How to deal with the 2011 second Google PR update.

in the meantime, ensure that your site is 24 hour access to normal, and the speed of the good is the best way to meet the PR update. The domain name and space, remember to renew, lest appear unable to access for renewal caused by not timely! During this period as the ability to ensure the stability of the server, knowing that if you use the server every two or three days change IP, failure, proposal was immediately replaced, to maintain the stability of the space in the key moment is still very necessary.

PR, there is no fixed date, what time to update, especially the one or two years it is not possible to estimate some estimates an average of 96 days to update a. This year the first large-scale PR updated in January 21, 2011, until today has more than 200 days, this is the big surprise of owners and experts of the budget, the specific update also can make nothing of it, but according to my estimate, should be the party’s Day (July 1st), this year the state of the party’s day than usual attention. Google Corporation may this festival large-scale update PR, before the face of the 2011 second PR arrival as a webmaster, we should pay attention to what, what should be done in this discussion on the

two: website link.


: Web access.


three: website content.

we all know that Google is love, love the original content; love often update the site, update the original content more love! So this is the time to keep content update, not add to the site PR is good

this is the promotion of network (贵族宝贝cchulian贵族宝贝/), the Google PR’s view, if there is inadequate please predecessors, generous with your criticism. Thank you Bless you the webmaster Friends > Browse.

first introduced, the PR value, the full name of PageRank (PageRank), "the level of technology. For individual webmaster, the PR value is an important index for a period of time, while the front seems to have claimed that Google will not update the PR value, but with Google in January this year, a major update, this sentence is obviously a bubble. It seems, we still should pay attention to the PR value, especially when the environment is not good now.


1. to maintain the original chain smooth: do not buy a lot of short links, some owners will buy a lot of links before PR update, actually this is wrong, the Google PR is a long-term evaluation, short-term purchase will only be considered cheating, will be counterproductive; the chain resources (whether before is the purchase, exchange or friendship) to check, to see if the swap chain, if it is to contact each other to fill the


2.: check whether the chain Chaney himself the link chain, illegal website links, if there are removed

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