360 love and Shanghai will continue running the mobile nternet is a new battlefield

is currently 360 and fell in love with the sea were not related to large movements launched for mobile search, but according to the latest news, love Shanghai will enter the mobile phone business, has been in a number of Shanghai city invited love and the Internet Network Alliance who attended the new love meeting in Shanghai, and the theme of the conference is in love with the sea will vigorously promote mobile phone business. As everyone knows, love Shanghai has been in the flow entrance dispute without what big achievements, the move is aimed at mobile Internet industry, hope some traffic control from the entrance, and from the current mobile Internet hot slice. At present, 360 in the field of mobile Internet also did not have what big moves, it saw the love of Shanghai to launch its own mobile phone, and will make the countermeasures how? The mobile Internet industry has not yet fully formed, but has seen the Internet heavyweights in the rapid expansion in the mobile Internet voice.

is currently attached to love Shanghai search engine under the small station of Shanghai love to play a little too many to count, a little cold, is enough to cause a reaction in the industry, is also visible.


mobile Internet dispute

grassroots webmaster how to deal with

360 and the latest

360 launched a search, 360 and love Shanghai struggle has never stopped, until recently the government departments involved, the struggle only slightly stop, but small friction is always occurs without fail. 360 want to do the search market spoiler, in a cup of soup, and love Shanghai to maintain its monopoly, sure they will continue to fight the struggle between the future, may also conflict more intense. Wang Kaixin predicted that the next 360 and love of war in Shanghai will be fully spread, the mobile Internet will be the new battlefield.

"do not track" is the network privacy protection standard of the newly proposed W3C, Microsoft and the European Union have announced support for the standard. 360 the browser is second support "ban tracking" function of the browser. The move, it will influence to precision marketing oriented advertising company and network media, which includes the love of Shanghai. As everyone knows, PPC and medical advertising is an important support to love Shanghai revenue, while the 360 blow is love and love for Shanghai Shanghai medical precision marketing, directly aimed at the love of Shanghai "purse". I believe the future of love Shanghai will certainly make response to this situation, we can see how the war will burn.


love struggle in Shanghai

Qihoo 360 company announced to have 360 security browser 300 million monthly active users launched a "no trace" function, using this function, the user is able to detect cross site tracking, Cookies tracking behavior. While the 360 browser has improved the ability to protect user privacy, allowing more users to choose 360 browser, 360 browser trust. On the other hand, for the love of Shanghai is.

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