9 months agoAC Milan captain Romagnoli: We believe we can beat Juventus

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say AC Milan captain Romagnoli: We believe we can beat Juventusby Carlos Volcano9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveAC Milan captain Alessio Romagnoli insists they can handle facing Juventus in the Supercoppa.The match is being held in Saudi Arabia.”We have positive sensations, it’s a lovely atmosphere and wonderful to be here playing for an important trophy that can give a positive slant to our season,” said the captain in his Press conference.“We are ready and want to give our all in order to win the tournament. We have great respect for Juventus, who are undoubtedly the strongest side in Italy, but we believe in our capabilities too and know anything can happen in a knockout match.” last_img

22 days agoArsenal boss Emery: Martinelli’s long-term position?

first_imgArsenal boss Emery: Martinelli’s long-term position?by Paul Vegas22 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveGabriel Martinelli is set for more action with Arsenal tonight.Martinelli finds himself in line to feature for Arsenal tonight, when they host Standard Liege in the Europa League.Gunners head coach Unai Emery said: “He is with us because he deserves to be with us. Pre-season was his chance to show and to work with us and we are very, very happy with him. He is a very fast player and that is a quality that is very important. “He gives us good pressing ­without the ball, good pace in the final third, chances to score and he’s getting better. He is young but if his ­performances are getting better every day, it is good for him to carry on being with us.”On Martinelli’s long-term position, he added: “We used him in training and against Nottingham Forest as a striker.“It is not the best position for him but he played well and he played there sometimes in Brazil but he can play right or left.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Remains of 14 yearold girl found in Manitoba source

first_imgAPTN National NewsHuman remains discovered in northern Manitoba are believed to be those of a 14 year-old Aboriginal girl.While RCMP say they can’t confirm the identity of the body, sources say it is likely that of Heather Mallett.Mallet went missing from Wabowden, a Metis community about 600 kilometres north of Winnipeg.The body was discovered near the community.last_img

Rep Vaupel supports bills to expand skilled trade opportunities

first_img21Dec Rep. Vaupel supports bills to expand skilled trade opportunities Categories: News,Vaupel News State Rep. Hank Vaupel, of Fowlerville, recently voted for a bipartisan five-bill package to enhance skilled trade education in Michigan’s public schools.“This is an opportunity to help our children beyond high school while they’re still in the classroom,” Vaupel said. “Our mid-Michigan school districts will have more course flexibility, improved access to experienced instructors and be able to work closely with local business owners. That will ultimately help our state’s students, while giving them better access to post-high school programs and help have more options as future professionals.”The legislation was developed from the recommendations of the Michigan Career Pathways Alliance, which includes state K-12 educators and local employment leaders working together to help strengthen Michigan’s future.The legislation:Creates a K-12 model program that emphasizes career learning and themes for each grade level, while focusing on engaging with parents, community businesses and industry interests;Provides continuing education and professional development credit for teachers who spend time engaging with local employers and professional trade centers;Allows proprietary schools, community colleges and skilled trade employers access – with parental consent – to high school pupil directory information for the purposes of recruitment and career opportunities; andPermits schools to more readily hire professional trade instructors to teach classes that align with their expertise.“We’ve got to develop students in the classroom while increasing their educational opportunities because that will prepare them for a successful life,” Vaupel said. “Michigan has many more career opportunities today than it did five years ago. If this legislation becomes state law then our students will be better prepared for five years from now.”House Bills 5139, 5140, 5141, 5142 and 5145 advance to the Senate for its consideration.#####last_img read more

Liberty Global has agreed a new twoyear deal with

first_imgLiberty Global has agreed a new two-year deal with Ericsson that will see two of Liberty’s Latin America-based operators expand their DVR services.VTR in Chile and Liberty Cablevision in Puerto Rico – both part of Liberty Latin-America and Caribbean (LiLAC Group) – will both use Ericsson’s Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP) to widen the reach of their Catch-up TV and Restart TV DVR services.Ericsson’s VSPP is designed to simplify recording capabilities and also offers infrastructure that can augment and replace legacy television services with new cloud-based services.“We consider DVR a very attractive entertainment service for our customers and we are pleased to now provide them with an enriched user experience that lets them enjoy the service even more,” said VTR logistics manager, Derek Yeaomans.Adrian Gioia, head of TV and media, Ericsson Latin America and Caribbean, said: “We are looking forward to supporting LiLAC Group in delivering ever-improving content, quality and features that delight TV consumers and meet their unique and ever-changing needs.”last_img read more

Turkish service provider Turkcell has tapped techn

first_imgTurkish service provider Turkcell has tapped technology outfit Metrological to provide the integrated Turkcell TV App Store that is available to all subscribers of its Turkcell TV+ service.Metrological App ManagerTurkcell  will be provided with a TV App Store personalised for its TV+ subscribers across Turkey. Using Metrological’s Application Platform,  Turkcell can source local and international content from Metrological’s App library of more than 300 TV apps.The Metrological product suite consists of an Application Platform that provides the content for operators to build their own localised TV App Store. It also includes a back-office product suite for onboarding, monetising and optimising the life cycle of web and native apps across set-top boxes. The Metrological Application Platform provides APIs to support features such as unified search, contextuality, second screen and voice control, while the open SDK enables app development for content service providers, app developers and operators, according to Metrological.“We are excited about the integrated content options that Turkcell TV+ subscribers will experience supported by Metrological’s fully integrated TV App Store. Our personalised TV App Store will bring together the best in regionalised and niche content. Besides that, it’s crucial for Turkcell to have the tools to customise the app offering in real-time to respond to our TV+ customers’ evolving content needs,” said Baris Zavaroglu, director of Digital Media Services of Turkcell.“We are proud to team with Turkcell to give its TV+ subscribers a robust and fully Turkcell-branded TV App Store made up of all the latest OTT content,” said Thijs Bijleveld, SVP of sales and marketing of Metrological.“The Metrological Application Platform makes onboarding and day-to-day content management seamless and ensures Turkcell TV+ customers can enjoy their live TV international apps and even regional favourites without leaving the -main TV screen.”last_img read more

Content aggregator and distributor Alchimiehas sig

first_imgContent aggregator and distributor Alchimiehas signed a three-year agreement with Altice France/ SFR to provide the operator with 2,000 hours of documentaries for SFR’s factual VOD channels for its Power and Premium subscribers. Alchimie will provide SFR with a selection of 2,000 hours of documentaries spanning nature, culture, travel, history, science and technology programming. The shows will be themed into range of topics such as Nature, Culture, History, Society and Travel and will be available in the replay category of SFR Power and Premium subscribers.“We’re delighted to partner with SFR. This deal demonstrates Alchimie ability to offer a selection of the best of factual programming, one of the most extensive in Europe, across a range of topics that can be tailored to the subscribers’ interests of any pay TV operators in Europe. We’re also proud that SFR has assigned Alchimie with the task to animate its Documentary Replay category with the objective to maximise subscribers engagement,” said Nicolas d’Hueppe CEO of Alchimie.Alchimie themes, curates and promotes channels in partnership with rights holders and owners on a revenue share basis, Alchimie’s services provide digitisation, translation, subtitles, dubbing and promotion.The company also offers Watch-It!, a branded OTT platform that aggregates third-party channels on a number of platforms. The outfit recently struck a new deal with France’s Mediawan to provide replay/catch up service for nine Mediawan linear channelsto subscribers on Watch-It!last_img read more

Researchers discover that pine nut shells are nontoxic and increase physical endurance

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jun 7 2019For several decades, the number of chronicle diseases has been growing. The main reason for this is the imbalanced diet. Biologists and chemists study natural foods concerning the fact that it can help strengthen health and prevent numerous diseases. They have designed a new concept, which is “functional food products”.Wild growing raw materials are the prospective sources of biologically active compounds. The Russian Federation has one of the biggest reserves of raw materials. The Eastern Siberia has endless cedar forests that cover territories of the Tyva Republic, Krasnoyarsk Region, Altai Region and the Republic of Buryatia, which is 18 million hectares. Annually, more than 1 million tons of pine nuts are harvested in Siberia.Related StoriesLow-carb diet may reverse metabolic syndrome independent of weight lossHealthy high-fiber diet could reduce preeclampsia riskHealthy blood vessels could help stave off cognitive declinePine nut shells are the source of carbohydrates, minerals and various organic compounds.Olga Babich, Svetlana Noskova and Stanislav Sukhikh, the researchers of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, together with their colleagues from Kemerovo State University have studied the processed product of pine nut shells. The carbohydrate-mineral complex is rich in fibers and vitamins. The researchers have also discovered that it is non-toxic and increases physical endurance, which is why it is recommended as a sports nutrition product.Lately, the authoritative scientific journal Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre has published the article under the title “Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre”. According to the article, dietary fibres are necessary for the health of the digestive system. They have a positive effect on blood vessels and lower blood sugar level.Source: Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal Universitylast_img read more

Economists cash in on efficient highperformance computing method

Economists have previously made little use of high-performance computers (HPC) in their research. This is despite the fact that the complex interactions and heterogeneity of their models can quickly cause them to reach hundreds of dimensions, which cannot be calculated using conventional methods. In the past, simplified models were therefore often formulated for answering complex questions. These models solved some problems, but they could also provide false predictions, explains Simon Scheidegger, Senior Assistant at the University of Zurich’s Department of Banking and Finance. For example, quantitatively studying optimal monetary policy in the wake of a financial crisis cannot be properly achieved using the conventional methods. However, calculating high-dimensional models on a supercomputer is not easy either. Until recently, researchers lacked appropriate numerical analysis and highly efficient software. Bayesian model selection shows extremely polarized behavior when the models are wrong Explore further More information: More Information: www.pasc-ch.org/projects/solid … -agent-macro-models/ Aryan Eftekhari et al. Parallelized Dimensional Decomposition for Large-Scale Dynamic Stochastic Economic Models, Proceedings of the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference on – PASC ’17 (2017). DOI: 10.1145/3093172.3093234 Provided by Swiss National Supercomputing Centre Citation: Economists cash in on efficient, high-performance computing method (2018, February 22) retrieved 18 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-02-economists-cash-efficient-high-performance-method.html The curse of dimensionalityUnlike in physics models, in which time is considered as a fourth dimension alongside the three spatial dimensions, economic models have to consider ten- or even a hundred-times more dimensions. Even a “simple” model of pension insurance in a single country, which aims to depict the prosperity of its society at each year of age, clearly shows how quickly a higher dimensionality is reached: “If we assume that people will live to 80 years old on average and will be earning from the age of 20, and want to determine prosperity for each year of age, we already have 60 dimensions,” explains Scheidegger. What’s more, people make their current decisions while taking into account future uncertainties. Ideally, a model should consider all these influences.There are two main sticking points in calculating such complex economic models. The first is recursively approximating the high-dimensional functions using many iteration steps. At the same time, systems of non-linear equations must be solved at millions of grid points that describe the model. Calculating such a model can take hours and sometimes days of computing time, even on high-performance supercomputers like Piz Daint.Nested modelTo find a highly efficient solution method that can recursively calculate the economic decision-making rules (known as policy functions), the researchers combined so-called sparse grids with a high-dimensional model reduction framework. “The resulting linear combination of sparse grids, which describe the model and thus the policy functions, are nested together like a Russian doll, and are lined up in such a way that they optimally approximate and describe the original high-dimensional space,” explains Scheidegger. The beauty of it is that the code to calculate the individual grids and their combination is highly parallelised. Even in small models with “only” 50 dimensions, the method efficiently scales up on Piz Daint to as many as 1,000 computer nodes at the same time. In simple terms, the dimensional decomposition framework ensures that only the relevant grid points and dimensions that describe the model under consideration need to be calculated. To further minimise the time required to solve the functions and keep communication between the processors and the processes running on them highly efficient, the researchers also used a hybrid parallelisation scheme (message passing interface (MPI) and Intel(R) threading building blocks (TBB)).Scheidegger and his colleagues have thus developed a method that takes significant account of the heterogeneities and avoids oversimplification. It also works generically and so can be applied to a variety of issues-from public finance models, such as state pensions, to central bank models. “As is the case in computer-aided physics or chemistry, the new method should enable models in economics to be solved fundamentally, that is ab initio, and then confronted with real-world data and adapted as necessary,” says Scheidegger.Further research on this topic will be conducted in a project for the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC). This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. read more

Indias Jet Airways to buy 75 Boeing jets in multibillion dollar order

Indian airline Jet Airways has entered an agreement to buy 75 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in a deal that could be worth more than $7 billion. Boeing announces service orders worth nearly $1 billion A Jet Airways Boeing 737 pictured in 2015: the airline has announced an order for 75 Boeing 737 MAX planes The country’s second-largest airline made the announcement to the Mumbai stock exchange late Tuesday. The company did not specify which model of the narrow-body jet it planned to purchase, or whether it had placed a firm order rather than a memorandum of understanding.The deal could be worth anywhere between $7.2 billion and $9.7 billion, depending on the type of jet acquired and based on list prices. Airlines often negotiate discounts on major orders. India is witnessing a boom in air travel as its growing middle class takes to the skies. Airlines are rapidly expanding their fleets to capture a slice of this market.There has been a six-fold increase in passenger numbers over the past decade as Indians take advantage of better connectivity and cheaper fares thanks to a host of low-cost airlines.The Centre for Aviation based in Australia predicts India will overtake Britain as the world’s third-largest market by 2025 and will have 478 million fliers by 2036.India’s largest airline IndiGo last year announced a deal to buy 50 small planes from French manufacturer ATR.The majority of Jet Airways’ fleet are Boeing aircraft. Boeing says the 737 MAX is the fastest-selling airplane in its history, with more than 4,300 orders received. © 2018 AFP Citation: India’s Jet Airways to buy 75 Boeing jets in multi-billion dollar order (2018, April 4) retrieved 18 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-04-india-jet-airways-boeing-jets.html Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. read more

Tata Motors shares plunge 30 on Jaguar woes

first_img India’s Tata Motors posts surprise loss Shares in India’s Tata Motors tanked almost 30 percent on Friday after problems at its Jaguar Land Rover unit dragged the luxury carmaker to India’s biggest quarterly loss. Jaguar Land Rover announced last month that it was axing 4,500 jobs worldwide The Mumbai-based manufacturer has been badly hit by falling demand for luxury cars in China, as well as uncertainty over Brexit and rising debt.It announced Thursday a net loss of 270 billion rupees ($3.8 billion) for the quarter ending December owing to a $3.9-billion write-down on JLR.That compared to a profit of 12 billion rupees for the same period a year ago.It marked a record loss in Indian corporate history, exceeding the deficit recorded by Indian Oil Corporation in 2012, according to Bloomberg News.”This is a difficult time for the industry, but we remain focused on ensuring sustainable and profitable growth, and making targeted investments, that will secure our business in the future,” JLR chief executive Ralf Speth said.Tata Motors said it wrote down its JLR investment due to difficult market conditions and expanding debt.Falling car sales in China—a key market—have buffeted Tata Motors, on top of uncertainty about Britain’s imminent and potentially disorderly departure from the European Union. JLR announced last month that it was axing 4,500 jobs worldwide and earlier this week credit rating agency Fitch placed it on a negative watch.Its shares had already slumped more than 50 percent in the past 12 months, according to Bloomberg.”Trade barriers and logistic issues from a disorderly Brexit could have an impact on JLR’s competitive positioning and lead to significantly lower sales and profitability,” Fitch said. Friday’s stock plunge was Tata Motors’ biggest intraday fall in 26 years, Bloomberg said. Explore furthercenter_img © 2019 AFP This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Tata Motors shares plunge 30% on Jaguar woes (2019, February 8) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-02-tata-motors-plunge-jaguar-woes.htmllast_img read more

States race to regulate carsharing apps as industry revs up

first_imgIn this April 23, 2019, photo, Chris Williamson poses for a photo sitting on his car in Phoenix. When Williamson was in the market for a new family car, a timely ad and conversations with a co-worker convinced him to try something out of the ordinary. He bought the BMW 3 Series convertible and covers the payments by renting it to strangers on a peer-to-peer car sharing app called Turo. It allows his family of seven to have a nicer car, essentially for free. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) Explore further When Chris Williamson was in the market for a new family car, a timely ad and conversations with a co-worker convinced him to try something out of the ordinary. He bought a BMW 3 Series convertible and covers the payments by renting it to strangers on a peer-to-peer car sharing app called Turo. In this April 29, 2019, photo, Steve Webb, VP of Communications, left, and Andre Haddad, CEO, right, pose in the entryway of Turo in San Francisco. Car-sharing apps that let people rent out their vehicles to strangers are growing in popularity in the U.S. But the people who rent cars through apps like Turo and GetAround don’t pay the taxes and surcharges that local governments and airports tack onto traditional rental cars. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg) Car-sharing apps’ popularity drives debate about taxes “I think everybody was agreed this is a new industry that needs some more regulation,” Peterson said.Both sides portray their position as a matter of fairness.Those supporting stricter regulations say people who rent out their cars for profit should not only pay the taxes but meet the safety and transparency requirements that go with renting a car.”The goal is leveling the playing field,” said Arizona Rep. David Livingston, a Republican who is sponsoring legislation to treat car-sharing firms like rental car companies. “You want all these companies operating with the same type of rules and regulations so they can compete and the best one wins, whoever that is.”Turo’s lobbyists point to the billions of dollars car-rental firms save on taxes. Most states charge no sales tax for vehicles sold exclusively for rental, and allow those companies to pass along vehicle licensing fees to customers.Turo asks why its users should pay rental taxes if they’re not exempt from other vehicle taxes that benefit rental car companies.”Our host community is individuals that are just trying to offset the cost of a car,” said Steve Webb, the company’s vice president of communications. “And Enterprise is this $24 billion Goliath that is using their political connections to stifle innovation.”Turo says more than 95% of Turo’s 197,000 “hosts” share three or fewer cars on the platform. But some of the company’s 350,000 listed vehicles are owned by people who rent out small fleets.Wagner, the Enterprise executive, calls it a “politically motivated fiction” for Turo to focus on taxes paid by people who occasionally list their car.For Williamson, the Phoenix teacher who rents his BMW through Turo, the prospect of his customers having to take on those taxes and surcharges is concerning. The people who rent his BMW are looking to splurge. He also sometimes rents his family’s Honda Pilot SUV.”Any time you start to creep the price up for anything, you’re going to get people who say, ‘Oh, I guess we won’t take the convertible this weekend. We’ll just take whatever Hertz has on special,'” he said. In this April 23, 2019, photo, Chris Williamson poses for a photo sitting next to his car in Phoenix. When Williamson was in the market for a new family car, a timely ad and conversations with a co-worker convinced him to try something out of the ordinary. He bought the BMW 3 Series convertible and covers the payments by renting it to strangers on a peer-to-peer car sharing app called Turo. It allows his family of seven to have a nicer car, essentially for free. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) It allows his family of seven to have a nicer car, essentially for free.”It’s great to have that little bit of extra income and not have to worry about the car payments,” said Williamson, a teacher from the Phoenix area.But his customers and others using car-sharing apps around the United States get their rentals tax-free. That’s made them a target for rental car companies, airport authorities and local governments. They say users of the upstart apps should pay the same taxes and fees that come with traditional rental cars.At stake is hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue that cities and airports count on to pay for stadiums and convention centers or to fund police, fire and other general operations.”These companies are very sophisticated, technology-savvy companies that have hundreds of millions of dollars invested in each of them,” said Ray Wagner, senior vice president for government relations at Enterprise Holdings, parent of the nation’s largest car-rental firm. “They should be expected to comply with the same rules as a small, mom and pop rental car company located in rural Arizona.”Turo says Enterprise is trying to stifle competition.Car-sharing companies including Turo and GetAround function like Airbnb for vehicles, allowing people to rent out their cars when they’re not using them. Founded about a decade ago, they’ve taken off recently with the help of millions of dollars from venture capital firms and other investors.That’s put them in conflict with the $42 billion-per-year rental car industry and the tourism and government agencies that tax it and regulate safety and consumer protections.The battle is heating up in some three dozen state legislatures as well as the courts and offices of local tax authorities. Barraged with lobbying from both sides, lawmakers are grappling with how to regulate an emerging industry without destroying it—a repeat of recent fights between the taxi industry and Uber and Lyft, and between hotels and Airbnb. Citation: States race to regulate car-sharing apps as industry revs up (2019, May 2) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-05-car-sharing-legislative_1.html This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. “The tragedy would be if we snuffed out something like this in its infancy that has a lot of great potential,” said Arizona Rep. Travis Grantham, a Republican who has introduced legislation backed by Turo that would exempt car-sharing from all rental car taxes except the standard sales taxes. Tourism taxes have long been popular with politicians who can use surcharges on hotel rooms and rental cars—paid largely by visitors who vote elsewhere—to raise money for local priorities.Forty-four states levy excise taxes on rental cars—on top of the standard sales tax, if one applies—and most allow local governments to levy their own as well, according to a March study by the Tax Foundation, a conservative think tank. Airports often add surcharges to pay for sprawling rental-car facilities.Taxes, fees and surcharges can add as much as 30 percent to the cost of renting a car while generating millions of dollars.In metropolitan Phoenix, the baseball league that draws fans to 10 stadiums for spring training every March could see a sharp decrease in revenue as the new platform for car rental grows, said its president, Jeff Meyer. Rental car taxes help cover debt payments for some of the Cactus League’s facilities and for the Arizona Cardinals football stadium.California, Oregon and Washington passed legislation on car-sharing years before the industry took off, and Maryland did so last year. Bills governing the practice have been introduced in more than 30 other states, with the fight especially contentious in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico and Ohio.Turo also is fighting in court with Los Angeles and San Francisco airport authorities, which contend the company should pay fees. Meanwhile, Chicago tax authorities wrote that car-sharing is subject to rental car taxes in response to questions from an Enterprise lawyer, according to a letter provided by the company.In Arizona, Enterprise is backing legislation that would tax car-sharing like rental cars and require them to enter agreements with airports to use their facilities, while Turo supports a proposal that would exempt car-sharing companies from most taxes.In Ohio, a detailed package of new regulations on car-sharing companies was tucked into the House version of the state transportation budget. It came as the Columbus Regional Airport Authority broke ground on a new $140 million car rental facility that relies on a steady stream of car rental user fees.The peer-to-peer companies won a temporary reprieve last month, when the provision was dropped from the bill. But Ohio Sen. Bob Peterson, the No. 2 Republican, said he anticipates a stand-alone regulatory bill will be introduced soon.last_img read more

Why Havent All Primates Evolved into Humans

first_img “Some difference in habitat selection probably would’ve been the the first notable behavioral change,” Isbell said. “To get bipedalism going, our ancestors would have gone into habitats that didn’t have closed canopies. They would have had to travel more on the ground in places where trees were more spread out.” The rest is human evolutionary history. As for the chimps, just because they stayed in the trees doesn’t mean they stopped evolving. A genetic analysis published in 2010 suggests that their ancestors split from ancestral bonobos 930,000 years ago, and that the ancestors of three living subspecies diverged 460,000 years ago. Central and eastern chimps became distinct only 93,000 years ago. “They’re clearly doing a good job at being chimps,” Pobiner said. “They’re still around, and as long as we don’t destroy their habitat, they probably will be” for many years to come. Why Do Some Animals Eat Their Own Poop? Originally published on Live Science.by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeGundry MD SupplementsTop Cardiologist: This One Thing Will Properly Flush Out Your BowelsGundry MD SupplementsUndoMarie Claire | HanacureMeet The Beauty Equivalent To TIME’s Person Of The Year AwardMarie Claire | HanacureUndoVikings: Free Online GameIf You’re Over 40 And Own A Computer, This Game Is A Must-Have!Vikings: Free Online GameUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition SupplementsAging Cat? Help Them Thrive By Doing This One ThingUltimate Pet Nutrition SupplementsUndoDr. Marty Nature's Feast Freeze-Dried RAW Cat Food3 Signs Something’s Wrong Inside Your Cat’s BodyDr. Marty Nature’s Feast Freeze-Dried RAW Cat FoodUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndo While we were migrating around the globe, inventing agriculture and visiting the moon, chimpanzees — our closest living relatives — stayed in the trees, where they ate fruit and hunted monkeys. Modern chimps have been around for longer than modern humans have (less than 1 million years compared to 300,000 for Homo sapiens, according to the most recent estimates), but we’ve been on separate evolutionary paths for 6 million or 7 million years. If we think of chimps as our cousins, our last common ancestor is like a great, great grandmother with only two living descendants. But why did one of her evolutionary offspring go on to accomplish so much more than the other? [Chimps vs. Humans: How Are We Different?]  AdvertisementWhy Do Leaves Change Colors in the Fall?For years, scientists have studied how leaves prepare for the annual show of fall color. The molecules behind bright yellows and oranges are well understood, but brilliant reds remain a bit of a mystery.Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Does Turkey Make You Sleepy?01:23关闭选项Automated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接https://www.livescience.com/32503-why-havent-all-primates-evolved-into-humans.html?jwsource=cl已复制直播00:0001:3901:39  Could Evolution Ever Bring Back the Dinosaurs?center_img Why Humans Outlive Apes “The reason other primates aren’t evolving into humans is that they’re doing just fine,” Briana Pobiner, a paleoanthropologist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., told Live Science. All primates alive today, including mountain gorillas in Uganda, howler monkeys in the Americas, and lemurs in Madagascar, have proven that they can thrive in their natural habitats. “Evolution isn’t a progression,” said Lynne Isbell, a professor of anthropology at the University of California, Davis. “It’s about how well organisms fit into their current environments.” In the eyes of scientists who study evolution, humans aren’t “more evolved” than other primates, and we certainly haven’t won the so-called evolutionary game. While extreme adaptability lets humans manipulate very different environments to meet our needs, that ability isn’t enough to put humans at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Take, for instance, ants. “Ants are as or more successful than we are,” Isbell told Live Science. “There are so many more ants in the world than humans, and they’re well-adapted to where they’re living.” While ants haven’t developed writing (though they did invent agriculture long before we existed), they’re enormously successful insects. They just aren’t obviously excellent at all of the things humans tend to care about, which happens to be the things humans excel at. “We have this idea of the fittest being the strongest or the fastest, but all you really have to do to win the evolutionary game is survive and reproduce,” Pobiner said. Our ancestors’ divergence from ancestral chimps is a good example. While we don’t have a complete fossil record for humans or chimps, scientists have combined fossil evidence with genetic and behavioral clues gleaned from living primates to learn about the now-extinct species whose descendants would become humans and chimps. “We don’t have its remains, and I’m not sure if we’d be able to place it with certainty in the human lineage it if we did,” Isbell said. Scientists think this creature looked more like a chimpanzee than a human, and it probably spent most of its time in the canopy of forests dense enough that it could travel from tree to tree without touching the ground, Isbell said. Scientists think ancestral humans began distinguishing themselves from ancestral chimps when they started spending more time on the ground. Perhaps our ancestors were looking for food as they explored new habitats, Isbell said. “Our earliest ancestors that diverged from our common ancestor with chimpanzees would have been adept at both climbing in trees and walking on the ground,” Isbell said. It was more recently — maybe 3 million years ago — that these ancestors’ legs began to grow longer and their big toes turned forward, allowing them to become mostly full-time walkers. Lucy belongs to one of the best known early human species, Australopithecus afarensis, which lived about 3.85 million to 2.95 million years ago. Credit: Copyright Field Museum; photographer John Weinstein last_img read more

Kolkata Mayor hints of wife being involved in Narada scandal

first_imgKolkata November 21, 2018 Sovan Chatterjee, Mayor of Kolkata and one of the closest aides of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Wednesday, hinted that his wife Ratna may be involved in the Narada bribery case.Chatterjee, recently, filed for divorce from Ratna, who also comes from a family of Mamata loyalists. Chatterjee fell out with the Chief Minister reportedly over his marital discord.On November 20, the Chief Minister asked him to resign from the posts of both Mayor of Kolkata and Cabinet Minister; Chatterjee is yet to resign from the Mayor’s post.Narada Scandal“There is no evidence against me in the Narada bribery case. However, I am at my wits end to clarify on behalf of Ratna,” he said in a local television interview on Wednesday.He further alleged that Ratna opened a company — GCR — without his knowledge just to harm his reputation.A sting operation carried out by the portal, Narada News, ahead of the 2016 Assembly Elections in West Bengal had videos of senior Trinamool Congress leaders — MPs, MLAs and others — accepting cash and promising favours..Political upheavalSources feel Sovon is expecting Trinamool to bring in a no-confidence motion against its own Mayor at the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.Political watchers believe Chatterjee may be expecting an inner party discord, which might result in defections.Though the BJP State President was critical of Chatterjee, sources say the party is keeping a close watch on the developments as part of its attempt to weaken Trinamool ahead of the Lok Sabha election. politics COMMENTS fraud Published on Sovan Chatterjee, Mayor of Kolkata. File Photo   –  The Hindu SHARE COMMENT SHARE SHARE EMAILlast_img read more

Williams back at Silverstone in his 50th year as team boss

first_img Motorsport 10 Jul 2019 Silverstone to host British GP until at least 2024 Related News {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} SILVERSTONE, England (Reuters) – The British Grand Prix at Silverstone has always been a season’s highlight for Frank Williams and this weekend is no exception even if his 50th year in the sport sees his team last and without a point.Formula One’s longest serving team boss, now 77, is back in the team garage for the first time since last year’s race at Silverstone.”He doesn’t travel as he used to so he comes to Silverstone,” said daughter Claire, who effectively runs the team but carries the title of deputy principal. There has never been any question of her father stepping down.”We’re hoping he will come to Spa this year as well because you can drive there. So we’re putting those plans in at the moment.” Related Newscenter_img Motorsport 09 Jul 2019 Silverstone poised for new deal ahead of British Grand Prix Motorsport 11 Jul 2019 Hamilton can fuel the Silverstone celebrations Williams has been quadriplegic and in a wheelchair since a road accident after leaving a test in southern France in 1986, a year that ended with his team as constructors’ champions and heading for an era of dominance in the 1990s.The glory days are far in the past for the winners of nine constructors’ and seven drivers’ titles between 1980 and 1997, but Silverstone has a special place in the team’s history.The current Williams team, winners of 114 races, were founded by Frank Williams and Patrick Head in 1977 and took their first grand prix triumph at Silverstone in 1979 with the late Swiss Clay Regazzoni.”For Frank, it’s all about the future, but that was the start of what has been a phenomenal career in this sport,” said Claire. Williams had first made the step up to Formula One with British brewing scion Piers Courage racing one of his cars in 1969. ‘FROM NOTHING'”He started his own career racing himself, realised quite quickly he wasn’t any good at it — didn’t quite understand where the brakes were — and decided to be a constructor,” continued Claire.”It took him a decade to get that first grand prix win here. He fought incredibly hard. He had no money; he came from nothing. He had to sell the team at one point and then he had to again start from nothing.”But he never gave up and we talked a lot about that yesterday with the team, Frank’s resilience, his tenacity, and he really deserved that victory in 1979.”The team have not won a race since Spain in 2012 and the team have veered from third overall as recently as 2015 to their current lows of 10th in 2018 and even worse performance this season.In the early 1990s, however, Williams were the team to beat with their 1992 champion Nigel Mansell attracting huge crowds to Silverstone at the height of ‘Mansell Mania’.Claire Williams said bringing back such emotions and achievements was still the main motivation for the team.”Formula One has obviously changed dramatically since that time but nothing is unachievable in this life if you fight hard enough,” she said.”Those were the glory days of Williams and they were wonderful and it’s lovely to be able to celebrate Frank here this weekend and remind everybody of Frank’s role, not just in Williams but in Formula One as a whole.”He was part of the generation that made this sport what it is today and what we all benefit from and are so privileged to be a part of.” (Reporting by Alan Baldwin, editing by Christian Radnedge)last_img read more

Grin and gripe

first_img KUALA LUMPUR: One coach was jumping for joy while the other was forlorn.Perak coach Mehmet Durakovic was grinning from ear to ear after they came back twice to edge Selangor 3-2 at the Perak Stadium in Ipoh on Wednesday.Meanwhile, his counterpart B. Sathianathan rued their bad luck as a number of the Red Giants’ players were on the crocked list.The visitors took the lead through Taylor Regan in 29th minute before Careca equalised in the 42nd. Three minutes later, Selangor regained the lead through Endrick Dos Santos. Related News Perak put them on level terms off a Leandro Dos Santos penalty in the 48th minute. Careca then bagged his brace and the winner in the 62nd minute.Durakovic was full of praise for his fighters.“I’m very, very happy with my players as we don’t have a big squad. Selangor are a good side with top local and foreign players and they also have a good set-up of coaches.“The two goals we conceded were due to our mistakes but to come back in the second half and win the game was not easy.“Credit to my players for their fighting spirit to collect full points,” said Mehmet. “I want the boys to enjoy the win with their families.”The Seladang have a day’s rest before heading north to play against their FA Cup final opponents Kedah on Saturday.Sathianathan was annoyed that despite dominating the match they failed to hang on to their lead.“Perak’s penalty kick hit the post and none of my players reacted to clear the ball. They all just gave up and this is what I don’t like,” said Sathianathan.“We have limited players now as most are injured and it will be a challenge to form a decent team for our last two matches.“I will seek divine help to make sure my players can recover fast.”Their next match will be against Petaling Jaya City on Saturday and will wrap up their fixtures against PKNS on July 20.Perak now have 30 points, moving up one rung to sixth in the 12-team standings while Selangor remain fifth on 31 points. Stumbling block: Perak’s Ronaldo Silva crashes into a Selangor player during the Super League match in Ipoh on Wednesday. — Bernama Football 10 Jul 2019 Durakovic keeps defenders awake as Giants loom Football 08 Jul 2019 The coast is clear Football 10 Jul 2019 Perak edge Selangor 3-2 in Super League clash {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Related Newslast_img read more