Building a harmonious home

community to do people caring people, it is necessary to provide more convenient service to the residents of the masses. In recent years, the focus of the community work in the West District, focusing on the basic, focusing on community residents, and strive to build a harmonious community.

west area of the building of a harmonious community is composed of 21 key sectors involved, since 2011, a total investment of more than 2000 yuan upgrade of the 20 community office room; investment of more than 8000 yuan to build 20 community elderly day care centers and 5 community service centers, the community is also a set of policing electronic reading room, fitness room, housekeeping service room, the community office conditions have been greatly improved. In addition, the psychological counseling room, talk about the heart, community volunteer workstations, sunshine breakfast, for the residents of the area to provide the nearest, convenient and complete service. Reporters also learned that the west area of the various communities in "Ju" and "Ju" and other activities to create a "neighborhood culture festival", "Carnival" and "small table" and other characteristics of various types of activities, enhance the neighborhood feelings. At present the community west district has set up more than 20 elderly volunteers, 20 community neighborhood committees set up all the disabled community association and the elderly association, the introduction of various community services sunshine breakfast stores, convenience food market, Charity Supermarket, kindergarten, daycare laundry etc., were welcomed by residents.

in the community construction, and the West District streets, community residents not only by the masses, and has won the "national advanced community service area", "national harmonious community construction demonstration unit", "national harmonious community construction demonstration Street" and other honorary titles.


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