How to choose accurate keywords according to user search habits

part of the customer? ? ? users? ?

two. We can classify for potential customer groups, such as high-end customers, general customers,……. Take the potatoes, potatoes called potato, potato, English named potato, Shandong (Yanzhou Qufu Zoucheng Lunan region Tengzhou, Yunnan, Guizhou) is called the potato, taro or potato area called Yang, Guangxi called fan Kwai Tsz potato (in fact, most of Guangxi is called the potato, in some places the White called potato and the red one is called winter taro), Shanxi called shanyaodan, Anhui also known as sweet potato, potato said more provinces in Northeast china. The Hebei area called the potato, yam. Potato also known as potatoes, potato, taro, potato, steamed bun Yangshan eggs, potatoes (Hongkong, Guangzhou, people used to say). Although some areas have called for potato "potato", in fact there is really something called the potato. So we need to know, don’t misunderstand. The Italians called beans, French called Apple, the Germans called Di Li, the Americans called the Irish Yambean, Russians called Holland potato.

cite a simple example: the recent hit TV series "FHM", we can analyze the TV customer groups is that part of their psychological state? What is it? Will they let him have some curious things appear in the drama. For further information about this? We can go to check the TV drama appeared in the philosophy of the title, "amy7788", etc……. Recently, a series of keyword search volume. We will find the search in large quantity, we can analyze and locate the

3. when we put the area name (name) as keywords, we are aiming at regional customers. He.

if we are selling potatoes, that we are not able to classify according to different names used by

1. when we put the potatoes as keywords, which is our customer groups? Whether they love to eat potatoes, do we need to take more effort to do optimization? They can be assigned to the groups of potential customers to

said how according to user search habits to select keywords, we have on our potential customer behavior patterns and psychological habits to do the investigation. How are we going to try to figure out the user’s psychological, according to the potential behavior of the user to choose the keywords

. We can go to our group of potential users often go to the community, forum…… So, read and analyze customer logs, post. To understand the user’s behavior, to the psychological analysis of users. Then according to the user’s psychological factors to make targeted keywords our potential customers search habits.

2. when we put potato as key words when our customer group is what kind of? Their habit is what they are? What kind of attitude towards our products? How should we classify them as

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