June 7th 8 to 9 at 18 o’clock on the three day of the province will implement a unified strict contr

provincial merit Committee for the first time in the implementation of the college entrance examination rules clear: in order to create a good test for the candidates, study, rest environment, June 7th 8 to 9 on the three day of the province will be unified implementation of strict control of noise action.

college entrance examination committee requirements, during the college entrance examination, the province should be strictly patrol around the control, purification test site surrounding environment. The public security organs shall during the entrance on the eve of the police organization and the college entrance examination, the test center, candidates concentrated accommodation and test centers around the area, a comprehensive investigation of security risks and security issues during the examination, sent a special police force to strengthen the test centers around the traffic control and security patrols, test centers around the maintenance of good order and traffic order. During the college entrance examination, the test sites around the road to prohibit the passage of vehicles or prohibit car whistle, to ensure that the test is not subject to any noise interference. For college entrance examination on the eve of the urgent need to apply for an identity card candidates should be given priority, priority hair.

at the same time, requirements across the province to strictly control the noise, ensure that the exam is not disturbed at all levels, bidding committee should coordinate the construction, environmental protection, industry and commerce departments set up inspection teams to the area where the place of all the construction site, farmers market, night market, wide field, within the city launched raids, especially the implementation of key to monitor the noise source sites surrounding, forced to shut down. College entrance examination in the vicinity of the construction project in conjunction with the characteristics of the project, reasonable arrangements for the construction process, the college entrance examination period 8 to June 7th at 9 on the 18, prohibit construction operations, prohibit the sale or broadcast music broadcast. Candidates may affect all types of noise, complaints to be handled in a timely manner, the first time to send someone to attend the investigation.


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