Civil service examination online registration process notes

this year, our province in the province’s civil service examination registration process, open online registration service for the first time, the applicants should register in accordance with the provisions of the process.

open the examination in 2008 the province’s director of clerks following positions of civil servants online registration process is as follows: first, candidates began in July 4, 2008, referring to the recruitment notice, recruitment information in Qinghai personnel examination network information; the second step, candidates in Qinghai examination of the personnel information network, signed a good faith commitment to the book, choose to apply for the post, fill in the basic information; the third step and submit personal registration information; the fourth step, the employing units in the applicants to submit personal registration information within 24 hours after the completion of the basic information, the examinee examination, qualification examination time is 8:30 on July 21, 2008 – July 25th 18; the fifth step, through the audit; the sixth step, the candidates at 8:30 on July 21, 2008 – July 27th 18, log in Qinghai personnel my examination of information online electronic photo (2 inch passport, JPG format, 20K Next, waiting for the audit staff review), if the photos are not qualified to upload a new photo, if qualified by ICBC Peony Money Link card payment, payment after the end of the online registration; the seventh step, from August 10, 2008 to August 15th, the candidates to the Provincial Personnel Examination Center to receive the admission ticket.


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