Office of the frequency of playing small brand community release large energy

community is a microcosm of the city, the face of a community can reflect the degree of civilization of a city. In recent years, Xining City West District, the construction of community spiritual civilization development trend showing a positive, healthy and upward, build a service platform of the community, strengthen the function of community service, to create a better living environment for community residents. Community has not only become a bridge between the party and the government to contact the masses, but also become a common warm family.

– harmonious tiger

tiger Taiwan Street office according to the actual street, determine the Xinning Road community to create community support, Haiyan Road community caring community medicine, Cai Xiang East community building demonstration community medicine, Cai Xiang West community youth volunteer service community, cold lake road to create community cultural and sports community. Du Ling, one of the community’s most fun Carnival held by the office of the most profound memories, a family of five people participated in the activities of Du Ling, the son of the 4 year old also participated in the children’s creative painting show on. Originally living in a community but do not know the neighbors in the activities of each other to stay in contact, there are a few good friends. The Du Ling family and neighbors in the beer contest, tug of war, Du Ling said: "in the community organization’s activities than our one family to go out alone to play more interesting, so harmonious neighborhood relations."

Tiger Street office in order to create the characteristics of the street, the characteristics of the community as the goal, successfully held a "harmonious tiger Taiwan" community Carnival Carnival, community New Year Concert, family talent contest and other activities. Through activities, so that more residents of the community out of the house, into the community of this family.

– to create a unique culture

walk in School Lane, you will be attracted by the vivid contents on the wall, the ancient city of Taiwan investment 40000 yuan, a two hundred and thirty meters long "red culture" wall built in the college lane. May 22nd at noon, Mr. Zhang carefully read the "red culture" wall works, he said: "these two years, the changes in Xining is not small, especially the growing community building features." In addition, the community to carry out the activities of thousands of books into the community, set up experience, mutual aid, regular red culture brand.

office still belong to the community to carry out cultural activities to create a service, issued "the ancient city of Taiwan Street masses guide", launched the "red ribbon floating up" "1000" activities, the views of the residents timely reflected, questions get timely treatment.

in the office to carry out an activity, an old man to teach residents the secret of family harmony, attracted a lot of young people present, the old man but a model of community harmony family. In the office of publicity, focus on advanced demonstration, and actively create a civilization building, civilization, good deeds will be held in children and filial piety daughter-in-law enlightened mother award, and hosted the golden wedding ceremony etc..

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