Website design can enhance the details of 10 user experience

six picture to add ALT attribute to the advantage of Shanghai dragon,, is also good for users to avoid flash map, unless you love in the mainstream.

five. Prohibit the use of the horizontal scroll bar, vertical can accept.

. The content of the website is clear at a glance that what is the function of customer, otherwise the bounce rate will be high, the bounce rate directly affects the Shanghai love to the analysis of the user experience, the ranking changed also. Most people have no patience careful study. Including text size, color coordination, whether a new window to open the link, whether it is difficult to identify the use of flowery font, etc..

Eight. The best

four. Not when the user enters the site, a choice, like opening a package to see what’s inside, I just want to see the contents of the

as soon as possible!

these seemingly simple, seems to be a Shanghai Phoenix, but has nothing to do with the performance of the company and the customer conversion rate is closely related, I collected some of the resources on the network, the user experience of the website construction and easy mistake to share.

three. Don’t force unnecessary user registration, do not put what resources are required to be registered, forced to leave a zombie registered only ID only, and users disgusted.

nine. Do not underline in ordinary words, I think you must have this experience, see the underlined words always want to point to open, if not open, try not to deceive users.

ten. Do not use too much flashy without substance of things: flash, background music, out of order. Many companies prefer flash, but taking into account the speed of loading, to avoid as far as possible to avoid flash. Background music, have to say, if you must use that allow the user to manually.

seven. The website must stay in contact, especially in the website below, contact is an important communication tool, after the site including telephone, e-mail, instant messaging tool etc..

OK, I will come in with the company from the network users to chat, ask them why we chose. Generally they are through the search engine over, but popular keywords before almost ten have love Shanghai for promotion, our company website in the promotion after the first, but for them can not understand this. They speak casually several first page of the station, there is a mess could not stand, have no contact, it is not to take customer service added after the screening, on the choice of our company.

two. Try to use text navigation, navigation as simple as possible, if the link to open the PDF file, must take corresponding measures, don’t let users "stuck in that. Change the color of visited links.

website with the search function, the mass information search function.

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