The construction of the center of Shanghai dragon strategy for user

through the steps to understand, take what you learned, have very rich imagination through deduction and analysis of the design and evaluation of very accurate. You can use the reverse thinking to analyze, when the user visits the site will consider what? What is their biggest pain in this site? Ask what users visit your site? By thinking about these questions you will have to start thinking about the real meaning of Shanghai dragon, and in the process of optimization refinement to every optimization step.

you must meet the market development needs, to be able to express on the market development of the industry changes, in line with the user’s psychological, when you can read your thoughts you will provide your prospects, position to attract their inner drive and impulse, making it easier to close a sale or make a deal. The most effective technique is based on the study of Shanghai dragon > dry

your site occupied home, brought a lot of visitors to you, but that is because you have a link to your site, otherwise you will not have a lot of buyers. Only foolish to optimize a page or a specific keyword itself is not enough, you need to dig deeper in your niche market.

The landing page structure of

design of a

set the suitable landing page structure

based strategy of Shanghai Longfeng psychology

Shanghai Longfeng not optimized code, it is convenient for people to

the world can’t anyone know who thinks, especially between two different roles, it is difficult for them to understand each other’s ideas, so as a webmaster optimization Shanghai Longfeng you can not let the user know what you think, you only do allow users to understand, put yourself in the perspective of the user station optimization direction and you will be more easily into the user’s psychology.

To make accurate assessment of The

know the audience access habits of

is an effective strategy of Shanghai dragon is a technology based on human psychology, it needs to understand the user’s psychology, focus on the market, the user experience and all kinds of consumer desire. Even if your ranking in the home page, even if you occupy the most effective se geographical advantage, but did not form a traffic conversion rate is invalid. An effective strategy of Shanghai dragon must contain the following contents.


from the surface, you like the Shanghai dragon optimization for search engines to adjust and streamline the code on the page, but the real Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the best results for customers.

if you can understand your users weight access habits, such as what type of website browsing time most frequently visit, what type of more they will click on the link, the anchor text or pictures? They love navigation? What kind of page layout, graphic form and style to the title of the place. With the greatest form and your visitors to improve your level of participation.

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