Quickly improve the site conversion rate, detonating order flow

, why?



as far as I know, only in the Internet, especially the website construction and optimization of Shanghai dragon, when signing the contract with customers or candidates, others will habitually ask you, there is no successful case of

carrier ?

said earlier, only through the text in the way to Shanghai or dragon is a technical article construction technology, many customers of this knowledge may not understand, they are more likely to want to see real see, is a successful case.


content is the core part of a website, whether it is standing on the perspective of a search engine or the user’s point of view, the content occupies a large proportion. Often a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is through the blog to get orders or create their own brand, it is very important to our blog, others see is what we write the contents of a large part of Shanghai dragon blog is written, or a reprint of the content, through the content of others can have a basic understanding of you.

then we will revolve around "I’ll give you a website optimization, incidentally do love Shanghai encyclopedia" as the core, developed from this core point: my website optimization is through what way, what kind of website can bring benefits to customers, optimize and love Shanghai bidding for, what is love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, love what can bring value to customers.

2 cases of


in other words, is that you have to know and understand the Shanghai dragon, we do Shanghai Longfeng itself is not the product, but the virtual product is still there, the key lies in your opinion of Shanghai dragon and the Internet, keyword optimization is a kind of product, the whole optimization is also a product, or a product of the website, is that we how to package.

especially for Shanghai Longfeng obtain orders, this is also a lot of a problem faced by Shanghai dragon. Customer contact us why? In other words, what we can bring benefits to customers? You might say I give you free website optimization to give you a love Shanghai encyclopedia, this is a kind of method, but do not understand the Internet customers know what love is the Shanghai encyclopedia? Love Shanghai encyclopedia what value to the customer?

website how to improve conversion on the basis of the original. Whether it is a blog, forums, portals or anything else, the site itself is a carrier, carrying the information and the user visits, so how to through the website of the carrier to promote transformation in the original data? So Chen Baowen to share with you:

site need to bring into the first thing to do is content, only when the content well, meet the search engine.

it says that the site itself is only the carrier, website content, layout and other aspects of good, we can carry out the next step.

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