Let Links return friendship when you return my comrades.

can now link integrity today’s so-called "Links" even the most basic "(link stability)" are very difficult to do, what is the website of Shanghai Longfeng role — not to mention such a large-scale reciprocal links (link) has now been eyeing the search engine, has become a "specific forms of excessive optimization", a day spend time on this site without the significance of construction of the so-called site work, really is The loss outweighs the gain.

said in the end everyone still afraid of their own losses, lack of integrity, but do not want to work hard, understand each other’s stand ideas, just want to quickly deal, borrow other external links to optimize your website. Can often backfire, more afraid to lose, our people are often more easy to suffer, we all suffer not > in the home exchange links in the process of the so-called

my blog a Links website was in love with the sea K home owners, but you can not contact the

yesterday (May 17th) morning, check the blog Links found a link to the site by K home page, QQ repeatedly to contact him, to remind him to check, take measures to the man he QQ online, has 36 hours without any reply, I delete it – the huff, up less than Links two months.

is now called "Links" more just to complete the task, its positive effects on the website only is the psychological effect, to the owners, Shanghai dragon ER have a shot of chicken. In fact many people for such "reciprocal links (links)" role also knew that some people call back to the QQ group Links exchange, said: "I want to do, we simply do have links to the station". All the people heard, all shook his head and said: "no, it is not good to do this monitoring".


and this transaction has no constraints, because the other PR may improve, love Shanghai love Shanghai included increase, increase the weight of your love; Shanghai snapshot is slow, or they don’t want to play your website, the link is down, not to say hello a (courtesy of golf clubs contrast look at the beginning of your requirements when the link), forced you to check your link is still every day, really very annoying.

in "too much of the mutual benefit over Links annoy Google" blog, I concluded: "integrity first Links link on the website in practice to establish (link stability) of the target site of positive evaluation practices such as representation and correlation, link by link, the chain has become the basic standards of search engine evaluation the most important".

now is whether the company’s website, or personal blog, the last thing I want to do is Links, because now the "Links" and there is no "friendship", more is not a theory book said "this link is to the target site you must vote", "mutual benefit" is complete link exchange.

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