Make a list of problems and make a happy statement

Xining city in the educational practice, to "1346" activities as the carrier, the price problem focus on the concerns of the masses, listed in the list of issues according to the demands of the masses, formulate rectification measures, Liyan Li line, comprehensive measures to honor the masses "happiness bill", so that the cadres and masses and feel the new changes in the new weather, education practice brings.

asked the government to the people listed in the list of issues". Aiming at the problem of take corrective measures to accelerate the construction of agricultural and sideline products market hit, implement the zero slip control and government subsidies to promote agricultural discount stores and vegetables direct cars into the community, increase the degree of agricultural super relay a set of combined, according to the principle of priority batch rectification, determine the price stability control of 6 to rectification matters, to achieve "list of items" concrete. Focus on the implementation of corrective measures". Strengthen the allocation of meat dishes. Complete transporting 67 thousand and 800 tons of vegetables, reserves of 42 thousand tons of vegetables, completed from the reserve 1000 tons, 400 tons of mutton, beef cattle living reserves 600 tons of reserves in vivo. Set up a government reserve area in the Tibetan Plateau on the vegetable distribution center, the establishment of cheap vegetable supply area in the 10 focus on the city’s 20 supermarket chain stores, every day to the public supply of not less than 15 varieties of cheap vegetables, make the wholesale prices fall 10%. Li Li Li changed to honor the happiness bill". This year, the city government arranged price stability control regulation of capital of 15 million 230 thousand yuan, of which 5 million 112 thousand yuan subsidy arrangements, transporting vegetables, fresh pork sales and for generation of funds 3 million 353 thousand and 400 yuan, 946 thousand yuan, egg and meat and bean products subsidies and price 2 million 90 thousand yuan and four district business households Yijiangdaibu funds 184 thousand and 900 yuan. The insurance for price stability work and achieved remarkable results, the overall price level dropped significantly, the consumer price index in the country 36 large and medium-sized city in order to reduce or. In the first quarter, the city’s consumer prices rose 2.6%, compared with the same period last year dropped by 2.2 percentage points.  

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