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harmony? Is it a happy day to work, or a happy family life? March 4th morning, a brainstorming session, held in the north of the city meteorological Lane community. Area unit representatives and representatives of residents gathered together for the community about the view.

4, when the idea will officially began, Shi Xiuling, director of the community, said: we do not restrain, just sitting together to talk about it, casually said that the 9." You smile, No. 26 hospital residents spoke first: "I first said that the neighborhood community law on the books to the residents of the home, let us understand the legal knowledge, hope to be able to stick to it." Another resident representative took over the stubble: "yes, we hope that the community will be invited to the district law firm lawyers to the community, to talk about the legal knowledge of the people." One side of the staff quickly put this note in the book.

resident representative Zhou Guangkun old man gestured to speak, "then I would say Chuangwei Chuangwei work, last year made it very seriously, could have done the work carefully this year……" Shi Xiuling listened and nodded. Another representative said: Zhou said the truth, a good community environment, residents, of course, live comfortably, but some residents also need to strengthen the awareness of environmental protection."

then, Xining City West District People’s Hospital on behalf of the hope that the community to support the work of the hospital, focusing on solving the community of old, weak, sick and disabled people to see a doctor. Then, some residents, community service work should be extended to families of special groups, in the community of low households, disabled, elderly, daily life difficulties, need help, look at the community can not think of a way to solve. Shi Xiuling explained: "the problem we have contacted the jurisdiction of the unit, funded by them, we look for people to take care of the lives of people with difficulties."

there are several residents brainstorming, saying that the lack of public health facilities in the community, and some units within the jurisdiction of the hospital has fitness facilities, but not allowed to use, so there is a contradiction. They suggested that the community neighborhood committee to coordinate with these units, take the form of accreditation, so that the residents of these units into the orderly fitness. This trick has been endorsed by many delegates.

two hours brainstorming sessions, the community collected a total of more than and 20 gold ideas. Some residents were invited to participate in the said that such ideas will be creative, it is worth promoting.


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