Shanghai dragon is only part of the network marketing

you know, as a small webmaster, the site does not profit must be a problem, and they began to do advertisement Union, advertising a website is everywhere, pop ads also one after another, the flow is thinking about money, but forget the user experience, the best web site what everyone should have you guessed it……



then began to grow slowly, feeling the enterprise stand do keyword ranking really is a very simple thing, a man told me, do well in the station optimization basic, you only need to write 1-2 article, do some 10 qualified Links, keywords of difficulty will soon go up, really. You can try

is the first site, a test product, revising the title (once a month changed 4 times), Links (not regularly check the chain has not open), update content without rules and so on have appeared……

later, slowly began to contact the business, know the Shanghai dragon is only a small part of the network marketing, network marketing and search engine bidding, network advertisement and so on, I can meet with the Shanghai dragon, then in a company to contact the auction, the inside stuff looks simple, really do not.


website was closed after I started working part-time to help enterprises do optimization promotion, is the main keywords ranking, at that time I felt Links maintenance more trouble, so in the construction of the chain links are generally platform, web site, forums, blogs, and occasionally write about soft Wen, 09 years to do the promotion, simple do in the station optimization, literally take the chain, ranking is easy to go up, that time also had some good case.

began to make the site, did not know the optimization of things, just as long as I think content rich website, users can better and faster to find what you want, my site traffic will increase, users will be more and more, at that time I do website is a novel download site the novel has 60% of the update is complete, serialized novels speed is generally slow, popular novels don’t even say, a year or even years are not finish is possible, so many friends are watching all of the love novels. Later, my site back to account for over 30% of total traffic, PV had 10 times of IP, that is when he is feeling a sense of achievement.


used to share articles, but most before sharing are boring, a commonplace talk of an old scholar of the article, some contents are toss about adaptation of many times, a time to hate A5, the feeling here is a waste factory, a good article can be repeatedly recycled, the victim only the Shanghai dragon beginners, just soft soft, this radish share two years to do the Shanghai dragon feeling, hope to be able to learn some help Shanghai dragon.

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