5.6 civil servants to achieve unified management and classification of information

The organization of information systems

reporter held from August 12th to promote the meeting that, in recent years, our province has organized system information construction work steadily, at present, the province’s civil service information base, provincial information base, leading cadres of high-level talent pool initially built, more than 5.6 civil servants use information to achieve a unified management and classification.

it is understood that, in recent years, the organization of the province’s information system as the organization of the work of reform and innovation and the implementation of various tasks to provide a strong support and strong security. The organization system of network infrastructure steadily, as of now, the province, city (state), county (city, district) three Party Committee Organization Department network completed, the province’s large network connection the preliminary preparations ready. At the same time, the province’s construction protection organization system fully completed, three years by our province, the province completed a comprehensive organization system of large network protection construction tasks, and on the basis of the early completion of the evaluation work to protect the province’s large network of classification. In addition, the organization system of information resource development continued to strengthen, the province party information management platform construction project started, 8 city (state), 46 counties (city, District, and commission) under the jurisdiction of separate legal entities have established party members and party information base, lay the foundation for the construction of complete Province three counties party basic information database. Provincial cadres personnel files digitized work is completed, the provincial units of digital work will be completed by the end of 2017, the city (state), county (city, district) cadres work in an orderly manner.


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