Many projects have been favored by investors

  July 28th, reporters at the fair city learned that since the city fair opening, the city launched a large number of city development of key investment projects, attracting investment from outside the province’s eyes, in the detailed understanding and on-the-spot investigation, the Beichuan River (core) project, comprehensive management center square north expansion projects, and land redevelopment project such as a large number of promotion projects, won the developers investment intention.

Beichuan river will build the theme: Happy Valley will set the "dynamic, fashion, fun, fantasy" the Happy Valley theme park in Beichuan riverside building, covers an area of about 433 acres, plans to invest 550 million yuan, mining group of young cultural entertainment demand, cultivate new market, Pioneer Entertainment brand, provide rich experience and emotional experience to play the public and the majority of tourists. In addition, the Beichuan River in the project construction project has been the hot spring resort hotel investors into investment intentions, plans to build a set of accommodation, catering, conference and training, physical fitness, spa, leisure and entertainment, tourism as one of the five star The Springs Hotel has standard, with the theme park, the western region to create a comprehensive leading entertainment project.

Central Plaza North expansion construction city financial business district in the area, will create a set of city public cultural space, public recreation, ecological river landscape and commercial development is one of the city waterfront public activity center and city public culture and leisure center, and through the business office, financial capital, star hotel, underground commercial functions such as implantation and the organic linkage, forming the new city business district, the central square became the demonstration area of Xining city of the show. (intern reporter wind Yin)


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