From tonight love Shanghai included in the page think

2. new sites must find a good position, do not often change the title and META tags

if the site navigation or the content of your words is a framework (still Reprint)

this blog, had started a few days, love Shanghai snapshot is updated every 2 days to start a way once, but because positioning is not clear, I changed the title and META tags frequently in a very short period of time, leading to love Shanghai snapshot back first was collected, and I expect this week included within the page, was postponed until the 14 day, for 1 weeks, the foot visible frequently change the title and META tags on a railway station, will play a bad role, I estimate, if not external strong enough, will also be in love with the sea Maybe K.

appliance network marketing class: Web optimization strategy of Shanghai Dragon (still Reprint)



3. from a few love Shanghai included pages, once again that I previously inferred: the original love for Shanghai on the ranking and included a single page of actually not many people imagine so much, love Shanghai for pages included and weight arranged more on a page of the Shanghai friendly love. Of course, a number of the original site of this site can enhance the overall love sea friendliness and the amount collected in a certain extent.

at 3:30 in the morning, just listening to a super creepy sound horror novel, randomly collected a check, love Shanghai has included the inside pages. This blog spent 14 days, 2 weeks, fell in love with the sea to start included inside, which included the home page, only 1 days.

1. how to make love in Shanghai included in the new

The original

from Shanghai tonight love thought is included in the page:

is very simple, as long as you have enough high quality outside the chain, can be in a day or so is love Shanghai included home. This time, Shanghai will put this love as a home with a relatively high weight of single page to treat, in general will soon put out. The inside pages will release a little slower, I personally feel that generally not more than 7 days, based on strong outside the chain of high quality on the 7 day should be released, because every 7 days, love Shanghai will have a weekly big update.

is the collective unconscious of human’s fear of the dark (second pages of the more amazing, the first page is all original content, love Shanghai and not included, second pages are reproduced, but love Shanghai included)

blog article page can be said to be a grasp of a lot of love, but from Shanghai included the situation, actually all is not the original page, but all is reproduced in the online content, including:


30 years later, what do you feed yourself (a collided online)

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