Frugality has become the theme of this year’s Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival has passed, people still immersed in a joyous festival atmosphere, compared with previous years, the Mid Autumn Festival this year, some of the less extravagant, some more frugal taste, people have to take practical action to practice thrift is not wasted.

Mid Autumn Festival upscale restaurant neglected

before the Mid Autumn Festival, the city bustling upscale restaurants, upscale restaurants of the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion dinner had been booked, the public simply moves slightly slower to book. But this year, the city people in many high-end restaurants are scanty, but is low in the restaurant is full of his family came to the dining public, especially the Hot pot shop business is hot, all meals over the Mid Autumn Festival, laughing and talking, lively and extraordinary.

moon cake according to sell no longer weigh

in the near Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake supermarket counter packed to buy moon cake by Jin people, always feel that buy some moon cakes to the mid autumn festival atmosphere, however, after buying back the family to eat up to one or two, the rest of the moon cake will be set aside. In this year, businesses launched by selling moon cake sales strategy, the public is also very welcome this approach, who would like to eat moon cakes will buy a few, do not want to eat less to buy a few, even has a family of three people according to their tastes only three blocks. In this way, not only to avoid waste, but also facilitate the public.

is not the only food on the table


the past holidays, the city’s major supermarkets will be shopping people crowded, many people will buy a lot of food to take home fry cook, always feel not on the table before the seven or eight dish is not. And this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, whether it is the main area of vegetables in the wells lane or the supermarket, rarely seen wantonly purchase of the public. Public Mr. Cai said: "the times changed, we have also changed the concept, not to take food on the table is the feast, not to mention shopping now so easily, what is missing out to buy it, why buy a lot of back to the store, eat waste." (author: Zhang Qian)

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