Beekeeping and tourism can go together

first_imgAn interesting story comes from the town of Łódđa, the third most populous city in Poland, where resourceful workers set up six hives with 60 diligent bees on the roof of a local hotel within the Hilton tourist hotel chain.In Poland, according to Polish media, the Lodz case is not isolated and there are bee communities in several other cities, and experts are convinced that honey produced by “urban” bees, despite concerns that car degradation could harm urban bees and their honey, may be healthier. from that which arose in nature, away from urban environments. Namely, city bees pollinate plants in parks and collect honey there, and parks are not treated with any chemical pesticides, unlike fields where bees live in nature. Hilton took advantage of the fact that across the hotel is a park with various and lush vegetation, trees and flowers because “their” bees do not only pollinate the flowers that adorn the hotel environment.Ingenious hoteliers from Lodz calculate that each bee community brings 30 kilograms of quality honey per season, which will be tasted exclusively by hotel guests, so imaginative chefs have already designed a menu that includes honey produced on their roof. They recommend other hotels and other institutions near the parks to follow their example and – they will not regret it.Here we witness an example of the synergy of beekeeping and tourism, and in the example from Vinkovci we also see how beekeeping and tourism can work together.A unique honey souvenir in the shape of Orion, the oldest calendar in EuropeVinkovci beekeeper Goran Ferbežar, who has been engaged in beekeeping for five years, made an attractive souvenir that represents Vinkovci in the most beautiful way, more precisely, the long and rich history of the oldest town in Europe. He made a faithful replica of the Orion vessel from beeswax with all the symbols that mark the constellations of the night sky above Vinkovci. He also designed an attractive box for a replica of Orion made of wax, which also contains a short instructive explanation of what Orion is and why it is exceptional as an archaeological artifact.”I was thinking of making an authentic Vinkovci wax souvenir, because I already have several wax products, and the shelves on which I exhibit honey and other bee products have city motifs and give off a Vinkovci flair. Orion came to my mind because otherwise I think that in making souvenirs we should use more motifs from the distant past and make replicas of objects found in archeological excavations in the area of ​​the city. I wanted to connect the pristine nature of bees because they fly in this area for millions of years and produce honey and wax in the same way and the vessel Orion, the oldest Indo-European calendar found in Vinkovci”, Says Goran Ferbežar.The Orion vessel in Vinkovci below today’s Hotel Slavonija was discovered by archaeologist Aleksandar Durman, and he understood the meaning of the symbol on it only 20 years later, and studying it revealed that it is the oldest calendar in Europe dating from 2600 BC.last_img read more

5 Job Search Elements Not To Stress Over

first_imgDuring the job application process, there are so many little things to keep track of that it’s easy to become stressed. Do you write a handwritten note or send an email? How soon after submitting your job application should you follow-up? It would be easier if these questions had black and white answers, but the truth is they’re in the gray area. And let’s face it; the gray area can be a bit overwhelming.In an effort to relieve you of some of the stress, let’s look at five job application elements you don’t have to be stressed about:1. What if there’s one qualification I don’t meet in the job description?Job descriptions often list very specific requirements in order to weed out unqualified candidates. If you’re missing one or two of these qualifications, but you still believe you could do the job, don’t get stressed. Use your cover letter and resume to explain why you think you’re the right person for the job. Focus on the skills and experience you do have – and showcase those using accomplishment stories.2. Should I include an objective in my resume?In the past, the answer to this question would have been, “yes.” But now, an objective statement in your resume has become obsolete. They don’t demonstrate how you can help the company at all, and they take up valuable space. When you submit your job application, the hiring manager knows you want the job, so you don’t need to write it out in your resume. Fill the space with your experiences instead.3. What if I can’t find the name of the hiring manager?If you can’t find the name of the hiring manager, do not give up right away. There are plenty of methods you can use to find it first. You can use Google, social media, the company website, and more. If after searching, you still truly can’t find the person’s name, use a gender-neutral salutation such as, “Dear Hiring Manager.”4. When should I follow-up after submitting my job application?When you first submit your job application, include your plans to follow-up in your cover letter. It’s best to wait about one week before sending your first follow-up email. Use this email to remind the hiring manager about your qualifications for the job and express interest in an interview. Keep it short and sweet. After that first follow-up, you can follow-up again every 7-10 days up to two times (so, three total follow-ups).5. Should I write a handwritten note or an email?After every job interview, it is essential to send a thank you note. It shows you follow through and that you really care about the job. As for whether it has to be handwritten, a lot of people will say a handwritten note is more personal, but nearly 90 percent of hiring managers are perfectly happy with an email note. In fact, half of those hiring managers actually prefer an email note. Just be sure to personalize the note. Remind your interviewer who you are, how much you want the job, and why you’re the best fit.The job application process is not as complicated as we make it out to be. Job seekers get too stressed over the little details, so it’s important to make a decision and stick with it. If you don’t land this job, there are lots more out there.last_img read more