Entrepreneurs to open the store’s five notes

is now the development of various industries are relatively mature, in order to restart in such a market there is a certain risk. At this time the chain has become a popular way for entrepreneurs. But the opening of the franchise is not an easy thing, to investigate whether this project is not worth joining!

note: the leader to investigate joining strength of

the success rate is a problem must be considered before entrepreneurs to join the. To carry out the preliminary market research and summary, investigate the franchise business after joining the other. If there are a number of stores closed down the situation, no matter how promising entrepreneurs to join the project must give up. Because a mature system needs a long time to experience the accumulation and management system of continuous improvement, in the normal operation of the case, there will not be a number of stores closed down this situation.


two stores low threshold to be careful

the sky diaoxianbing thing, if the franchisee intends to join the franchise threshold is very low, even without any requirements, as long as you can pay the cost of joining it, we must think twice. In fact, this situation is equivalent to join a brand name, there is no professional technical training and management, personnel and financial support and help.

note three: To investigate the franchise management system

headquarters of the franchise management system considering the franchise is one of the most critical factors for entrepreneurs. There are some quick enterprises currently on the market is not stable, enterprise infrastructure projects, eager to join the expansion range, the purpose is not to join the system to improve and expand, but to earn quick joining fee after go, these stores did not have operational support to headquarters. If a business is not very specific to planning, pre training and on-the-job training, and perfect management system and backup mechanism, with the standard service manual, stable and standardized delivery system and so on, to join such a system should not be considered.

note four: to directly with the company of communication

if the franchisee really want to open stores that should contact the company directly and through the third party, do not hand or sign any agreement, this is absolutely not taken. Otherwise, the rights and benefits can not be guaranteed, it is possible to pay unreasonable fees.

note five: join the cost is reasonable

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