The difference of operation site ranking talent shows itself

1., we have to analyze the competitors in the home, which has done better, which is not good enough. Find the competitors not resolved or not doing very well the needs of users, and then according to the demand to realize content upgrade. Instead of trying to imitate the chain if others do well, you can go to, then you have what advantage, on the Internet to imitate, beauty, the 58 city, car home and so on outstanding website basically no good end.

from the Shanghai Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon original episode, please indicate the

talent shows itself?If


To improve the quality of content

is not in the traditional industries, or the Internet, those who do good together, there must be some places and other peers, so we have to study the peer sites that do better.

in traditional industries and we want to study the competitor’s cost and time is very large, and on the Internet, we want to study the competitor’s website is relatively simple.

when we and competitor content about the same, we can do the importance and reasonable guidance for the content of the website, to understand whether the user has pictures of demand, demand for video, text, comparative demand.

, for example, take the Shanghai dragon word for search forum why has been ranked in the top three, is actually because of his good quality than peers, a large number of high quality user forum posting and replies are produced to horses and other sites, Shanghai Longfeng research center and ranking behind search forum although there are so many high quality content, but the station has Shanghai dragon tutorial download this version will be updated every day free video tutorial download, and search the word Shanghai dragon people, has a very large demand for this tutorial and training, so the site also occupies a space for one person in the rankings.

with the rapid development of the Internet era, Internet marketing has gradually become the mainstream of modern marketing, and Shanghai dragon in Internet marketing plays a vital role, opens up a new way for small and medium-sized enterprises, so the competition in Shanghai dragon industry fierce today, what should we do to the


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