With WWW than with WWW included less why


2, do 301 redirect. Is to redirect without WWW to www. Note that the best to do a 301 redirect


this question this understanding. We do website domain name, the general is to WWW with and without www at the same time analysis. That is the two domain name at the same time can visit our website. If you extend to WWW without: for example, the chain is mainly with WWW, the search engine might think that your site is not with WWW as the preferred domain. This is also a cause included www without much reason.


please indicate the source: Ji’nan www.hehe Shanghai贵族宝贝

we do website optimization, often encountered with WWW URLs without www less than. Some of the site’s ranking will happen. In fact, such a situation is not a surprise. The main reasons are the following:

As can be seen from

, although only submit love Shanghai one day without WWW site has been included. While WWW is not included.

1, we all know that the weight of the site of a domain name is relatively high. But not WWW is a domain name. WWW is the two level domain name. It included page, love Shanghai general collected first without www. A new www.***贵族宝贝 as my friend, just for the domain name: submit yesterday love Shanghai, we look through the map included:

how to avoid the above situation?

The main

3, the chain is in the absolute address. This is for the station so as not to appear without www links.

2, the second reason is that there are more than two level domain name

first we said, without WWW is a domain name. If your website and other two level domain name. Then, the query is included, can query with WWW, and the sum of all domain names included without www. If your query with WWW, then the only query with WWW included, not including the other two level domain name.

3, the preferred domain name search engineCan

1, website, domain name, only analysis with WWW, so that our website is equivalent to only a domain name. It is with www.

Shanghai dragon dragon

4, with the promotion of www. For example, we do the chain, only the chain with www. This can promote the search engine with WWW is preferred.

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