Municipal Public Security Bureau of public security detachment to carry out the rectification work o

In order to solve the outstanding problems in the seal industry of our city, we should standardize the management of public security work in special industries, and ensure the correctness, validity and effectiveness of the seal

in order to solve the outstanding problems in the seal industry of our city, regulate the security management of special industries, to ensure the correctness of the seal, legitimacy, effectiveness. Recently, the security detachment held a meeting of the city’s seal industry leaders to discuss the management of the seal industry.

, after listening to the industry representatives of the public security organs in the opinion of the requirements of the seal of approval, engraving, detachment commissar Pu Zhijun informed the recent detachment to carry out inspections of the seal industry found the problem, people put forward respectively industry responsible for the seal industry management and seal approval filing problems answered patiently.

finally, the legal representative is so captains asked the seal of the company as the person who order the first responsible person of the unit, the unit to do preventive work, in strict accordance with the requirements of the public security organs to further develop, implement, and improve the management system and preventive measures; education practitioners consciously abide by state laws and regulations the supervision personnel, earnestly implement the inspection certificate and seal engraving undertake registration system, promote the healthy development of the seal industry standard management.




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