Flay, Cardi B, Kevin Hart, Logic, KeshaPhotos: Wireimage.com Tina TurnerPhoto: Bill Marino/Sygma Lady GagaPhoto: Lester Cohen/WireImage.com Uber Partners With Best New Artist Nominees 60th GRAMMYs: Who Are The First Performers? Tina TurnerPhoto: Bill Marino/Sygma Chris StapletonPhoto: Steve Granitz/Getty Images Twitter Cardi BPhoto: Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage.com “Being noticed on a very different end of the spectrum is very intense, but it makes me feel like I have a responsibility because I feel like every person that I’m meeting at a meet-and-greet or at a show — or that’s listening to my album or that I’m seeing on the internet — I see that they’re genuine reflections of me,” SZA told GRAMMY.com.Along with her Best New Artist nod, SZA has also drawn a Best R&B Song nomination this year for “Supermodel.” Uber Partners With Best New Artist Nominees Watch GRAMMY Pop Performances On Apple Music More 60th GRAMMY Awards News Watch GRAMMY Jazz Performances On Apple Music NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Jul 26, 2017 – 1:09 pm Julia Michaels On Writing “Issues” (L-R) Nick Sanborn (Sylvan Esso), K.Flay, Cardi B, Kevin Hart, Logic, KeshaPhotos: Wireimage.com GRAMMY Performances Available Via Apple Music Kendrick LamarPhoto: Lester Cohen/Getty Images These 15 Artists Are First-Time GRAMMY Nominees ‘2018 GRAMMY Nominees’ Album: Buy Your Copy Watch GRAMMY Rock Performances On Apple Music 15 Records That Could Be Set | 60th GRAMMYs Who Are The Latest Performers? | 60th GRAMMYs Cardi BPhoto: Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage.com Clive Davis Reflects On Pre-GRAMMY Gala Watch GRAMMY Pop Performances On Apple Music 2018 GRAMMYs: 60 Nominee Facts 60th GRAMMYs: Full Performer List Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, Madonna, and Queen Latifah perform at the 56th GRAMMY Awards Prev Next Kelly ClarksonPhoto: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Miles DavisPhoto: Thierry Orban/Sygma/Getty Images Watch GRAMMY Country Performances On Apple Music Watch GRAMMY Rock Performances On Apple Music Chris StapletonPhoto: Steve Granitz/Getty Images Soprano Isabel LeonardPhoto: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images) GRAMMY Performances Available Via Apple Music Clive Davis and Pharrell WilliamsPhoto: Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images Clive Davis and Pharrell WilliamsPhoto: Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Imageslast_img read more

Two schoolboys killed in Tangail road crash

first_imgTwo schoolboys were killed as a covered van hit a motorcycle near Mirzapur Police Station in Tangail on Sunday morning, reports news agency UNB.The deceased were identified as Mim Laden, 15, son of Labu Mia of Postokhamari village in the upazila and and Rifat, 15 son of Hossain Ali of the same village.Both the victims were class-IX students of SK Pilot High School in the area.Khalilur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Gorai Police Station, said the speeding covered van hit the motorcycle in the area around 9.30 am while they were going to Mirzapur Bazar from Charpara area, leaving Mim Laden dead on the spot and Rifat critically injured.Rifat was taken to Mirzapur Kumudini Hospital where doctors declared him dead.None was arrested as the driver of the covered van fled the scene immediately after accident, the OC added.last_img

Controversy over dress code notice in girls hall

first_imgPoet Sufia Kamal HallControversy has arisen over the dress code for the girls at Dhaka University’s Poet Sufia Kamal Hall.The students said that a notice had been posted up around the hall, prohibiting the girls from wearing T-shirts with shalwars (loose pyjamas) in the hall premises. It said girls could at no time, day or night, wear indecent clothes (T-shirt over shalwar) in the hall.No one could enter the hall office for any work in such an outfit. If they did, the hall authorities would take action, it said.However, in the morning today, Thursday, fresh notices were posted up around the hall, these also being signed by the ‘hall authorities’.Thursday’s notice declared that other than in the students’ rooms, verandas, bathrooms and personal spaces, proper dress must be worn when entering the offices/hall office.Read more: DU women’s hall bans shalwar with t-shirtThe previous notice had gone viral on Facebook, creating a controversy. The hall authorities said that they hadn’t issued the previous notice and that the girls had issued it themselves. They said that they had issued the later notice.The correspondent waited from 10:00 till 10:45 in the morning for comments from the hall authorities, but the hall provost, Sabita Rezwana, was in a board meeting.-A woman official of the hall, claiming to be a senior administrative officer, sent an SMS to the provost about the reporter waiting to meet her and even spoke to her.The provost said she was busy and did not know when she would be able to come to the hall.When the hall official claiming to be senior administrative officer was asked about the dress code controversy, she replied, on condition of anonymity, “This has been said for a long time, but some girls don’t listen.”-She refused to say anything further, other than that there were more persons in favour of the notice than against it.In the afternoon, the hall’s residential teacher Fahmida Yasim told Prothom Alo over cell phone, “We have to work with about 2,200 girls, their parents, guests and others. Today’s notice deals with the hall’s internal affairs. But the hall authorities will not take responsibility for the notice which went viral on Facebook.”She said that the notice on Facebook may have been deliberately posted up by certain students and the matter would be probed. “We have issued a rejoinder to Prothom Alo for publishing a report in this regard.”last_img read more

Polls boycott to turn BNP into Muslim League Quader

first_imgAwami League (AL) general secretary Obaidul Quader. File photoAwami League (AL) General Secretary Obaidul Quader today said BNP will take part in the next national polls in any circumstances.“If BNP does not take part in the next elections, their fate will be like that of Muslim League,” he said, while addressing a commemorative meeting at Haildhor High School ground in Anwara Upazila here.Anwara Upazila and Karnaphuli Upazila units of Awami League organized the meeting marking the 5th death anniversary of AL former presidium member Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu.BNP is a haphazard, disordered and weak party, said Quader, also Road Transport and Bridges Minister, adding: “Every leader of this party (BNP) speaks differently at different times”.AL Anwara Upazila unit President Abdul Mannan presided over the meeting that was addressed by Joint General Secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif, Sate Minister for Land Saifuzzaman Chowdhury, AL Organising Secretary AKM Enamul Haque Shamim, Deputy Office Secretary Barrister Biplab Barua and Deputy Publicity Secretary Aminul Islam.Stressing the need of unity among the AL leaders and activists, Quader said none would be able to defeat a united AL in polls.He urged the party leaders and activists to remain united and advised them to settle all sorts of divisions in the party by January next.last_img read more

Womens Basketball Excels in the Classroom

first_imgStory Links LOUISVILLE, Ky. – While the University of Louisville women’s basketball team has opened the season with an 11-0 record and moved up to No. 3 in the Associated Press poll, grade point averages from the 2018 UofL fall semester reflect that the Cardinals have excelled in the classroom, as well.The Cardinals achieved a collective 3.264 grade-point average for the 2018 fall semester, the fourth highest GPA in the Jeff Walz era. This marks the ninth straight semester that women’s basketball has earned better than a 3.0 cumulative GPA.In addition, 12 student-athletes earned a 3.0 or better GPA, while eight earned Red & Black Scholar Athlete status for a 3.25 or better cumulative GPA.Asia Durr, Lindsey Duvall, Dana Evans and Sam Fuehring were all named to the Dean’s List for Fall 2018, earning above a 3.5 GPA.Arica Carter, Durr and Fuehring are all on schedule to graduate in the spring. Carter is working toward her second degree after graduating with a B.S. in Health and Human Performance last December.The Cardinals return to action on Thursday, Dec. 20 when they travel to face Central Michigan.For the latest on Louisville women’s basketball, visit GoCards.com, follow the team’s Twitter account at @UofLWBB or on Facebook at facebook.com/UofLWBB.Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

50 million year old sperm cells found in fossilized cocoon

first_img Researchers find fossilized ciliate in 200 million year old leech cocoon (Phys.org)—A small team of researchers with members from institutions in Sweden, Argentina and Italy, has discovered fossilized sperm cells embedded in the walls of an ancient cocoon. In their paper published in the journal Biology Letters, the group describes how they came across the sperm fossils while studying a 50 million year old cocoon found on Seymour Island in Antarctica. © 2015 Phys.org Explore further Diagram illustrating the inferred mode of fossilization of microorganisms in clitellate cocoons, exemplified by a common medicinal leech (reproductive stages modified from Sims). (a) Two leeches mate; (b) a cocoon is secreted from the clitellum; (c) eggs and sperm are released into the cocoon before the animal retracts and eventually deposits the sealed cocoon on a suitable substrate (d). Insets depict enlargements of the inner cocoon-wall surface showing how spermatozoa and microbes become encased in the solidifying inner cocoon wall. Credit: Biology Letters, DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2015.0431 More information: Fossilized spermatozoa preserved in a 50-Myr-old annelid cocoon from Antarctica, Biology Letters, DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2015.0431AbstractThe origin and evolution of clitellate annelids—earthworms, leeches and their relatives—is poorly understood, partly because body fossils of these delicate organisms are exceedingly rare. The distinctive egg cases (cocoons) of Clitellata, however, are relatively common in the fossil record, although their potential for phylogenetic studies has remained largely unexplored. Here, we report the remarkable discovery of fossilized spermatozoa preserved within the secreted wall layers of a 50-Myr-old clitellate cocoon from Antarctica, representing the oldest fossil animal sperm yet known. Sperm characters are highly informative for the classification of extant Annelida. The Antarctic fossil spermatozoa have several features that point to affinities with the peculiar, leech-like ‘crayfish worms’ (Branchiobdellida). We anticipate that systematic surveys of cocoon fossils coupled with advances in non-destructive analytical methods may open a new window into the evolution of minute, soft-bodied life forms that are otherwise only rarely observed in the fossil record.center_img Journal information: Biology Letters This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: 50 million year old sperm cells found in fossilized cocoon (2015, July 15) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2015-07-million-year-sperm-cells-fossilized.html It is very rare to find fossilized examples of sperm cells because they are soft-bodied—they have no bones. Prior examples have mostly been found in amber. The fossils found by the researchers in this new effort were discovered by accident—the researchers were merely studying the intricacies of a fossilized worm, or leech (of the class Clitellata) cocoon they had found on the island to learn more about the creature that left it behind. In making their cocoon, the ancient worm would have applied jelly-like material to the walls, which would remain in that state for just a couple of days—sperm would have been deposited inside as a means of fertilization, and in a few cases become embedded in the cocoon wall, where it then became fossilized after the walls hardened.The fossilized sperm cells are tiny of course, just 60 micrometers long and resemble those of modern crayfish worms, the team reports, which is odd, because modern crayfish worms live only in the northern hemisphere. They have elongated head areas, a central region that holds the nucleus and extremely long tails. Dating has placed the age of the cocoon and its contents at 50 million years, which means the discovery is the oldest sperm cells ever found, by a margin of 10 million years.After hearing reports of nematodes being trapped in some other ancient cocoons, the team was encouraged to look closer at the specimen they had found—they used an electron scanning microscope to examine the walls of the cocoon and found multiple sperm cells, though the team notes, the fossils are not actual cells—there is no organic material there—instead they are impressions left by the cells which long ago deteriorated. To gain a better perspective of their find, they created 3D models. They also note that it is likely other such specimens exist in already found cocoons but have not yet been discovered because researchers have not looked close enough.last_img read more

Poetry in clay

first_imgCeramic, unlike painting is poetic, while sculpture is more logical and scientific and as eminent artist Pablo Picasso said, sculpture is the art of the intelligence. Earth Echoes, a conglomerate of artistes, is organizing a four-day exhibition from January 6 to 9 at the Open Palm Court, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road in the Capital where artistes will display creative works in clay. These artistes include Srirupa Sen, Sarika Malik, and Sneh Sharma. Arpita Bansal, Sandeep Marwah and Aruna Vasudev will be the Guests of Honour who will inaugurate the exhibition on January 6. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Sarika Malik says, “Getting into ceramics was an overwhelming feeling to find a medium which provides a three-dimensional canvas to my thoughts.” She has been in this profession for the last 8 years and when she looks back at her journey into world of clay, she feels overwhelmed. She has always been designing – from trousseau to calligraphy and lots more stuff like getting herself into ceramics which gives a three-dimensional touch to her thoughts. She puts her imagination to power into clay and produces tremendous art works. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixHer current work includes The Ganesha and Serenity series. The Ganesha series is the expression of the eternal form of Ganesha and its essence, in a more abstract nature. The Serenity series is meditative and predominantly expresses her love for the abstract form and the balance and harmony that exists within it.It feels so fresh and pure when an experienced teacher adopts art as her child. Srirupa Sen is a teacher who has turned into innovative art. After teaching chemistry to University students for 25 years, she took voluntary retirement because of her love for art. After getting into ceramics, she got to know where she wanted to sink her hands, heart and soul. An artistic hobby turned into an obsession and this passion has not abated even after eight years. “The feel of moist clay whirling on the potter’s wheel and the vision of an indiscriminate lump of earth being transformed by my hands into an object of my imagination is a feeling which belies description”, says Srirupa Sen. Sneh Sharma from Delhi stepped into clay art work in 2009 at the Delhi Blue Pottery Studio. Clay is a mode of expression but for her it is like creating a piece of art by using different techniques. The love for Ceramics and sense of art grows bigger day by day, Sneh Sharmasays, adding, “I believe that every handmade work exudes spiritual beauty which significantly impacts the soul”.Where: Open Palm Court, India Habitat CenterWhen : January 6-9last_img read more