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if our website was originally a lot of pages, and these pages we have not included the processing limit, but the final number of website is not much, only occupy a small part of the proportion of all pages of the web site, this is certainly means that there are problems within the site.

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was just in Shanghai Longfeng work site, is the most concerned about the issue, that time has been looking forward to your site included the number to rapid growth, have included the abnormal situation after they were very worried, worried that the website is not a problem, is not the right to be reduced and so on. With the deepened understanding of the Shanghai dragon and the daily encounter some of the actual situation, the website also has a more comprehensive understanding of.

website, can reflect your site has a good structure, but not blindly increase the number included, to control the situation according to the weight of the site. Because the weight of each page is distributed website, if your website weight is not high, but in terms of the page weight will be very much, so these pages can be divided into very small, do keyword page will not have very good performance.

This is why

following the 3 sites included and related problems, some new understanding on the website is also the author:

site included the number should be controlled, not the more the better


website is included direct feedback of 2 problems, one is the spider crawling, the two is the site of the structure is reasonable. If you update the site every day, should be timely included, the spider crawling situation is good; if the site most pages can be normal included, this means that the website structure is reasonable,. Because the website can feedback the 2 problems, so before I always thought that the website included quantity is more better, also think the site every day normal included it means that the spider crawling is normal. In fact, these views are very one-sided.

, another reason is that the content of the page title or are too similar, regardless of the page, or title, should be changed, because love Shanghai love new things, a large number of similar page, the final result is included less.

is the most likely problem is the structure of the site is not good, the spider crawling depth to our site is determined by the weights of the website, if the site weight is not high, the spider crawling is not very deep, if you need a lot of time a lot of website page Jump to arrive, then for the spiders are very natural hard to reach, included naturally less.

analysis of reasons of too few included


included many people will ban a lot of junk page. We need to improve the site included the number at the same time, taking into account the web page can not get enough support the weight of keywords ranking.

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