Business should be careful not to break into traps

entrepreneurial trap, for now the market is concerned, there are a lot of factors threatening everyone, we now have a look at what entrepreneurial factors are troubling you. As long as we take the protective glasses, you can find the mystery.

: Join trap


There are two kinds of

1 "covering money" phenomenon commonly quanqian strategy:

(1), a high agency fee to achieve the purpose of misappropriating; (2), not joining fees, require a lot of distribution agents to achieve the purpose of misappropriating.

2, independent R & D and production company with independent property rights is a very rare card, but also to protect investors, but the industry in independent R & D and production companies less and less, the irresponsible attitude of money, is an important cause to join a few happy tears.

3, unfair competition in the market operation of the status quo of their own unrealistic boast; slander competitors; third party malicious operation.

civilization promotion is the effective means of product and industry started visibility, credibility competition is a reliable guarantee for the orderly operation of the market and the progress of the industry, individual not technology companies take down high-tech products also exist; taking down and discredit or even unfair competition means to discredit competitors that also confuse the public company third, take more provoke other competitors, to a great extent disrupted the market order, seriously damaged the credibility of the entire industry and operating rules.


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