DOPA area dust pollution has been curbed

from the Xining area near the town of Xining is the main channel to the Toba Gan River Industrial park. For a long time, due to this section of the road transport muck, coal and sand and gravel trucks, and even to the city of Xining in the area caused by varying degrees of two dust pollution.

in order to improve the quality of air traffic in the region, the road traffic disorder and poor sanitation. Over the past few days, the local government departments on the 109 National Road and the sidewalk sections of the comprehensive treatment of the disease, in the construction of green belts on both sides of the State Highway 109, along the road along the ground. In order to avoid causing dust pollution in the construction, to ensure that every 3 hours of sprinkler dust, effectively improve the dust pollution. To increase capital investment, improve the living environment at the same time, the local government departments joint police, transportation management, urban management and other law enforcement departments to carry out joint remediation of environmental violations. In the meantime, the cumulative investigation and punishment of illegal vehicles 260, shutting down 14 coal sites, crack down on straw burning in autumn. After a period of remediation, the dust pollution in the region to be curbed. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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