Rookie quickly understand Shanghai Dragon

due to the love of Shanghai "green" algorithm against spam links, plus the Shanghai encyclopedia love canceled the extended reading, and the chain in the reference plus >

(4) code optimization: div+css page layout, reduce the page size, less use of JS code, clean up junk code.

what is the Shanghai dragon

(2): general station site optimization for flat tree structure, clear breadcrumb navigation (no more than three layers), XML site map, 404 pages, URL static or pseudo static

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now many enterprises begin to pay attention to the site optimization, Shanghai Longfeng personnel have started up, because Shanghai Longfeng threshold is too low, so the industry is too rampant, I also interviewed several companies, said: "we help Shanghai Longfeng, probation salary is not high, when specific positive salary determined by your strength." Every time this is the case, so I have my heart, more than two years of Shanghai Longfeng experience, was mistaken for beginners.

2, external adjustment: the main performance of the external adjustment for external link building.

Shanghai for "Search Engine Optimization English dragon" abbreviation, with Chinese translation for "search engine optimization", more rigorous definition: understand the search engine ranking in the mechanism, inside and outside of the site, improve the site in the search engine’s natural ranking, get traffic, so as to achieve the product process sales or brand building.

(3) page optimization: the page title, description, keywords, text keyword density, H1/H2 tags, internal links, anchor text, ALT attributes

(1) of keyword selection, study the degree of competition, the core keywords determine the long tail keywords, the keywords trend fluctuation and forecast.


two, on the site of internal and external adjustment (of course we have to conform to love Shanghai mechanism, "green" and "pomegranate").


1, interior modulation research, website structure optimization, page optimization, code optimization.

from the definition analysis, understand the search engine: we should always pay attention to search engine rankings system (as in China are based on love in Shanghai to do the following search engine rankings, to Shanghai, that is to say love) we should always understand the change of love Shanghai, love Shanghai 2013 "green" and "pomegranate" two kinds of algorithm for example, it is recommended webmaster should always pay attention to the trend of love Shanghai, love can go to Shanghai Webmaster Platform view. 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝

. In this is not detailed, easy to skip.

These things is a commonplace talk of an old scholar

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