Clever use of mathematical algorithms can make customers too expensive

No matter how

goods, buy goods regardless of how much the price, for a customer any, will not abandon the prices of goods are cheap, want more affordable price. So, many times we sell the goods, whether it is hundreds of thousands or tens of dollars or even a few dollars, will inevitably encounter customer complaints: too expensive, others sell cheaper than you".


is pure without sales, the purchase price of the sale is the customer that we are too expensive, the lion big mouth of the unscrupulous businessmen, good mood when we may speak in a kind manner and customer bargaining, to explain when the bad mood will inevitably be blurted out: "a penny", "who who are you looking for cheap to buy", "knowledge does not know ah, love to buy these" bad words are like a sword to God, as can be imagined our customers self-esteem will hurt, the mood will be more and more depressed, and may irritate consumers, caused the dispute.

see the customer we will own suddenly go off in a huff, just words of regret. The customer is God, to offend God is to lose his job. However, people have feelings of the animal, our retailers also have their own the passions, also have some negative emotions, in the face of not understanding customer or even misunderstanding, we can not guarantee that every living in the heart of anger, the words hurt our pride but also strong customer smile.

so, we have no way to make the customer feel that our commodity value, reduce customer input low feeling, enhance the customer gains high feeling? The author summarizes some mathematical calculations, with a clever method is the same price break up the whole into parts, though, but can let the customer see real cheap, let the customer feel really seems to reduce prices, high prices to accept their previously thought.

one. Clever addition

for example, one time, the store came to buy a luxury electric rice cooker customers. I have all the features one by one to the customer when the business will show that a smooth transaction, but the customer a sentence is too expensive, can you make it a little cheaper, they only sell what you want, than your family how to bargain. I can’t make any concession in price because of the low profit. Customer: I don’t think none of the words he couldn’t accept, seeing the hand of business will come to nothing.


know that the customer is mainly to do shoe accessories processing work, daily workload, long working time. I had an idea for the customer calculations: the smart electric cooker not only can cook soup, it can congee, the key is it using computer intelligent design, can make an appointment ahead of time, just hired a nanny for your cooking, very convenient.

your time is very valuable, can be said to be >

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