Makeup sharpening Xining symptomatic strong medicine to alleviate the burden on children

January 17th, the city’s primary and secondary school winter vacation. In order to make their own pockets bulging, some illegal training institutions and individuals to make up a missed lesson had been done to the overwhelming advertising, many late breath children and take up the heavy bag from dawn to dusk, light night…… In view of this grim reality, the City Board of education after a thorough investigation, to the city’s districts and counties, Juzhu units and private education institutions issued "on the prohibition of illegal remedial class teachers notice" to the city’s primary and secondary schools, and parents issued a "letter to the parents of the students".


class makeup actual harm children in violation of

City Education Bureau relevant departments responsible person pointed out that the analysis in an interview with reporters, through a comprehensive analysis of the investigation in recent years a number of illegal cases found remedial class, class class institutions and personal behavior has the following characteristics: no school license and relevant qualifications, the teachers of some dragons and fishes jumbled together. The employed teachers no teacher qualification certificate; fees confusion, holding themselves alone, without the approval of relevant departments such as price, class and teachers were for the purpose of profit, the teaching effect is not responsible, even the teaching effect of feedback is a key link to the omission of such training institutions and individuals; the opening of the bukeban location is very subtle, and often change places, poor teaching environment, even very bad; the teaching contents by a single nine year compulsory education Subject teaching is not a repeat of the school has been taught to the students of the course is to teach the school has not yet been taught to the students of the new curriculum content to students.

the responsible person pointed out sharply that this is not only to participate in such remedial classes can not effectively improve the results of the study will be the root cause of the decline. Because the class and the employed teachers are mainly concerned with the parents of the money bag, rather than the teaching effect, the school has repeatedly taught courses will let students boring, advance to the new curriculum teaching school did not teach, will enable students to learn knowledge, students will learn the new curriculum content into cooked rice, and then back to the repeat the school new course of study, students will certainly be greatly reduced.

to the "sword" illegal remedial class

the official told reporters, in order to effectively curb illegal holiday class makeup spree on students’ physical and mental health damage, long-term mechanism and supervision mechanism of City Board of education in the "notice" requirement in the city’s primary and secondary schools should establish and implement the governance class to chaos, chaotic makeup as soon as possible, strengthen the construction of virtue, and organize the teachers to make a written promise not to organize or participate in illegal remedial class, and ask the president to represent all the teachers to make a public commitment to the community, and the undertaking posted to the school bulletin board "in". At the same time, to be "a letter to parents of students" submitted to every student’s parents, requires schools to set up telephone hotlines and complaint box, and consciously accept social supervision, and earnestly carry out the work of self-examination, comprehensive rectification of teachers in primary and secondary schools in violation remedial class;

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