Create a city leading to the north of the city of civilization and harmony and happiness

  Chengbei district based on a city constantly improve the working system of supervision measures, take effective measures to strengthen supervision and inspection work efficiency, to promote the rectification, to promote the implementation of supervision, and earnestly implement the responsibility, to further promote the work of a city.
to implement the responsibility to the gang, all cadres move. Deputy Secretary of the district Party committee was established as the head of the inspection team, the district leader in charge of the four teams as deputy head of the discipline inspection, advocacy, health and other departments responsible person. Every morning from 8 am to 8 pm every day uninterrupted places into the streets, villages, schools, residential areas, building homes, through repeated daily check, check, the contact point contract personnel for duty to carry out the situation, stop uncivilized civilized persuasion and assist the community staff into the community family building homes in the publicity and promotional materials to conduct a comprehensive inspection. At the same time, the summary of the supervision of various problems, and actively coordinate the relevant departments to solve the problem. Set up special rectification group. To the district government leaders in charge of the leader, construction, urban management, economy, sanitation, greening, archives, public security, industry and commerce, traffic police, fire departments responsible for human members, focusing on the problems found in the inspection and timely treatment. In the area of the main family member courtyard, markets, parks, squares are the health corner, door advertising is not standardized, shop management problems and to
when rectification, overcome various difficulties, and actively organize personnel inspected, prevent problems rebound. Adhere to the daily city situation report. The difficulties and problems every night 6 organizations in the region of the units responsible for the people to solve the specific situation of the district government and the inspection team reported the units on the day of work and to assist in creating the city village, and puts forward the next step work plans and arrangements for daily work schedule, the District government leaders according to the coordination problems in a timely manner to solve the problem, do the daily daily digest. Adhere to the daily summary of supervision work. According to the feedback information and problems, the main causes of the problems and the solutions are discussed. At the same time, the staff informed the day of the inspection of the presence of less than post, negative attitude, work is not in place and other phenomena, and the supervision of information through the mobile phone platform to send information to the district level leadership.
to volunteer for the first volunteer service act. Actively organize school districts, organs, enterprises, communities, more than 1000 volunteers set up remediation, public order management, a city of knowledge propaganda, questionnaire, civilized persuasion, table manners, legal aid and other 10 volunteer service teams, volunteers wearing a red hat, wearing a ribbon belt, carry out stop uncivilized behavior, persuasion, traffic the release of information, compulsory hygiene and other voluntary service in the region, the activities of rich content, various forms of activities. Up to now, the majority of volunteers to clean up garbage dead 760, clean up more than 7000 chaos posted, the issuance of more than more than 30000 copies of the city’s knowledge brochures, persuasion uncivilized behavior more than 1200 times.

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