Hao Peng stressed the need for mutual assistance in tackling poverty alleviation work in the forefro

recently, governor Hao Peng made a special trip to assist the fifty counties of the Autonomous Prefecture of the autonomous region of the town of ban Yan village poverty alleviation work and chaired a forum. Hao Peng stressed, should make important speech thinking and action to the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai to take further action, great care for the General Secretary Xi to promote the transformation of poverty alleviation, more solid and more robust to precise poverty alleviation, ensure mutual county poverty alleviation work at the forefront of the province.

although very cold winter corditions, but just out of the mountains, Yan village people admitted class all my heart warm. In the morning, Hao Peng walked into the class Yan village, inspected the village water circuit, culture room, square, shops, aquaculture area shanties and other construction, and came to the village, Lv Zhiwu, Lu Shendan Pakistan home, cordial conversation with them and congratulate them xiqianxinju. The villagers told the governor, the new home furniture, electric cooker, refrigerator, doctor, school, Goods are available in all varieties., life is very convenient, but also household built a breeding shed, opened excavator, welding and other skills training…… From the mountains moved to the village, almost changed the way of living. Hao Peng is very happy, he told the villagers to drink from the source, bearing in mind the party well, Thanksgiving endeavour, and strive to create a more happy wonderfull life.

subsequently, Hao Peng chaired a forum on poverty alleviation, listen to the views of the township government and the masses on the work of precision poverty alleviation. Hao Peng pointed out that since the party’s eighteen years, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the fight against poverty mentioned unprecedented height, as a comprehensive well-off society to achieve the most important task of promoting. This year 8 month General Secretary Xi during the visit to the green in the rain on the class Yan Cun to resettle work, put forward the new request to do a good job in tackling poverty work, this is a great concern, it is a great encouragement, we must further take practical action to the General Secretary Xi deep concern into efforts to win the battle of poverty the serious, effectively assume the political responsibility of poverty alleviation, "not to break Kroraina eventually does not have the confidence and determination, more solid and more robust to precise poverty alleviation. Hao Peng stressed that poverty alleviation is accurate, precise, difficult to success in precision, must adhere to precise measures and policies, pay more attention to the "real", further targeted, identify the target, the party’s policy of benefiting precision fell in every family, every poor poor people, realistically do poverty alleviation object dynamic adjustment carefully carry out inspection and acceptance and quit work, the masses of the acceptance, acceptance and satisfaction as the standard, must not have the slightest false, no water, must be able to help the poor, really poor, high quality, stable poverty out of poverty, ensure that the first battle. Hao Peng stressed that the object of the poor masses is both poverty alleviation, is subject to poverty, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses, fully respect the wishes of the masses, make poor people to participate in poverty alleviation plan and implementation plan, participate in the whole process of poverty alleviation project construction management, stimulate endogenous motivation, enhance profitability, and guide the masses through change the face of poverty, self reliant life.

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