Only included a love Shanghai ranking is good how to do

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can be seen from the number of external links, domain name has more than 100, mainly concentrated in the Phoenix, Sina, he pushed the network platform; the chain anchor text is mainly Xi’an wedding, Xi’an personal photo, Xi’an wedding photography, wedding photography studio in Xi’an these popular words, there are so many high weight platform and centralized anchor keywords set text, also can not say why the station ranking well. Of course, a new ranking is so good, only these data can not fully explain the problem. It must have a certain relationship with the site itself.

then we will look at the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools external links the site domain name.


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describes the station’s accurate expression of the main services provided, and explains the characteristics and consumption of the studio. The beginning of the job name star symbol expansion live, can attract users attention, help users to remember the brand name. In the description page naturally adding keywords, and did not appear keywords accumulation phenomenon.

from the above two aspects, as long as the good basic skills – >

describes perfectly logical and reasonable

website for their own reasons not included, there may be the optimization personnel only let him the way a page. Today mainly want to say is, why so good rankings? By Webmaster Platform anti chain check, the station chain mainly concentrated in the A5 soft platform, look at the text is of good quality, reproduced quantity is relatively large, these to the station has brought a large number of the chain. Of course, in addition to these, can also be seen in the important local forum also has a large number of replies contain links, but also an important part of the outreach.


The construction of the chain


look at the title keywords "station of Xi’an wedding photography studio _ Xi’an wedding _ Xi’an personal photo _ Xi’an commercial photography studio – iLove Lafite impression", these words just above the analysis of the chain anchor text line. And from the distribution of keywords, the sequence shows that the optimization is more easily from the right word to start the optimization, this is not difficult, ranking rose faster, will naturally rise to drive other keywords ranking.

Choose the right keywords

site for more than half a year’s wedding photography website, only included a page, the chain number is not much, also more than 2000, ranking is also very good. Today, Xi’an wedding this index of 820 words actually can enter the first page. This result is good. Many people may wonder, is it that only included a page ranking, why so good

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